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Eddie Cibrian & LeAnn Rimes: Katsuya Couple

Eddie Cibrian & LeAnn Rimes: Katsuya Couple

Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes smile for paparazzi as they share a very public dinner at Katsuya restaurant on Monday night (October 19) in West Hollywood.

On Saturday, the proud couple was spotted at Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas. Eddie, 36, and LeAnn, 27, cheered on the winning team, the Texas Longhorns, as they defeated the Oklahoma Sooners, 16-13.

Much like the way Britney Spears shaved off all her hair and to get a fresh start, LeAnn‘s ex-husband Dean Sheremet also shaved off his hair (picture below)!

10+ pictures inside of Katsuya couple Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes

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eddie cibrian leann rimes katsuya couple 01
eddie cibrian leann rimes katsuya couple 02
eddie cibrian leann rimes katsuya couple 03
eddie cibrian leann rimes katsuya couple 04
eddie cibrian leann rimes katsuya couple 05
eddie cibrian leann rimes katsuya couple 06
eddie cibrian leann rimes katsuya couple 07
eddie cibrian leann rimes katsuya couple 08
eddie cibrian leann rimes katsuya couple 09
eddie cibrian leann rimes katsuya couple 10
eddie cibrian leann rimes katsuya couple 11
eddie cibrian leann rimes katsuya couple 12

Credit: Hellmuth Dominguez; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Laaaaaary

    - looks like a guy walking his ret*rded sister out of the institution for a nice long weekend at home.

  • Jay

    They look like jerks. Always with big smiles on their faces…I bet his chidren have shed some tears over their family splitting up. They look like morons laughing and smiling. I guess she will find out the hard way once she has a child and get screwed by him.

  • Dene

    It’s the children who suffer from the immature behavior of their fame-ho seeking parents. Having said that, who would want to be married to Dean Sheremet? Unattractive, bottom heavy and what exactly does he do for a living?

  • Liverwurst

    First 2 post by the same bitter smart *ass..
    Anyway, looks like they’re having a great time.

  • ..

    this men is hot;he may be a jerk but he is hot.
    what is he doing with leann? she is not even attractive
    he is too good looking for her

  • Laaaaary

    You are NOT correct -Liverwurst….next assumption please

  • Jess

    They’re a very cute couple and I’m so happy to see them out and about together. =)

  • Daniell

    A home-wrecking cheater ho bag with her douche cheater boyfriend. Hose down the street.

  • Me!

    What is so funny?
    On a different note, those eyebrows of hers are way to thick and manly.

  • rosie

    Liverwurst – you’re going to have to add me to that list. Actually it’s probably easier to count the number of people cheering these two on. Let’s see…there’s just you.

    I don’t particularly care about either of them, but they shouldn’t look so smug after all that they’ve done. I bet eddie’s kids are at home wondering what they’ve done so wrong that daddy doesn’t want to stay at home with them anymore. And to answer that question, it’s simply that Eddie wants to satisfy his own pleasures over owning up to any of his responsibilities.

  • adiore

    darn his good looks. If he hadn’t cheated on his wife and was out with his WIFE, I’d find him really attractive/handsome etc. But b/c he had an affair it makes him less attractive in my eyes (quality-wise anyways not so much physical looks).

  • John

    LeAnn has to jerk Eddie’s leash hard. Whether it is at the texas football game or in the above pic, LeAnn is always wearing $500 outfits and Eddie is wearing blue jeans and tee shirt. But then she sets up the photo-op so she’s ready for it. Only when he is seen at a soccer game with his current wife and kids does he dress with a little class. Come on LeAnn!!! You have bought and paid for this physical speciman, demand a little respect from him. Remind him of who owns the money and remind him that his career is in your hands. Jerk that leash and demand a little respect. Stop groveling at this guy’s feet. It appears LeAnn is the type who would suck Eddie’s toes while he’s having sex with another woman.

  • Julie

    LeAnn looks like a man wearing a wig and Eddie always looks just stupid. Her bottom half is getting bigger and more muscular while her top half is getting smaller and more hairy. Is she taking steroids?

