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Megan Fox Screams SEXY SIREN

Megan Fox Screams SEXY SIREN

Megan Fox is red hot as she accepts the Best Sci-Fi Actress award onstage during Spike TV’s 2009 Scream Awards held at the Greek Theatre on Saturday (October 17) in Los Angeles.

The 2009 Scream Awards commemorate all things sci-fi, fantasy, horror and comic book. The show tapes today but will premiere on Spike TV on Tuesday, October 27 @ 10PM ET/PT.

Taylor Lautner unveiled exclusive footage from The Twilight Saga: New Moon and the show debuted exclusive content from Martin Scorsese’s upcoming thriller Shutter Island starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

10+ pictures inside of Megan Fox screaming SEXY SIREN…

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Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty, Jeff Kravitz/Filmmagic
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  • karmaisa

    what happened to her hair?

  • rosh


  • Lowest denominator


    You beat me to the exact same question…
    The hell…?

  • Tia

    Eww and she’s a horrible actress and highly overrated

  • Cristobal


  • asdfg

    Omg she’s so HOT

  • Paulie

    What did she win the award for? Her flop movie Jennifer’s Body?

  • bigger

    @Paulie: for transformers 2, aka as the biggest movie of the year

  • Megan Fox Scare Me !!

    Wow, Nice hair…. *coughs*

  • umm

    lol…..they gave her an award for showing up.

  • ABC

    Did Shia go to the awards show too? Anybody know?
    I think he’s in NY filming though… :(

  • whatever

    Megan, how about shave your head? go f**k slit your wrists and shaved your head yourself.

  • Starry

    Forget the hair for the moment.
    The — is up with that dress? She’s usually much hotter than this.

    Not, as a straight girl with a boyfriend who has the hots for M. Fox, that I’m complaining, mind.

  • simpson sisters FAIL

    reminiscent of marilyn monroe. a different look, but she looks beautiful! (she could stand to get a little tan though, lol)

  • Wendy

    transformers II was popular sure, but a definite flop critically.

  • Wendy

    no reason to win an award for

  • Katsaridoula

    She is copying Angelina’s Hair style!!!!!!!!!! check it out:

    bloody pathetic moron Fox is!

  • u r soo right

    that’s right that’s what she is doing, she is an idiot

    and that hair on AJ was just a disaster:

  • stalker

    it’s almost like she is stalking AJ
    it’s freaky

  • lennie

    I don’t get the hype, she is not THAT hot. Really average… kind of younger Demi Moore, younger Jennifer Conelly or what…

  • ugh!

    she probably had one of those hairstyles where they clip it back to look like a bob.

  • julie

    Probably the only award she’ll get…

  • Verónica

    Please, stop with the comparisons. Are terrible.
    When i have some important event with friends or family, i choose that style. Last week i had the same hair and i am NOT copying AJ or Megan Fox.

    Btw, congratulations Megan! Close the mouth of thousand of haters. They’re pathetic :)

  • susi
  • Not impressed by JA

    susi @ 10/18/2009 at 5:36 am she is copying scarlett johansson’s look

    But, she says she doesn’t want to be like Scarlett and sounds as articulated and intelligent as her (sarcasm)

  • deadpool

    I bet she paid to get that award. I’m also guessing that hair-do isn’t real it’s most likely temperary. If it is YUCK and if it isn’t she’s trying way to hard to look like a dead actress. Sad.

    Also, she wasn’t reason why TF wa sso sucessful. Everybody knows it was the giant robot and CGI that people wanted to see.

  • popop

    As a concerned and worried…oh F-ck it. Megan you look terrible.

  • popop

    5th pic is a dead give away showing her exact thoughts ”F-ck am l doing here? Huh?”

  • eme

    she had like 2 lines in transformers and jennifers body was a flop.what a joke winning an award.She is the most overrated girl in years.Looks like a stripper and cant act.

  • blahblahblah

    c’mon guys y do u hate her??? i dont understand… she is gorgeous as always!!!!!!!!! she will get more awards trust me when she will grow up a bit!!!

