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Gerard Butler Hits Whitney Studio Party

Gerard Butler Hits Whitney Studio Party

Gerard Butler suits up for the 2009 Whitney Studio Party at The Whitney Museum of American Art on Monday (October 19) in New York City.

Earlier in the day, the 39-year-old Scottish actor dropped by It’s On With Alexa Chung. He admitted he got starstruck by Robert DeNiro and Dame Shirley Bassey, who sang the theme song to the James Bond film Goldfinger (1964).

15+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler @ the 2009 Whitney Studio Party

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366 Responses to “Gerard Butler Hits Whitney Studio Party”

  1. 1
    alphaba Says:

    Gorgeous man. Damn. YNWIM.

  2. 2
    love the 80s Says:

    Loverboy, what is up with that outfit? If you have an assistant fire him/her right now. Love you anyway. Sex on a stick.

  3. 3
    hi gb Says:

    Love you. LOVE YOU. LOVE YOU.

  4. 4
    MUSH MOUTH Says:


  5. 5
    Sandra Says:

    The trench coat could go but he’s a hilarious guy, not bad to look at and his accent isn’t half bad either. Did I forget to mention he’s a great actor?

  6. 6
    Jane Says:

    What did he say on the MTV show, I missed it? Did he say something retarded again?

  7. 7
    3some Says:

    Yeah he said he has been in a 3some in the past year. Apparently the Butler can’t stop doing it.
    Somebody needs to tell him he’s not in college anymore

  8. 8
    Drop like a Stone Says:

    Hes a joke joke joke

  9. 9
    3some Says:

    Poor Gerry, he probably thinks he’s in charge only to find out he was the one being used.

  10. 10
    Retard Says:

    why no steady woman?
    George Michael was a womanizer…
    Ricky Martin was a womanizer….

    i’m just sayin…

  11. 11
    yuck Says:

    Why did he ruin all the promotion and interviews for LAC the last couple of weeks and a semi-decent SNL appearance with an appearance on MTV in which he talks about threesomes? He’s 40 and going on MTV targeted for teenagers and 20 somethings and fueling his man-w/hore reputation. Good grief, he was probably scanning the audience for a date.
    Thanks for confirming for me that you have arrested development and are disgusting. Be sure and go hit the clubs next so that you can be “the creepy old guy in the bar” again.

  12. 12
    what happened? Says:

    He looks like a middle-aged guy now – a nice. I know he is turning 40 in less than a month, but man he has aged in the past 3 years.
    I’m glad he stopped wearing his shirts open to his navel, it was getting creepy.

  13. 13
    what happened? Says:

    * a nice looking, middle-aged guy, but he is looking older than his years.
    (Don’t know why that was omitted from my comment above)

  14. 14
    blah Says:

    he used to be nice right after 300 came out. now not so much

  15. 15
    Likes'um young & numerous Says:

    Gerry’s got a long history of sexapades. TEHE
    LOL!! Well, from what I remember she said that he was “wild” in bed, that he loved giving her oral sex, was crazy about sex (more than any other guy she’d been with), that his peen was about 6 or 7 inches (can’t remember which) and uncircumcised. He was nice and charming when they were together but seemed obsessed by sex and talked about it a lot, talked about how horny he was, LOL. When he left St Louis he said he would call her but he never did (of course!). After a while she found out that he had been trying to sleep with two her friends as well. That’s all i can remember. There are a lot of stories about Gerry and St Louis girls/women out there. Another story is that he was trying to hook up with a girl who worked on the production team of GOTL. She said no to him and told him she was a lesbian and not interested but he kept flirting with her (didn’t believe her). Finally one of the actors told him that it was true that she was gay and then he finally gave up. Funny story. :D He also had a fling with one of the actresses in the movie, a local girl who had a very small part as someone’s wife.

  16. 16
    Shocking display on MTV Says:

    What an idiot. I was gunning for him before and was going to see LAC this week, but I really hate him now. I hope his career goes down the tubes. I can’t believe how arrogant he has become.

    BTW, if Gerry or his people are reading this board ..- Your manho persona is not clever, nor is it funny. It’s getting old. You just looked pathetic on that MTV show – like a sad, dirty old man who’s desperately trying to hold on to his youth. You just proved you can’t buy class no matter how rich are.

  17. 17
    Nemo Says:

    @Likes’um young & numerous:

    hahaha! he hit on my friend while she was interviewing him a couple of months back (for TUT), asking her stuff like “am i turning you on?” she used to think he was hot until she interviewed him! now she just thinks he’s arrogant. she’s been hit on before by a couple of stars, but she says it was never like this. it was always in good fun and comparatively innocent. and by the way, he was so pissed that she was “resisting” his advances that after the interview (meaning after he got done plugging his movie) he was a real jerk to her. unbelievable!

  18. 18
    Gotta Say It Says:

    One woman can easily satisfy two men.
    No way can one guy please two women on his own. He has to hope they please each other, otherwise the guy will be exhausted trying to hold it up for 2 chicks. LOL seriously!

  19. 19
    Nemo Says:

    @Shocking display on MTV:

    i missed this! not that i wanna watch it. but my journalist friend says the exact same thing: he’s one of those guys who refuse to age. and of course arrogant is a word that comes up a lot. i’m going to send her the link to this board. lol

  20. 20
    wtf Says:

    i hope his momma didn’t watch that. I’m sure she’d be ashamed of what he said, someone in his team really needs to force him on that public relations course because his foot-in-mouth disease is getting worse.

  21. 21
    Likes'um young & numerous Says:

    @Nemo: Tell your friend she’s not alone and not to take it personally. The bas!ard has a terrible rep with women. He’s very pushy and feels entitled. He can’t except that some women just don’t want him.

  22. 22
    Nemo Says:

    btw, he keeps repeating how he wants to get together (ie, bang) megan fox. hey ger, isn’t she too young for you? you’re old now!

  23. 23
    Likes'um young & numerous Says:

    @Nemo: Your friend might enjoy this too. It’s from an old blogger who describes Gerry’s s*xual performance. Not the HOTTIE SCOTTIE after all!
    We both knew what was going to happen and pretty much got right down to business when I arrived and let my dress fall to the floor. To my dissapointment- it wasn’t very good. Not very good at all. Really quite mediocre to be honest and almost not worth me having to increase my numbers to include him as part of my inventory.

  24. 24
    ß € § § Says:

    Oh dear…,the backlash starts here….lol

  25. 25
    ß € § § Says:

    Lock up your daughters people

  26. 26
    highcottonquinn Says:

    @Likes’um young & numerous:

    I’m sorry but quotes from wanna be famewhores and those who kiss and tell are seldom worth the hearing or repeating.

  27. 27
    Unnar Says:

    GERARD BUTLER IS A LAUGHINGSTOCK (I am junior in college)
    he thinks he has something when really he has NOTHING and is NOTHING.
    that mtv display was nothing short of pathetic. he should have been the adult in the whole thing. instead he is talking about THREESOMES to a young audience. why couldnt he plead the 5th. that would have been funnier and left it up to imagination – and he would have still saved some semblance of dignity.

    he looks like a disgusting old smarmy guy. he is the quintessential old horney guy in club that should be dating our moms yet he is out there scoping us (sorry im 20).
    he has not looked good since 300 – who is telling him he is HOT???
    Oh yeah all the damn fans. you guys are NOT HELPING you are enabling him to throw his career away. after this – he may not have much of one. people are already tired of him.
    and as far as why there is no regular girl – well, most people think he’s gay and just playing the part (manwhore etc) to keep people from even straying in the direction of gay gay gay when sometimes the answer is staring you smack dab in the face.


  28. 28
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    G’s gotta have the Super Size bottle of V i a g r a to keep the party going with his thrilling threesomes.
    I said it before (forgive the repetition)—– he’s getting to be ridiculous…

    what’s next
    A reality show called…. G plus 2

  29. 29
    Double Chin Chilla Says:


    Scarily enough people?
    He DOESNT bring tail HOME. it’s probably hotels or club bathrooms.
    Or cars.
    No chick has been in Gerry’s house and why? Who knows! It’s bizarre!

  30. 30
    wtf Says:

    Mr. Giggles said: “what’s next
    A reality show called…. G plus 2″

  31. 31
    hobieluv83 Says:

    @****** aka #10

    You know who else was/is a womanizer? Jack Nicholson. Definitely not gay.
    Al Pacino. Not gay.

    Some men don’t want to settle down…no, most men don’t want to settle down, but women pressure them into it…and I’m a woman, I’d know.

    Famous men have the luxury of staying single forever and still getting laid when they’re old.

  32. 32
    Nemo Says:

    @Likes’um young & numerous:

    guys who talk a lot are just that – talk! lol

  33. 33
    TwitterMeBoredwithGB Says:

    @Mr. Giggles:

    Hahah thats funny – probably already in the works.
    well I guess IM late to the party…
    You guys have already started. I agree Gerard Butler OVERRATED.
    Not hot since Attila and maybe 300 if you like that bodybuilder look.

    Ew and why would the world’s hottest women Megan Fox get with Gerry???? She has a man AND she had Shia LaBeouf!! And any other hot guy she wants. Ew some 40 year old, slopppy ****, NO.

    Gerard can go drink Shia’s bathwater and hope its the fountain of youth.

  34. 34
    You are dumb Says:


    Nicholson, DeNiro, Pacino have all been married, are married, linked seriously with women and have kids over the years since DAY ONE.
    HELLO DUMMY bad comparison.

    Try again. NEXT!!

  35. 35
    Ballerina Says:


    he’s all talk. literally. all talk.

  36. 36
    sugar Says:

    Gerry I love you, you are beautifrul but STAY HOME. GIVE US SOME TIME TO MISS YOU!!!

  37. 37
    Nemo Says:


    considering what he’s done since 300, i think he will end up having to do a reality show to pay his bills. or he’ll do that dating show – can’t remember what it’s called – the one where a guy lives in a house with 20 women and eliminates one in each episode until he finds miss right.

  38. 38




    OOH NOE !!

  39. 39
    Ballerina Says:


    has he had work done?
    compare above whitney photos– with this one from a year ago?

    he is all talk. he has NO GAME and his friends come first. not hot chicks. its kind of funny. maybe he is gay. i dunno.

  40. 40
    I'm not buying the gay thing Says:

    I’ve noticed these scot actors take their mothers to their premieres. At least Tony Curran did. Not to mention many of my fave scot actors were raised devout Catholic so that could have some bearing on it. Gerry doesn’t feel the need to keep candy on his arm like most actors sure. It could be just a cultural difference. Could be because he doesn’t want to piss off his female fans or it could be because he enjoys being the center of attention like most Scorpios. Maybe he just likes the idea of people speculating about his preferences or on how much poon he gets. I don’t care so long as he is discrete about it, but now he appears to be moving forthwith from the realm of discretion and discernment.

    I was just happy he wasn’t banging nasty ass Shanna Moakler because I just think she’s a fake golddigging ***** **** ***** who treats her husband like a cuckold and views her children as insurance policies.

    I’m not totally surprised by the sexual rumors because Ger is a Scorpio and they are very sexual people. They get into kinky ****.

    Bottom line: Gerry gets tongues wagging and in more ways than one.

  41. 41
    highcottonquinn Says:


    Megan Fox is good for a bang and that’s it. Everytime she opens her mouth she says something completely moronic.

  42. 42
    Ha Ha Says:

    @I’m not buying the gay thing:

    Shanna wanted him but after a night of heavy flirting (which is gerry’s modus operandi) or so I read, he left and never got with that.
    That “hacking into my twitter!!” thing was her and her alone. i dont buy travis did it like she claimed.

    I also loved that I read that Gerard was reportedly DISGUSTED at the idea that he was being linked to Shanna! LOL

    I have a weird feeling that he isnt all that in bed though.

  43. 43
    OMG Says:


    Thats disgusting.

    I dont care if gerry is gay straight or doing barn animals I just wish he would GO AWAY

    AND im not the only one.

  44. 44
    Re: Shanna and Blowgate Says:

    @Ha Ha: she probably did smoke his pole him like that twitter message claimed. don’t think Travis posted it either. there is no such thing as a coincidence in Hollywood.

    he’s a proven liar (re:his denials about partying) so he can deny oral sex happened in the Shin restaurant all he wants. the public is cynical and we don’t believe a word that comes out of the these celebrities’ mouths anyway. anyone with any sense knows that all tabloid celebs are trashy, soulless people at the core. i just come on here to make fun of them. serious actors who respect their craft are never in the tabloids.

  45. 45
    quinn Says:

    @OMG: dont care if gerry is gay straight or doing barn animals I just wish he would GO AWAY

    Read more:

    Really? Because I’ve been wishing the overrated Brad Pitt and George “I’m the same in every role” Clooney would go away for going on 10 years now. In contrast, I would bang the once modest Gerard Butler, 7 ways until sun up.

  46. 46
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    No link yet for the threesome interview …… but here are some pix

  47. 47
    WT......F Says:

    Does anyone know if Gerry talks too much….

  48. 48
    Cueing up... Says:

    There has to be a sex tape. I am scared for him if it does go down like this but….I am waiting for something crazy to come out sooner or later

  49. 49
    WT......F Says:

    What I meant was….does anyone know if GERRY kisses and tells.

  50. 50
    plastic surgery fan? Says:

    @Ballerina: You’re correct. There is a difference.

