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Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner: Kissing Couple

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner: Kissing Couple

Jennifer Garner drops by the set of The Town in Boston to visit husband Ben Affleck on Tuesday (October 20).

Ben, who was directing a scene with skateboarders, greeted Jen with a kiss and a big smile. Aww…

Later that day, Jen brought Seraphina and Violet to the set to visit Ben.

20+ pictures inside of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner sharing a kiss in Boston…

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ben affleck jennifer garner the town kiss 01
ben affleck jennifer garner the town kiss 02
ben affleck jennifer garner the town kiss 03
ben affleck jennifer garner the town kiss 04
ben affleck jennifer garner the town kiss 05
ben affleck jennifer garner the town kiss 06
ben affleck jennifer garner the town kiss 07
ben affleck jennifer garner the town kiss 08
ben affleck jennifer garner the town kiss 09
ben affleck jennifer garner the town kiss 10
ben affleck jennifer garner the town kiss 11
ben affleck jennifer garner the town kiss 12
ben affleck jennifer garner the town kiss 13
ben affleck jennifer garner the town kiss 14
ben affleck jennifer garner the town kiss 15
ben affleck jennifer garner the town kiss 16
ben affleck jennifer garner the town kiss 17
ben affleck jennifer garner the town kiss 18
ben affleck jennifer garner the town kiss 19
ben affleck jennifer garner the town kiss 20

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78 Responses to “Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner: Kissing Couple”

  1. 1
    gold! Says:

    lovely couple!!!

  2. 2
    lol Says:

    cool. Since they don’t go to each others movie premires and they don’t touch each other out side that it is like there is no place to see them cuddling but now this prove they are actually a cute couple

  3. 3
    Lauren Says:

    How cute!!

  4. 4
    andrea Says:

    They are so perfect together. He should run for Senate!

  5. 5
    madi Says:

    This is probably the second time I’ve ever seen them together. Cute couple!! =)

  6. 6
    H. Says:

    Love this couple. Real, not a fake Hollywood thing to sell movies. Looking awesome, Benji!

  7. 7
    Blue Says:

    Nice try Jen, but it doesn’t even come close to the blake lively pictures, well apart from the high heels. Ha ha you never wear heels and are always in sneakers and jeans, you have nothing to worry about Blake your luck she’s too young.

  8. 8
    pheby Says:

    It looks like he’s pulling away from her as she goes in to kiss him. He did the same thing to J-Lo. Maybe it is just a PDA thing, I don’t know. Hope it’s nothing. I’m hoping he’s not getting feelings for his co-star. He supposed still stays in touch w/Gwyneth, too. According to Fox Entertainment…
    “Ben and Jen got one of Gwyneth’s famous notes this year just after Seraphina was born,” says the insider. “It was very nice, but it was a little too personal. Gwyneth made sure to mention how she was happy that Ben was finally creating the family he had always wanted, a family, which the two of them discussed in depth when they were dating. It just rubs Jen the wrong way.” [and later]
    “Jen will always allow Ben to have contact and friendship with Gwyneth,” the pal says. “But she doesn’t always like it.”

  9. 9
    shamrock7 Says:

    What a sight! It’s a pleasure to see these two embrace their love and marriage in public. It reconfirms their commitment and relationship confusion to others that doubt them.

    I’m happy to see them together and look forward to more of these photos!!

    Best Wishes always to the familia~

  10. 10
    pheby Says:

    For some strange reason, I don’t trust Ben. Something about him just rubs me the wrong way. I wouldn’t be surprised if he splits on her one day. I think she is too good for him. He’s never seemed too into Jen and that is sad.

  11. 11
    viola Says:

    @H.: No wonder their movies bomb all the time.Pimping vio only don’t do it. Couple should support each other Learn from fatty matt.

  12. 12
    chef de chefs Says:

    It aint right when you’re not even safe at work>

  13. 13
    Lovebirds Says:

    Beautiful couple love them too death! Ben is now more normal and laid back with this woman than he ever was before. Miss. Garner truly completes him, I hope their next baby is a boy.

  14. 14
    Jane Says:

    pheby – do you have any hobbies? Interests? Talent?

  15. 15
    Jane Says:

    pheby – do you have any hobbies? Interests? Talent?

  16. 16
    lola Says:

    I don’t see any big smile. Where’s the big smile? JJ, are you on the Affleck payroll? No one else even bothers to post pics of these phonies anymore.

