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Lisa Marie Presley Celebrates Twins' First Birthday

Lisa Marie Presley Celebrates Twins' First Birthday

Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis’s only daughter, shows off her 1-year-old twin girls Finley and Harper.

“They both have such a sweetness about them that it breaks our heart,” the 41-year-old daughter of The King told Hello!. “We want desperately to preserve their purity, love and trust for as long as we can before people and life cause the inevitable souring and contamination. It is incredible that we all start out so pure, so genuine, happy and trusting.”

The photograph was taken by the twins’ father, Michael Lockwood.

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  • anna

    Aw, they are cute!

  • zk

    Dear Lisa Marie – the only “souring and contamination” you’re referring to will come from that alien worshipping freak cult you give all your money to….aka Scientology.

  • Joanne

    they are beautiful! so pretty

  • the dq

    “…before people and life cause the inevitable souring and contamination.”

    If this is the way this wack job thinks, than she should NOT have kids. Plain and simple.

    Just hide them in your little $cientology cave for the rest of their life.

  • sheri

    Yay!! They all are so beautiful!

  • diggy

    @zk: — LOL!!! Ummm, I think This excact comment is what she was talking about!
    omg! hahahaha!!! too crazy how hateful people are. oh well..

  • zk


    Diggy – What’s REALLY crazy is worshipping aliens, denying legitimate medical science (ie autism), giving all your money to a cult and trying to call it a religion.

    THAT’S crazy!

  • OhMy

    They look pale & zoned out!


    Souring and contamination? Sounds like someone has a little postpartum depression! I don’t know about her, but the world I live in is compassionate, beautiful and thankfully challenging. I can’t remember who said this earlier but it was something like….”thank God all the scientologists detest medicine and pychiatry and isolate themselves in their own little scientology world because they are taking themselves out of the gene pool and before you know it there won’t be any of them left.” LM Pressley should win a Darwin award.

  • Darya

    It’s the photography that makes them look pale. They are gorgeous. So what they’ll be little Scientologists!! There’s worse things in life, like being a Meth or crack addict. Lisa Marie makes beautiful babies!

  • kevin bud

    I thought she had other kids, what are their names?

  • Chrissy105

    They look like their dad who is also very pale. I think they are cuties!!

  • shira

    @kevin bud: she does have other kids from her first marriage, a daughter named danielle riley and a boy named benjamin!!! they are 19 and 17 i believe!!!

    the girls are cuties very beautiful



  • I’m so broke.



  • I’m so broke.

    they are precious.Healthy.She is lucky.

    I like Lisamarie.She is ok.

    Much of what she said sounds like and educated nor educated fool. It sounds just foolish.

    What she could have said,plain,pure and simple is that they love their babies.They girls are really even tempered and sweet. They want to keep them pure and innocent and allow them to have a childhood for as long as they can and will not raise them in the spotlight.

  • Jess

    LMP’s girls are adorable! So cute but I had no doubt about them being cute considering Riley and Benjamin.

  • diggy

    @zk: —-sure, but we live in a big ol world of crazy & not everyone thinks the same! good thing we all have choices, what is good for you, Some may think is crazy and unethical and vice versa…….but you know what it’s ok…. the only thing messed up is crazy hate!….period

  • mary

    Adorable!! Your Awesome Lisa!!

  • Sanatorium

    Wow. She is wearing a coat and a scarf so it must be cold and the twins are dressed like in hot summer? Weird.

  • So adorable!

    Elvis would be so proud of his grandkids!

  • Sunshine


    I don’t understand that either but they are cute little girls.

  • my leg

    she would’ve made cuter babies with mj

  • You/Me

    Okay, I understand wanting to protect them. But please….get those kids some sunlight!!!

  • Claudy

    doesn’t the left one look like the olsem twins as Michelle in Full House?? reminds me on them

  • “Poor” Lisa

    LMP is about the most ungracious, unappreciative person I’ve ever seen.
    She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth…she never had to worry about where she would get money to pay for anything…muchless food, clothing and shelter for her children. What a waste her life has been! She has focused her entire life thus far on griping, moaning and complaining. I feel sorry for her children.

    Growing up around LMP would be like growing up in a dark closet.

    Elvis would be very ashamed of her. She’s an atheist and basically has done nothing but join her mom in living off Elvis’s name. Hell, Elvis and Priscilla were divorced but the minute Elvis dies, everyone (family) just love him ($$$).

    Poor kids! Lisa, don’t worry about them being exposed to the world. Worry about them being raised by you…Ms. Negative of all Time.

    How does any man stand to be around this bitch? Must be the name and the $$$…..gets em every time!!!

  • Bex

    She should have had kids with Nic Cage, they would have been hot

  • laurie smith

    such cute kids to bad that weirdo is the mother.

  • and not dressed like boys!!