  • Jan

    I remember all those pictures of LeAnn and Deane alwayys holding hands and smiling. It was always “touchy feely” and the “image” of the perfect and blisful marriage. Now we’re told the marriage always had problems and was not strong enough to have children. LeAnn needs the world to believe someone is in love with her. She graves the attention. The pics with Eddie are the same pics she did with Deane Sheremet but this “love” won’t last that long because Deane really loved her. LeAnn is in the hampster cage of love just going around and around. If this falls apart, she’ll be married to someone else in 6 months after finding true and authentic love once again.

  • ivory

    she definitely upgraded!

    they say “cheat up” n she did that. her ex has tha gay face no offense

    Eddie is too damn fine! he cheated down lmao

  • *** JAMIE ***


  • YUCK

    @Jess: = leann

    no one thinks these 2 r a good thing but these 2
    therefoe you have to be leann loooooser b!tch

  • jj

    So Eddie how are ya keeping things private and repectful? How are ya protectin’ your kids with all these photo ops? How do ya think the paps know where you and Smirky are all the time….she tells them! Is EC really this stupid?? Look at her smirkin’ face, my gosh she really looks like a 16 year old who stole the quarterback. Read BG’s Twitter page and then look at these moron’s gloating. Disgusting.

  • Montana

    God these two are pathetic.



    ITA! They look good together.

  • sylvanna

    Whats with all the annoying smiles and smirks on this beyotch’s ugly face is she happy being a homewrecking ho

  • OhMy

    I guess she is Proud of herself, Smiling and Laughing her face Off..

  • Barbie

    I think Eddie and Leann need to go away and stay gone! I am truly disgusted by their cheating, lying, denying, etc. My heart goes out to Brandi and Dean. Take those cheaters for all the money they’ve got!!!

  • Maybeso

    Eddie use to be the hottest guy in daytime and now he’s with Leann. She really looks happy but i hope he aint usin her to jumpstart his career.
    Poor Dean!!

  • Annie

    I am waiting for that freak GWEN to start with her comments….probably she has not seen the article yet?

  • Cristobal

    Shameful couple.

  • lonestar

    Eddie has been around for a while and doesn’t need her to “jumpstart’ his career. I’ve always been a fan although not so much anymore after cheating on his wife. LeAnn has issues that go way back. And she is one of the most unattractive women I’ve ever seen.
    Jared, move on.

  • wendy

    They seem very happy together.

  • I’m so broke.



    LeANN,enjoy.Be happy.
    Eddie isgetting his name out and face out there and is scouting for a good looking ,hot, well known actress .

  • Pandora

    @ #1, I agree. She most definitely does not look “all there”. I know she’s young, and obviously immature, but giggling like a school girl who won “the prize” is beyond pathetic. She won’t be giggling too long, though.

  • michaela

    They both look in love and very happy.

    As of now they are a couple. Let them be and be happy and celebrate with Brandi that she is free of the man you haters so love to hate.

  • michaela

    I think Le Ann looks pretty good. At least her boobs are hers. She’s honest about her body not coming under the knife like the ex and so many other HW types. Maybe Eddie wanted real with imperfections.

    The only thing she has had done was tooth veneers which was a mistake because they’re over sized for her mouth and her natural teeth suited her mouth size and facial structure perfectly.

    No breast augmentations Le Ann – PLEASE NO!

  • Joanne

    they’re disgusting. both cheated on spouses. especially the guy with a kid! terrible

  • me me me

    they’re cute and happy together, let them be.

  • michaela

    Deane should let his hair grow out some. It’s winter in NYC.

  • raena

    whatever they had an affair. not the first couple, and won’t be the last .at least they seem to be happy now. too bad for the kids, otherwise meh. who really cares.


    With a wife like he had, no wonder he left her. She was a BI*CH. Always yapp’n. He probably had enough. At least Leanne is sweet and he can have fun with her.

    Give them both a break. The marriages were both wrecked long ago.

  • Ken

    I have to agree. She is totally the opposite of his ex wife in looks and personality. She’s cute.