    Alan looks like Emperor Palpatine after all the work he’s had done so I wouldn’t be too shocked to hear he’s got Ger hooked to it as well. After all Ger has admitted that he has a very addictive personality. I only hope Ger doesn’t go too far with the cosmetic surgery and end up with a face that looks Jackie Collin’s vagína.

  51. 51
    HCQ Says:

    @Re: Shanna and Blowgate:

    He’d be wise not to have gotten anything more than a blowjob or jerk off from Shanna the soulless; no telling what that slag has cruising her hozone. interestingly enough, someone using Shanna Moakler’s name showed up on this site, in another thread, a couple of days ago, claiming that Ger only likes “blowjobs or jerkoffs”. Considering how many of these chicas are diseased, fame seeking and gold digging this would actually mean Ger is pretty smart.

  52. 52
    Nemo Says:


    i don’t think he’s had any work done but i wouldn’t be surprised. he was photographed ten days ago with his manager in front of a medial building in beverly hills where the majority of the practitioners are plastic surgeons. maybe it was for his manager (who is creepy clooking, by the way).

    as for the gay thing, maybe he’s bi. he hits on anything that’s female so maybe it is just an act. there are more and more rumors about his sexuality.

  53. 53
    sugar Says:

    His face actually looks really fresh here, much better then the bounty pics, so he could have done something (and done it well because he looks good) or it’s just resting and enjoying life@

  54. 54
    ß € § § Says:

    @sugar: Sugar luv stop being boring… you must talk trash about him like the others…Anything will do.. just call him something tame like a ‘silly poopoo-head’ or something

    You’re letting the thread down by being civilized.

  55. 55
    Cotton Says:


    It’s hard to stay mad at him isn’t it? I think he really is just enjoying himself right now. I hate to judge him too harshly because mistakes will be made. The wrong things will be said. The wrong moves will be executed. It has to be hard for him to live his personal life discretely when the paps are constantly on his ass, documenting his every move. I’m just disturbed by some of the stories of how he treats women. Very disconcerting. I don’t care who you are, a man shouldn’t treat women like pieces of meat nor should he act as if he has a sense of entitlement…but at the same time he probably has so many ******* throwing themselves at him.

  56. 56
    LMAO Says:

    I love this thread!

  57. 57
    Nemo Says:


    my friend actually asked him if he was single because so many women threw themselves at him and that made him feel like it was all too easy. he said maybe it had become easier and something else like being followed around all the time by paps that it made it difficult to have a relationship. because, like, being demeaning to women and hitting on anything female is less enticing for the tabloids. he’s giving us more fodder by his BS.

  58. 58
    sugar Says:

    I think he is like his dad, who could never settle down and left his wife and kids behind. He is just bloody restless. Men like that shouldn’t marry/.

  59. 59
    glance in the mirror before.. Says:

    …before you go out.

    does he honestly think he looks good in that coat and hat? OMG whoever told him he looked stylish in that gear needs to get their a*** fired pronto! if he came to my town wearing that, he would get jumped on by the thugs!…

  60. 60
    memei Says:

    yum. Freshly shaven

  61. 61
    PAPS MY ASS Says:

    The paps don’t follow him everywhere. It’s only since the Bounty that he’s become tabloid news worthy. When he was shooting LAC a pap said he couldn’t get anyone to buy his photos of Gerry.
    It looks like the paps following him is just the new excuse for not having a relationship.
    Clooney does it best. He has a girlfriend for a while then they both move on. He knows the attraction for her is his fame and excepts that. He gets the privilege of being with a beautiful woman. It works for everyone.
    Gerry just doesn’t want to loose control and except that the women he’s with will use his fame. Big damn deal; that’s how he gets the girls in the first place. He should just play along. The problem is he can’t be monogamous for even a few months like Clooney can.

  62. 62
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    Read and weep or laugh or cry or vomit…..

    Alexa Chung impregnated by Gerard Butler just from eye contact
    Tue, 20/10/2009 – 09:38 By Mopsa

    Alexa Chung is obviously still following the Victoria Beckham diet of pomegranates and frozen peas at the Whitney Fall Gala and Studio Party at the Whitney Museum of American Art in NYC last night. But it would seem that poor feeble Chung needs all the strength she can get to fend off fellow partygoer and God’s gift to all women (after Johnny Borrell) Gerard Butler…

    Gerard Butler was reportedly flirting outrageously with Chung (who goes out with Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys) during her MTV show recently, ‘It’s On With Alexa Chung’ (something Butler took a little too literally by the sounds of things).

    He interrupted Chung during the interview to tell her that she had “amazing eyes” and that had failed to notice how beautiful they were when they first met at the VMA awards.


    Alexa quipped:

    “No – you were just going on about my legs.”

    Touche! The presenter then told Butler that there was a Facebook group called ‘Gerard Butler can impregnate through looks alone’ (now she’s just asking for trouble) to which Butler replied:

    “I’m knocking you up – I think I’ve just knocked you up, actually.”

    If you can bare to read on, the pair then played a quiz in which Butler had to say ‘The Butler Did It’ as a yes answer.

    Asked if he had had a threesome in the past year, he replied “the Butler did it” before adding the, “The Butler pretty much always does it.” The suave so and so…

    What a twat.

    The pair had to attend the same party, and we’re not sure that panned out but they did have the distraction of Donatella Versace’s face and wrinkled, saggy arms to put them off…

    Also at the party Mischa Barton, Taylor Momsen, Shakira and Jennifer Hudson.

  63. 63
    alex Says:


  64. 64
    Tail Says:

    Can’t stand this fairy boy. He’s been all over the place lately. . Can’t go to the f**King supermarket without seeing his ugly face staring back at me from a movie poster. When are folks going to wise up and start spitting at him in the street?

  65. 65
    Nemo Says:

    @Mr. Giggles:

    so not surprising. he told my friend that she looked devilish. lol!

  66. 66
    Mia Says:

    When and where did Gerry talk about Megan Fox??

  67. 67
    sugar Says:

    He’s a flirt, there is no doubt about that. But the rumours are getting crazy about him. If he is gay, he should just say he is bi. That way he saves face and doesn’t lose his female fans, while at the same time being with a guy if he wants.

  68. 68
    Just asking... Says:

    @Nemo: Does your friend work for a TV show? Why was she interviewing him? Just curious :)

  69. 69
    time out now Says:

    Just saw this on TweetMybog
    I couldn’t have put it better myself:
    this is the blog …

    “It was a big weekend for Gerard Butler. His movie Law Abiding Citizen opened at number two and he hosted Saturday Night Live. Too bad both of them sucked. And now he’s on notice.

    We’ve seen this sort of behavior before, most notably with people like Jude Law and Colin Farrell, guys who were made into leading men before they had time to prove that they had the chops for such a responsibility. Let lessons be learned from the past and let’s put Butler on probation.

    Why does this misbehaving star deserve to be grounded? Well, after some early success in a Tomb Raider movie and the title role in the abysmal film adaptation of Phantom of the Opera, Butler and his abs starred in the surprise hit 300, grossing half a billion worldwide and making a legion of fanboys, ladies, and gay men very happy in the process. Because of this crossover appeal, his handlers thought that he could simultaneously dabble in both action and romantic comedy. That could be true, but he hasn’t bothered to be in a good movie since 300. Crappy movies are crappy in any genre.

    With P.S. I Love You and The Ugly Truth, his rom-coms with Hilary Swank and Katherine Heigl respectively, were both box office flops and critical duds. Gamer, released last month to deafening silence, has barely made a mark and struggled to get past the $20 million mark. It has been a series of missteps for this Scotsman. Citizen, which costars Jamie Foxx, had a good showing at the box office, but critics lit into it, which means that it probably won’t rally much more in coming weeks.

    While not as bad as Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr or professional bad decision makers Nicolas Cage and John Travolta, Butler is headed down that path if we don’t intervene. If he can’t pull out a decent project or two then he will be banned from all movies, tabloids, red carpet affairs, awards ceremonies, and celebrity relationships. If he can stay out of the press for three years, he may be rewarded with the starring role on a CBS procedural. This is your punishment Butler, so you better shape up.

    Next year’s Jennifer Aniston comedy The Bounty could go either way. Aniston was in The Break Up, the best romantic comedy of the decade, but the quality probably had more to do with the writing and direction than her abilities. It better work out, because if not, Butler is well on his way to being an over-valued, over-paid star who can’t open anything bigger than a cereal box. If it does, along with maybe a prestige picture or a great cameo in a smaller film, then we will reinstate him into our good grace. Until them, he’s in a professional time out”

  70. 70
    pippin Says:

    i feel sorry for him. everyone is thrashing him on this thread for NO REASON . leave him alone you FREAKS! go get A LIFE!

  71. 71
    2005 fan Says:

    Does anyone remember that story about Gerry having sex with Tara Palmer Tomkinson at some party or event in England in 2005? There quite a lot of talk about it on the fan boards back then.

  72. 72
    Nemo Says:


    i read it on a website that he wanted her to call him and it was titled “gerard butler wants to bang megan fox”.

  73. 73
    Nemo Says:

    @Just asking…:

    she works for the film supplement of a european daily and she interviewed him for the ugly truth in london

  74. 74
    jules Says:

    i’m sure people would stop trashing him if he would stop acting the way he does, like a JERK! I know a lot of old fans who used to adore him and NONE of them likes him anymore because of the way he is nowadays.

  75. 75
    @2005 fan Says:

    @2005 fan: Ummm….The Tara Palmer Tomkinson who used to be friends with the British royal family and then showed up drunk and showed her tits at Prince William’s birthday party????? WTF? Gerry slept with her too?! This guy is just too much.

  76. 76
    Nemo Says:

    @@2005 fan:

    Tara is not better, as you can telle about the tits flashing incident. she has slept with just about everyone.

  77. 77
    highcottonquinn Says:

    @jules: To be fair, this Mtv thing was the first interview flub(but what a doozy and I’m just going to hope not too many people noticed) he’s had this week. It’s just really awful for a 40 year old man to encourage that kind of thing among younger people like that. Although I do think he was baited and he probably just thought his reply was cute or snarky or whatever…For the most part, this week, he’s been his usual warm, chatty, witty self. This was some bad judgement on his part but I don’t think he should be lynched for it. Am I rationalizing? Who knows which rumors heard hear or anywhere are even true.

  78. 78
    quinn Says:

    @jules: I know a lot of old fans who used to adore him and NONE of them likes him anymore because of the way he is nowadays.

    Read more:

    Yeah but how many of them are just bitter because the reality is kicking in that they will never have a shot at this guy? I never heard so many awful things about Gerard until I came to this site. Ignorance, bliss, etc.? I guess if you take what you read at the fan sites who think Ger can do no wrong and then take what you read on a site like this where Ger can scarcely do anything right, then somewhere in the middle is the truth.

  79. 79
    GBs hot bod is history! Says:

    he looked really CHUBBY on SNL….like a syphilitic ball of lard….

    such a crying shame..
    he used to be so HOT ;(

  80. 80
    HCQ Says:

    @time out now:
    I’m sorry but The Ugly Truth has pulled down approximately $170 million worldwide and it had a budget of $38 million. That is not exactly what I would call a “flop”. Now, P.S. I Love You, on the other hand, I did not care for because:
    A. I’m not a Hilary Swank fan…at all.
    B. Gerard wasn’t in it enough; he just mostly narrated.

  81. 81
    Not A Fan Anymore Says:

    @Nemo: WTF? Megan Fox is almost twenty years younger than Gerry! He’s DISGUSTING! What a dirty perv. :(

  82. 82
    Stinkylouise Says:

    Testing……testing…….WTF happened to my comment?

  83. 83
    Catastrophe Says:

    Yeah I am not a “fan” anymore…just someone who can’t just “drive by” a train wreck

    When did Gerry become such a huge loser? Or has he always been one????

  84. 84
    kp misses the humble butler Says:

    @Pippin….Ay yay yay, I have countless of times stuck up for Gerry on some of these threads…and stood by his behavior and “quips”. But, this whole MTV thing really got to me. He should have kept his mouth shut and ignored some of the questions to save face. Now, look….a bunch of people are pretty much outraged that he went as far as he did. He is going to be 40, which means he should be taking some responsibility to a 20 yr something YOUNGER crowd and set an example by AT LEAST staying mum. But noooo, he had to brag like a jack@ss, not impressed.
    I’m waiting for the old Gerry to come back…maybe he should go see a shrink or something to work on himself and get back to us, he’s spinning out of control with his recent fame and it shows & hurts his once loyal fans.

  85. 85
    Ugly Old Loser Says:

    “Flirted outrageously??”
    How obvious is HE??!! Who creepily interrupts someone to tell them their “eyes are beautiful??”
    Thats just weird and is justs REEKS trying too HARD – he is trying too hard.

    I think he is bi. And is going through a “guy” phase. Bis do that sometimes…go through a girls phase or a guys phase.

    He has to be seeing men right now bc women would talk end of story. Twitter, facebook whatever. They would be doing it.

    i wonder if he and alexa ended up hooking up? wouldnt be surprising….

  86. 86
    kp misses the humble butler Says:

    AND…..I really hate to say this but, GB = DB?
    & that’s really hard for me to say that for once being such a big supporter.

  87. 87
    GayFace Says:

    His new ‘plastic surgery look’ has given him a touch of it dontcha think?

