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Kate Hudson Flaunts Toned Tummy

Kate Hudson Flaunts Toned Tummy

Kate Hudson shows off her toned tummy after working out during a spin class at the YAS Fitness Center on Sunday morning (October 18) in Venice Beach, Calif.

The 30-year-old actress is in town to support her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, aka A-Rod of the New York Yankees. He has been playing the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in the Major League Baseball playoffs. (They won Game 2 last night.)

10+ pictures inside of Kate Hudson flaunting her toned tummy…

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kate hudson toned tummy 01
kate hudson toned tummy 02
kate hudson toned tummy 03
kate hudson toned tummy 04
kate hudson toned tummy 05
kate hudson toned tummy 06
kate hudson toned tummy 07
kate hudson toned tummy 08
kate hudson toned tummy 09
kate hudson toned tummy 10

Photos: GSI Media
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  • lola

    can’t stand her…don’t care how toned she is. she goes thru men like an artist goes thru paint brushes! skannnkkk.

  • Kenza

    Nice stomach!

  • Emily

    JEALOUS!!!!!! so wish i had that body.

  • Sav.

    She has a nice body.

  • rebecca

    dating around after getting divorced doesn’t equate ‘skankiness’. she got married really young, this is her time to be free & single now. wow she looks terrific.

  • blah

    i cant stand this talentless whore

  • lizk

    Ew. That’s what I look like when I dress like that. Gross.

  • Catalina

    I thought she was an actress, not a groupie?

  • Son – what son?

    Another Hollyweird person who discards their children, when it becomes inconvenient.

  • Rita

    FLAUNT IT! Why not, she looks great.

  • Kev

    Nice Belt! Go A-rod!

  • annab

    Probably tummy tuck…celebrities do what they want cause they have the means.

  • dundies

    yuck i see smog

  • lizk

    @Catalina: Seriously! It seems like this is what she’s really flaunting: I get laid by A-Rod! Woohoo! Look at me!

  • ihavenolife

    looking good! she’s always so upbeat and cheerful, very cute.

  • Jane


  • mia

    the belly chain kills me. ok, 1999.

    that being said i’d love to have her abs. i like that she never succombed to pressure to have a boob job. she’s always had a good butt too.

  • Denise

    Goldie’s little tr*mp.

  • Tom

    Like to drop my load all over her tummy

  • Jillian

    Her mother is real nasty.

  • Dana

    I wonder how her son is doing with all these different men in his life? Okay peoples, get ready for a book in 20 years.

  • Gina from NY

    NY loves you Kate. GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Dana

    She is a slut! So is Arod.!!!

  • lexy

    This looks like what most people wear to the gym. I wouldn’t say she was flaunting. However why wouldn’t she have great abs? It’s her JOB to look good. She’s not putting in a 40 hr work week at an office or somewhere else. She’s not stressing about the economy or health care like other women. Nor is she running around in school. She’s got a nanny I’m sure – why wouldn’t she go to the gym and keep in shape. She’s not exactly your “average” single-working mother.
    Don’t get me wrong, I like Kate and thinks she’s cute but she doesn’t really deserve a medal for keeping in shape. She’s got nothing else to do.

  • rhonda

    I would never believe that goldy hahns daughter would be such a skank. skank perfect word for Kate Hudson. who would want their disease, yuk

  • rhonda

    skank rhythms with crank

  • dee

    I hope you all think George Clooney, and all the other guys who date around are just as big of skanks as you think Kate is.

    P.S. Her son has a father who he does spend time with.

  • AutumnM

    Her body is nice (sans the fact that she has absolutely no boobs) but her she looks good. Her face is fugly though. Don’t get why people think she’s beautiful.

  • tommie from LA

    I would say shes trying to work out the plumpy body, shes short stocky & carrying a pair of love handles.hudson knows how to play on the papparaz. she jst loves the attention & she doesnt seem annoyed one bit by the attention shes getting either.

