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Gerard Butler Hosts Saturday Night Live -- VIDEO!

Gerard Butler Hosts Saturday Night Live -- VIDEO!

Gerard Butler and SNL regular Kristen Wiig parody the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast on yesterday’s episode of Saturday Night Live.

WHAT DID YOU THINK of Gerard Butler as an SNL host?

Click inside to check out the video highlights including Gerry taking a shot at his former role as the Spartan leader…

Gerard Butler Hosts Saturday Night Live — VIDEO!

Sports Show [3:29]

Greg is not an alien.

Beauty & The Beast [4:39]

Beastly is in the eye of the beholder.

Update: Gerard Butler [2:40]

Seth translates a message in Gerard’s native tongue.

The Spartans [4:53]

The men of Sparta are pretty close.

What Up with That? [6:18]

Answering the issues of today with soul.

New Secretary [5:24]

The new secretary finds a doughnut.

Daveheart [3:25]

Meet Braveheart’s significantly less brave brother, Dave.

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Photos: Dana Edelson/NBC, Mary-Ellen Mathews
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  • Buske

    I don’t like him anymore. He sold out..big time!
    plus, he’s a conceited bafoon, sorry.

  • BTW

    Where are Adam Lamber’s Details naked girl pictures???

  • sellout

    agree with #1 – what a loser! Shame coz I did like him, now a real sellout. Yuck

  • canada123

    Does anyone have a link for Canadians to watch? I tried the NBC website but the clip is unavailable up here.

  • mia

    SNL sucks as usual, but GB was good in what they gave him to do. And, he can still sing. Love him.

  • amen

    I’m sure the fan sites have the clips up by now:
    perhaps those would play for you Canada123.
    IMO some of his skits were without the benefit of any writing talent at all.
    I did get good laughs out of some of it…Gay Spartans and weekend update were cute.

  • rhonda

    SNL is over!

  • K.C.

    I thought that Gerard did a good job with what he was given. SNL just isn’t the same as it used to be. There really isn’t any real writing or comedic talent there anymore, which is a shame. That said, Gerard needs a big, good movie STAT or he is going to find himself on the D-list very quickly. He has some talent, but isn’t using it to the best of his ability.

  • highcottonquinn

    Gerard was fine. The writing for SNL? Not so much. I thought Greg the Alien was funny. When Gerard grabs Greg’s alien tail and then starts caressing and describing how the tail feels…LOL…

    I do not feel Gerard “sold out”. He gets to add SNL to his resume. He got to try his hand at something different from what he generally does. Ger lives in New York so it was something for him to do and stretch himself as an actor/performer; he definitely had to come out of his comfort zone. Besides, many actors are finding that television can be pretty lucrative in it’s own right.

    If only some people could find it in themselves to not want to see Gerard fail so badly…

  • openning mono

    I can’t find the video for the openning monologue where GB sings Music of the Night. Does anyone have the link to it?

  • rty

    He was good! I’m surprised.

  • Mary

    GB was really good.

  • gjc

    He was awesome! Loved the Beast skit.

  • Ckayed

    G did a good job on SNL. He appears to have lost some weight and he looks really good. He has really cleaned up his life and seems to be much more likable.

  • Bunny

    I thought he was great. His skits were the first ones I have laughed at on SNL for quite a while. They need some new writers ASAP.

  • butlerfan

    GB was great – really enjoyed his performances – his singing – he is a great talent and a beautiful man… I think if you check the numbers he has a hit with LAC – the audience is loving it and giving it an average 14 grade with 10 being the best. You can check the audiences reaction on You Tube. Everyone they interviewed said Butler made the movie . So don’t worry about GB going on the D list anytime soon. Also, TUT has made over 170 million so far. Not too shabby…

  • Luciana

    Daveheart. F_cking priceless! Congrats on your movie’s success. Now if you could stop being such a whore.

  • K.C.

    Butlerfan-it’s not about how much money his movies make, it’s about the fact that this man is 40 years old and is more concerned with going out to a different club every night and hooking up with anything with a pulse, rather than putting any actual time, effort and heart into any of his roles. He needs to look at actors like Johnny Depp and Sean Penn and think about how he really wants to portray himself-as an actor or as a middle-aged man clinging to any “celebrity” he can get.

    He can barely keep his d*ck in his pants long enough to crank out a crappy romantic comedy with any starlet with an ounce of celebrity status left in her.

    The fangirls will sustain him long enough to keep him in the spotlight for another movie or two, but he is going to have to muster up some heart and soul if he wants to be taken seriously by people that are actually able to recognize the difference between good cinema and complete garbage.

  • alphaba

    What the heck do you mean ‘he sold out.”? By doing a couple of comedy skits on SNL? Get real.

    He certainly proved he can sing. I’d love to see him in another musical. Even with all the ‘fighting off the baddies” stuff, his voice was great in the opening Music of the Night.

    Well, I haven’t watched SNL in years and now I won’t have to again. Gerry was the only good thing going on that show last night. The writers are just awful.

    Hey, LAC #2 at the weekend box office and getting rave reviews in exit polls. Good weekend for the man.