  88. 88
    Stinkylouise Says:

    @Ugly Old Loser : And men don’t talk? They’re worse than women. I have 5 brothers who don’t know the meaning of the word discretion.
    I think Alexa is shacking up with yet another musician, #5or #6, not sure.

  89. 89
    kp misses the humble butler Says:

    O! And is that jacket velvet again? lol, just sayin….
    Not liking that jacket with hat & sunglasses…wasn’t it nighttime?
    Too much goin on with that outfit.
    K, I’ll shut up now…lol

  90. 90
    He was never humble Says:

    If you ladies think he’s a bampot now, just imagine how out of control he’d get was when you added alcohol to the mix. lol I am pleased for him though. He’s done well for himself.

    (By the way, what is a DB?)

  91. 91
    kp misses the humble butler Says:

    @#90, I meant in interviews, he was a little more reserved and “clean cut” you know in times like when he did Nim’s Island or whatever.
    He wasn’t ranting and raving about his sexual status.
    DB is _____bag

  92. 92
    A FAN Says:

    He just answered a dumb question in the lame way it was presented to him, but he doesn’t understand that sarcasm doesn’t go over to well with people.

    Regarding the hatred towards him for answering that question and not taking in mind the age of the viewing audience. I’ve never seen her show and don’t know the age range for her audience but she’s the HOST and should be chastised for even asking him that. Does she not know better? She should know the age range of her audience – right?

    And with all the crap that MTV spits out and all the sex on that channel – this should hardly be offensive to the ears of MTV fans just watch the Real World show or some of the other crap on MTV.

    Everyone simmer down and go see LAC.

    Gerard’s PR people should know when to call it quits for his interviews.

  93. 93
    Great...a hate thread... Says:

    OK, he was joking people! No need to burn your balloon-sized bras outside Gerry headquarters just yet. Put them back on and shut the f*** up.

  94. 94
    kp misses the humble butler Says:

    Good point #92…I still think he should’ve stayed mum about it & avoid looking like the creepy dude hitting on Alexa. If he wanted to hit on her…I’m sure he had time after the interview instead of during…not to mention she’s a little younger than him.

  95. 95
    cubedweller Says:

    Holy Kinks! Sit down with my coffee this a.m. and walk right into a sh!tstorm! I haven’t seen the interview, but I stand by my earlier comment – Butler runs his mouth way way too much, but he is a sarcastic bullsh!tter who lives to get reactions out of people, to wind them up and get attention. Who knows what he does in private – his business. Every time he sits down for an interview, whether he is being thoughtful and sensitive (Bonnie Hunt show), funny (Craig Ferguson), or trying for “hip” and provocative (MTV) – he is performing. It’s what he does. It’s who he is. And yes, his peeps really really need to make him shut it for a while, because this kind of stupidity is hurting him. He made a movie that people like, he made us laugh on SNL – now he needs to be quiet for a bit and not screw it all up.

    @90 – DB is doosh bag
    BTW What’s a bampot? I learn so many new words here;)

  96. 96
    beth Says:

    What’s with all the Gerard hating? Just because he’s 40, he has to be either married or have a steady gf? What about all those 40 some yr old cougars out there who’s linked to 30 some yr old losers whom shall remain nameless?

  97. 97
    kp misses the humble butler Says:

    #93 Balloon sized bras huh? shut the f up? who brought the tough kid?

  98. 98
    beth Says:

    another thing… at least he can act unlike someone who can’t act but keeps making same kind of bad movies over and over again.

  99. 99
    Too dull, Fangurls!! Says:

    @A FAN: Another example of the sad item called a ‘GB fan’ – who’s Great God Gerard can do no wrong. If, for example, he was involved in a sexu@l assault case, they would still likely leap to his defence, stating that the other party was at fault and to go and support him in his latest movie! (Ewwww) LOL.
    Despite GB’s media training (haha) his sarcasm misses the taste mark by a mile, and he seems to have less filters for his interviews by the minute. IMO, I think that the whole thing has gone entirely to his head. His PR team also needed to brief him on the age group of the audience and the time slot that it was aired etc – so don’t heap the entire balme on Alexa and MTV.
    He needs a long time out (years hopefully).
    And for those posters who say ‘what fools everyone is to be disgusted or suprised by him and ‘he’s just joking’ – GB has AGAIN proved that he is in no way funny … not even a tiny bit.

  100. 100
    Over exposed Says:

    @Too dull, Fangurls!!: Ok, maybe a little harsh – I don’t see any stories like that around, but GB seems to be dangerously overexposed.(Liked the comment about putting him on probation earlier). He’s in the middle of another whole month of publicity on more LAC premieres around the world.G has loads more opportunities to make a fool of himself everywhere in the next few weeks. Bored with him.

  101. 101
    Over exposed Says:

    @Too dull, Fangurls!!: Ok, maybe a little harsh – I don’t see any stories like that around, but GB seems to be dangerously overexposed.(Liked the comment about putting him on probation earlier). He’s in the middle of another whole month of publicity on more LAC premieres around the world.G has loads more opportunities to make a fool of himself everywhere in the next few weeks. Bored with him.

  102. 102
    Suite Life Says:

    -No need to burn your balloon-sized bras outside Gerry headquarters just yet.-


  103. 103
    twitter Says:

    I believe Camilla Olsen was there too.

  104. 104
    Nemo Says:

    @Too dull, Fangurls!!:

    i agree that his pr team should have told him that the jokes he makes on late-night tv don’t necessarily work on mtv. my journalist friend is saying that his appearences this week all went well except the mtv one because he was in the company of a female. he hits on women a lot and he’s trying to prove that he’s this great womanizer, like he has to live up to this reputation. but he’s just making a fool of himself.

  105. 105
    Nemo Says:

    alexa chung is dating a guy from british band the arctic monkeys.

  106. 106
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Mr. Giggles @ 10/20/2009 at 4:13 am G’s gotta have the Super Size bottle of V i a g r a to keep the party going with his thrilling threesomes.
    I said it before (forgive the repetition)—– he’s getting to be ridiculous…

    what’s next
    A reality show called…. G plus 2
    Giggles, IAWY. I see my favorite Scotsman has a good case of Foot-in-Mouth disease. I haven’t seen the clip, but I agree that I like the mystery better than knowing. He does need a good dose of the correct way to p!mp your movies, doesn’t he?
    I still think he is sexy as hell but I have never thought he was boyfriend or husband material. I laugh at all the crushed posters today scolding away because he is not what they want him to be.
    I’ll be honest I went through the same thing. But then I woke up. I appreciate that he is a scoundrel, luckily not my scoundrel, and an actor I enjoy watching. I do think he is a sexy beast. Trying to categorize him as your impression or ideal of him will always disappoint.
    Appreciate what you like about him and then be real. It makes watching him a lot more fun and doesn’t crush any misplaced illusions.

  107. 107
    essoextra Says:

    Rockstars of all ages, see Mick Jagger, brag about their sexual proclivities all the time.

    In fact the threesome is mandatory isn’t it? And almost passe?

  108. 108
    lavender1960 Says:

    You know I find it hilarious that people judge actors and musicians by their personal life.

    If people only judged by that, Beethoven and Mozart would not be legends. Picasso was a womanizer and abusive to his women. People aren’t going to stop appreciating his work. The flaws of the artist in fact make the art more interesting.

    You don’t like the work or the art fine but if you do, what difference does it make what they do when they are not acting so long as it isn’t illegal – consenting adults and all that.

    I am not going to not buy an album of my favourite band just because the boys like to get the freak on with groupies even bands where the members are now much much older but still touring and still pulling the groupies. And I am not going to not see a movie because an actor mentioned having a threesome. At least he’s not married. On the freaky scale he’s near the normal range for Hollyweird. How many actors and actresses because they work for Disney or have been locked into the heroic or the good girl box are doing some really freaky and illegal stuff.

  109. 109
    yofools Says:

    Chung shouldn’t have asked that stupid question about 3 some. That’s not respectable of her guest. I have a feeling that GB was doing her a favor appearing on her show. And her way of paying back GB? Not good.

    GB looked bored and kinda fish out of water on the show. It is an gross exageration to call GB’s compliment to her eyes “heavy flirting” “want to hook up” etc. You guys read wayyyy too much into a silly interview.

    Altho I do agree GB should stay clear of chat shows for a while.

  110. 110
    lavender1960 Says:

    PS If you only got to movies and listen to music by people who could truly pass your morals test, you are going to reading a lot of books, oh wait, many authors wouldn’t pass the morals test either.

  111. 111
    mia Says:

    He’s only overexposed to those who haunt these boards and the web 24/7 seeking him out. The rest of the world maybe sees one interview with him in a blue moon.

    I just wish he’d be more careful with the quips when he responds to the silly questions he is asked. I’m sure it gets tiresome. But there are some stupids out there who don’t get that he’s being scarcastic and think he means some of the stuff he says in jest. When he is interviewed by an intelligent journalist for a reputable magazine or newspaper article, the end product is nothing like the ignorant MTV etc. things.

  112. 112
    sasha Says:

    In these closeup photos, you can see the scruff is coming back. He’s handsome without it, but I prefer him with it.

  113. 113
    WTF Says:

    @Likes’um young & numerous:

    That’s not an old blogger. It’s some girl who wrote an essay and she later admitted she had made it up. He doesn’t need help getting girls as he does get them quite easily. I’ve seen him at work and I’m impressed.

  114. 114
    WTF Says:

    @I’m not buying the gay thing:

    You’re right not to believe it as he’s not gay. For the few times he took his mom to premieres, it means nothing. When he tries to bring a girl just as a date there, the fans go crazy and are already marrying them and she having babies. Probably why he keeps his GF hidden and people would be surprised as she’s not exotic, not a model or black or anything, just a regular curvy woman and not even in her 20ies but in her 30ies. She works for him so it’s easy for them to be somewhere together without people suspecting anything.

  115. 115
    @ WTF Says:

    Yes, and one of the girls during the filming in St Louis was almost 16. Nice!

  116. 116
    A FAN Says:

    #99: Still spurring out the same old hate message in anger “Great God Gerard” who can do no wrong, please… that is getting old. I still stand by what I said, Alexa should have never asked that question considering the age group for her show and time slot as you stated.

    I do agree with you on one thing though that GB is not funny. He should leave the clowning around at the door before entering to conduct interviews.

    You have your opinion and I have mine, must have touched one of your nerves. I’m not going to be childish and call you a name or give you a title though. Continue on………………

  117. 117
    sasha Says:

    JJ, the crazies are out again.

  118. 118
    @ WTF Says:

    Yes, and one of those girls during the filming of that soccer film in St Louis was almost 16. Nice!!

  119. 119
    WTF Says:


    What was Gerry to do? He’s a man and they were at some horse show and she was standing so close to him that she seemed to be fused to him by the chest. They were both singles and consenting and so they did it! You can’t blame a guy if he has an easy beautiful woman throwing herself at him. Try to remember that he wasn’t famous when that happened and that he got few of those beautiful rich women who only want an even richer man at the time.

    He simply making up for all the times he couldn’t get laid and have the women he wanted. He’ll come out of it at one point when he has a close call, a heart attack or something. Eventually it will dawn on him he’s no longer a 20-something stud.

  120. 120
    gemini Says:

    You’re comparing this over-rated piece of sh*t to Picasso and Mozart, eh? GET A CLUE, WOMAN! HE IS NO ARTIST …. A P*SS ARTIST MAYBE BUT THAT’S ABOUT IT.


  121. 121
    WTF Says:

    @@ WTF:

    One of those 16 years old who dress up and make them up looking older? When a guy is horny and he has a hot woman coming on to him and she tells him she’s legal, do you think he’s going to look further?

    Maybe he needs to learn how to really make sure that they’re over 18! Sorry but at 16 a girl should know better than to hit on a man who could be her father, so no concern for her. She’s a **** and in some States and even country, all a a girl needs is to be consenting even as young as 14 to have sex with a man for it to be O.K.

  122. 122
    #114 Says:

    So his girlfriend could be Danielle Spence (the small, blonde, PA of his manager)…they have been seen together a lot, and she is always loving lovingly at him.

    Or it’s this sociallite Camilla Olsen (as we are yet to confirm what Danielle Robinson looks like), who was seen with him at the tennis Open a month or so ago, and also in the Hamptons.


  123. 123
    @ 121 Says:

    # 121 said: “Maybe he needs to learn how to really make sure that they’re over 18! Sorry but at 16 a girl should know better than to hit on a man who could be her father, so no concern for her. She’s a **** and in some States and even country, all a a girl needs is to be consenting even as young as 14 to have sex with a man for it to be O.K.”

    In some ways I agree, she should know better but there again so should he. In some states and countries, a girl of that age would make him a paedophile/sex offender and he would be placed on a sex register, like Roman Polanski.

  124. 124
    a hippo stampede is imminent Says:

    now that the phangurls have arrived to defend their lord and savior’s mid-life crisis, there seems to be too many obese ppl congregating on this board. i am only skinny. please quit squashing me. thanx.

  125. 125
    At # 123 Says:

    Now that would be one black-mail story to look for. “Gerry has under age sex with a 15 year old!” Ewwwwwww……..