  17. 17
    Dene Says:

    I get the impression this is one couple with strong family values. I don’t see this marriage breaking up as these two have obvioiusly make a commitment to stay together in a loving family. Ben obviously enjoys his family very much. I also hope they have one more child….girl or boy – it doesn’t matter.

  18. 18
    LOL Says:

    Jen is pathetic.

  19. 19
    emma Says:

    Violet and Sera photos???

  20. 20
    Ben, dump the hag! Says:

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if he splits on her one day.”
    Let’s hope so!

  21. 21
    cassie Says:

    glad to see them so cute!

  22. 22
    nice PR try Says:

    Sorry Jen,
    Ben still prefers to f*ck other women.

  23. 23
    Boston Ben Says:

    lola @ 10/20/2009 at 4:44 pm
    No one else even bothers to post pics of these phonies anymore.

    Get out much?

    These pictures are all over most ever gossip/blog site.

  24. 24
    Can't please all of the people Says:

    …………..all of the time. Some posters are never happy. Jen is on a walk without Ben and the gossip starts “they aren’t together”. They are photographed together in what looks like a fun and loving moment and people still pick it apart.

    Glad they live their life and don’t care what gossip says.

  25. 25
    blah Says:

    What does he see in this ugly *****?

  26. 26

    The truth is that man that is standing next to Jen is her real boyfriend..
    They broke up a long time ago.. and She is only there when he sees
    Violet..!! Get it now!! That kiss was an act.. So JLO AGAIN..she has
    nothing to do with Ben anymore.. she is in her LATINO LAND..NO

  27. 27
    What #26??????????????? Says:

    #26 WTH are you talking about???????????????????

  28. 28
    more pics Says:

    Pics of Ben, Jen and the girls on another site. Too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 29
    Chris X Says:

    #26 – what the heck are you babbling about? I guess Jlo is in Latino land since no one else woudl have her but Skeletor. Adn she bought him a football team and they got to go to the White House and she has twins and guess what = Ben could care less – he is really happy with a lady who has class and taste.

  30. 30
    Pinkrose Says:

    Every time I see a pic of Jenniffer, especially on JJ, I can’t help but remember her in those torn drawers. Icky to think of a movie star in torn underwear. does she wear dirty clothes too?

  31. 31
    Pippi Says:

    I am one of the unhappy ones with these pics. This kind of PDA is not that shocking but it is what other couples do and and is not good for any relationship. It looks like someone is giving them BAD PR advise. Please for the sake of their marriage I hope they don’t follow the paths of other celebrity couples. Keep it private and let the haters speculate. They don’t walk the red carpet together but have always supported each others’ projects. They belong together, are a perfect and don’t have to prove anything to the public.

  32. 32
    flo Says:

    Love to see him or her with Violet, she is always a natural happy affectionate little kid. As parents I commend them for doing an awesome job..

  33. 33
    Adorable pics Says:

    of Ben with his nose to Violets. Another of Ben and Jen holding hands over on Popsugar.

    Pippi, I disagree. Doesn’t look like a PR thing. Looks very much like Jen was visting and some paps got lucky with some shots.

  34. 34
    *** JAMIE *** Says:

    Jen Garner is so relatable, she seems like an ordinary mum and as a couple they seem so normal. They don’t have the need to constantly flaunt that they are in love, they just are…cute :)

  35. 35
    west coast gal Says:

    Just love Jennifer Garner and her girls!! Keep the pics coming, JJ!

  36. 36
    Ben is handsome Says:

    Well, at least Jen cleaned herself up and wore some decent clothes. She’s usually in jeans or sweats and sneakers with no makeup. She’s never been ugly. When she starred on Alias, I always thought she was one of the prettiest girls in Hollywood. She’s just really plain. She should dress up a little bit more. Jennifer Lopez has given birth to twins, yet she never gets photographed looking haggard.

  37. 37
    ick Says:

    how phoney. and where the heck are they kissing?

  38. 38
    mimi Says:

    This is a calculated move for Jen. First, she surprised her husband to catch him in the act. Second, to guard him so there is no hanky panky. And third, a photo op for pappz to show that they are lovey dovey.

  39. 39
    mimi Says:

    Someone is not happy to see their wife on set. This is an act of a wife desperate to save a failing marriage. Dressing up when they normally don’t and visiting husband’s workplace.

  40. 40
    Too Many Idiots on this Site Says:

    Like mimi above. Nobody’s ever happy when this couple obviously is, jealous much? Yeah, I am but I dont begrudge them their happiness. You all ick…Mimi should get a life yourself so you don’t hate others who have an obviously great life like the Flecks.

