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Kenzie Dalton: Sophia Bush is Smart, Great Role Model

Kenzie Dalton: Sophia Bush is Smart, Great Role Model

Kenzie Dalton showers her fiance Chad Michael Murray‘s ex-wife, Sophia Bush, with compliments in one of her recent blog posts. Here’s what the 21-year-old former beauty pageant contestant had to say about Sophia:

“I had the television on The Bonnie Hunt Show as I was getting ready for work yesterday. She is my favorite talk show host. I hear a familiar raspy voice and come into the room to watch actress Sophia Bush do an interview. I can’t help but respect her for being a smart person, having self respect and doing good in the community. Every time we see each other we always have a enjoyable conversation. When I worked with her we had girl chats during our lunch breaks and ordered take out. I must say Sophia is a very down-to-earth person and fun to be around. She is a great example of how a woman should act in the public eye, more girls should look up to her as a role model. She will do well in her skills as a motivational speaker.”

Kenzie, who has an ad campaign coming out soon for the cosmetic company Wet n’ Wild, also took the time to update us on Chad, who recently left One Tree Hill.

She wrote, “Chad has not signed on to any movie project although he has been offered a few. Stay tuned for [a] secret project Chad is working on that should be finished by next year.”

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  • Tom

    That was nice of her!

  • j

    thats right.
    Sophias classy and beautiful.

    this made me like Kenzie a tiny bit. although its still not much.

  • Obsessed w/ Just Jared*

    So handsome guy!!

  • bigger

    this girl seems like stalker, i wouldn’t call what she did on one tree hill work either

  • jenna

    someone’s looking for some attention.

  • bler

    that was really sweet of her. maybe all the sophia fans should accept this as a nice thing rather than bitch about this

  • anonymous

    It’s nice what she said about Sophia, but really why can’t these two leave her alone. First CMM outed her about her relationship with James, and now even though he’s not on the show anymore they still find a way to get talk about Sophia.

  • lilly

    LOL, someone was obviously tired of the hater comments and being compared to Sophia on her blog. Looks like she wrote this just so she can get some sympathy :p

  • Jill

    I can’t believe someone is actually believing her. Nice way of getting attention Kenzie!

  • B

    always late to posting new info I see..

  • **Jamie**




  • anonymous

    They can’t stand the fact that Sophia is getting all the attention. Why didn’t she ever compliment Sophia when Chad was still on OTH?

  • B

    always so late to post new info….

  • anonymous

    @bler: Maybe because its a few years to late to be sucking up to someone now that your fiance is no longer on OTH.

  • shenanyginz

    r they still engaged?

  • Megan


    I see someone misses the attention since “THEY’VE” been in hiding.

  • Elizabeth

    She looks just like Kate Bosworth.

  • coco

    Wow another SB post – big surprise there.

  • brooke

    maybe she was just trying to be genuinly nice to Sophia, i dont think she wants attention i mean god she already has Chad, and i think there is nothing wrong with someone just being nice

  • Bella

    She is so sweet :)

  • julie

    Doubt it. I think it’s funny that they had girl talk on the set when she was an extra on Tree Hill, and then when Sophia wasn’t looking she took her husband. Class act.

  • blah

    Wow, completely pathetic. and I thought sophia was the media whore. I wish chad, kenzie, and sophia would go away forever.

  • Jill

    This is hilarious, from what I can see her blog is all about fashion and then there is a random post about Sophia, does she think people are that stupid? I’m so not buying their so called friendship,yeah right.

    I wonder what Sophia thinks about that.

  • samanta

    dude dumm ass move, dont talk about you bfs ex-wife or ex-gf thats just stupid even if you mean it in a good way and jared you are pretty pathetic posting every little thing you read just to stir up problems its kind of sad if you ask, and by the way this is all news…

  • blah

    Chad has a “secret” project? omg, i’m waiting with baited breath. not.

  • wtf

    Will they EVER get married???

  • hales

    Also, Kenzie changed that post, she had originally written “girl pow wows” but now she changed it to “girl chats” :rolleyes:

    Okay, right. When Kenzie was on the show was around the SAME time Chad and Sophia were breaking up, what were their “girl chats” about?

    Kenzie: Like OMG Sophia, ur husband is SOOO cute, i’m gonna steal him, LOL okay?!
    Sophia: LOL, okay! WANNA braid my hair? LOL!!?


  • Kelly

    Oh lord Kenzie your such a dumb girl..Ummm..I’m no way a Sophia fan, and I do not agree with Kenzies’ post talking up Sophia to be all smart, and with class. I’d say Sophia is far from it but hey that’s just my opinion. Anways, Kenzie looks like an idiot scratch that she is one. No one is going to believe that during s3 of OTH Sophia and Kenzie actaully chatted it up. Get real, you got engaged to her ex-husband who had just became her ex not long after. Also, I’m pretty sure you got fired or quit when s4 started up. The sad part is Chad is probably going to get more hated on bc of Kenzies stupid antics. I bet Chad has no idea that Kenzie is blogging about stuff taht should be left in the past.. I hope Chad gets rid of this fake barbie doll, he should be single for a while.

  • Chau

    “Kenzie Dalton showers her fiance Chad Michael Murray’s ex-wife, Sophia Bush.” —Wow, what a mouthful!

  • Kellz

    Kenzie is the world fakest b*tch!!!!!!!!!!
    The ONLY reason she said something nice about Sophia was because she wanted people to think she’s some great person.
    Truth is, this little b*tch used to talk mad crap about Sophia behind her back. She has some f*ckin nerve to use Sophia’s name to get some attention.

