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Bar Refaeli: Lure Lover

Bar Refaeli: Lure Lover

Bar Rafaeli and two mystery males grab lunch together at Lure Fishbar Seafood restaurant in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City on Monday (October 19).

Tomorrow, the 24-year-old Israeli model will attend the Angel Ball, in support of Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research. The organization funds basic and clinical medical research in both conventional and integrative disciplines, which focus on prevention, treatment and quality of life issues of leukemia, lymphoma and related cancers.

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Credit: Jose Perez; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • me


  • http://israel Lisa rose

    #1 and #2, agree!!!!! :)

  • eek

    aww her chops and under eye bags are looking so beautiful <3

  • lisa

    Adorable! Thanks for the pics, Jared. She looks lovely and lively as usual. Her brother (in white jacket) was with her at the Knicks/Electra game yesterday at the Madison Square garden.

  • abbie

    Cool pics! I wish I could wear jeans as she does. Her figure is to die for!

  • UHHH

    Shes hideous without all the makeup

  • coco

    Photoshop is Bar’s best friend. @abbie: Hi Tzipi!

  • Candycotton

    Eww she’s gained weight!She needs to get a new look!No wonder Leo dumped her, she s just so plain to be a so called supermodel!She’s been twittering alot on her page!Posting all these pics Of herself! It’s sad that she was taught to use her looks to get to the top!I dont think anyone will notice her in ten years.She has no personality!!

  • cartman

    Bar lookin hawt, laughin at all you haters.

  • Blane

    Did Leo propose to her yet? He needs to keep her.

  • nah

    @Blane: he dumped the sluut long ago thank god!

  • Barfie Naked!

    Eeeuuu,… look at this prostit/ute! No wonder Leo left her naked a**!! She’s soooooooo nasty! I knew Leo never loved her at all! Good job leaving Leo!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    I see that the pathetic loser(s) are back again trying their best to criticize Bar with judicious analysis on beauty….LOL, LOL!!!


  • oh my

    @Mike: Oh mike you must be so sad Leo isnt dating that little whooore anymore!!! Sucks for you!! haha!! You were so sure they were going to get married and have kids! Not!! She was only good for phuuucking!! Not having kids or etting married to!!

  • not aging well
  • ..

    @Candycotton: forget 10 years try next year! lol

  • Roni

    She looks lovely, natural and fresh in these candid photos. Gained weight – perhaps, but she looks good in comparison to a model like Orlando Bloom’s anorexic girlfriend. All the pics we see of models/actresses from journals are all airbrushed – believe me, none of them look so good in real life!

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    Why all Bar hater think that Bar’s fans are so upset becouse she doesnt dating Leo anymore??????? Bar’s fans like her for who she is, and its has nothing to do with who shes sleeping with. yes, that was very nice (and its even help her) that she dated such a huge star as Dicaprio, but they didnt ment to each other, so they are not together anymore!! and shes seems happier without him, so we (Bar’s fans) are happy too!!!!!!!!
    you are all bashing on her that Leo dumped her (even that you dont know if its true), but she was his girlfriend for three years, at least she got a chance with him, and you DONT!!!!!! and will NEVER get!!!
    so, get over yourself haters ( or may I say…Leo’s obsessed fans, that knows that they will never had any chance with him)!!!!!

  • ..

    I’ve seen Bar in real @Roni: I have seen Bar in person and she doenst look good in real life either!! She has a lot of wrinkle liness around her eyes for a girl her age. Airbrushing does wonders!!

  • oy

    She’s everywhere these days.

  • Babs

    @Lisa rose: shut the f**K up Lisa Rose whose real name is Michal! Nobody is jealous of this whoreee who worked her way to the top by fuuucking.

    By the way she hasnt done anyting BIG lately. I guess people don’t care about her now that Leo dumped her famewhoooring a**!

  • Babs

    @oy: She’s not everywhere. She’s only on JJ and gossip sites and walking the streets. In that way yes she’s everyhwere. She’s not everywhere, anywhere thats important like on a runway. Being on the streets taking pap pics is her only runway she will ever have as a model! She is a sidewalk ‘supermodel, in between the sheets model and a naked model! Good job Bar!!!

  • Leo and Whitney port?
  • celebrities s***

    The psycho biotch is back attacking Bar because she’s so jealous of her. “Babs” has written like 10 of the comments above. This evil crazed lunatic has nothing better to do than stalk Bar on the internet day and night day and night. You obviously do care a lot about Bar since you do searches of her all the time and then go on every website that mentions her. You even go to her Twitter page. You are really obssessed with Bar! It’s obvious that you are madly in love with Bar because your life revolves around her. You need to get on your meds.