  41. 41
    Affleck Girls Says:

    Pictures are cute. More pictures in this set on various sites. A picture of Ben and Jen holding hand behind their back. You can tell from several shots that these pictures were taken near tents/trailers etc. In none of the pictures I have seen (over 50) is it seen that they are doing a photo op. It acutally looks like they were trying to keep the PDA on the downlow around the crew.

    Jen could go to the dentist and some would say photo op.
    Ben could get coffee and some say photo op.
    Take children to Dr. photo op.
    Jen visits on set and it has to be b/c Ben is cheating?

    In group of pictures Jen is dressed up with heels. When she brings the girls to the set she is wearing jeans and flats.

  42. 42
    Liney Says:

    LMAO. It only took them 12 months. These pictures couldn’t look more staged, she left the kids and jeans at home, combed her hair, wore high heels and then turned up later in the day with the kids, if the pictures weren’t staged she would have made 1 visit with the kids like she always does not 2. These pictures are so one sided, she’s the one making all the effort, smiling and kissing him but he’s just not into her, not the way he was when he was with Blake Lively.

  43. 43
    Affleck Girls Says:


    Search around and look at the rest of the pictures from this set. Jenfans has over 40 of them.

  44. 44
    y Says:

    love ben and jen, love jen and ben. i am so happy to see these pictures. man also needs encouragement from love one, and jen don’t give that chance to other women. sometime husband needs your love more than your two daughters. more love for husband because men can’t say which needs your help especially when little children needs mom’s help. though please more support for husband. your smile will encourage him. hope your couples happiness forever.

  45. 45
    huh? Says:

    @y: learn to speak english.

  46. 46
    jilly Says:

    Sorry, Ben looks surprised but not happy-surprised.

  47. 47
    Lucy Says:

    They are so adorable! Clean, confident and good parents. I much prefer stories like this to hearing about Matt Damon’s skeevy wife giving lap dances to him AND HIS FRIENDS at THE HUSTLER CLUB like she did this weekend.

  48. 48
    Amanda Says:

    I bet they are stressed two young children and traveling for work. Hollywood pressure. Bem seems not too pleased with his wife showing up.

  49. 49
    julie Says:

    how cute, they are a cute couple, haters to the left.

  50. 50
    Lol Says:

    @julie: Hahahaha you are soooooo funny!!! NOT!!!!

  51. 51
    Pippi Says:

    Thanks for the pics JJ. I hadn’t seen them on your site for over a week and was missing them. I wish you could have gotten the one with Sera pointing at the paps. Totally the cutest one taken that day. It’s on Celebrity baby scoop (too cute for words). Little miss Violet is also flashing those gorgeous dimples as usual.

  52. 52
    lizzie Says:

    You are a bunch of stupid judges, go get a life!

  53. 53
    giveitabreak Says:

    @Can’t please all of the people:

    never, ever…..

    I respect their decision to NOT publicly cuddle and smooch a lot, they like to keep it private, just like majorty of normal, non-celebrity people…

  54. 54
    Penny Says:

    Since when does jennifer garner wear make up and high heels to visit Ben on set. It amazing what rumors and pictures of Ben looking happy with hot young women will do. Jennifer Garner looks like a jealous desperate housewife, there are only pictures of Ben looking happy with other women and not her, and still he doesn’t look happy with her. Desperado why don’t you come to your senses…….

  55. 55
    s.i Says:

    They are so in love, look at their happy faces. Jen is very pretty! how cute

  56. 56
    s.i Says:

    @Penny: how naive r u…

  57. 57
    The truth is Says:

    he could have done so much better

  58. 58
    BIG FAN Says:

    they are a cute couple!

  59. 59
    HA! Says:


    Penny, do you mean the women he is acting with in these films? The ones with whom he is supposed to create chemistry with for the role he’s playing? I think you maybe need to step back and take some time deciphering what’s real and what happens for make believe.

    They seem like a normal, happy family and couple. Give it a rest, people.

  60. 60
    marilyn Says:

    She’s too ugly for him, she looks like a horse without Make up! and you should see her ugly pinky toe, ugh!

    These pictures remind me of the movie…

    He’s not that into you lol

  61. 61
    Pippi Says:

    I am Pippi and I am obsessed with Ben and Jen that’s why I need to see them every second of the day!!! Please get me help

  62. 62
    fresh Says:

    Ben loves those dimples when Jen smiles.