  • Anna H.

    I think he was great at snl, best of the season so far, definitely.
    He’s a very talented and charismatic actor, he just needs to choose his roles better. Doing rom coms with Jennifer bloody Aniston is so beyond lame.
    He’s much better than that. He needs to quiet down for a bit, for sure. You know, if he wants to go around living the ultimate bachelor’s life that’s fine with me, he just needs a bit more finesse. Should take lessons with George Clooney.

  • postwatcher

    SNL should have given Gerry better material. I could have come up
    with better skits for him. They should not have done all three big kits…Beauty, Braveheart and 300. Too costumy and cheesy. One would have sufficed. I didn’t like all the bad language they had him use. Not because I am a prude its because it was overkill and playing to the lowest common denominator. *ss, *enis, and *nus in one night? Give me a break.

    I wish they would have given Gerry good material like they did for Jon Hamm….oh well.

  • cubedweller

    I haven’t watched SNL in ages and the writing is lame and lousy, but I thought Butler was terrific. Loved the opening number – singing and fighting all at once? Brilliant send-up of himself. The Beauty and the Beast sketch was very funny – and his singing was lovely. I laughed out loud at the Daveheart bit. He fit everything into this show; singing, dancing, at least 2 shoutouts to his mum, plastic 300 abs, the Beowulf wig, a kilt, and a quick mention of his pen!s. Did I leave anything out? He was fun and funny and obviously having a great time.

    If that is selling out, I’ll have what he’s having.

    To those who b!tch that he’s on too many talk shows, I for one have had many much-needed laughs this week from his appearances.

  • chef de chefs

    Thought it was a little “Mickey Mouse”

  • shygirl

    Gerard Butler was wonderful.

    Daveheart and What up with that – hilarious!!!

  • jessie

    love love lovee gerard butlerr

  • plez

    I agree SNL is over.
    Butler has a big ego but has done nothing to earn that ego. He is basically a Scottish Matthew Mcconaughey. Trust that is not a complement.

  • someone

    hes a sellout and a douche. wasn’t even funny. pìssfaced.

  • highcottonquinn


    WTF? For someone with a “big ego” he sure maintains a warm relationship with the general public. In all of the interviews this week he has come across as down to earth, chatty, funny…he has yet to come off as arrogant. When you see him interact with a fellow Scotsman, like Craig Ferguson, you get to see who Gerard Butler really is. His scottish accent really pops back in and the bawdy scottish humor makes it’s appearance. Some people need to learn to separate who this man bangs(so many are hung up on whether he’s straight, queer, bi, etc.) from who he really is.

  • http://. A FAN

    The what up skit was hilarious! The guy in the red jogging suite dancing had me laughing but when Gerard came out in that white suite and did his thing I was falling over with laughter. Good job GB!

    I won’t get to see LAC until next weekend.

  • David Furnish

    He’s a gay man trapped in gay man’s body. I feel sorry for him. Talk about a tormented existence.

  • well

    snl did alot of gay skits this week.

  • skyblue

    Tis a shame.
    Used to absolutely adore him.
    Now I can’t stand him.
    It was bound to happen though.
    Especially after he did 300.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Congrats to Gerry. $21.2 million opening weekend is great. Good start for LAC.
    Gerry was pretty good on SNL last night. Thought Daveheart and Beauty and the Beast were hilarious. He looked like he just let go and had a lot of fun. Good for him. Saying that, SNL really sux doesn’t it. A few moments of brilliance doesn’t make up for 70 minutes of boring. Weekend Update was so dry it was arid.
    Shakira was horrible. My hubby pointed out that she had on the same outfit that she wore from DWTS including the hair that he saw while I was at work. It made me laugh. Not at her having the same look, but that he would admit to seeing DWTS.
    The 300 skit was awful. I lost $20 to the hubby because he called it. Said they would have a 300 skit and play off the gay thing. I can’t believe I didn’t see that one coming.
    Giggles, glad to see you back and helping out with links. You were missed. Glad you are feeling better.
    Shout out to amen, cubedweller, stinky, curious cat and the rest.

  • Darling

    Gerry was fantastic, but only as good as the crappy writing. He made the show palpable. His is so talented that he can take writing that sucks and make it shine. SNL needs better writers. Gerry, however, can do anything! He can make a diamond out of shit – he’s so amazing.

  • Colin

    Stay off the Live Stage. You embarrassed yourself and your fans should hang their heads in shame if you thought anything you did was funny.

    They should have ran a rerun because then I would have laughed.

  • Blonde in Santa Barbara

    @did he dump you Chanice?:

    @121 — Ummm are you stupid??

    ….GERRY can “use my body” and dump me — and about 99.9% of women in this world — with nary a complaint, meaning ANYTIME!!!!!
    LOL seriously… :-)

    I doubt Chanice got some Gerry d*ick. If she had hit it (or HE had lol), she wouldnt be so pissed..she’d be bragging or leaving bizarre innuendo messages here.
    …Let’s be real here LOL

    The only people purportedly trashing GB are the girls he chatted up, getting them happyhappy then never calling or even changing his number, or the ones that never even got close: Shanna, Kim K, Kelly Bensimon, the arcade chick, cheryl burke…they got maybe a kiss, or nothing at all. They do have trashing rights in my opinion. Jilted!!