    By the way Leo is a slutt and whoree. He’s been sleeping his way around the world. Bar is lucky she didn’t get a disease from this gross pig. Whose Michal? It must be a voice in your mentally ill head talking to you about Bar all the time. Jared needs to block this lunatic. It’s scary to actually read such a crazy comments by a messed up person. Go away and get help, psycho!

  • martinica

    I dont understand all those critics about her beauty. It´s obvious she has a great figure and a very beautifuk face without all that make up.

  • from holland

    where are her shoes from??? Does anyone know? I love them!

  • tali

    I love her. she is sooooo beautiful.

  • Babs

    @celebrities s***: I dont have a twitter page! LOL! You wish all those comments were coming from me but they’re a lot of people that think this woman is disgusting!

  • http://Babs tali

    Babs !!!!! What do you have against her? she is sooooo sweet.

  • Babs

    @tali: If you call fcuking famous people to get ahead when one is talentless, sweet, then yes she’s as sweeet as they come!

    If you call marrying someone to get out of the army sweet then yes she is sweet.

    If you call someone that’s a horrible model, looks like a 40 year old and has a personality of a door knob sweet then you cant get much sweeter than Bar!!! I agree with you she is sweet!! :)))))))

  • hot new couple alert!!
  • plain jane

    what a plain jane! Im sorry but I see chicks like her all the time! nothin special. The only thing that was, was her body, but it looks like its gone all to hell now too! shes getting older,fatter,and uglier. she wont have a career that way, lol especially with leo gone……..

    yikes, Bar go get some cheek implants,face surgery,lose some weight and get another famous BF, cuz you is llooking horrible! and no one in the fashion world will want you now! (not that they ever did in the first place, anyways) lol

  • Gabi

    She looks like 35, 40!

  • Pandora

    She looks great w/ or w/out makeup. Very attractive, great body, and as someone said above, not an anorexic. Like her or don’t, but why get so stressed out every time Jared does a post on her? You claim she looks older, but the way you’re acting, I hope you’re like 10 yrs old. That’d be understandable!

  • soladi

    We all have to join the army one way or the next, Bar Rafeli is a disgrace to Israel.
    Etsi Ginzburg! is better

  • lilo

    American people, pls adopt Bar. pls give her a green card so she would leave Israel 4good. FIY in real life she looks ordinary and not glamorous at all. she is sleeping around with everybody in Iz and thinks no one knows.. ha! she a gold digger with wrinkles that dates babbons with money. chau

  • WQqqw

    @lilo: Are you from Israel!?!?!

  • isrealywoman

    look, im israely woman and my name is odelia, i read all ur comment
    and in the real life she dont look good i met her on a bar and she was
    so natural i dont like her at all…
    in israel most of the ppl hate bar
    she has only beautyful face thats it!!! body i dont think so
    Leo he is a dumm man he dumppet everyone even gizle
    who could he….gizle she looks like an angle….
    but if u WANTS
    to see another israely model she look more then bar
    and i like her she is so so cute… and i hope someday
    she move bar to the next corner

  • isrealywoman

    to 37 u r absoulotly right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is the site
    SHAME ON U BAR!!!!!
    GO AWEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • babsispsychotic

    Besides being crazy “babs” can’t read. I didn’t say you had a Twitter page, I said that you go to Bar’s Twitter page to check on her every movement. You are obssessed with Bar and you think about her all the time. Bar has replaced Leo as you’re new love interest. Lol!

    It’s obvious that most of the comments against Bar are written by you. In fact, with the exception of #38, you wrote comments #31-40 and many others. You even go as far as to pretend that you’re from Israel. You are absolutely insane! You have a love/hate feelings for Bar but deep down you really want her. Sicko!

  • isrealywoman

    TO 41: if u think thet i wrote thet all the comment i said to u 1 word
    u r so so stupid u need take the pill…..
    bcs u dont live in israel so u dont know what heppend,
    she DIDNT go to the army and inc…

  • Babs

    @babsispsychotic: Those people arent me. haha Wow, of course its me because every one loooooooooves Bar except me! lol Not!! Haters Unite!!! No we’re not haters but Truth Tellers! Girl has no talent unless you call sucking d*** a talent.

    Thank you to the people from Israel that say she sleeps around in Isreal also. I didnt know she did that and I didnt know so many people hated her in Isreal. That’s funny!

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn she is super cute
    i really dont understand all the hate towards her
    cute lil outfit and she has a great smile =]

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  • Angel

    She said the mother of Dicaprio was horrible to meddle in married life

  • lookformynameassholes

    u guys r only a few loosers who live for celebrity’s life. shame on u. bar is GREAT and u r only jealous……ahahhahahahaahah