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Alexander Skarsgard Screams BEST VILLIAN

Alexander Skarsgard Screams BEST VILLIAN

True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard crouches down to speak into the mic during Spike TV’s Scream Awards 2009 held at the Greek Theatre on Saturday (October 17) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old Swedish actor accepted the Best Villain award from his Straw Dogs co-star Kate Bosworth, who wore a super sexy Alexander Wang dress and Alexander McQueen shoes. ERIC? HOT!!!

The ceremony will air on Spike TV on Tuesday, October 27 @ 10PM ET/PT.

20+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard screaming BEST VILLIAN…

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alexander skarsgard scream best villian 02
alexander skarsgard scream best villian 03
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alexander skarsgard scream best villian 05
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alexander skarsgard scream best villian 15
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alexander skarsgard scream best villian 17
alexander skarsgard scream best villian 18
alexander skarsgard scream best villian 19
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Photos: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Kevin Winter/Wireimage
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  • Sintia

    I love him! He’s just too cute beyond all the hotness !

  • @100

    You’re right, but her stans can’t comprehend the idea that someone could ever dislike her on her own merits, so “ur jus’ jellus” is the only possible explanation for some people. Managing to hook up with heartthrobs who have lots of fangirls is her Get Out of Jail Free card. It doesn’t help that there ARE plenty of crazy “b!tch, get away from my man!!!” types around, because it makes it that much easier to tar everyone with the same brush. From what I’ve seen, a lot of the people who snark on Kate seem to like Miranda, so that invalidates the whole “she had Orlando and ur still jelliz” argument.

  • nesssa7

    He should be with Kate! they would make such a cute couple!!!!!!!!

  • wellwell

    It looks like alexander has gone all stupid and hwood on us and is messing with the coked out kate. check out the link above.


    @wellwell: Great link, thanks! I was right after all! I like them as a couple. :)

  • s

    Hot damn!!! The things I will do to him…

  • Gina

    @@ Gina:
    Yeah, I am connected to the industry. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I do know about these people.

  • yeah right gina

    You don’t work in the industry. You know nothing about these people. Go troll elsewhere, no one believes your jealous BS.

  • Warning to AS fans

    If you decide somewhere down the line that you don’t like KB and criticize her in any way, be warned: her fans are BRUTAL when it comes to defending their princess. They take that shizz personally. A shot at KB is a shot at THEM, and all I have to say is plan on getting trolled big time. Also, don’t reveal any personal information about yourself, including your real name, where they may find it, because they’ll dig that up and use it against you if you p!ss them off enough.

    Been there, done that, still have the gouged, battered armor if you want to borrow it.

  • casey

    Kate Bosworth fans, be warned: Alexander Skarsgard has some of the scariest fangirls in Hollywood. They have NOTHING on the Robsten shippers and you know how those girls are. Skars-girls are extra scary because they follow him around the country, spend hours waiting in the lobby of the hotel that he’s staying at for him to come out of the elevator, and make him autograph their babies. Yes, babies, these women are married and have kids and they behave this way.
    If AS is ever seen with a woman, they are automatically “just friends, or simply costars” even if there is evidence otherwise, because the Skarsgirls are so pathetic and desperate and delusional that they can’t bear to think of AS being with a girl that isn’t them. His private life is “nonexistent” on his fan forums because the admin can’t bear the thought of him dating, either. Posts referencing Just Jared, TMZ, eonline, etc are deleted and users are “warned” from discussing it.
    Bosworth is in for more abuse (like what she had with Orlando psycho fans) because Skarsgirls will spend every waking moment online making sure that they make her look like a cokehead, a girl who cheats on her boyfriend, an idiot, a bad person who abuses animals… they will grasp at any and every negative thing that they can (they’ll make stuff up if they have to) because they can’t stand thinking that AS might actually be dating her. Skarsgirls are scary, really truly scary. Beware.

  • AutumnM

    Kate=Bag of bones

    Girl needs to eat a sandwhich, everytime I see her, I just want to feed her.