  • michaela

    This is on People site too and there are 3 photos of them at the Texas football game on tmz

  • gwen

    annie (aka validate/lydia/michaela)

    Oh look, everyone take a moment to welcome annie, yet another “fan” that lydiac created simply by chaning the name in the name field.
    Freakish is being so obsessed with other posters that you are waiting for them to post or your day isn’t complete unless you make a post about them.

    PS-Do you really think that people don’t know that it’s you behind all of these personal attacks against other posters. If you don’t like what others are writing, then do yourself a favor and stay out of the kitchen.

  • micheala(lydia/validate)

    =ken, cute couple, raena, mememe, i’m so broke, wendy, jess

  • LML

    I’ve read where people say Brandi should just move on and STFU. Well, I would like to remind everyone that she is still married to this guy and moving on is not that simple for people who know how to love. Eddie and LeAnn have a kinship in their narcasism and a companionship in their character. They are both unfeeling people. The are like a couple of bullies sitting in the corner of the playground pulling the wings off butterflies for entertainment. Eddie and LeAnn are that type of people. Some say that they are not evil, but their greed, lust, deceiptfulness, and pleasure they take in other peoples pain are exactly the roots of evil.

  • Sam

    They look happy, cute couple!!

  • michaela

    I love the photo of them coming down the stairs at the restaurant. In the car Eddie must be saying something that’s cracking Le Ann up. I think Eddie is known for a great sense of humor.

    Laughter is the best medicine.

    And Deane looks happy too.

  • Joana

    LeAnn must be wetting her panties with anticipation of getting that engagement ring so she should step-up her game and get Eddie season floor seats for the Lakers and then his Ferrari. No more trinkets or vacations, they’ve become passé. She needs to keep the carrot in front of him and buy the tickets in her name and lease the car for two years but no purchase. A Ferrari for a ring is a fair exchange.

  • michaela

    Aren’t you haters of Eddie happy that Brandi is free of him and celebrating in Vegas?

    Why not celebrate for her too?

    Why all the vindictiveness? If Eddie is such a louse be glad for Brandi!

  • Sam

    Cute, happy, in love, so what, let them be!

  • gwen

    It looks like that interview on Rachel Ray was two fold, to intimidate his wife and to make it okay for him and his mistress to flaunt their affair/cheating/lying.So what was that thing he said on Rachel Ray again about wanting to sheild his kids and not airing his dirty laundry? It looks like this jerk only wants to be a devoted father when Leann money and taking off his shirt can not get him out of trouble.

    Don’t you just love how they are holding hands? Wait, didn’t he do that with his wife too? So when Eddie tires to give the impression that he is a”loving and devoted” lover(ie-holding hands and having a very public dinner), what it really means is that he has someone on the side. Instead of trying to force this couple down our throats, perhaps the media should be paying more attention to the women that Edddie is sleeping with on the set of CSI.

    Why is she always gloating? Eddie is no prize. There is nothig cute or sexy about a man who hides behind two kids. No matter how much they try to force feed us this “in love”, the public will never buy them as a legitimate couple. Having a very public dinner does not mean that he loves Leann because he had very public dinners with his wife too. So are we suppose to believe that he is cheating on Leann. It is obvious that he is in it for the fame and money. Notice that these sitings are happening when? To hype up his show, which airs on Monday.

    I’m beginning to think that Eddie sent Leann into that neighborhood to stalk his wife.

  • Le

    Do you people understand how difficult it is to be one of,…. no…thee world’s most beautiful and glamorous actress/singer superstar sensation? These idiot paps were paid good money to be here a half hour ago. I’m so mad its hard to smile. They better not be late for the accident photo-op tomorrow. Damn…I wish Eddie didn’t look so stupid.

  • Britney

    Morality is a matter of choice where some have a strict code while others choose a variety of personal experiences. LeAnn discovered the ecstasy of the big O (orgasm) and has chosen to pursue that pleasure regardless of the consequences to others. Some choose to criticize her and it is their right to do so, just as it is LeAnn’s right not care about that criticism. Life is a free-for-all with winners and losers. If one chooses a moral code to get them through the day, that is fine but there are those who don’t need it.