  126. 126
    tallntan Says:

    When someone asks me a ridiculous & inappropriate question I always make up something outrageous just to wind them up. I think this is what Gerry does…..and taking phone numbers never to be used is the same thing. I’ll bet he only really goes for women who don’t give him the time of day. The “hunt” is the main motivator for most men & easy ones don’t usually get a 2nd act. This is especially true of emotionally unavailable/immature men. That being said…I still think he’s the hottest man on the planet and a great actor too. He’s just a big kid.

  127. 127
    Nemo Says:


    ok, point taken. i guess he met his match with tara palmer tomkinson. my journalist friend admits she was flattered by his attention (like i said, she used to find him hot) but she just continuned doing her job and didn’t like the way he treated her afterwards. like she didn’t fall into his arms so he had to be a jerk to her. she never mentioned any of this in her article (she says it’s irrevelant) but he made her feel like crap.

  128. 128
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @gemini: No need to shout. We hear you.

  129. 129
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    #124 a hippo stampede is imminent @ 10/20/2009 at 12:52 pm
    Gimme a fvcking break. Not all of us here fit your description. Besides that lard a$$, scoot over, your size 18 is taking up half my chair. he he

  130. 130
    amen Says:

    A full topcoat is what a grownup wears in a cold climate like winters in Great Britain or Scotland or East Coast in winter. Gotta say that not everyone could wear a double-breasted topcoat. He pulls it off and merely looks his age – not like some wanker in droopy pants and a parka. Don’t like the hat – ewwww. Alan looks like OctoMom mouth

  131. 131
    @114 Says:

    `You wish he wasn’t GAY.. He doesn’t have a gf, but he has a bf. You are right about one thing though. HE does work for him.

  132. 132
    Downlowinfo Says:

    @WTF: Gerry is dating a curvy plain staffer? If no one knows, how do you know. Actually, this wouldn’t surprise me in the least…….but I think you’re full of it! So how do you know?

  133. 133
    @131 Says:

    She doesn’t know. On another note, what girl would stay in the background while her bf is flirtng up everything with a skirt. If true (doubt it) she must be an idiot to put up with being left in the background.

  134. 134
    Mademoiselle Berthaud Says:

    In my opinion, the botox has completely ruined his looks. This once hot man’s fizzog now reminds me of Garry Glitter’s … *gag* ….and I can no longer masturrbate to him.

    Consequently, this has ruined my Sunday evening ‘alone’ time sessions, and has pretty much obliterated my libido; my nightmares are haunted by both GB, Garry Glitter, and myself engaging in sick sheet I don’t even want to recall right now – just know that I’m deeply traumatized.

    Luckily, my best friend, who is a hypnotist, life coach, faith healer, and part time circus magician, has programmed a mental block in my head so that I can continue my day to day activities and not feel the urge to kill myself after a flashback.

    Granted, GB has ruined my life for the time being, but I don’t believe in suing for compensation so I’m stuck about what to do. I need advice from current and/or former fans. Are there any other hot, up-and-coming actors I can beanflick over instead?.

    S. Berthaud

  135. 135
    a hippo stampede is imminent Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: Only you reacted to my original post, which means you took it personally and really are a dump truck… thank you for confirming it to the entire board. ;)

    These phangurl mindfu**s are becoming way too easy…
    No effort required.

  136. 136
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @a hippo stampede is imminent: I was joking nitwit.
    As for being a dumbfvck..What are you doing on a thread for someone you loathe clear in on the sixth page? Nothing else to do with your time? I guess that makes you a loser and a dumbfvck!

  137. 137
    andrea Says:

    Hey, will he be the next james bond?

  138. 138
    Stinkylouise Says:

    Well TMZ has gotten hold of the threesome admission. It will probably be featured on tonight’s show. Complete with the Butler theme song.LOL!

  139. 139
    a hippo stampede is imminent Says:

    You can’t back-peddle now. You pressed the post button at’s on record for everyone to see how offended you were.. You tried the nervous diversion tactic which in the real world is an admission. How embarrassing for you.

    Wait, let us preserve this gem for future posterity: @ Oh no! poster #124 is on to me. What do I do? :

    Let’s preserve your last effort too for the hell of it ;@Oh my GAWWD! HOW CAN #135 STILL SEE MY FAT ****? ARE THERE CAMERAS IN MY ROOM?? I MUST LASH OUT!!:

    Quick…if you change your moniker now, maybe nobody will realize its you.

    And to answer your question about why I am here, it is because I enjoy messing with the minds of dumb women online, and am a terrible human being in general.

  140. 140
    ally Says:

    Gals has some pictures up from inside the Whitney party. Looks like he’s at a table with a blonde and old Donatella. OK, who is the blonde?

  141. 141
    #141 Says:

    It’s Shakira.

  142. 142
    Scottish-Hawtness Says:

    @ally: That is his second cousin from Alaska.

  143. 143
    postwatcher Says:

    I believe he is gay because leading men don’t really hide their married/not single status. Fans don’t care if a good looking actor is single or married because it is a fantasy any ay.

    The following leading men have all been a-listers and their married/long term girlfriend status never stopped them them from being adored by female fans.

    Famous Leading Men….
    Clive Owen-Married with kids
    Mel Gibson-married/kids-
    Harrison Ford-Married (when he was younger) has chidlren
    Heath Ledger- relationship/child
    Orlando Bloom- relationships with long term girlfriends
    Leonardo Dicaprio-relationship with long term girlfriends
    George Clooney-relationship with long term girlfriends
    Sean Connery-Married
    Brad Pitt-kids/always had long term girlfriends
    Pierce Brosnan -Married/kids
    John Wayne-Married/kids
    Tobey McGuire-married/kids
    Christian Bale-married/kids
    Matthew McConaughy- gf/ kids
    Hugh Jackman -married/kids
    Michael Douglas-married/ kids
    Marlon Brando-married/kids
    Kirk Douglas-married kids
    Liam Neeson-married/kids
    Steve McQueen-married/kids
    Sidney Poitier-married/kids
    Clark Gable-married/kids
    Russell Crowe-married/kids
    Erroll Flynn-married/kids
    Denzel Washington-married/kids

    Do I need to go on?

    If not gay, then there is something else mentally wrong with Butler.

  144. 144
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @a hippo stampede is imminent: I don’t change monikers, you must have annoyed someone else.
    BTW, thanks for adding hits to Gerry’s threads. Just means we will get to see him more often. Thanks again!

  145. 145
    oy Says:

    #90 is right. He was never humble and never will be. He’s also always been a manwhore. He’s just richer and more famous now, so he’s getting away with it more.

    He wasn’t joking about the threesome. He wasn’t joking that if you asked him about twosomes, he’s reply, “The butler didn’t do it.” Accept it. That’s the kind of person he is and always was. He’s said it all along, but the fangurlz couldn’t take it, so they thought he was being cheeky. He wanted them to think that, but he was being honest when he said if they knew him in real life, they wouldn’t like him.

    He’s not going to edit his answers for teenagers and college students. He wants to impress that crowd and let them know he’s available. Who do you think he has the threesomes with? It isn’t with middle aged soccer moms.

    If you buy tickets to his films and promote him, then you’re supporting his lifestyle. Rationalize all you want, but you are. If you don’t mind that, okay. If you do and you still pay dividends to “Gerry, Inc,” then you deserve to have your money taken.

  146. 146
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @oy: Give it a rest. You have been preaching for two days now and some of us are just not buying it. Promoting his lifestyle…BWAHAHAHAHA!
    Again, what do you want from us? You aren’t going to change my mind because I am not that invested in the whole situation. I work in an ER and hear all sorts of profanity and vile things in front of small children all the time. We even get adults knocking each other’s heads in in front of the same small children. So what if he said something in front of a bunch of adults? They are adults. The funny thing is, they are probably all experimenting with the stuff he was joking about. Didn’t you go to college? Although I didn’t have any threesomes myself, a lot of my friends were very experimental in college. So what. That’s what adults get to do, make a choice as to their behavior.
    Now if you are so offended by what he is doing, just leave. I for one am getting really bored with your preaching. You don’t honestly think you are going to save any souls on here do you?
    BTW, nobody is on here condemning or judging your lifestyle, so maybe you better STFU. Or are you really one of those Flirted-With-But-Never-Called-Girls with an axe to grind?

  147. 147
    wicked Says:

    #43, you need to get out more. Get a life.

    #145, I don’t give a hoot if I’m supporting his lifestyle. I don’t think buying a $6 movie ticket is supporting anyone’s lifestyle. And, even if the stories about his womanizing were true, there are many peeps in Hollywood living a lot worse lives. He’s single, so what if he sc#ews around? Just use protection, GB.

  148. 148
    wicked Says:

    I meant #143, not 43

  149. 149
    postwatcher Says:


    yeah…and what exactly is your point? Can’t handle the truth can you?

    G-A-Y, G-A-Y Gerry got no alibi..he’s homo yeah, he’s homo!

  150. 150
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    G was very eager to answer the threesome question….Alexa didn’t bait him into it.
    One Word —— V I A G R A

  151. 151
    cubedweller Says:

    I would guess he knew ahead of time what was going to be asked, so he could not have been surprised. I think very little is improvised on those shows. That’s what his PR people are for. But why they don’t stick a muzzle on him I don’t know. He wants attention, and today he got it.

  152. 152
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @cubedweller: ITAWY!

  153. 153
    girly girl Says:

    @oy: You are not alone in your opinion. Keep posting. You say it better than anyone else could. Gerry’s got some serious problems. If the people around him are his “yes” peeps then maybe his fans, yeah I’m a fan, can knock some sense into him in our own small way.

  154. 154
    sugar Says:

    The threesome was maybe with the two women dressed as vampires that he was “seen” leaving with at last year’s party in Jennifer Hudson’s house. I usually like how open he is, but this is a tad too much. He should have kept that info to himself.

  155. 155
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    Here it is…..G and Alexa and the threesome

  156. 156
    To postwatcher Says:

    @postwatcher: You have no idea what he’s had to deal with. Maybe he is single for a reason. For all you know, he could have experienced more pain and struggle in his life than most would if they lived to be 100. That’s right, you don’t know. None of us know because he’s a stranger to us, you imbecile.

    Please pay the same careful attention to your own sad little life instead of obsessing over a certain actor’s relationship status for 24 hrs of the bloody day. Get a hobby, eat some cake, have some sex, swing from the chandelier, moonwalk. I don’t care, do anything. As long as we don’t have to read your moronic list posts anymore I’ll be happy..

  157. 157
    threesome Says:

    maybe they were with two other men.

  158. 158
    Does everyone Says:

    Believe everything he says? Geez.

  159. 159
    the brooooom Says:

    Bro’s just following doctor’s orders. Sex does a body good. Dig?

  160. 160
    postwatcher Says:

    @To postwatcher:

    Pain and struggle? Stumbling out of trendy bars? Traipsing around Europe? Going to fashion shows? Speeding away from said bars in a cheesy small *ick car? Wearing stupid hats with farm animals on them? Yeah, life is hard.

    The point of my original post is to counter the argument that all you lame fans have that he is hiding his girlfriends because he doesn’t want to hurt his career.

    You guys have him on this pedestal as some kind of romantic hero when in reality he is a zero!

  161. 161
    Gerard is Nasty Says:

    First off, he looked better before the Botox.
    Now he truly looks like a QUEEN.

    ARE YOU referring to the BOYFRIEND that works for him? There is no girlfriend, honey.

  162. 162
    Stinkylouise Says:

    What’s the big deal? He’s a manwh*re. No surprise. The rumours of his sexcapades have been circulating for years. All he did was confirm what alot of us have believed for some time.
    This also gives a certain amount of credibility to the Philly “herding” stories.LOL

  163. 163
    Simply amazed Says:

    Oh Post, You are lame. Since he doesn’t drink, he isn’t stumbling out of anywhere.

    OMG, no! He doesn’t go to Europe, does he? How absolutely depraved.

    Bet most everyone here would like to own a car like one of his. Jealous cause you can’t afford one?

    Don’t lump all his fans with those who think he’s hiding a GF because of his career. I’m a fan and I don’t think that. If he does date under the radar it’s to keep the paps off his back. It’s none of my business or yours anyway. And I don’t have him up on a pedestal nor do I wallow in the beauty of his soul. He’s much more interesting as a human being who makes mistakes and also has successes just like everyone else. It just happens his successes and mistakes are talked about endlessly on fan boards, gossip sites and by twittering nutcases. Amen.

  164. 164
    who hasn't been there? Says:

    Wait..Megan Fox hasn’t f***ked him? You’re are telling me there exists a Hollywood **** out there that hasn’t been inside her herpes-infested yeast flap yet? Isn’t that some sort of Guinness world record? Are we sure she’s still alive? Someone should go check she is still f***king breathing. And isn’t she like the Hollywood ****-sucking marathon champion for three years running or something?

    Oh wait. I forgot, that’s Sienna Miller. Never mind, false alarm.

