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Madonna & Lourdes Leon: Harajuku Lovers

Madonna & Lourdes Leon: Harajuku Lovers

Madonna and her 13-year-old daughter Lourdes, carrying the Harajuku Lovers tote in Kogal, arrive at JFK airport in NYC to catch a departing flight to London on Sunday (October 18).

This past Wednesday, Madonna and ex Carlos Leon threw a surprise birthday bash for Lourdes at a delicatessen in SoHo. Madge brought red velvet cake to the bash!

Here are some snippets from Madonna’s recent Rolling Stone interview:

On Lourdes introducing her to new music: She turned me on to the Ting Tings. There’s a band she loves called Disco Bitch. She’s into My Chemical Romance, and she’s outgrown the Jonas Brothers. She loves Lady Gaga, Ciara, Rihanna, T.I. and Justin [Timberlake]. She lives with the iPod in her ears.

On Lourdes critiquing her: Oh, yeah. My shows, my music, definitely. She’s brutally honest, not just with me, but everyone, about what you’re wearing, who you’re dating, the music you listen to, every choice that you make. She wears the same sizes as me now, so she steals my clothes, my shoes, she’s constantly in my closets. And she’s working on the show now. Now, we feel more like friends, and we fight every other minute. A normal mother-daughter relationship, going through puberty.

On Lourdes’ role on tour: She dresses the dancers backstage. She’s really into hair and make-up, so she does a lot of experimenting. She’s very talented. She could absolutely design her own line of clothes, she’s got great style. Everyone asks her what she thinks of their outfit. Her, not me.

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  • julie

    That kid is cool and is gonna kick mama’s ass.

  • ihavenolife

    beautiful child and will grow into an even more beautiful adult. she’s a lucky kid, all of madonna’s kids are. despite the image she wants to portray, i think madonna is a very responsible, diligent and kind person. i don’t doubt for a minute that she’s a great mom as well.

  • sheery

    Child??? She has grown into a lovely young lady. Mama kept her secluded from the paps that I am amazed how big she got. I kept thinking she was a baby, still. Good job Mama Madonna for keeping your kids lives private and off the attention of the media. So many parents should take your parenting skills.

  • nah

    looks like jessica alba

  • dundies

    how swell! madonna’s bffs with her daughter


    Lola is beautiful!!
    she’s got her own style …..and I love it!!!

  • Chris

    I’d rather watch the Jonas Brothers than have anything to do with her mother.

  • R

    Oh My Gosh! They are soo cute!!
    I <3 Harajuku Lovers!! lol

  • Nat

    Her life was not secluded from the paparazzi, lol. I watched this girl and her brother grow up. She’s just not quite as photographed as some of the others because Madonna isn’t as popular as some of the other celebs. I’ve seen thousands of pictures of her and Rocco, if they were kept away from the media, I obviously wouldn’t have.

    Anyway, Lourdes will be something great one day, Im sure.

  • Weber from Brazil

    She’s growing up too fast

    Luv Lourdes ^^

    I saw her right here, in Rio

  • Weber from Brazil

    She also looks like Jessica Alba
    Luv this bangs :)

  • sweetness

    Isn’t life grand to be the daughter of a famous pop star icon.

  • Ha

    And she doesn’t love JLO? How typical. No Hispanic artist? Snicker…. Isn’t she half Cuban.

  • martha

    OMG! How great! They’re so beautiful. Wow, I love Madonna&Lola!

  • Rachel


  • Paulie

    “She’s just not quite as photographed as some of the others because Madonna isn’t as popular as some of the other celebs.”

    This is a very odd comment. I had to read it twice. Madonna is like the most famous woman in the world. There aren’t too many celebs who are more famous than her.

  • Rumor

    Excuse me…but her daughters face is not so good-looking is it?

  • Victoria

    It would be a lot more interesting to me had Madonna said her daughter had no interest in show biz and was planning to go to Harvard and be a doctor.