  • christian louboutin


  • Betsy

    Has sex with everyone.


    I love you Kate! You are HOT!!! : )

  • anonymous

    I’m jealous, she looks great! GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Becca

    She looks AMAZING!

    I’m jealous… not of her body, though! Of the weather! It’s so cold in Chicago now!


  • She is an UGLY PIG

    Arod loves slumming was an assclown he is.

    They deserve each other. When Kate gets knocked up ON PURPOSE (Mark my words here please) – AROD will be cheating again (I shoujld say EVEN MORE) because she will be a fat oily pig like she was when she was pregnant before.

    Goldie knows her daughter is TRASH, please.

    Kate – how many desperate attempts are you going to make to land a man, honey??! Get a clue.

    And she is fat with birthing hips sorry.


    Moving in with Aroid isn’t going to keep him from running around on you, Kate.

  • greene

    How anyone could say she has a nice figure is beyond me. My friend has bigger boobs (not “moobs” though thank god), and he is a man !! She looks tarty, sleezy and her son is #### ugly and probably always will be if now is anything to go by. Goldie must be so disappointed her daughter is a fugly sleeparound with anything that has a penis. What a good role model for women – not. I think implants might improve her figure a lot. Ditto too for that other trashy mole – Hayden “the dolphin” Panetierre.

  • SouthAfricanGirl

    I’m officially jealous of Kate’s pretty face and her rocking body… but after what she did to Owen Wilson… she is a b*tch! She must not even come and pretend with her girl-next-door act…
    After she made Owen suicidal… she was known as a b*tch!
    After she got back together with Owen and then soon after that start dating Lance, Owen’s best friend… she officially became a sl*t!
    Kate is not a nice person!

  • SouthAfricanGirl

    I’m officially jealous of Kate’s pretty face and rocking body… but this girl must not come with her, “I’m a nice, girl-next door” act…
    After what she did to Owen and the suicidal stuff… she was known as a b*tch!
    After she dated Lance, Owen’s best friend… she was known as a sk*nk!
    It’s a shame… I used to REALLY like her…
    But she is not a nice person!

  • Sophia

    She sure looks for attention…a picture of her in a black shirt wouldn’t create much buzz.

  • lexy

    It looks like she’s coming from the gym. We’ve seen shots of her walking around – that’s not what she wears (though the flip flops are odd). She’s very pretty – very natural.
    I have to agree – so she dates – so does Clooney and DiCaprio yet none of you women call them whores! Even with the Brangelina/Aniston crap – it’s the women who hate on both Angelina and Jen – as if Brad had no choice in the matter.

    It’s such a double standard.

  • mare

    she looks better now. She had been getting BIG!

  • *** JAMIE ***

    Although i think she is slim, i have never been jealous or envious of her body. She always looks so flat chested, which is never appealing.

    And i agree with some of the above comments that she goes through so many men. Funny how Paris Hilton is always called a sskank, but Kate isnt.

    That being said, i still seem to like her movies and her style.

  • lr

    But she’s flat as a pancake!



  • VanM

    MMMMM I hink she is sexy…yum yum for my…hmmmmm

  • http://JUSTJARED shape

    what body, she is flat as a pancake, ugly face, can’t act, skinny legs, A rod is a douch bag, if he don’t win. and she will be a douch bag.

  • hu.

    nice perky butt, attractive face, flat, toned abs, has alot more money/fame than you.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i personally dont like her
    she seems 2 be really annoying
    but i wont deny a sexy stomach when i see it
    i will respect her for having a nice stomach’

  • william

    (shes so pear shaped figure)kate hudson will try anything to land a marriage with arod,hes got his brains somewhere btw. the yankees & hudsons thighs…not a good place right now, hudson is just pressure for him, the only thing he should have his mind on is the yankees, hudson is a distraction & demands arods attention 24/7, who the hell goes out on the town a nite before an important game? but anything to shut the skank up & keep her happy! she will f**** this up for arod big time!