  165. 165
    cubedweller Says:

    @Stinkylouise: Ah the Philly Blogger – good times. LOL

  166. 166
    liz Says:

    JJ, thanks for the item and the pics! I nefver tire of looking and hearing about Gerard. He was great on SNL, and he did really well for model-boring-anorexic Alexa’s questions. It still amazes me that some posters waste their time coming over and over and over espousing their vitriol…If you hate the man so much, don’t bother coming to this great site. As Shakespeare wrote, “Methinks yo doth protest too much.” People that obsess about an actor out of adoration is one thing, but you’re obsessing about the ame actor but with poisoned darts. Why? He must really interst you on some level…I also think it odd that those who used to rail about his frownlines in his forhead, now damn him for possibly having some work done. And…I hate to tell you, but “40″ is not that old. Not nowadays when the 100 year-olds are a bigger group than ever before. Haven’t you heard? 40 is the new 30, and allthe way up and down the age ladders. Most of the current big male stars are in their mid-forties and up..Gery is one of the younger ones. A man in his forties is just getting into his prime…unless he’s in a professional sports arena. And if a handsome, talented, funny,, intelligent, hunky 40 year old wants to date a 20 something? So what? Michael Landon married a woman 23 years younger, and was happy until his dath; Kevin C. married a 20 -plus younger girl; Clooney is dating somone way younger; Pitt is over 12 years older than Jolie; 40 is a young man..People consider Obama a young man, and he’s seven years older. Therefore, those posters who make this claim must b prepubescent teens..And gay comments? Those posters must be gay -inclined and hoping that GB is, too. I love the guy! I only wish him a hpapy and rewarding life. And one last thing for now: saying yo were part of a threesome..who cares? The “kids” in that audience looked like they came off the set of A Clockwork Orange…I don’t think GB is harming their delicate natures. Give us more, JJ>

  167. 167
    Stinkylouise Says:

    I feel sorry for that poor blogger. He had no idea what he was getting into. I was reading the comments just as all h*ll broke loose. The fangirls were out for blood.LOL

  168. 168
    anoosh Says:


    STFU. What’s your sad life brought you? Come here to dump your venom on some actor who doesn’t give you time of the day? You are wasting your time trying to make people hate GB. The harder you try the more ridiculous and pathetic you sound. Did your mom desert you at birth or were you used up by men so you turned into a bitter small-minded and hateful person? You are a very sick and sad existence. Your effort is futile so stop trying. You don’t gain respect by trashing.

    Who gives a rat’s a**s about 3some or 4some or muti-some? Tons of married people are doing it behind their partners’ back. GB is single and not in relationship of any sort. If that’s the lifestyle he likes, who are you to judge?

  169. 169
    Downlowinfo Says:

    The only people making a big deal of Gerry and the threesome comment are his over the top fans, and the trolls come on here and get them all riled up, LOL!

    I’ve heard some fans say, oh he’s just joking about the threesome. Why? Because it tugs at their moral fiber that ole Gerry may like to get mildly freaky. It also disturbs the fantasies that they’ve built up in their head of him being a swashbuckling hero that will take them away from their reality. Oh yeah, and just because you may’ve met him while he was working (movie premiere’s, talk shows, etc) does not mean you know him. I’m sure timeclock Gerry and after work Gerry are two different animals.

    I’m still a fan, but I tend not to set my moral compass by what someone else is doing. For the over the top, easily offended crazies don’t let anyone else be your moral compass.

    He’s a great actor that is living his dream. I don’t know too many people that wouldn’t take advantage of some of the same trappings of wealth and fame that he has acuired. JMO

  170. 170
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    who hasn’t been there? @ 10/20/2009 at 6:33 pm Wait..Megan Fox hasn’t f***ked him? You’re are telling me there exists a Hollywood **** out there that hasn’t been inside her herpes-infested yeast flap yet? Isn’t that some sort of Guinness world record? Are we sure she’s still alive? Someone should go check she is still f***king breathing. And isn’t she like the Hollywood ****-sucking marathon champion for three years running or something?

    Oh wait. I forgot, that’s Sienna Miller. Never mind, false alarm.
    Stinky, I was reading the blogger at the time and I couldn’t believe how insane that got. Those women were out for blood.
    Downlowinfo, IAWY. Some people really do project what they want him to be and then get really worked up about him being himself. Live and let live.
    Shout out to the gals, Stinky, Amen, Giggles, Cubedweller, Jill, Curious Cat and the rest. Mr. Giggles, thanks for the links. I couldn’t find any last night. You never fail. Glad you are feeling better.

  171. 171
    @168 Says:

    There is some serious ID Theft on this board which has gone way out of hand in a very malicious way. Whoever is posing as ‘STFU’ is a troll and an email of complaint has been lodged. Yesterday.

  172. 172
    Larel Says:

    Is Butler dating Shakira now? lol

  173. 173
    from tmz Says:

    great post from the tmz comments section
    Gerry, you’re a little boy! And if you need 2 women to find pleasure in sex, then it means you’re sleeping with immature girls who know nothing about sex.

    A real woman would exhaust you and you’d never go back to immature 20-something anorexic models!

    Many men who have done it with a real curvy woman with experience will tell you they’d never go back to younger anorexic women because those could never satisfy them.

    One bit of advice: grow up! It’s ridiculous at 40 to try and act like an 18-year teenage boy! Eventually something won’t get up and stay hard and your little sex toys will mock you and leave you!

    Posted at 6:25PM on Oct 20th 2009 by LittleBoy

  174. 174
    Simply amazed Says:

    Prime example of people who are too stupid to realize he wasn’t being serious.

  175. 175
    Vanessa Bell Says:

    I have to laugh at some of the posts suggesting that because he doesn’t have a steady girlfriend “that we know of” that he is gay.

    How preposterous is that? I believe that those comments are probably reflecting wishful thinking on some homosexual men’s parts. There is nothing wrong witth fantasizing about someone but don’t try to make an obviously straight man who loves women, into a gay man when he is not. The man is definitely not gay.

    Gerard is sexy, intelligent, charming, successful and rich. He is what many would refer to as a Casanova, a womanizer, a player, or playboy.

    Why on earth would he with all of the opportunity he has to be with as many beautiful women as a man could possibly dream of, settle down with one woman??
    He doesn’t have to, the world is his for the taking. He has opportunities other men could only dream of and he is taking full advantage of this, his status as a successful good-looking celebrity.

    Lastly, I find it very amusing to read some of the posts here supposedly claiming that they or some close friends of theirs know Gerard intimately.
    I don’t believe that any woman who has had the opportunity to be with this or any other celebrity would talk about her experiences via this forum. To those who engage in telling tall tales of celebrity rendezvous you are just fooling yourselves.

  176. 176
    mia Says:

    Exactly. If he joked on some lame interview that he was really from outer space there would be crazies really debating which planet he does hail from. No lack of dumbness on the net.

  177. 177
    ummmm Says:

    if he has a girlfriend…he’s cheating on her.

  178. 178
    amen Says:

    Thanks for the link Giggles – was wondering what all the fuss was about.
    Still wondering. That threesome thing was such a lay-up; what was he going to say? I have criticized Gerry for his womanizing, but expect it from him. He’s a self-admitted bad boy and has been since his teens.
    The Q & A thing was innocuous. He knew he was being set up and he went along, he knows the drill. He was working. He did everything he could to promote that film and MTV was part of it.

  179. 179
    Oh Gee Wiz! Says:

    # 166 and 169- ITAWY It’s getting to be a sad sad world when people have nothing better to do than come to a site like this and trash someone they don’t like, just to get attention. They are the pot stirrers, rabble rousers. When it all comes down to one thing, TRUTH! Who knows for sure? Speculating and building on what the media puts out is shire folly. Even GB himself has foot and mouth disease. If that’s entertainment for you, enjoy yourself, but be realistic when judging anyone you don’t personally know. I’m a fan of the same vein as #166 and # 169 and even the much attacked ManLesston. I try not to wear my rose colored glasses when looking at this actor. He’s a man, single, and yes, an over confident attitude toward life as he may see it. If you don’t like the flavor of the month, find someone you do like. Unfortunately, these crazy haters like their attention and like GB are getting it. If you ignore them maybe they will find another play ground to bully people around on. Until then, they will continue to bash, throw barbs at people to get a rise out of them and lump everyone into the Phan girl slot, over weight, jobless, losers who build their fantasies around a man who is human, flawed and even occasionally a nice guy once in a while. Me, I’m here for the eye candy.

  180. 180
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @amen: ITAWY. For all the build up of this interview, it was pretty bland. I also noticed that Alexa said things first like “are you knocking me up right now?” to which he replied, “I’ve just knocked you up.” So I felt he was led into some of this that everyone is having a fit over.
    Thought THE question was a totally set up question to ask. Like any guy is gonna say no on national TV. Overall I thought it was a stupid interview all the way around. But then again it is MTV, do we really expect anything mature?
    I say it was much ado about nothing.

  181. 181
    STOP LYING Says:

    To the poster that tried to act like she knew the deal and that Gerry is dating some 30-something staffer of his, here’s something for YOU:

    End of discussion.

    Stop spinning tales on the internet. It’s rather sick.

  182. 182
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Okay I have to snark on Gerry. Looking at these pictures, I must really be naive because what the hell is he doing wearing makeup to that Whitney event? I’m sorry but WTF? Other than that, I think he looks nummy.

  183. 183
    Stupid Stupid Idiots Says:


    “if he has a girlfriend…he’s cheating on her.

    He doesnt have a proper girlfriend so no matter, no mind.
    Especially NOT some fatass “curvy” old boring plain STAFFER.
    Haha the idea is preposterous.
    Can you say Letterman?
    That don’t make you a girlfriend, honey. It makes you a convenient hole.
    They don’t wife you. Sorry for that.

  184. 184
    kp takes it back Says:

    Although I don’t agree with some stuff he does….I just saw the clip and jumped to conclusions. He was being himself, a j@ckass, and that’s why I love him….lol.
    love ya butler….still didn’t like your outfit though too much goin on.
    He should’ve answered the 3some question like “the Butler doesn’t know how to do it” that would’ve been the best thing I think in front of that audience. MTV shouldn’t promote those kind of questions to a younger crowd when at the same time they advocate “safe sex” or whatever.

  185. 185
    Me Says:

    There are a lot of witty comments on this forum.
    @#164 in particular….I almost died laughing when I read that post! Some of you should write comedy blogs, or better yet, write for SNL ‘cos the current writers are terrible. The show has been on the decline for a while now.

    As for the threesome show. The You Tube link is not working for me. All I see is an invalid link message in a red banner.

  186. 186
    UK OK Says:

    WHO CARRRRREESS what Gerry says!
    Just enjoy the flippin show
    Bugger me you guys are annoying !!!
    None of us will ever get a snog, much less a shag from the bloke so who cares???


  187. 187
    oh yeah Says:

    But then again it is MTV, do we really expect anything mature?
    Exactly why is a 40 year old man on this stupid show. GB should fire his PR team.

  188. 188
    kp takes it back Says:

    What set me off was in the last thread, someone was quoting Ted C saying Butler wasn’t getting enough sleep cause of all the sex he was having. Then, this came up and people were writing as if this interview with Alexa Chung as if he was undressing him with his eyes. He was flirty, but, it was harmless. Her eyes actually are very pretty. Last time I saw her on tv, she didn’t look that good?
    Now, back to this Ted C thing. If he was bragging that he was having so much sex, that’s lame….if he’s bragging about having 3somes, also lame. Not 40 yr old behavior and def don’t agree with that. There’s plenty of people out there who prob have alot of sex, but don’t go out braggin bout it. That’s where he should chill out….and stay “humble”. It’s noone’s business afterall.

  189. 189
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @oh yeah: You have a really good point. Does marketing LAC to the MTV crowd make sense? Probably since they are movie goers. But I definitely question this PR choice also.

  190. 190
    GB Fanwars-Deadliest Warrior Says:

    kp, are you bi-polar?your dramatic flip-flopping is getting out of control. make up your mind.are you a hater or a fangirl? there are no grey areas, luv, nor is there any room for fence sitters on the battlefield. pick a side and fight to the death_all night & all day!!
    the very last poster to collapse and die of exhaustion will be declared the winner!

  191. 191
    SOWHAT?! Says:

    I’m just wondering who of all the people commenting know Gerry personally?? I’m going to guess…hmmmm……NONE of you! So, how then is it even okay to say anything judging his character and calling him gay?? The threesome question should not have been asked, that was a stupid question, he answered it to be funny as he always is. It probably is true, but so what??! Who is he obligated to be true to? No one, he is not linked for a reason. It’s his life and he can do what he wants! A friend of his told me he can’t have a serious relationship cause the paps won’t leave him alone, they as everyone else is in his business. He puts his life as an actor on T.V, not his personal life. Yes, he is all over the interviews right now….he has been promoting movies all year. He is busy, that’s what he chooses.
    It is ridiculous that people are attacking his looks and character, he is a handsome and charasmatic man. Hey haters, GB is on the rise, move over Pitt and Clooney already!

  192. 192
    @KP Says:

    Oh come on kp – that little Q&A game with Alexa was not “bragging” about anything. Answering her questions in a funny way and having a wee laugh is not un-humble.
    Why would you put that spin on an otherwise silly interview technique – geeezzzzzz. What issues do you have that you have to PROJECT so much on this silly little incident – get some PERSPECTIVE . And stop fretting over the sex life of someone you do not know. What were you thinking?

  193. 193
    haha Says:

    Gerry Butler needs 2 girls to get his d!ck hard!!

  194. 194
    AutumnStorms Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: I

    I watched the interview . I agree with your opinion, it was bland. There really wasn’t much to it, definitely a case of much ado about nothing IMO. He seemed a bit nervous (like a fish out of water). The bit I read about this interview really took a lot out of context and added much conjecture.