  • @casey

    Why so serious? She’s getting a sh!t tonne more attention out of this than she has ever gotten for her acting. Not trying to be mean, it’s just a fact. Just enjoy her new visibility and don’t get so butthurt over people not liking her.

  • Anne

    She bugs.

  • naomi

    They make a cute coupel! –

  • Holly

    He’s beautiful, she’s beautiful. If they’re dating, good. If they’re just friends, good. Either way, they look like they have a good time together and genuinely like each other. BTW she looks very healthy. She’s at the perfect weight for her body type.

  • katkat

    Wooo!! I’m so glad Alex won!! :D I voted for him every day!! :)

  • J J bowles

    It was well worth sitting up all night two nights in a row to continue to vote for him. So glad he won.

  • Lois

    She creeps me out.

  • really?

    @AutumnM: lol

  • Marieme

    What’s with people cheering them as a couple? I despise the idea. She needs to stay with her boyfriend!

  • Sarah

    Well, I preferred him with ERW..but I suppose him and Kate are cute (I just get irked by her serial costar dating reputation).

  • Jay

    I love him so much. Sorry gals, this one plays for my team! that doesn’t mean you can’t love him though ‘cuz he is gay. You know what is funny? I always thought that Stephen Moyer was short but actually he is about the same height as Alan Ball, Sam Trammell and that other dude up there. Alex is just gigantor… just the way I like ‘em.

  • Molly

    He isn’t gay. Go find a real queer to fall in love with, Jay.

  • papho

    @Jay What makes you so sure he is gay? Proof….not how he dresses or his friend…real proof. What have you seen and heard coming out of Hollywood? Do spill!

  • Liz86000

    Love him & Stephen screaming at Sam, lol!! Love Stephen period…

  • Liz86000

    Oh! And Jared? Could you give us more pics of Stephen & Anna please? There was just ONE pic here! *pout*

  • @124

    I’d imagine he’s gay in the same way every other attractive young actor in Hollywood is gay (never bisexual, because that would involve those shameful vaginas, just gay). Which is to say that he may or may not be, but if it helps some people’s fantasies to insist that he is, well…

  • Francine

    So is he dating Evan Rachel Wood? Christina Ochoa? Sara Tun? or Kate Bosworth? Make up your mind Jared!!!!!!

  • Lou

    she creeps me out!
    bad choice, Alex. Too bad.

  • Giddy aunt

    Love him, love him, love him. I like her a 1000-times better than ERW. The thought of him dating ERW was a dagger to the heart. But AS and KB seem like a proper couple. She looks fabulous in these pix. Not too skinny at all. Actualy pretty healthy for a HW actress. Probably a sign that she’s happy and getting laid on a regular basis. So good for them to be dating.

  • Anita

    Stephen Moyer won for Best Horror Actor.

  • Libra

    I don’t think he was ever dating EWW.
    Not sure if he’s dating Kate but they do look chummy.

  • Kylie

    Wait…he didn’t win it for playing Eric, did he?? Eric’s not even CLOSE to being a villain….

  • Brooke

    Hello, isn’t being a famewhore part of the job requisite for an actor/actress looking to be a star? I’m just saying…I’m a female and straight, but I think Kate is pretty and classy, I do not think she is a coke head, but I do think she may have an eating disorder or had one. It’s ironic that she played Sandra Dee (for those of you that do not know this Sandra Dee had a huge eating disorder and a anti social disorder as well I assume, after her marriage broke up with Bobby Darin she stayed way out of the spotlight and eventually lost her fame) in a movie and then seemed to mimic her a bit. If KB is dating AS then good for both of them. Kate seem like a sweet girl and she’s pretty, good for her for not only latching on to OB when his fame was starting to rise but now doing the same with AS, that’s smart. I”m an OB fan as well and an AS fan, but I still think Kate’s a nice girl. I liked Kate a lot better than the girl that OB is with now.