  • tgk


    Well, rejoice. Apparently she listens to Rihanna who is from Barbados, part of the West Indies, just like Cuba. Happy, now?
    A 13 year-old largely raised in England who doesn’t listen primarily to Hispanic artists?? Get her arrested now.

  • BB

    @Ha: —dumb comment. . . music has no boundries. .you sound like a close minded jerk…

  • Frida

    wow, madonna is the same size as her 13-yearold daughter, that’s saying something….

  • Rorie

    @ Ha- Does anyone like “J-lo” anymore? I mean come on….

  • Jose

    I’m glad that girl finally shaved her moustache!

  • Nat


    And yet, her photos are not published as much as some of the others. Famous, yeah. Everyone knows her, but, does everyone care anymore?

  • Taxandra

    JLo’s music sucks. Why would a 13 year old listen to her just because she’s Hispanic? That’s ridiculous.

  • christine

    OMG, she’s growing up to look exactly like her mom.

  • mai linh

    haha Disco Bitch! I’m from France and Disco Bitch are two girls that made a song about champagne and bourgroisie! that made me laugh because they had a lot of success, it’s a great song to party but the lyrics are complete shit!

  • Jorden

    There used to be a website called Lourdes The Baby Pumpkin, it held hundreds and hundreds of photos of Lola, and they had a site linked to it for Rocco. It disappeared in 2005 though. Im sure there are other sites with their photos. They used to be photographed constantly so where people are getting this “She keeps her kids away from the spotlight” is beyond me…… I don’t necessarily think that she’s no longer “popular” I just think that there are others out there right now that the public are more interested in. Back when Rocco and Lola were smaller, they were in the news constantly… mags, tabloid shows and such. I used to love Madonna so I was very aware.

    She’s a cute kid. Maybe she’ll be a famous designer someday.. unlikely her line will be sold at your local walmart though… XD

  • happy girl

    I like Lourdes. She is super cool apparently and pretty.

  • happy girl

    Jorden^^^ I remember the Baby Pumpkin site – I think Madonna asked for it to be taken down or something but it was pretty extensive coverage of Lourdes. When she was born, it was equal to Shiloh’s birth, everybody wanted pics and I think it made the cover of People. The site was a little creepy for a kid – I mean every single detail about her life. Anyway, Lourdes is just gorgeous. Love those floral tights.

  • Al

    They’re so beutiful. God save the Queen!
    Lourdes will be a second Madonna. Great look Lola!

  • RedPariah

    “She’s brutally honest, not just with me, but everyone, about what you’re wearing, who you’re dating, the music you listen to, every choice that you make.”

    READ: She’s rude.

  • my leg

    disco bitch? and she’s what–12?

  • dfdf

    may God help her.

  • lexy

    She probably sued. I think it’s a disgrace the way the way the paps stalk these people with their kids. Their kids aren’t celebrities so I don’t know why there would be a website devoted to Madonna’s kids. Say what you want but she’s a shrewd business woman. If she wanted to pimp out her kids for money, she’d do it herself. Not let some loser hiding in the bushes photograph them.

  • girl

    lola has amazing style; i don’t like madonna very much, but I think she raises her kids quite well. those kids are so lucky, especially if they plan to be in showbizz couse madonna know what works in showbizz

  • lizk

    @RedPariah: Bingo!

  • Bex

    She seems to be normal! when is she going to sing, American idol anyone!

  • jill

    whenever madonna speaks “well” of her daughter, she always mixes in some criticism, well she does that with everyone, it’s like she feels bad for complimenting someone so she has to tear them down, like when she said that gaga is talented, but that her show was a mess..i really don’t think her daughter is as brutally honest as she wants people to think..she seems more mellow, and nicer than her mom..maybe that’s madonna’s way of projecting her god-awful personality onto her the way..she says her daughter raids her closets? ahem??? wasn’t it madonna who took her daughter’s red shorts, heart shaped glasses, and those knee high socks for her concerts? way to flip it madge…i think madonna wants to portray her daughter the way she really is…because narcissists can’t stand anyone who is nicer, prettier, or overall better than them… plus she contradicts herself, she says on letterman how her daughter is “trouble” because she has a mind of her own, but isn’t that what “madonna” is all about, isn’t that what she advocates all the time, to have a mind of your own, to speak up for your beliefs, but i guess when her daughter does it, it”s bad, or “trouble.” she just wants a clone, she doesn’t want that girl to have her own personality, because deep down inside, madonna has no personality…