    @oh yeah:

    You’re right, what the heck was he doing there.

    He had a lovely interview on Good Day LA Monday which has been pushed aside.

  195. 195
    AutumnStorms Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: I

    I watched the interview . I agree with your opinion, it was bland. There really wasn’t much to it, definitely a case of much ado about nothing IMO. He seemed a bit nervous (like a fish out of water). The bit I read about this interview really took a lot out of context and added much conjecture.

    @oh yeah:

    You’re right, what the heck was he doing there.

    He had a lovely interview on Good Day LA Monday which has been pushed aside.

  196. 196
    kp takes it back Says:

    lol#190, I admit I flipped out before I actually “saw” the interview. Just hearing what people were talking about seemed tasteless like a 13 yr old’s behavior and mind you, this was after this whole Ted C interview too which wasn’t impressive either…lol, I’m a chick and I’m afraid it may be pre-week…lmao. Hey, like I said, still not impressed he should keep the sexcapades to himself.
    AND # 192, I was talking about the ted c with the whole “I don’t get enough sleep cause I have so much sex” ….that was the braggin thing.
    Sorry if I confused or upset anyone…I flip flopped….but, I also jumped without seein the link which I asked for earlier. Now that I saw…I recanted. Body language says alot…people were making it sound like he was basically like being this dirty dude towards alexa and I didn see that at all.

  197. 197
    AutumnStorms Says:

    Somehow I doubt Gerry really talked to Ted at the premier. I bet his people made sure he stayed clear of Ted, especially after some of the pot shots Ted’s made GB’s way of late.

  198. 198
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @AutumnStorms: thanks for the interview. That was definitely a better interview for Gerry. He seemed really relaxed and at ease, not nervous like the MTV interview. Again thanks for your time in sharing.

  199. 199
    butler Says:

    Gerry didn’t hesitate before answering the threesome question. And yet he did (and seemed to not want to answer) the question about if he ever stole something. Seems his moral compass is a little off to me…

  200. 200
    The Butler Did NOT Says:

    Did anyone notice how FUGLY Gerry looked on SNL? Especially the Daveheart piece. Ick!

    By the way, most teens and 20 somethings think that a 40 year old is really really old. This guy is no sex symbol.

  201. 201
    kp takes it back Says:

    and #192, I don’t necessarily fret over his sex life….I’m sure he has boatloads…good for him…but, should keep it to himself to preserve his “image” right now, cause he’s doing so well…sex shouldn’t even be a topic. It should be about his talent. I just don’t want him to seem like that cheesy, creepy dude when he’s doing so well.

  202. 202
    whatever Says:

    @Oh Gee Wiz!: Aren’t you wonderful. You are so arrogant!

  203. 203
    AutumnStorms Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    You are welcome.

  204. 204
    I KNew That Says:

    It was so obvious that gerry was just being crtazy and you guys took it to mena he was hitting on that ugly scarecrow alexa.
    And he is nioot dating some ugly old worker either, or shakira or cameilla or gina or anyonr by any of those names you know why???


    Let him be – watch the movies and stfu.

  205. 205
    p3rp3tu4 Says:

    I am so ready for the ALL BUTLER ALL THE TIME channel! Where is it! ? Bring it on! Love him. Would like more appearances out of the boring ole states however… adds to the appeal.

  206. 206
    bla85 Says:

    What a joke – I would estimate the average age of that audience was 16. I guess that is what normal 40 year old men do now – talk about gang bangs on tv? Oh, I guess I should say a 3some doesn’t sound as nasty….overated and tiresome!

  207. 207
    whatever Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: I totally agree with you. You are a smart one!

  208. 208
    ktitchen Says:

    Why can’t I get in? I wont’ write until I know I can.

  209. 209
    ktitchen Says:

    i can’t get into this site any more. I am trying.

  210. 210
    ktitchen Says:

    Okay, I try again. I don’t get this thread any more. All about threesomes and how evryone under 40 has done it. I haven;t and a people I know haven’t or dont admit it I had adventures even after being married in my 20s. I have evidence that my husband did too. To me it didn’t matter as long as nobody brought a disease home or shamed the family.

  211. 211
    kp takes it back Says:

    #210 I think the point was that the crowd was VERY young…and it prob shouldn’t have even been a question. Cause, it almost glamourizes it, which morally isn’t right.

  212. 212
    just me Says:

    So someone here doesn’t think he’s a sex symbol because he’s pushing 40? You must be 13. He’s a sex symbol to many women (and some men) who know they are looking at one hot man, not some concave-chested, skinny twit. Strange that Mr. Not Sexy seems to be the obsession of so many on the Internet. Pro or con, he’s fascinating. And, IMO, he’s just delish’. (But Gerry, grow back the scruff. You own that look.)

  213. 213
    kp takes it back Says:

    ugh people are stupid and read crap out of context as always….

  214. 214
    Lilac Says:

    what an annoying voice Alexa Chung has!!! Gerry probably was just trying to make a really boring interview more fun
    And whats with all the talking about the supposedly young audience and the way Gerry should have ignored the threesome question? why was this question asked in the first place if the audience for the program was so young?
    anyway, his answer about how he did not do the twosome pretty much shows that he is just joking.
    put yourself in his position. if your famous and staff, would you always lay your heart out in every interview and would you actually say the truth every time somebody asked you these intimate questions?
    what was he supposed to do anyway? storm out in anger?
    and whats with all the age discussions? since when a 40 yo person has become OLD?
    where are you guys from? US? isnt it supposed to be a country with advances view on such issues?
    very strange attitude!

  215. 215
    WHY Says:

    Is my comment “awaiting moderation”
    Since when is JJ the Gestapo???


  216. 216
    Quinn Says:

    @oh yeah:You have a really good point. Does marketing LAC to the MTV crowd make sense? Probably since they are movie goers. But I definitely question this PR choice also.
    Agreed. Having Ger pander to the 18-24 MTv demographic really was unnecessary and overkill for this particular kind of movie. The 18-24 age demographic are basically morons and are more likely to go and see Saw 5,000 this weekend and not LAC. Honestly, he is 40 years old and if I were his Pub I wouldn’t have him anywhere near Mtv ever. MTv is pure schlock and needs to be destroyed. However, Perezzers don’t seem that offended by this interview so hopefully all will be well and he will go on to, at the very least, be able to pay back those who financed the making of LAC. The fan gurls need to come to the realization that now Ger has been with models no average girl ever has a chance with him. It’s the price that has to be paid in order for them to see him on the tele and the net; otherwise, they’d never get to see him at all.

  217. 217
    *-*-*-*-*-*-* Says:

    @Lilac: Speaking of advanced views,this is a list of states where oral sex is still illegal in the USA: Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Georgia, N/S Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, Virginia and Washington.

    To enforce this law, angry Republicans actually invade your residence or hotel room,{ SWAT team style entry through the windows} & forensically check your every ******* for signs of cµm. I tell ya, my husband and I made a big big mistake going to the States for our honeymoon. Never again. That is a shocking way to treat your foreign tourists!

  218. 218
    Modelizing Clown Says:

    “The fan gurls need to come to the realization that now Ger has been with models no average girl ever has a chance with him.”

    Unfortunately this is true and I don’t hang my headin shame nor do I try and refute it. It is what it IS. Having a girl on your arm that has been in a magazine is a status symbol for H’wood or any man with money. Sad but true.
    Gerry may hang out with an ordinary chick like us, but the dude is a bonified BOTOXED celebrity now. He has “appearances” to keep.

    And as a woman…why would you want to be the girl who is acting as his asst anyway while he runs and chats up models w/o you??

  219. 219
    Quinn Says:

    @The Butler Did NOT:
    By the way, most teens and 20 somethings think that a 40 year old is really really old. This guy is no sex symbol.

    Read more:

    That’s why he had no business trying to appeal to M Tv’s moronic demographic anyway. They are useless to him. He is too old for that demographic and I know how much people may hate to hear that, but it’s true.

  220. 220


    TWITTER: @iPhillyChitChat wonder if nasty Gerard Butler fans wld apologize 2me 4 being so mean when I wrote GB making out w/2 girls @once @Strongbox last winter?

  221. 221
    So what Says:

    I question anything MTV related anymore. Back in my youth, I loved that channel. Does anyone here remember AJ, Alan, Martha and Nina? It was about the music. Paul Young, gaaaah. I was so in love with him. Lord, what good times. Now, it’s just dumbing down everyone. Reality TV. GB was just a teen baby in those good old days of MTV. Wonder if he had any incking what was in store for him? Twenty four seven Gerard Butler. How does he survive with all this stuff?

  222. 222
    Quinn Says:

    @just me:So someone here doesn’t think he’s a sex symbol because he’s pushing 40? You must be 13. He’s a sex symbol to many women (and some men) who know they are looking at one hot man, not some concave-chested, skinny twit.

    Read more:

    Agreed. I think Jay Leno may even have a bit of a man crush on Ger. He just falls all over Gerry anytime he’s on with Jay; it’s kind of sweet, Jay Leno is rooting for Ger.

  223. 223
    highcottonquinn Says:

    @kp takes it back:

    I understand where you are coming from KP. You are one of those people that genuinely care about Ger and want to see him do well. There’s nothing wrong wit dat and it really is very sweet. I just don’t think it wise to be naive about the fact that, unfortunately, little boys will be animals. I don’t want to see Ger made into a shallow fool either, but alas, I fear those wheels have already been set in motion. As my great granddad always said, “95% of people cannot handle success.”

  224. 224
    Get it right Says:

    He’s boin#ing Shakira. He’s just not dating her.

  225. 225
    Gerry is the hot OLD GUY Says:

    He IS sexy for a 40 year old. But why would you be encouraging a 18 year old to have the hots for someone old enough to be her dad???!!

    Logic please???? And he is hot for an OLD GUY.
    Sorry I am 19 and I do not find him as hot as his boyfriend, james france? nor is he as hot as shia. for you to expect me to think gerry is as hot as these guys is creepy and gross to put it in your words.

  226. 226
    The Butler Did NOT Says:

    Hey all you single ladies. Butler is not going to end up with a model. He is going to end up like 50 something Chris Noth “aka Mr. Big” with a really ugly 27 year old baby mama waitress.

    I say go for it! Guysare pretty lame. You just have to be in the right place at the right time…

  227. 227
    Get it right Says:

    Little tweenie guys are not hot. Shia. A nerd. Really, honey, a nerd. Go away and come back when you are a bit older and more in the know. Your choices make me want to spit up.

  228. 228
    YOU Got it WRONG Says:

    YOU ARE stupid. I know for a fact that Shakira has a long time boyfriend..
    He’s hotter than gerry and in way better shape…
    Try again!

  229. 229
    YOU are all WRONG Says:

    gb is superficial as hell.
    not pretty not going to get a look. simple as that.

    um noth’s new wife isn’t ugly. luciana barrosa IS.

  230. 230
    MEGAN FOX Says:


  231. 231
    YOU are all IDIOTS Says:

    If Gerry had a gf he would say so – he has done in the past
    with jasmine or whatever her name is. where is that chick now??

  232. 232
    You are all gay! omg! Says:

    What?! I am so pissed/upset at all of you that I want to spit!
    Isn’t gerald coming overseas now with us in the UK anyway?

    eat it american girls we are gona take him back

  233. 233
    YUCK! Clogged up with trolls! Says:

    I see the intern trolls have managed to stir the pot YET AGAIN with trash talk. What s unbelievable is that so many fans have taken the bait this time and have turned their backs on Gerbear for NOTHING!
    He was only fooling around in that interview for Gods sake!. The trolls are doing this for games you stoopid yet you fall for it??? How could you all desert him?!!
    I’m guessing you were never really TRUE FANS OF Gerry to begin with. True fans would love him no matter what!

  234. 234
    One should question everything Says:

    @YUCK! Clogged up with trolls!: True fans would love him no matter what!
    I see the intern trolls have managed to stir the pot YET AGAIN with trash talk. What s unbelievable is that so many fans have taken the bait this time and have turned their backs on Gerbear for NOTHING!
    He was only fooling around in that interview for Gods sake!. The trolls are doing this for games you stoopid yet you fall for it??? How could you all desert him?!!
    I’m guessing you were never really TRUE FANS OF Gerry to begin with. True fans would love him no matter what!

    Read more:

    Read more:

    Whatevs. One should question everything. You fan gurls hold irrationally to a belief that you are doing Ger a favor by kissing his ass so completely. I would think Ger needs more people in his corner who are honest with him and not afraid to tell him when he is being an ass or a semi ass or being made to look afool. I do NOT want this guy made a fool of and if he does not tread more carefully that’s exactly where he is headed. He’s worked to hard and long to have everything ruined by the disingenous i.e. those who love him and those who love to hate him.

  235. 235
    YES @234 Says:

    #233 is obviously a PHANGURL so her comments are null and void.

    Gerry could take a hot steaming sh!t and they would fist fight over who got to smell it first

  236. 236
    Ughhhhhhh Says:

    ihhhhhhh….that is disgusting.

  237. 237
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    TMZ is having a great time with this one —- no surprise….
    (click on the box that says The Butler Did It)

  238. 238
    highcottonquinn Says:

    @You are all gay! omg!:
    Hoping Ger goes home to Paisley for a Christmas/working holiday and comes back to the USA in the New Year refreshed. I’m glad he will be attending european press junkets to press LAC there. When is the movie being released there? Please let us know what the box office does there in regards to LAC.