    If I got me a piece of Gerry…I would not be on a message board -one, and two – I sure as hell woudlnt be BITTER!!! :-)


    That said….SNL sucked Keenan’s WHat up with That was the funniest skit that night and Gerry does love ass I hear.
    And black, latin or brazilian girls. lol geez

  • Skip SNL

    For someone who ISN’T gay – he sure acts like it…

    Be honest with yourself. Watch the show and pretend you “know for a fact” that GB is homosexual. It fits doesnt it??

    Also — Was GAYGAY James Franco making a surprise appearance in the audience bc he is a buddy of Gerry’s????

    Let’s think on THAT for moment….

  • fattypantz

    what up wid that was hilarious!!!!!!!!

  • jim framer

    i can tell there are mostly wimmen here lol so i’ll be fast.
    saw snl. nah. snl is done. they should just kill it.

    gerard butler needs a hit movie. the cheese he does puts him in the wrong category if he wants to be an award winning actor or an actor taken seriously once his looks truly go (and they are going). once that dude gives up the trainer (is she a female? lol) he will go to fat like vince and travolta and will you fan girls still be willing to lick his c0ck*?

    is he into women for real though? i have been on the fence about this dude (not gay and i have no gayder). last night…makes me think he is at least bisexual maybe he’s one of those topper type gays?

    a lot of gay skits. i feel like they are doing to gerry what they do toclooney. overkill on the gay stuff with the hopes of “killing” the gay rumor by using reverse psychology.

    on some dumb people, it works.

  • fangirls are brainwashed

    Colin, his fangirls are retarded so don’t hold your breath. They are so far gone in the brainwashing department that they would probably defend him if he was convicted of raping a woman like Mike Tyson, or beating her up like Chris Brown. They would claim she asked for it cause she was a slut and because St. Gerard can do no wrong in this world and his sh1t is made of gold. I have nothing against him, it’s his fangirls who deserve a mass culling..

  • highcottonquinn


    So you blame Gerard for the lousy humor put forth in the poor scripts written by the SNL staffers? All Gerry did was show up and do the best he could with what he was given. It shows he’s willing to give something the old college try and then shrug it off if it doesn’t work out well. At least he was willing to put himself out there and try something different.

  • lavender1960

    I’ve forced myself to watch SNL this year and trust me that was the best show this season which yes is not saying much but at least I laughed out loud at some of the skits rather than groan or cringe. And Seth Meyers finally got his timing and comedy right – maybe he needed some time to get his groove on as a solo. Methinks GB helped raise the level of a sinking format. I am beginning to wonder was SNL never really that funny. I have to go back and watch some older vintage stuff.

    I have to laugh about George Clooney – a certain E! gossip columnist would tell you he is light in his Italian loafers and all the gorgeous women in his life are beards, whether they know it or not, so it just means he better at PR.

  • Lowest denominator

    For a first time host – he did fine
    Blame the writers for any lack of humor, not a lack of talent or effort on his behalf (It’s like the frggin’ Kristen Wiig Show)

    “Sellout” – then so are DeNiro, Keitel, Walken, Baldwin, Martin, Scorsese, McCartney, etc., and the point of ALL hosts appearances is to SELL us their new movie/album/tv show (Geez., people…)

    The constant gay skits may also have to do with Obama’s very recent mention of the removal of the military’s “Don’t ask…” policy (as well as the writers lack of range on satirizing current events)

    I do agree that he needs to fire his agent and get better movies, though

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @highcottonquinn: ITAWY.

  • lavender1960

    Will say I miss Mad TV but even it was going downhill after some key people left. Perhaps sketch comedy in general has had its day or needs a rest or the SNL Format top to bottom needs to be changed. But last night was one of the better efforts I have seen since Justin Timberlake did a decent job – who can ever forget D**k in a box.

  • Mr. Giggles

    New computer wallpaper pic for the phangurls !!!! LOL

  • sugar

    If he was gay, wouldn’t some of his ex boyfriends come out now that he is famous and sell some stories to the media? I don’t know if he is or not, but I am just wondering where everyone is?

  • Stinkylouise

    LOL-Leonidas looks like he’s developed a bit of a beer gut.


    Do you have a job? Do you inhale and exhale purely for the point of breathing? THEN YOU ARE GAY!

    Do you have a face? Does that face contain eyes? Two eyes?? THEN YOU ARE GAY!

    Are you alive? Do you work in Hollywood? Do you actually star in movies? THEN YOU ARE GAY!

    Do you know who your parents are? Are you sure? THEN YOU ARE GAY!

    Are you strictly attracted to members of the opposite? Do you only bang women even though you are a man? THEN YOU ARE GAY!

    Are you successful in Hollywood? Do random people who don’t even know you accuse of being gay? THEN YOU ARE GAY!

    And they would know. Because they are gay too! Why? Because I said so, and that’s all it takes. Congrats. May we all bend over in celebration!

  • jim framer