  • oth

    @Kellz: ITA She could have praise Sophia a long time ago, not wait until now since CMM is no longer the main cast of OTH. She is getting off her high horse now because she’s not in the spotlight anymore.

  • Paige

    OMG how long has it been since this whole fiasco took place. Let this topic die already. Seriously JJ I do not give a flying eff about Kenzie nor Sophia…we finally got something about Chad and a project in the future, and you post about this crap?

  • Lol

    I find it HILARIOUS that several weeks ago she told a few people she talks to on the forums who asked about her relationship with Sophia she told them and I quote: “Sophia and I are civil with each other, but we aren’t friends.”
    And then she goes and posts a whole bunch of crap about how she and Sophia used to have “great conversations” and “ordered take-outs” a few weeks later on her ridiculous blog.
    How stupid does she think everyone is???
    Like is she f*ckin kidding me????????
    She the worlds biggest liar. Kenzie should seriously consider thinking things through before she says or posts sh*t because most people really aren’t as stupid as she thinks they are.

  • oth

    @xo: Did you look up her SAT score, bet you its higher than yours

  • Kate

    Who freaking cares about these two girls more or so Kenzie. Can’t JJ just focus on Chad or *shudders* Sophia’s Career instead of bringing up something that took place a while back. Obviously they all moved on. I am more interested in reading about Chad’s future career not his personal life because I think both girls are ew. I would hope Sohpia fans would want to read more about her upcoming projects then her love life, because we all know how people react when it pretains to anything personal regarding Chad and Sohpia. JJ GET YOUR PEOPLE TO DIG UP MORE ON CHAD’S UPCOMING PROJECT, FORGET THIS STUPID GIRL!

  • bravo

    I really don’t think Kenzie was complementing Sophia in that blog post. It sounded more like subtle bashing. The part about Sophia will make a great motivational speaker in the future sort of gave it away. But Kenzie’s whole purpose with that blog was media attention, and she got it.

  • lol

    chad should totally dump her ass she is soooooo freaking stupid the girl and by the way sophia isnt a saint either so i am not even gonna comment about her.

  • Gloria
  • A

    Does anyone else find it incredibly funny that all of a sudden, you almost have an entire post mostly focused on Kenzie and what SHE has to say??
    How much do you people want to bet that she probably wrote into Jared herself and knew he would publish this story just because it also has two celebrities- Chad and Sophia.
    Great way to get your name out there Kenzie…………NOT.

  • Saudia

    Sophia is so much hotter :)

  • Lo

    WOW Kenzie I got to hand it to you, way to support your lover. I mean we finally have some future news about Chad and instead of talking highly of him about how hard he’s working or what a smart person he can be, you go and talk about his ex-wife. WTF? Wow Kenzie you FAIL.FAIL.FAIL. I hope Chad finally dumps this girl and can move on to somebody who actually cares about him and supports his career, someone who is not using him because he is famous, and spitting out stories that are BS. Kenzie had to known this would blow up since she is linked with Chad, she too is in the public eye no matter how many times we go WTF, why? UGH…poor Chad is probably clueless about this girl.

  • Kate

    Anyone who thinks that Kenzie was actually being sincere in her post should consider getting therapy. The girl never liked Sophia and those who knew her and worked on set with her will tell you the exact same thing. She was always SO bitter(even though she pretended to like her and would try to act sweet) and I find it hilarious that the only reason she said what she did was to get people to like her and get more attention to herself.
    I can’t believe Jared actually posted this.

  • Ali

    Kenzie is a douche. She spread awful RUMORS about Sophia to fans when CM was on OTH. Now she is trying to cover her nasty ass. CM will probably write a scandalous book because he nothing going for himself at the moment. He isn’t capable of saying anything that doesn’t pump up his ego.

  • Leslie

    The “girl time” she is referencing is obviously when she was an extra on OTH and Sophia was nice enough to hang out and talk to the extras. They were definitely not bffs once Kenzie and Chad starting dating a few months after Sophia and Chad separated. Nice try girl. You all of a sudden want to compliment Sophia when your blog is about fashion and health. Not about ppl you think would be great motivational speakers. WTF!

  • Trish

    I absolutely agree with you.
    Kenzie loves and basks in all the attention she gets from being Chad’s fiance. She is thrilled EVERY TIME the paps take her picture because she knows that eventually the pictures will end up online.
    I can’t believe that out of the millions of girls in the world, Chad has chosen to be with her of all people.
    Notice how she went on and on about Sophia(which anybody with even half a brain knows that she was lying out of her a$$ about what she said. She could care less about Sophia), yet she hardly said anything about Chad.
    I wouldn’t be shocked at all, if a few days from now, she starts glorifying Chad just to show people that she does “care” about him and to end up on Just Jared again.
    She’s a user. Plain and Simple. And this latest stunt just PROVES it.

  • Leslie

    Oh and I forgot to add that Kenzie was quoted in the Wilmington paper when her and Chad first started dating as saying that Sophia and her do NOT talk but that Sophia was aware of CK’s relationship. You can look it up. Contradicting yourself much hun?

  • oth

    @xo: Oh I forgot You’re famous so therefore you have the right to criticized her. Your the psycho hater that does the same thing. Next!

  • xo is an IDIOT

    F*ck off you nasty b*tch.
    Go jump in front of a racing 18 wheeler.
    The ONLY joke I see here is YOU……and Kenzie.

  • hhmm

    Didn’t he cheat on Sophia with this girl which is why Sophia left him?

  • kristi

    Must be a f’n slow day Jared. This is beyond lame.