  239. 239
    Lilac Says:

    @Mr. Giggles:
    I think this video was fun and in no way insults Gerard:-)

  240. 240
    SOWHAT?! Says:

    @The Butler Did NOT: ‘

    I thought he looked HOT on SNL, you should’ve put your glasses on.

  241. 241
    YUCK! Clogged up with trolls! Says:

    Erectile dysfunction is nothing to be ashamed of. It happens to every man. We’ll try again tonight.

  242. 242
    crazies Says:

    This thread has gone to the crazies. LOL

    It’s soooo entertaining to read these stuff. Carry on folks.

    I love GB as a rational fan, not a crazy one. I sympathize with him and forgive him for some of the not so savory choices he has made. He now has ceased to be Gerard Butler, an individual person; he has become an institution where a lot of people at his service and often made decisions for him (like agents, managers, lawyers, stylists, publisits, etc.). Their decisions ultimately affect him in terms of career choices and somewhat his personal life.

    I hope he will still keep a clear head over his shoulders in the mix of the adivces he gets and retain some control over his life because it’s going to be even more crazy as his star continues to rise.

  243. 243
    amen Says:


    Is the arc of his star rising? I’m just wondering what constitutes rising. I mean there is: rising, falling, stumbling, sputtering, lurching, I could go on. I do feel he is somewhere on the continuum and I hope it’s rising, but not sure. It has a bit of that same flavor you get when you hear about a “jobless recovery”

  244. 244
    Stinkylouise Says:

    LOL! Here’s a great photo of G and Lake Bell at the party.Just scroll down a bit:

  245. 245
    cubedweller Says:

    @Mr. Giggles: Thanks Giggles! That was funny – best effort yet from TMZ.

  246. 246
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:


    TWITTER: @iPhillyChitChat wonder if nasty Gerard Butler fans wld apologize 2me 4 being so mean when I wrote GB making out w/2 girls @once @Strongbox last winter?
    When LAC was filming in Philly this blogger was thrilled with all the hits he was getting from Gerry’s fans and stated as much in several posts. After the shoot was over and LAC had pulled out of town the blogger (Hughie IIRC) decided to post all the sh!t at once after Gerry had left town. So he did all in one long speech and trust me Gerry making out with the 2 girls was the least of the stuff he talked about. The fangirls hit the site like a Patriot missile forcing the blogger to remove all the negative stuff and all stuff Gerry. Some fangirls even sent death threats (talk about crazy) over the blog. Now that his blog has sunk into oblivion again he is trying to stir up some hits. I say just ignore that punk. Hughie’s 15 minutes are up.

  247. 247
    cubedweller Says:

    @Stinkylouise: I’m laughing out loud at that – hope she brought a friend ;-)

  248. 248
    Oh Gee Wiz! Says:

    Whatever #207, You must be one of the haters. your response tags you as one anyway. I guess you aren’t arrogant either.

  249. 249
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    As to the child worshippers, i.e., Robert Pattison, Shia and the gang, cuddling up with a boy at night is not half as satifying as curling up to a man with a broad chest and big strong arms. Isn’t that what you want in middle school? I would take even pudgy Gerry anyday over the concave chest crowd.

  250. 250
    Lake Bell Says:

    Lake Bell looks like a man in drag. Pretty dress though.

  251. 251
    any guy Says:

    that has to talk about sex as much as gerry does, probably isn’t getting much of it. His management is really behind the times. This is not the 1950′s or 60′s Hollywood were it was really alluring to give the impression of being a womanizer. But, today, 2009, not so much.

  252. 252
    connet Says:

    LAC promo blitz is over and GB needs to announce his next project and then disappear for a while before everyone’s GB fatigue sinks in.

    LAC made $21 m over wknd but with a 66% drop on Mon. at $1.7 m. I hope the daily making keeps up so the $50 m cost can be recouped. LAC doesn’t have a wide foreign release so domestic earnings are important. With Saw VI and others there will be stiff competitions.

    TUT made over $180 m world wide with the foreign market made just as much if not better than the domestic market. Who knew.

  253. 253
    YUCK! Clogged up with trolls! Says:

    @YUCK! Clogged up with trolls!: I did not write that!!! stop stealing my ID you piece of ****!!!

  254. 254
    xx Says:


    Sorry but the little blond assistant is Danielle Robinson here is her facebook page.

  255. 255
    curious cat Says:

    These GB threads are getting more messy and insane by the day. ManLESSton and StinkyLouse,
    amen and Oy, you hang in there with info. I am absent for awhile and there are 150 or 200 new comments and I got no idea ’bout what. Suddenly it;s all about threesomes and what GB shouldn’t have said on MTV and whether he’s had threesomes and with men or women. He’s come out on at least one televised interview saying he hates the questions he gets and refused to answer them. If he would do that more often as other stars do, maybe he’d be better off. The pseudo journos ask the same dumb questions of stars and some have the smarts to refuse to be baited. I don’t believe a thing GB says, y’all.
    We got a tribe here. Why ain’t it workin’ well. We ought ta know all there is to know about GB ’bout now. We’re hot shot detectives. Some of you guys really surf the web. We know ManLESSton is a well-married ER nurse of undetermined age who does a lot of web research, Stinky L is under 30 and is dark and slim, not blonde but if I picked up what she does for a livin” I forget, but she’s damn smart and witty and on top of stuff. I thought Oy is a man but maybe not. He/she has lots of links. JurisDoc is a lawyer, female and 27, another smart cookie, and y’all surely have picked up that I’m a journalist , that I live in a very southern part of the USA. that I HATE gossip journalism and the a**es who pass for journalists and ask ridiculous questions mostly designed to promote their own careers, Serious journalists don’t ask silly questions like answer “The Butler did it,” about threesomes. Or endless questions about the 300 abs. I’ve seen stars refuse to deal with this. So GB either hasn’t learned how to take control or he loves the attention. Or both.

  256. 256
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @curious cat: Hey Curious, don’t stay away too long, you are always missed. Boy you have done a much better job of keeping track of us resident posters (is there such a thing). I enjoy this group because we have something in common, liking Gerry, but we are not obsessed and rather pragmatic in our view of him. I can understand some of the gals that love the fantasy bf thing, but they usually get disappointed because Gerry is Gerry.
    I enjoy the exchange of ideas, plus it is fun to get insight from others throughout the world. BTW I’m 33.

  257. 257
    sugar Says:

    I agree with 242, he is no longer an individual but an institution, which is sad. Either way i think Gerry will be extra careful with his dates from now on. Remember what happened to the nordic chicks? That must have been a slap in the face to him!

  258. 258
    amen Says:

    law Abiding Citizen # 1 @ Box Office, Monday and Tuesday.
    Good job Gerry and Alan.

  259. 259
    interesting? Says:

    posted on tmz
    He’s not joking.
    During the filming of The Bounty he had 2 models in NYC that were willing to shag each other while Gerry got to watch. Then he joins in. Makes his job easier.
    He’s not a great f*ck ~ he needs all the help he can get.

    Yes Bubbles, the girls have to do all the work while Gerry gets to finish off quickly.

    Posted at 6:55AM on Oct 21st 2009 by Amiga

  260. 260
    TMZ true believer Says:

    Well, if it was on TMZ it’s gotta be true. Those gay guys can’t get enough of that model stuff can they? Just askin’.

  261. 261
    oh come on Says:

    ‘Interesting?’ Why do you think Butler wasn’t joking? Just b/c this person who calls themselves ‘Amiga’ anon posts their stupidity at TMZ or any other site – what gives their post such validity? I’d think after all this time we’d be bright enough to know that anyone can write anything on the internet. B/c somebody writes it doesn’t make it true. And just b/c Butler thought it was funny to play along for the sake of the dopey 2 yr old audience and go along with Chung’s juvenile joke doesn’t mean he was telling the truth. Maybe he was. Who knows? That’s entertainment and the truth of his personal life is not ours. But that’s the real point — nobody has the right to knowingly spread lies – like Amiga – on the internet or anywhere else simply b/c this guy is an actor and you have some notion that his personal life is open for ridicule. And btw, Butler himself can stop this nonsense by learning how to curb failed “journalists” like Chung. He doesn’t have to be rude but a quick witted response like “That’s The Butler’s Business” would’ve ended it all on the spot. Maybe he’s not that quick, but I have a sneaking suspicion he is. He prob doesn’t like to talk to attractive women this way. Although why he thinks Chung is attractive is completely beyond me. But that’s why his moronic, useless, PR woman Joy gets paid the big bucks. Wow, I wish at some point she’d earn her money.

  262. 262
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    G interviewed for LAC ….. on his best behavior

  263. 263
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @interesting?: Okay, I’ll bite.
    I may be naive on the subject, but isn’t that why guys like a 3some? They get off on the girl on girl doing all the f0replay work and then get to step in as clean up batter, right? Same results and less work. Sounds like a guy’s dream come true.
    Again, I’m not going to speculate on what Gerry is up to, just making a point about that post getting all whiny about any guy not doing a lot of leg work. he he

  264. 264
    curious cat Says:

    I can’t even get on here any moer. Did I become dangerous for some weird reason?

  265. 265
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Mr. Giggles: Damn Giggles you ROCK! I don’t know how you find all of these clips, but thanks so much for doing it.
    Gerry looks totally delicious in that v-neck sweater. A VERY GOOD LOOK for him.
    Thanks again for taking the time to find and post these for us. *thumbs up*

  266. 266
    Stinkylouise Says:

    Courtesy of IMDB, G’s next project. I’m stunned:

  267. 267
    curious cat Says:

    Yes, folks, I forgot to mention Mr. Giggles, who provides a lot of links. I don’t even know if Mr. Giggles is male. But yes, ManLESSton, I do remember some details about people over time. The contributors on these threads are sometimes a lot more interesting than GB, I wish I knew who they were, but even if I knew who they were, I would not try to violate their privacy. I would not be ashamed to write under my own name, I’ve done it for years and taken the potshots that come with the territory. I really, really dislike the stupid interviews. You know sometimes that interviewers who suck up to Butler and joke about being in his next movie really do want that. They are famewh**s themselves and don’t know how to do a serious interview. I can see that he doesn’t respect them, but Denzel Washington he ain’t. You watch Denzel, he wears a suit and a tie, has dignity and doesn’t reveal anything people don’t already know. I have written for a couple of entertainment mags, but mostly about the business side, can’t stand interviewing actors because they are so self-involved.
    will this get published?

  268. 268
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Stinkylouise: Holy crap. I’m really surprised too. Doesn’t exactly scream major box office does it? Maybe they will make it more in the line of Gladiator with more of a wide audience appeal.

  269. 269
    amen Says:

    A little Shakespeare huh? Ralph Finnes, Vanessa Redgrave….not bad GB.

  270. 270
    Stinkylouise Says:

    It may not be major box office, bit if done well, it could have Oscar potential. I assume Ralph will play the lead and G,Tullus Aufidius?

  271. 271
    amen Says:

    I’ve been madly searching out the play and looking at the players. I’m unfamiliar with it but it sounds like some warriors and brutes in it. I like everything about it for right now. A meaty, well respected classical work with a top cast – what’s not to like. Hope it’s a sign that he’s getting away from the Hollywood trap. Hope it will be done in Great Britain – or Italy !

  272. 272
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Stinky and Amen, did Gerry say he was heading back to Scotland in three weeks? And if he is going to be starting that soon like he said in the interview, then it may indeed be in England.
    Stinky, I didn’t even think about critical acclaim. Thanks for pointing that out. I still have a totally bad taste in my mouth from The Bounty so easily jumped to the wrong conclusion. I’ve always thought he has great potential as an actor and you’re right, this may be his vehicle. *crossing my fingers*
    Curious, IAWY. I enjoy the regular posters here and have wondered what fun we could have gabbing if we were all in a room together. I find you all interesting.

  273. 273
    cubedweller Says:

    Wow, this is an exciting development – can’t wait to hear more about it. Thanks, Stinky, for the links. What were those two goofs yammering on about his chest hairs for? Good Lord, that has to get annoying when you are trying to promote your project and you have to deal with that kind of stupidity. “Who are you dating? How are your abs? How many chest hairs are you allowed to show before noon? AAARRRGGGHHHH! No wonder he lets loose with outrageous comments – who the heck wouldn’t?

  274. 274
    JurisDoc Says:

    Happy to hear about Coriolanus…
    Can’t say the same about him being on MTV though…I really don’t give a hoot what was said bc Gerry’s interview ‘blatherings’ are mostly B.S. anyway (and if you don’t know that by now you ain’t a fan).
    Joy should be drawn and quartered. Didn’t he already cover this audience by appearing at the MTV awards??? What is with the overkill?
    I think that quite possibly ANYONE get an interview with Gerry. Jeez, I should call his pR and tell them I want to interview Gerry for my, er, “blog.”
    He should demand his people be more selective and that Joy be put out to pasture.
    Curious – you better not go anywhere. We need the voices of reason to manage this madhouse. Thanks for the shout out. I’m a “smart ass” ;-)

    Sometimes my computer has trouble loading JJ and when it does I abandon ship, or I’d be here more often.
    At night when I get home I am better able to check out the Butler and what he DID or DIDNT do. LOL
    I like the that’s Butler’s business. Maybe you should give him some coaching. In a word inappropriate/stupid/lame/TMI=childish.
    LOL I do find it funny though. Mush Mouth had my dying on page one just bc it was some yelling vulgarity post. ??

