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Camila Alves: Levi McConaughey's Malibu Mommy

Camila Alves: Levi McConaughey's Malibu Mommy

Camila Alves carries cutie Levi McConaughey on Sunday (October 18) in California.

The Brazilian model and longtime girlfriend of Matthew McConaughey kept 15-month-old Levi bundled up in a festive orange hoodie and a winter hat for the day. Camila is expecting her second child with Matt in late December/early January.

People spotted Camila and Matthew out this weekend at the Chateau Marmont, noting that “throughout the meal, the pair sat side-by-side talking with the group and both seemed very relaxed, with [Matt] leaning over and checking on his girlfriend every once in a while.” Aww…

10+ pictures inside of Camila Alves and Levi in Malibu…

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camila alves levi malibu 01
camila alves levi malibu 02
camila alves levi malibu 03
camila alves levi malibu 04
camila alves levi malibu 05
camila alves levi malibu 06
camila alves levi malibu 07
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  • jamie

    Poor Levi has got some dwarf looking features. I used to think it was just his body but now I see it’s his face too. :(

  • j

    Levi looks really cute

  • Greek Goddess

    Get a life #1! He’s just like his father and will thus be short when he’s grown up. I think he’s the cutest celeb boy out there. So small, so cute. I wonder what the next baby is…….but I bet he/she’ll be beautiful aswell! Pregnant women are sooooo marvellous <3

  • Kate

    Levi is sooooooo cute.

  • madi

    She’s a cute pregnant girl. And what a cute kid!! =D

  • lizk

    Hope I look that hot if I’m ever pregnant.

  • jt

    @jamie: For the love of god, please shuttup. Thanks!

  • Me!

    Brazilian model?? Yeah, and I’m a Danish model!
    What did she ever model?
    She looks so ethnic and fugly!
    Sorry folks—not into that Indian/Brazilian native look!

  • jimmy

    #1, Jamie
    U are a freak.
    I can see why MM is so in love with this woman.
    She is chill and beautiful. Always a smile on her face.

  • ER

    That Matthew McConaughey is so stoned that this Brazilian gold-digger can do what ever she wants.
    That’s what happenes when you are high all the time- other people will exploit you.

  • ER

    Matt had such potential when he started acting and could have beed such a great actor.
    He could have chosen any beautiful and smart women around.
    But he chose drugs and now he is going to father another child to this unfortunate looking woman.

  • naomi

    her face looks different… maybe ’cause she’s pregnant but i don’t know

  • Rhonda

    Wow, they are both goregous! Congrats Matt!

  • coco

    I agree with the other posters. Baby and mom look very foreign and homely here. Matthew may not marry this one once his high wears off.

  • Luza

    She is a beautiful Brazilian Pardo woman and Matthew is lucky to have her! Why do you think he keeps having babies with her, because he doesn’t want to lose her. I don’t think Levi is a midget, he’s just short.

  • Kuvamagh

    Coco @ 10/19/2009 at 6:27 pm I agree with the other posters. Baby and mom look very foreign and homely here. Matthew may not marry this one once his high wears off.

    Foreign?!? She looks more like the original inhabitants of North America…which means you are one that looks foreign because your ancestors came from somewhere else whereas hers are much closer to home so go wear your your pointy hood and play reruns of deliverance.

  • Taxandra

    Camilla is beautiful. Levi is adorable. Haters are jealous.

  • Dene

    How tall is a 15 month old baby supposed to be? I don’t think Levi is particularly short. And so what if he is?

  • lakers fan in boston

    she’s fugs
    i dont understand how she was a model
    i forget she’s pregnant. when i saw these pics i was like omg she got pregnant again =\

  • angel

    I think she looks cute, very natural looking without a ton of makeup.

  • jaye

    Someone needs to watch out ; COCO, your prejudice is showing. As for being homely, you should look so homely. The mom is pretty and the boy is cute as can be; not that it makes the least difference except to jealous people like you.
    McConaughey is obviously with the woman he wants and is having the children he wants. He doesn’t strike me as being shy or someone who stays in a relationship if he doesn’t want it. The child is only 15 months old, how tall do some of you expect him to be? Sheesh. Some of you need to be hitting those 7th grade text books instead of hanging out on blogs.

