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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Reveals Nip Slip, Pic of New Son

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Reveals Nip Slip, Pic of New Son

Elisabeth Hasselbeck return to ABC’s The View nearly three months after welcoming son Isaiah Timothy.

The 32-year-old showed off a pic of Isaiah with the audience and told this funny anecdote:

“I had just been feeding him, so I took this photo. You know when your baby smiles for the first time – I reach for the iPhone and take the photo. No wonder why he is smiling – because my nipple is in the photo! Awkwardly, my father-in-law and my brother-in-law saw it. It’s worse than drunk dialing, It’s embarrassing.”

Elisabeth and Tim also have a daughter Grace Elisabeth, 4, and son Taylor Thomas, almost 2.

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  • d.

    No one cares about a “nip slip” when:
    1) you are Elisabeth Hasselback.
    2) you are breast feeding.

    *she continues to prove she is the most annoying woman/person on T.V.

  • kilo

    The baby is smiling because HER nipple was in the photo?
    Zzzzzzz…..Is that her atempt at being funny??
    she’s an idiot.

  • 100mph

    ? was that suppose to be funny ?

  • Shell

    Oh the liberals are up. Nice to see you guys this morning I’m glad you guys comment everytime someone is in the news that you don’t agree with.

  • wow


    Some of you do the same thing on any Obama post, so please. I am an independent votor, and I have never been so annoyed by the utter bickering between the right and left in my life. You people argue everywhere! We cant excape it. Everyone needs to lighten up and get a life. Also, Elizabeth is annoying and shrill to anyone but the far right. Just thought i’d add that in ;)

  • wow


  • Ilia

    F*** this b**h and this retarded child. Down with the republicans.

  • Nat

    At least the woman gives her kids normal names, I’ll give her that.

  • T.

    @Shell: —– liberal? the comments are about her lame “joke” and her nipple…that’s all. BUT it’s nice to see some lady wants to “start” so early in the morning……relax

  • BB

    @Shell: Haha! Im glad YOU comment every time YOU read a comment YOU dont agree with, And I love how you read WAY too into it!!
    hahaha!!! Gotta love a hypocrite!

  • Peach

    Why is the baby so dark complected?

  • shangrila

    @Nat: Since when is Isaiah considered a normal name? Normal names are like Steven, David, Michael, etc.

  • Darya

    The kid is three months old. Could she not come up with a better picture of him? And what a lame name. No one will ever know how to spell it and he’s going to spend his entire life correcting everyone on it.

  • Taxandra

    The kid has a receding hairline already like his father.

  • kevin bud

    She should have as many kids as possilbe like a good christian!

  • sillyme

    She’s absolutely the bravest woman on television, to sit there with those four left wing nuts and take the constant abuse that she does. I admire her for that, even though I don’t always agree with her. Wish our president, the whiner, had balls like that.

  • heresanother2cents4ya

    so anyway read all the comments and holy sheeot do we live in a judgmental, high and mighty, left wing right wing labeling fooking society or what? The first two comments, irreverent and in context to the photo AND quote provided by Hasslecrack herself, spark a political debate! She gets compared to the PRESIDENT for providing a photo of her infant, and TMI about her nipple? WTF wake up people and get a clue. Your idiots! Kudos to d. and kilo for being so inspirational!

  • Tico

    @Shell: Just ignore them and let them be miserable haters for the rest of their lives.

  • YJ

    What a cute kid. Just sorry the poor baby got stuck with Liz Mein Hasselkant Republikampf as his momma.
    Sorry kid. Welcome to planet earth. Nobody wins em all.

  • Really Shell????

    @ Shell

    Look, it’s simple. Some people just don’t like Elisabeth but regardless of being a liberal or conservative, her statement is laughable. SO, this has NOTHING to do with being liberal nor conservative YOU MORON! The fact that you read wayyy into ppl’s comments and your response, speaks volumes about your intelligence.

