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Gerard Butler Hits Whitney Studio Party

Gerard Butler Hits Whitney Studio Party

Gerard Butler suits up for the 2009 Whitney Studio Party at The Whitney Museum of American Art on Monday (October 19) in New York City.

Earlier in the day, the 39-year-old Scottish actor dropped by It’s On With Alexa Chung. He admitted he got starstruck by Robert DeNiro and Dame Shirley Bassey, who sang the theme song to the James Bond film Goldfinger (1964).

15+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler @ the 2009 Whitney Studio Party

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gerard butler whitney studio party 01
gerard butler whitney studio party 02
gerard butler whitney studio party 03
gerard butler whitney studio party 04
gerard butler whitney studio party 05
gerard butler whitney studio party 06
gerard butler whitney studio party 07
gerard butler whitney studio party 08
gerard butler whitney studio party 09
gerard butler whitney studio party 10
gerard butler whitney studio party 11
gerard butler whitney studio party 12
gerard butler whitney studio party 13
gerard butler whitney studio party 14
gerard butler whitney studio party 15

Photos: Jemal Countess/Getty, Flynetonline
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  • alphaba

    Gorgeous man. Damn. YNWIM.

  • love the 80s

    Loverboy, what is up with that outfit? If you have an assistant fire him/her right now. Love you anyway. Sex on a stick.

  • hi gb

    Love you. LOVE YOU. LOVE YOU.



  • Sandra

    The trench coat could go but he’s a hilarious guy, not bad to look at and his accent isn’t half bad either. Did I forget to mention he’s a great actor?

  • Jane

    What did he say on the MTV show, I missed it? Did he say something retarded again?

  • 3some

    Yeah he said he has been in a 3some in the past year. Apparently the Butler can’t stop doing it.
    Somebody needs to tell him he’s not in college anymore

  • Drop like a Stone

    Hes a joke joke joke

  • 3some

    Poor Gerry, he probably thinks he’s in charge only to find out he was the one being used.

  • Retard

    why no steady woman?
    George Michael was a womanizer…
    Ricky Martin was a womanizer….

    i’m just sayin…

  • yuck

    Why did he ruin all the promotion and interviews for LAC the last couple of weeks and a semi-decent SNL appearance with an appearance on MTV in which he talks about threesomes? He’s 40 and going on MTV targeted for teenagers and 20 somethings and fueling his man-w/hore reputation. Good grief, he was probably scanning the audience for a date.
    Thanks for confirming for me that you have arrested development and are disgusting. Be sure and go hit the clubs next so that you can be “the creepy old guy in the bar” again.

  • what happened?

    He looks like a middle-aged guy now – a nice. I know he is turning 40 in less than a month, but man he has aged in the past 3 years.
    I’m glad he stopped wearing his shirts open to his navel, it was getting creepy.

  • what happened?

    * a nice looking, middle-aged guy, but he is looking older than his years.
    (Don’t know why that was omitted from my comment above)

  • blah

    he used to be nice right after 300 came out. now not so much

  • Likes’um young & numerous

    Gerry’s got a long history of sexapades. TEHE
    LOL!! Well, from what I remember she said that he was “wild” in bed, that he loved giving her oral sex, was crazy about sex (more than any other guy she’d been with), that his peen was about 6 or 7 inches (can’t remember which) and uncircumcised. He was nice and charming when they were together but seemed obsessed by sex and talked about it a lot, talked about how horny he was, LOL. When he left St Louis he said he would call her but he never did (of course!). After a while she found out that he had been trying to sleep with two her friends as well. That’s all i can remember. There are a lot of stories about Gerry and St Louis girls/women out there. Another story is that he was trying to hook up with a girl who worked on the production team of GOTL. She said no to him and told him she was a lesbian and not interested but he kept flirting with her (didn’t believe her). Finally one of the actors told him that it was true that she was gay and then he finally gave up. Funny story. :D He also had a fling with one of the actresses in the movie, a local girl who had a very small part as someone’s wife.

  • Shocking display on MTV

    What an idiot. I was gunning for him before and was going to see LAC this week, but I really hate him now. I hope his career goes down the tubes. I can’t believe how arrogant he has become.

    BTW, if Gerry or his people are reading this board ..- Your manho persona is not clever, nor is it funny. It’s getting old. You just looked pathetic on that MTV show – like a sad, dirty old man who’s desperately trying to hold on to his youth. You just proved you can’t buy class no matter how rich are.