  • British Latin American

    @Kuvamagh: That’s quite a stale argument. Try another one.

  • ● baby

    Ohh, they are so sweet.

  • cj

    Model? I guess we’re using the term loosely.

  • thats_right

    she is a gorgeous woman so haters stop the hating, and the baby is cute too, all of you haters first look in the mirror first then criticise others.

  • Alex

    Is Matthew vision impaired? ‘Cause damn, she’s not pleasing to look at.

  • maui

    She looks like the missing link. Beautiful indeed, in a topsy turvy world.

  • Iggles

    Without fail, every time there’s a post about Matthew’s family people are making racist comments about the love of his life and their child!
    So much negativity, you jealous hags make me sick. Get over it! He’s with HER, not YOU!!

  • McGwin

    She is hot a lot, like every brazilian women… the question is: SHE IS PREGNANT FOLKS. and if she had not potential to be model, SO WHY SHE IS? WHY THEY PAY FOR HER????


  • Katherine

    Love her boots – I just bought the same ones at Old Navy!

  • Katherine

    Love her boots – I just bought the same ones at Old Navy!

  • g!na


    i agree, he is ugly like his mom & looks like a dwarf!

  • lacey


    too bad the kid looks like his ugly mom! The kid looks like a freakin dwarf! lol.

  • Sara ☼


    (Without fail, every time there’s a post about Matthew’s family people are making racist comments about the love of his life and their child!
    So much negativity, you jealous hags make me sick. Get over it! He’s with HER, not YOU!!)

    I AGREE 100%

    Read more:

  • Caroline

    Omg, that stupid are some north americans… ¿Who said that blondie and blue eyed are the perfection??

  • jasper

    ugh! ugly woman and midget boy!

  • Cruella

    @Me!: You racist effer, why don’t you stick to the ugly Germanic, neanderthal, drag queen, big-nosed types like Gisele.

  • blueangel

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and just because a person doesn’t agree with your idea of beauty doesn’t mean he’s a racist. In fact, a Brazilian person is a member of the White race. Having said that, IMO McConaghy is fug as well.

  • hmm

    look in the mirror. are you happy with what you see? does it matter? should it? No. But maybe people care so much because of a lack of personality, so looks are ALL theyve got. But they fade. And some people actually use their personality and not just looks!

  • Oceane

    People should leave the little boy out of this. He’s an innocent and didn’t ask to have celebrity parents. He is cute! She looks different here for some reason, I can’t figure it out..

  • *** JAMIE ***

    She looks so much prettier when she’s pregnant, maybe because she has more weight on her so her face is filled out more. I know she’s brazilian but her features look like a south asian prehaps Sri lankan or Indian, very pretty. :)

  • Sarah

    Beautiful mom and beautiful baby!
    I think there’s too much persons alike, blond woman, blue eyes… but so weak personality!!!
    Camila is a different beauty, but she’s a really beauty!!!

  • Pardo Brazil

    In Brazil, you are not an automatic member of the white race unless you are white. Half of the population immigrated from Europe and they are white, i.e. Gisele and Ambrosio, but Camila is part of the mixed race who are now currently 50% of the population of Brazil.

  • http://Brasilia Serita

    @ blue angel…’re about as dumb as they come! All Brazilians are NOT white! Brazil has the largest African-descended population in the world, outside of Africa. Camilia is mixed race, which makes up about half of Brazil. Do a little reading before making yourself look like a fool.

  • jessica

    levi is sooooooooo cute!!! and camila is gorgeous!!

  • Belinda

    This woman looks like a natural beauty, who can afford to walk around with no or hardly any make-up on. Her son is adorable and they are both really cute looking. As for her boyfriend: he loves her and she is the mother of his children so what the fxxx has it got to do with anybody?! You racist idiots should be extinguished from the face of the earth, you are vile!!!!

  • Lisa

    Levi is so cute! And his mother looks pretty too!


    his little hat is from old navy boys :)

    nice to see that celebrities put their kids in $12 hats!

  • mimi


  • mimi

    People cannot get over the fact that Matthew has chosen a lady who has dark looks. Because of this, she´s looked at as ugly,which she´s obvuously not. The least she can be called is attractive. Boo hoo for all the racist pigs who cannot sleep because of his choice.