  • No Thanks

    Eww, That sucks all those people had to see her giant nasty nipple.

  • huh?

    @Shell: What’s to agree or disagree with here? she was tring to be cute and funny and it floped (so to speak)
    Nothing political here……Move along…

  • All Women Stalker

    The comments here are funnier than what she said.


  • Bex

    Where’s Meghan McCain, more nipples!

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn u tricked me
    i actually thought she had a nip slip
    she’s kinda annoying but i have a soft spot for her =p

  • wow

    Some of you people need to stop posting under different screennames..its more then obvious and flat out pathetic.


    Since I guess you were talking about my post for bringing up the President…I wasn’t comparing Elizabeth to the President (she’s no where near that smart and relevent)..I was comparing people like you and shell and anyone else who comes on these blogsites making them less fun to deal with or look at with your political drivel..beleive it or not, not everything is politically driven…I have conservative friends who cant stand Elizabeth. Just because someone spits out the first thing that comes to their head it doesn’t make them ‘brave’. Outside of politically, Elizabeth has said some very irrisponsible things about people. So you and this broads hero-worshipers can save your nonsense.

  • Marieme

    Teri #10

    When did she say this? What a total hag!

  • You People Are Insane!

    Everyone who is saying something negative is a complete MORON. Shes a Person and everyone makes mistakes . It must suck being a celebrity because any little thing you do wrong and all of sudden half the whole world is writing a chain of hate mail, and you dont even have to do anything wrong in fact if your perfect they STILL write hate mail . Sheeshh some people dont have any life they just sit here and write evil things about people they have never even seen . Grow up idiots your kids are suppose to look up to you

  • Chrysothemis

    Yeah, there’s nothing hotter that the nipple of a frigid semi-fascist ignoramus. It’s a mystery why Ann Coulter has yet to appear in Playboy.

  • dd

    Eww, I love how she comes back and the first thing she does is talk about her nipples, How classy.

  • poopie

    she is sooooooo annoying. Mrs Blabbermouth.

    and she is coming back to the View? Not going to watch it now.

    I wish someone from that group would put a sock in her mouth while filming the View,

    now, THAT would be funny!

  • Mas

    Breast-feeding nipples are sweet. go to youtube and search “mamando”.

  • Bern

    Ms. Hasselbeck:
    Congrats to your new baby. I don’t usually respond to these things, but I was shocked at the responses. Does it mean that these people cannot respect others points of view without attack a person personally. This is after all America isn’t it? Maybe many of those who responded are not mothers?

  • Bern

    Ms. Hasselbeck:
    Congrats to your new baby. I don’t usually respond to these things, but I was shocked at the responses. Does it mean that these people cannot respect others points of view without attacking a person personally. This is after all America isn’t it? Maybe many of those who responded are not mothers?

  • Jan-2


    escape. ignorant

  • Barbie

    I was wondering how long it would take Elisabeth to bring up her tits. First show back and first comment. I am sick of her tits.

  • Jan-2


    Bern, unfortunately, it’s a sign that America is changing. It’s an indication that ignorance is gaining ground on intelligence and the dumbing down of America is succeeding. Just pay attention to the grammar and/or spelling on every blog–the opinions that are written are just as dumb. Many will blame it on typing errors, but the stupidity is so obvious. I worry about what’s happening to our Country. There’s so much hate that adults have no compunction about attacking children, let alone a new born baby and new mother. Pretty low.

    I extend my congratulations to Elisabeth and baby, as well.

  • m

    i hope she has a ton more. SO SHE STAYS OFF THE SHOW!!!

  • Hal


    View watchers are morons…generally speaking. The show has no redeeming value other than to prevent another ridiculous game show from filling that spot.

    To criticize EH only exposes you for the “boob” you are. She reveals a funny story and you criticize her as a moron? You are the moron.

  • Hal


    You need to be neutered/spayed.