  63. 63
    nancy Says:

    he was filming in harvard square, they are living in harvard square? what she’s not going to visit her husband who is maybe a 1/4 mile away from there house? seriously people get over she staged it…and she’s been here for months…shes not here for a weekend then leaves…and from people that have met her and him there is nothing but nice things to say about them, and these people meet them in the park, at local restaurants, at grocery stores, not in front of the cameras where they need to “act”.
    get a life.

  64. 64
    Emily Says:

    It’s about time Jared posted something positive about this couple.

  65. 65
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    they do look pretty cute together, i cant h8 on that =p
    and the fact that she’s dressed up makes her look even cuter
    ive always had a problem that she’s 2 lazy 2 dress herself but lately she’s been trying =D

  66. 66
    Pippi Says:

    Jen tries too hard. He’s just not into her. Its obvious. All the mags covered Blake & Ben’s steamy connection. Now his wife is trying to do some p.r. damage. Its lame.

  67. 67
    Pippi Says:

    And too bad her permanent upper lip is frozen and protruding.

  68. 68
    Pippi Says:

    Why is it in all the photos Jen is doing all the grabbing, the touching, the holding?? Ben does zero….

  69. 69
    ben loves barbie blake lively Says:

    I think Ben is more into Barbie Doll Blake Lively than that **** Jen .Sorry Jen ,you are a loser

  70. 70
    Tiffany Says:

    I just looked at the pictures and body language shows that things are not good for Jen. I think that the excuse that Ben doesn’t smile so the paps won’t get any good pictures has passed. I think that it is crazy that people think that Garner does not have a full time PR staffer surfing websites seeing what is being said about her relationship with Affleck. There was always something about her since that Foley/Vartan scenario. I saw Vartan as someone she was bidding time with until the Ben/Lopez relationship ended. The woman is conniving but she had her eye on the prize (well in her eyes), so I will give her that.

    Also, the people who think that she is so great and write about it, I hope you are speaking with you wallet because this woman’s movies are bombing left and right and there nothing good is going to come out of that development deal with ABC except them being dumb enough to give her $14 million dollars.

    Trying too hard to be like you BFF Witherspoon, Jen, look where her career and production company is at.

  71. 71
    Two Says:

    You’re an idiot, #7.

    You’re being silly, #31. They’re a couple happily in love and kissing each other. No PR; just genuine love.

    WHY should she be dressed up more so badly, #36? She’s not like that on red carpets but when doing regular things. I don’t get why everyone is so hostile concerning this.

    Why are you people still going on about Blake Lively, #42? They were seen laughing and having a good time once and suddenly there’s an affair??? You’re imagining things.

    Who knows what else she just did or was planning on doing, #54, to be wearing all that stuff?

    Right, #59 and #63.

    Read my comment to #42, #69.

    Quit playing shrink, #70. You don’t know these people.

  72. 72
    Tiffany Says:

    @ Two

    I think that it is funny that you took to time to repond to the comments that bother you so much. Let me guess, you are a fan or you want to be part of her PR team. Hmmm….

  73. 73
    Nicole Says:

    I think that it is crazy that people think that Garner does not have a full time PR staffer surfing websites seeing what is being said about her relationship with Affleck.
    That would be No.71. Her PR staffer reads the websites and then tells her what is being said, and then she does the exact opposite of what people are saying because she’s insecure and cares what people say about her. She acts for a living and she acts in her private life, saddest part is her exploitation of her children, I really thought she would try and protect her children from the hollywood instead of selfishly using them. She’s a manipulative, selfish, insecure B*tch.

  74. 74
    Tiffany Says:

    Thanks Nicole, it is nice that someone is seeing the obvious.

  75. 75
    s.i Says:

    @Tiffany: I think its really funny that u took the time to go through Jen’s pic, who u doesnt like, and then comment over the pictures. I think its funny that u took the time to check up on someone u dont like…

  76. 76
    Tiffany Says:

    s.i. are you Two who had the reply after me. You know the rules you are not allowed to do that. I never said I “doesn’t like her”, Anywho, if you are a fan, you are entitled to get defensive. Tell me, where you one of the twelve people who saw her movie when it opened a few weeks ago?

  77. 77
    Peachy Says:

    How are these two a kissing couple? The pictures show Jen trying to kiss Ben, not the two kissing each other. Jen’s always the one trying to be affectionate with Ben, while he doesn’t return the gesture. The only difference in these pictures is the fact that he doesn’t appear utterly emotionless, or completely unhappy with her, but by no means do I see chemistry, or love between these two. They give off a “roomate” vibe at best.

  78. 78
    s.i Says:

    its even funnier that u came back at the same post about jen…and if u liked her u wouldnt be writing that stuff her…oh and im not two…i just like jen

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