  • Big Pimpin’

    she looks like an old housewife. i don’t like her (fake) nose it’s too long and pointy. she sucks anyway bcz she naturally doesn’t look like that. she had a nose job, and her lips plumped. u can see it here:

  • celia

    Ugh! I voted for everyone BUT her!

  • Big Pimpin’

    b*itc* is not even a natural brunette to boot! is everything about her unnatural?!

  • Not impressed by JA

    I actually like that dress on her. But the hair is a big no no.
    Megan should know that she is all hair. She has a very thin elongated head that should never be made more obvious with slick long hair or short one. That accentuate the harshness and tranny-ish vibe of her face wit those thinnely cut facial features and big forehead.
    She has the same problem as skanky Kim Kardashian : very narrow and elongated head that need very long and big barbie like hair to brings out her best features and avoid the focus on that very narow and long head which brings tranny vibes.

  • dms

    She is copying what Angelina Jolie did with her hair on a recent red carpet event this past year. I can’t remember which event it was but her hair was swooped to the side and pinned up just like this. Just another attempt to be like Angie, which she never will come close.

  • Big Pimpin’

    @simpson sisters FAIL: plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do not compare her to the iconic marilyn monroe. the beautiful, sweet, innocent, so sexy marilyn. they are no way alike. marilyn was insecure and humble, megan thinks her sh** don’t stink, marilyn cared about people and was very kind, i don’t see any of that in megan, mm was a comedic talent, megan has proven she’s the typical bimbo actress. mm brought something different to each of her roles which was remarkable in that she played the same type. megan thinks you get plastic surgery and just show up and that’ll make people love you. NOT.

  • Mike

    “I don’t get the hype, she is not THAT hot.”
    She is one of FEW young actresses who are hot.

  • kara

    @Mike: everyone can be pretty with good surgery ahaha (fake nose, fake boobs, new skin (before her face had a lot of little holes and some wrinkles), fake lips (used to be thiner), mmm what else?)

  • sooo


  • Kate


  • P

    won’t say she’s ugly but i’m not getting the attraction here. sure if you want your bird to look like some kind a street ho

  • HHHH

    She will soon fade

  • margaret

    She’s not unique

  • yep

    Wow people love to hate on her! Anyway, she’s is hot and I actually liked Jennifer’s Body, it was different.

  • Whatever

    Personally, she leaves me cold and slightly nauseous.

  • melissa

    She looks good in red! –

  • Binky

    Okay– so let me get this straight. Megan Fox shows up to an award show looking classy and less provocative than usual and she gets bashed for it. Makes perfect sense.

    She gets a sexist letter published about her on a Web site and she gets bashed, even after the owner of the Web site says he didn’t condone the comments and had it taken down. Oh, that makes even more sense.

    And now fanboys call for her death in the third Transformers movie, even though they’ll probably spend hours pouring over her every move when the DVD for Revenge of The Fallen is released this week. Hypocrites.

    Am I fan? Sure. But I’ve never seen this level of hatred and contempt shown towards any one on the net since Britney Spears’ downward spiral a year or so ago or when Michael Cera expressed a bit of reluctance towards an Arrested Development movie.

    It makes me wonder, what did she do to justify you calling her an idiot besides making some wild quotes and appear in a movie or two you didn’t like? Seems like she’s made a lot of money. Oh yeah, that’s real dumb. And you’re sick of seeing her? I’m sick of all the hate.

    I think Diablo Cody also has done a good thing, using the “Jennifer’s Body” poster as her avatar on her Twitter. Embrace this “failure” (one — it wasn’t even that bad of a movie, and two — I didn’t see anyone predicting the failure of Ellen Page’s career when “Whip It” tanked) and the hated starlet in it.

  • toto

    god how much she looks like amanda peet ..but amanda is very lovely to watch as an actress

  • chef de chefs

    Whud she just step out of the shower?

  • n


    because she’s fake, & pretends she’s not, that’s why. She’s more fake than Brad, Angelina & Jennifer combined!

    Her face is off looking here, and has everyone else noticed her eyes are now GREEN? She’s a girl, interrupted indeed.