    Adorable! And take note, GIrls dressed like GIRLS!!
    If only Angie would follow suit, Her girls are always a mess, and one, looks like a little hobo. Shame too, she is cute, but can’t see it. black shoes/boots, while mom wears flip flops in heat, figure that out!
    Weird? Ya think????

  • creepy & their spooky…. lol

    # 29 – and a poster called Lisa Marie here “Weird” ha! Exactly, the Gothic mom with tons of tattoos,sorid past, and wears black 24/7, never in jeans or normal daily clothes, never. Little girl in boy clothing and foot wear, but yep, Lisa Marie, is “Weird”. LMAO. AJ may be a great person, I’m sure she is, and she has a pretty face (thats it) but what the heck with all the gothic, mohawks and gender swap? I’ll never, understand it, unless, it’s Mom’s way of being “cool”. Yes, thats’ it. I always hear the theme for Adams Family when she’s out and about, da da da don….lol. Be nice to see her little girls dressed like this, but forgetaboutit, NOT Happening.

    this is the JP board folks, JP INC. Everyone ELSE is weird or ugly. Period. lol.

  • she shall remain nameless

    Those girls are gorgeous!!

  • g!na

    babies are cute!

  • Lenny

    Elvis would be so proud of his babies !!!! His grandkids would mean the world to him…And he would be so proud of Benjamin’s singing career…He for sure is a younger Elvis..Looks just like his granddaddy..Lisa bring more of that Elvis Presley DNA into the world…When are you having more kids???? I hope this is not it for you…Your still young enough to bring more babies into the world…

  • jmg21

    the girls are dressed in summer clothes, lisa marie is dressed in winter clothes

  • namerequirelimit30char


    my my aren’t we ‘sour’ and ‘jealous’… two words buddy, ‘wire’ and ‘hanger’….

    something your mother should have accomplished while you were still inside her.

    now, get a job.

  • namerequirelimit30char

    @“Poor” Lisa:

    hey “poor lisa” cut it out with the envy.. it kills.

  • namerequirelimit30char


    my my maggs.. aren’t we preachy and sanctimonious.. you must be xtian.

  • namerequirelimit30char

    folks, get off your high horses, why are you here if you are so much better?

    commet boards should be banned, they only waste bandwidth.

  • anja

    @creepy & their spooky…. lol:

    And what’s so wrong with gothic look? It’s what Angie likes, it’s not like it’s hurting anyone. Idiots…

  • lyla

    they look cute



    It has nothing to do with being a Christian you fool. It has to do with evolution and Darwinism. So rather than coming on here to tell people their Mothers should have aborted them, why don’t you stop acting like the village idiot and pick up a Science book!

  • nan

    So pleased that Lisa Marie and Michael shared pix of their beautiful sweet baby girls, Finley and Harper. Precious and innocent.

    And agree with Lisa about the world. Just the mean comments on here is enough to sour anyone. Why such negativity over her beautiful babies and her? And when you know little about an issue, such as Scientology, it is best to keep opinions to yourself.

    Lisa Marie Presley is an awesome singer/songwriter who unfortunately has had to put up with so much negativity and criticism just for being who she is. And, having shared pix of her babies with us, and to get the kind of remarks that have been posted, just sickens me.

    If you cant be postive, be silent. Seriously.


  • Too

    Hubbard continued the practice of Magick after leaving Parsons. During the Armstrong case, portions of Hubbard’s “Affirmations” were read into the record, much to the protest of Mary Sue Hubbard’s attorney, who said “this particular document is… far and away the most private and personal document probably that I have ever read by anybody.” Armstrong’s lawyer, Michael Flynn, tended to agree: “Most Scientologists . . . if they read these documents would leave the organization five minutes after they read them.”

  • ggvvjk

    @zk: you are so right

  • ggvvjk

    @my leg: of course, her mistake and MJ refused to take her back even with an offer of 9 children. Ouch. I wish her the best.

  • lisag

    I too thought that when both of my boys were babies! Unfortunately the world is full of you know whats and we just have to navigate around them. The little girls are just adorable…keep being a great mom!

  • Lis

    @my leg: i agree! i bet mj wuz hurt wen he found out she had kids w someone elese

  • Kathie

    Lisa, jus’ look after your babies, and protect them and teach them to be good girls. Thats all you need to do, and when they grow up and go on their own, you won’t have to worry about them. You are a good mommy, you have very beautiful twin girls. I wish I was their grandmother. I love you, Lisa Marie. I know you won’t ever read this, but I love you and I love your mother and your older children. May God bless you and the rest of your family. Gramma Kathie

  • Cactus Rose

    Didn’t take Lisa Presley long to find another bloke after Michael Jackson. Was she afraid to have his black babies?

  • http://cypriot1995 Jan

    lisa elvis would be so proud of you, and he would of loved his granchildren.