  • Nemo

    @Likes’um young & numerous:

    hahaha! he hit on my friend while she was interviewing him a couple of months back (for TUT), asking her stuff like “am i turning you on?” she used to think he was hot until she interviewed him! now she just thinks he’s arrogant. she’s been hit on before by a couple of stars, but she says it was never like this. it was always in good fun and comparatively innocent. and by the way, he was so pissed that she was “resisting” his advances that after the interview (meaning after he got done plugging his movie) he was a real jerk to her. unbelievable!

  • Gotta Say It

    One woman can easily satisfy two men.
    No way can one guy please two women on his own. He has to hope they please each other, otherwise the guy will be exhausted trying to hold it up for 2 chicks. LOL seriously!

  • Nemo

    @Shocking display on MTV:

    i missed this! not that i wanna watch it. but my journalist friend says the exact same thing: he’s one of those guys who refuse to age. and of course arrogant is a word that comes up a lot. i’m going to send her the link to this board. lol

  • wtf

    i hope his momma didn’t watch that. I’m sure she’d be ashamed of what he said, someone in his team really needs to force him on that public relations course because his foot-in-mouth disease is getting worse.

  • Likes’um young & numerous

    @Nemo: Tell your friend she’s not alone and not to take it personally. The bas!ard has a terrible rep with women. He’s very pushy and feels entitled. He can’t except that some women just don’t want him.

  • Nemo

    btw, he keeps repeating how he wants to get together (ie, bang) megan fox. hey ger, isn’t she too young for you? you’re old now!

  • Likes’um young & numerous

    @Nemo: Your friend might enjoy this too. It’s from an old blogger who describes Gerry’s s*xual performance. Not the HOTTIE SCOTTIE after all!
    We both knew what was going to happen and pretty much got right down to business when I arrived and let my dress fall to the floor. To my dissapointment- it wasn’t very good. Not very good at all. Really quite mediocre to be honest and almost not worth me having to increase my numbers to include him as part of my inventory.

  • ß € § §

    Oh dear…,the backlash starts here….lol

  • ß € § §

    Lock up your daughters people

  • highcottonquinn

    @Likes’um young & numerous:

    I’m sorry but quotes from wanna be famewhores and those who kiss and tell are seldom worth the hearing or repeating.

  • Unnar

    GERARD BUTLER IS A LAUGHINGSTOCK (I am junior in college)
    he thinks he has something when really he has NOTHING and is NOTHING.
    that mtv display was nothing short of pathetic. he should have been the adult in the whole thing. instead he is talking about THREESOMES to a young audience. why couldnt he plead the 5th. that would have been funnier and left it up to imagination – and he would have still saved some semblance of dignity.

    he looks like a disgusting old smarmy guy. he is the quintessential old horney guy in club that should be dating our moms yet he is out there scoping us (sorry im 20).
    he has not looked good since 300 – who is telling him he is HOT???
    Oh yeah all the damn fans. you guys are NOT HELPING you are enabling him to throw his career away. after this – he may not have much of one. people are already tired of him.
    and as far as why there is no regular girl – well, most people think he’s gay and just playing the part (manwhore etc) to keep people from even straying in the direction of gay gay gay when sometimes the answer is staring you smack dab in the face.


  • Mr. Giggles

    G’s gotta have the Super Size bottle of V i a g r a to keep the party going with his thrilling threesomes.
    I said it before (forgive the repetition)—– he’s getting to be ridiculous…

    what’s next
    A reality show called…. G plus 2

  • Double Chin Chilla


    Scarily enough people?
    He DOESNT bring tail HOME. it’s probably hotels or club bathrooms.
    Or cars.
    No chick has been in Gerry’s house and why? Who knows! It’s bizarre!

  • wtf

    Mr. Giggles said: “what’s next
    A reality show called…. G plus 2″

  • hobieluv83

    @Retard aka #10

    You know who else was/is a womanizer? Jack Nicholson. Definitely not gay.
    Al Pacino. Not gay.

    Some men don’t want to settle down…no, most men don’t want to settle down, but women pressure them into it…and I’m a woman, I’d know.

    Famous men have the luxury of staying single forever and still getting laid when they’re old.

  • Nemo

    @Likes’um young & numerous:

    guys who talk a lot are just that – talk! lol

  • TwitterMeBoredwithGB

    @Mr. Giggles:

    Hahah thats funny – probably already in the works.
    well I guess IM late to the party…
    You guys have already started. I agree Gerard Butler OVERRATED.
    Not hot since Attila and maybe 300 if you like that bodybuilder look.