  • Hal

    it is truly amazing how vile and disgusting the left can be…so much for tolerance and political correctness huh?

  • kate

    @m: lol but she said this is her last one.

  • nettie

    Shangrila, My child’s name is Isaiah which mean prophet in the Bible. Get your Bible out and READ!!

  • Patriotic


    Please learn how to spell. You are an indepedent voter. It really does matter.

  • kimper

    hey sillyme

    duh….she stays because they pay her. her claim to fame is that she was on survivor – she has no talent, skill or brains—oops wait a sec, she has brains enough to stay where she is cause God only knows who else would employ her.

  • Anne

    This was an episode of Seinfeld – Elaine had photos of herself taken for Christmas cards and accidentally exposed a nipple in them. Not only is it not funny, it’s not even an original thought. Shocking.

  • Denise

    Congrats to you on your new baby! I am glad that she’s back. She is a down to earth person who is human just like the rest of us. I like that about her. She is a multi parent with a job, I really look up to her. I also think she looks great for having 3 kids too. I cannot believe all the neg. responses left here, I wonder if all of the people that wrote them think they are PERFECT!!!

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    {Great reading.. Very good information here}{Lady Gaga Is hotter than ever, see for yourself!}{Nipple slip.. and vagina slips all over..}

  • euro

    1- Eliabeth hasselbeck sits there with 3 other ladies that clearly don’t stand a chance in an arguement at all. It’s amazing…you watch the show and elizabeth has more balls than all of them put together….speaks her mind..( which is backed up by PURE FACT – NON FUDGED STATISTICS BTW PPL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

    2 – she is absolutely beautiful…and anyone who says otherwise should take a good look in the f’ing mirror….honestly…i’d love to see all the trolls at home writing nasty things about her….lol haters….

    she has so many haters because she SPEAKS TRUTH ……again..i say actual FACTS (liberals dismiss facts and try to argue non sense points)…….tv….THE VIEW…. OBVIOUSLY caters to liberals ..and anyone who says anything they dont like to hear is attacked…A.K.A elizabeth! Conservatives do not have the right to free speach….only liberals! lol ? ….which is truly and utterly disgusting given the fact that when they DO speak…. they have NO evidence…statistics…. SQUAT to back up why they say what they do….. but they can have it! the SECOND…and im serious…. SECOND.. someone who is conservative… speaks…. it’s AUTOMATICALLY VIEWED as HATE….or inconsiderate……lol no …. it’s called the TRUTH…. ….just watch and pay attention…. most liberals arguements consist of attacking on grounds of petty bullshit…like tone of voice…. lol… ” we just want to love ppl….and NEVER OFFEND….and just live in peace! “……u know…. abort the babies…save the whales type thinking….! lol wow…… i know it’s off topic since this wasn’t supposed to go political..but whatever…. it’s NEEDED

    BTW…whoever actually takes Barbara Walter’s seriously …i’d have to question what amount of brain power they’re running on as well….

  • Jonathan

    I love it whenever someone comments on a celebrity like EH. The right comes out and starts in with name calling. The right has been duped for so long they just believe anything the right mouth pieces like Rush, Hanity, and Savage say. I can’t believe that you people buy into their crap. The right acts like they know what will happen if Obama does this or that. How is it if they know so much that they didn’t know that their guy ( Bush ) was screwing everything up? I think it was cause he kept the rich getting richer and that’s what the right is about. They say they want less government yet they want to control who you can or can’t marry, whether you want to smoke a little pot in the privacy in your own home, dictate that we all say the pledge to flag even if some don’t share a belief in religion. And that’s less government? EH is simply annoying and has no qualification to be on a show like the view other than being better looking than the rest of the cast. She is famous for being on a reality show! and because she’s married to a crappy washed up quarterback who for the life of me I can’t understand why espn would hire this washed up guy as an anylist, what the heck does he know about being a good quarterback?
    This just goes to show how the dumbing down of america is continuing to happen!