  • Carlos

    She looks so much like her Cuban father it is amazing! The same log face, wide mouth, eyes, nose, coloring, everything! not much Madonna there at all!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    i would classify a 13 yr old wearing her 51 year old mom’s clothes as normal
    i really hate fugdonna but ill admit lourdes does have a unique style i like
    she’s not trying 2 be any1 else
    i just hope she doesnt turn out like her mom

  • demilovato

    i can already see it now, that little girl WILL be a trainwreck by the time shes 16. drunk drugs sex and partying.

  • jack

    who r u all kidding. The kid is fugly.

  • Helen

    @jill: Looks like you’re a bit obsessed with Madonna in a negative way and are over analyzing and twisting all her words. Just because Lola can be many great things, that doesn’t mean she can’t be trouble. Madonna’s just being honest, and often times Madonna says things joking around and people take things too seriously or literally. Since Lola was maybe 6, Madonna’s said she was 6 going on 16. She’s a sweet girl, but also precocious and very much her own person, which is great, but also challenging for a parent. I imagine Lola would challenge Madonna when it comes to rules, like any other 13 year-old would with her parents. If she would only say great things about her daughter then everyone would say she’s just blinding praising or exaggerating and of course find reasons to criticize her for that. No matter what she says there are people who will take her words and make something out of nothing. If you read the full Gaga quote, not just the snippet posted here, she said many many positive things and what she was saying was that despite whatever went wrong, it’s quite clear that she’s a talented artist and it’s definitely not the first time she’s praised her. I have yet to hear Gaga praise Madonna though. Are you criticizing Gaga for that? I think not.

    And yes, Lola does take Madonna’s clothes and mixes them with her own to make an outfit. I often see her wearing Madonna’s shoes, tops, accessories, even when she was a lot younger, she’d borrow pieces here and there. The costumes for Madonna’s concert were made up a long time before the actual concert started and they were based on the 80s (a look Lola later borrowed, though she has never worn heart-shaped glasses) and Madonna’s said Lola’s obsessed with the 80s right now and of course is going to borrow some style from then (and her). Some of Lola’s outfits are reminiscent of Madonna’s old outfits from the 80s.

  • Helen

    Madonna has protected her kids from the press, but at the same time there is only so much you can do and children of celebrities are unfortunately not off-limits for paparazzi. She wasn’t fond of that site about Lourdes and she mentioned that in one interview and the site’s owners voluntarily shut the site down.

    When Madonna moved to London, the amount of pictures taken of her children decreased considerably. She’s also tried to keep them in the same school system and scheduled most of her tours during the time the children were out of school. Regardless of what you think of her as an artist, as a parent you can’t deny she does a good job.

  • Matt B

    Wow, she’s growing up to be quite a beautiful young lady. She’s gorgeous! Lourdes rocks!

    @Ha: that is the dumbest comment I’ve read in a while. I’m Cuban American and grew up listening to everything from Punk Rock to Classical. I’m sure between her Cuban family and Madonna (who loves the latin culture) she’s been exposed to plenty of latin music, that doesn’t mean she, or any other hispanic for that matter, has to limit themselves musically or even like the music of their culture.

  • jack

    you all have on rose colored glasses, she’s fugly with a mustache and unibrow. She sure is no madonna LOL

  • matt

    helen i just think you’re a plain ol madonna sycophant…u have an answer for everything that madonna does…i think u should apply to be her lawyer..or spiritual leader…she always needs someone to justify more and more of her narcissistic actions…buh bye…

  • towa

    gorgeous, the both of them.

  • Marco


    you sound like the same hateful person, if you don’t like madonna, then why bother commenting? why waste your time with hateful messages? looks like you find any reason to hate and criticize, just scroll on by