    Ew and why would the world’s hottest women Megan Fox get with Gerry???? She has a man AND she had Shia LaBeouf!! And any other hot guy she wants. Ew some 40 year old, slopppy fart, NO.

    Gerard can go drink Shia’s bathwater and hope its the fountain of youth.

  • You are dumb


    Nicholson, DeNiro, Pacino have all been married, are married, linked seriously with women and have kids over the years since DAY ONE.
    HELLO DUMMY bad comparison.

    Try again. NEXT!!

  • Ballerina


    he’s all talk. literally. all talk.

  • sugar

    Gerry I love you, you are beautifrul but STAY HOME. GIVE US SOME TIME TO MISS YOU!!!

  • Nemo


    considering what he’s done since 300, i think he will end up having to do a reality show to pay his bills. or he’ll do that dating show – can’t remember what it’s called – the one where a guy lives in a house with 20 women and eliminates one in each episode until he finds miss right.





    OOH NOE !!

  • Ballerina


    has he had work done?
    compare above whitney photos– with this one from a year ago?

    he is all talk. he has NO GAME and his friends come first. not hot chicks. its kind of funny. maybe he is gay. i dunno.

  • I’m not buying the gay thing

    I’ve noticed these scot actors take their mothers to their premieres. At least Tony Curran did. Not to mention many of my fave scot actors were raised devout Catholic so that could have some bearing on it. Gerry doesn’t feel the need to keep candy on his arm like most actors sure. It could be just a cultural difference. Could be because he doesn’t want to piss off his female fans or it could be because he enjoys being the center of attention like most Scorpios. Maybe he just likes the idea of people speculating about his preferences or on how much poon he gets. I don’t care so long as he is discrete about it, but now he appears to be moving forthwith from the realm of discretion and discernment.

    I was just happy he wasn’t banging nasty ass Shanna Moakler because I just think she’s a fake golddigging bitch slut whore who treats her husband like a cuckold and views her children as insurance policies.

    I’m not totally surprised by the sexual rumors because Ger is a Scorpio and they are very sexual people. They get into kinky shit.

    Bottom line: Gerry gets tongues wagging and in more ways than one.

  • highcottonquinn


    Megan Fox is good for a bang and that’s it. Everytime she opens her mouth she says something completely moronic.

  • Ha Ha

    @I’m not buying the gay thing:

    Shanna wanted him but after a night of heavy flirting (which is gerry’s modus operandi) or so I read, he left and never got with that.
    That “hacking into my twitter!!” thing was her and her alone. i dont buy travis did it like she claimed.

    I also loved that I read that Gerard was reportedly DISGUSTED at the idea that he was being linked to Shanna! LOL

    I have a weird feeling that he isnt all that in bed though.

  • OMG


    Thats disgusting.

    I dont care if gerry is gay straight or doing barn animals I just wish he would GO AWAY

    AND im not the only one.

  • Re: Shanna and Blowgate

    @Ha Ha: she probably did smoke his pole him like that twitter message claimed. don’t think Travis posted it either. there is no such thing as a coincidence in Hollywood.

    he’s a proven liar (re:his denials about partying) so he can deny oral sex happened in the Shin restaurant all he wants. the public is cynical and we don’t believe a word that comes out of the these celebrities’ mouths anyway. anyone with any sense knows that all tabloid celebs are trashy, soulless people at the core. i just come on here to make fun of them. serious actors who respect their craft are never in the tabloids.

  • quinn

    @OMG: dont care if gerry is gay straight or doing barn animals I just wish he would GO AWAY

    Read more:

    Really? Because I’ve been wishing the overrated Brad Pitt and George “I’m the same in every role” Clooney would go away for going on 10 years now. In contrast, I would bang the once modest Gerard Butler, 7 ways until sun up.

  • Mr. Giggles

    No link yet for the threesome interview …… but here are some pix

  • WT……F

    Does anyone know if Gerry talks too much….

  • Cueing up…

    There has to be a sex tape. I am scared for him if it does go down like this but….I am waiting for something crazy to come out sooner or later

  • WT……F

    What I meant was….does anyone know if GERRY kisses and tells.

  • plastic surgery fan?

    @Ballerina: You’re correct. There is a difference.

    Alan looks like Emperor Palpatine after all the work he’s had done so I wouldn’t be too shocked to hear he’s got Ger hooked to it as well. After all Ger has admitted that he has a very addictive personality. I only hope Ger doesn’t go too far with the cosmetic surgery and end up with a face that looks Jackie Collin’s vagína.