    Love Gerry but I am so ready to see him move out of being so damn cheesy. It’s time. Or I’m moving on to someone worthy and leaving GB to the GALS who, what did someone say above? “Auction off smelling his sh*t.”

  275. 275
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    I just thought of something. Our local radio station gets a lot of their HW talent on their show through MTV. Gerry is supposed to be interviewed later this week on our station. I’m wondering if doing that stupid Alexa show was part of the deal to broker radio time? Kinda would make sense if they are needing talent on her show to force those who want to promote through their media network to go on the show.
    Anyone know if this could be the case? Curious you seem to have a better take on this, do you know?
    BTW the radio station has been getting tons of mileage with him coming on. Mentioning it constantly.

  276. 276
    Stinkylouise Says:

    I think those two morons were worse than Alexa. And don’t forget those ding-dongs on GDLA. His publicist needs to be more selective about his interviews :quality vs. quantity. I can only imagine the kind of cr*p we’ll be subjected to during Bounty.
    ManLESSton, there was no mention of G heading back to Scotland in that interview. But isn’t he supposed to be in Berlin and Oslo in Nov. doing more LAC p.r.? So maybe he will go to Scotland first.
    I have no idea when he starts this new film. One month, two?

  277. 277
    amen Says:

    Well JurisDoc, Coriolanus is the antithesis of cheesy ;-) I’ve heard it will be filmed in Croatia. That is the best news – rumor at this stage. But if ever there was a guy that needs to chill out, far away from Hollywood, it’s GB. Let him cool his heels in the Balkans for a season…just what the Doc ordered…IMO

  278. 278
    Gladtoknowya Says:

    I don’t know how you guys don’t see how gay/bi this guy is.
    He is only with women bc he wants them to talk about his bed habits and what a jerk he is (takes their numbers flirts with them relentlessly then NEVER EVER CALLS OR GETS BACK TO THEM).

    He acts like an extremely closeted gay male. Ricky Martin, a modelizing fool with alllll female fans who were INSANE….George Michael was considered one of the biggest womanizers of his time. Had a million model gf’s (remember the asian one?? the makeup artist?? the model from FFigure video???) yet came out when it was :time: for him…Ricky is out as well, just not as publicly….although he has babies that he and his partner i think surrogated?? Adopted?

    Gerry will do the same. Come out when he is good and ready and I will be happy for him and I am a female fan.
    There for, it is useless for you guys to fuss over this girl and that girl he is “seen with.” NONE OF THEM MATTER.
    NONE OF THEM. Not a one.

    It’s not the girls.

  279. 279
    amen Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:
    I did hear him say he would soon be hearing (3 weeks) the sweet bells of Paisley Abby…see how the Scottish are…that was his way of saying “I’m off to Scotland soon..” love it. Think the Shakespeare project is next year tho. From what I read, the roles have not even been firmed up yet.

  280. 280
    Stinkylouise Says:

    According to IMDB, John Logan, who wrote Gladiator ,is writing the screenplay. And the film begins shooting in spring 2010.
    Hmmm………Bounty has a spring release. If the esteemed director were to make Mr. Butler unavailable for the press junket and premiere,I would forgive him for Maid In Manhattan!LOL

  281. 281
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Stinkylouise: Sorry, it was in one of the three interviews I viewed tonight. I thought it was in the interview with Canada, but I can’t remember. He mentioned the bells of the Paisley Abbey in the interview too.
    amen, I am so happy if this rumor is true. Gerry needs to get away from the HW thing and if he is spending time with real actors at their craft, he may get in a better place in his head. I have to giggle though, you know some phangirls are already booking airline tickets to Croatia after reading your post.
    BTW gals. Thanks for keeping me company tonight. I can’t wait for baseball season to be over so we have a social life again. *sigh*

  282. 282
    Stinkylouise Says:

    I feel like a traitor,LOL. I downloaded the CTV interview but haven’t watched yet.
    Hang in there ManLESSton, baseball is almost over.My mother and grandmother are hockey widows.And the season just started.

  283. 283
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Stinkylouise @ 10/21/2009 at 10:13 pm
    According to IMDB, John Logan, who wrote Gladiator ,is writing the screenplay. And the film begins shooting in spring 2010.
    Hmmm………Bounty has a spring release. If the esteemed director were to make Mr. Butler unavailable for the press junket and premiere,I would forgive him for Maid In Manhattan!LOL
    ROTFLMAO! That would be awesome! BTW Maid in Manhattan really sux. Can’t believe I paid money to see that stinker.

  284. 284
    JurisDoc Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: ManLESS please tell me you are for real! YESSSS he is going HOME – chill, GB. Scotland is a place where GB isnt as “celebrity”, Manage your issues. Stay out of clubs and away from Twittererers. Cry. Scream. Eat some Haggis. Kiss your mum. And don’t call your hoes. Leave the boys (A and N) and the ass-kisser femmes (D and D) here – theyre hangerson/enablers too.

    STINKY: He was in Maid??? Where the hell have I been? Logan wrote Gladiator – how insane, my boyfriend collaborated on that film (legal).

  285. 285
    amen Says:

    Well I’m somewhat encouraged in my research. It does not appear that there are any of those mad noblemen that Shakespeare conjures up. I’d hate to see GB go all the way to Croatia to make a film where he schleps around with a clubfoot and a raging inferiority complex lol Sounds like armor, swords political intrigue….yum !
    Hmmm………Bounty has a spring release. If the esteemed director were to make Mr. Butler unavailable for the press junket and premiere,I would forgive him for Maid In Manhattan!LOL
    Yessssssss! Send that film to DVD and have done!

  286. 286
    JurisDoc Says:

    Jennifer would throw a huge tabloid-splattered temper-tantrum from hell if Gerry was unavailable/didn’t have time to do the junkets for Bounty with her etc…

    Hell, Gerry might come out of that catastrophe having been “born a hermaphrodite with six ******* kids that beat dogs, eat cats, believe in the death penalty for women only and has sex looking at stills of the Slumdog kids.”

    Can Joy handle that when she can’t even handle MTV having wet dreams over him? Methinks no.

  287. 287
    Stinkylouise Says:

    @JurisDoc: Yup. He was in Maid. And it keeps popping up on the local women’s channel every couple of months too. Complete garbage. But all will be forgiven if G is unavailable this spring.

  288. 288
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @JurisDoc: Gerry just getting out of the States will do him a lot of good. I know paps are bad in England, but I don’t believe they are as numerous as here in the US. Do the paps even know Scotland exists? he he
    You are so right, he gets well grounded when he goes home. IIRC his mum even makes him take out the garbage. Good on mum.

  289. 289
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Stinky I feel for the hockey widows. My hubby played baseball in college so I kind of knew what I was getting into. I just whine like this every year at this time. I think it is because I can see the end of the baseball tunnel!

  290. 290
    Sue Says:

    @Stinkylouise: Gerry was not in Maid in Manhatten, Ralph Finnes was. I think there was some confusion there.

  291. 291
    Corio...who? Says:

    Coriolanus who? Sounds high brow to me. Not familiar with the play. Is it based on the Shakespearian play or will it be a script based on the events around the histoic figure? Maybe GB’s fans and anti-fans will start reading Shakespear’s. Interesting choice for GB indeed.
    Good to see him going back to period dramas.

  292. 292


  293. 293
    TWITTER Says:


  294. 294
    amen Says:

    Just remembered that Gerry was injured while doing Coriolanus on stage in 90ies. He was poked near the left eye and it left a scar. Outside corner of left eye.

  295. 295
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Sue: Stinky was referring to the esteemed director (Finnes) in her comment. You might have been a little confused.
    Goodnight gals. Thanks again for the company. I was hoping for a little snog time with the hubby, but I’m too damned tired to outlast the game tonight. Plus they just changed pitchers again.
    BTW, I really love the word snog. Gotta thank the Britians for that fun word. Or is that a gift directly from the Scots?

  296. 296
    Stinkylouise Says:

    @Sue : I was referring to Ralph. He is also directing Coriolanus and has it in his power to keep G on set and away from all things Bounty related.

  297. 297
    cubedweller Says:

    So funny – here we all are hoping desperately that Butler packs up and leaves for a few months. I totally agree – he needs to take both feet out of his mouth, wave buh-bye to the entourage and go off to do some great work with some great actors in a place far, far away. I wish him well – I truly do.

    But what will we do for fun here? We need to find a new place to meet up – otherwise, I’ll miss you guys (sob).

  298. 298
    JurisDoc Says:

    I’m sure Gerry’s escapades will get back here – I am CERTAIN we’ll have something to talk about ;-)
    I am alone tonight so it’s more TV then bed for me as well.

    Where is Ralph Fiennes these days? Married? Wasnt he a huge manwhore too??? Great. Just what we need! LOL

  299. 299
    Creepy... Says:

  300. 300
    amen Says:

    So what do you think Cube – maybe we’ve got a bit of an addiction LOL
    Well I’m sure old GB is just as addicted as we are and he’ll need his doses or adoration from strangers….and for that he needs publicity and voila !
    I’m hoping for more details soon – exciting.

  301. 301
    trying to figure it out Says:

    If Gerry is going home to Scotland in 3 weeks won’t that put him home for his 40th BD bash that the GB Netters are going to hold over there? Maybe he’ll surprise them and show up.

  302. 302
    alphaba Says:

    Don’t be looking for sandals and Roman battle garb. This is going to be a contemporary version. The early poster features a machine gun.

  303. 303
    he makes problems for himself Says:

    @oh come on:

    And just b/c Butler thought it was funny to play along for the sake of the dopey 2 yr old audience and go along with Chung’s juvenile joke doesn’t mean he was telling the truth. Maybe he was. Who knows? That’s entertainment and the truth of his personal life is not ours.
    I disagree with this statement. If Butler is going to publically brag about his sexcapades, true or not, he opens himself for comment and judgment. He has put his personal life on public display. He should have refused to answer by laughing it off . It wasn’t smart to answer in front of any audience but it is especially inappropriate (and somewhat creepy) to do so in front of an audience that is half his age.

    As for his new project/movie, he will have a supporting role (since Fiennes has the lead) and therefore may not have a long shoot. Shooting begins early in 2010 in Serbia according to FimoFilia. He could very easily be available for promotion and a press tour for “The Bounty” in March. I suspect that he is contractually obligated to do so for “The Bounty” and if necessary shooting will work around him and his obligations. Prepare yourselves. (-:

  304. 304
    cubedweller Says:

    @ 303: If “Bounty” went right to DVD, would there still be a press tour and promotion involved, or would that all be waived?

    Does anyone else think this news of his next project was hastily put out there to blunt the impact of the MTV sh!tstorm? Seems odd that he announced it on a small local news show, before it showed up on the main IMdB page.

    Enough already – good night, all.

  305. 305
    highcottonquinn Says:

    @Corio…who?: Good to see him going back to period dramas.

    Read more:

    It’s time for Ger to do some period stuff as it ups one’s credibility and this is Shakespeare; the brits pioneered drama/acting and that could very well be why they are some of the best actors. I’m just a huge fan of period pieces anyway. Ger has done enough hokey rom coms and action flicks for right now. My grandmother is a huuuuge Ralph Fiennes fan.

  306. 306
    spin Says:


    Cube – you read my mind. I thought the exact same thing.

  307. 307
    alphaba Says:

    Once again people, it’s not a period piece. It’s a contemporary version like DiCaprio’s Romeo and Juliette. Old language, modern setting.

  308. 308
    highcottonquinn Says:

    @SOWHAT?!: I thought he looked HOT on SNL, you should’ve put your glasses on.

    Read more:

    That’s what I’m so tired of. All the interviews seem to want to talk more about how good looking he is(which I think he looks great for a man who is just turning 40)as opposed to asking him any real questions. I want to know things about him like does he still attend mass? They ask him such shallow garbage. I would love to know more about Ger’s faith and talking about his faith would go over alot better in the USA than it ever would in Europe; it would definitely go over way better than talking about 3somes to a crowd half your age. I know Euros view sex differently from Americans and all but it’s going to be hard for people to take Ger seriously if everyone is only chatting up his looks, his age and his sexual proclivities. He needs to learn how to better steer interviews in order to keep the pseudo-journalists from painting him like a quaint but perverted Scottish clown.

  309. 309
    Gerry fan Says:

    All this acting discussion is quite fine. But my bottom line is just that this guy is the hottest, hottest, hottest thing I’ve ever seen. I look around the mall trying to find someone who might measure up. I look around town, trying to find someone who might measure up. No. There is no one that gorgeous. It’s just not fair. It’s a burden he must carry. An accident of DNA.

  310. 310
    I don't think Says:

    he would ever show up at another fan event. 40th bd or not. I think he’s beyond that now. Lost to the fannies forever. Sorry, girls, your baby has moved on.

  311. 311
    Gerard Sucks Some Major Balls Says:

    Gerry fan…do yourself and the rest of us a huge favor and shut the f*u*c*k UP please???
    Have you taken a good look at Gerry?
    Jowls, weak chin, droopy lids, he is cute but he is not the hottest thing alive. And he wears a ton of make-up.
    He must be f*agging out.
    It’s obvious that you work for him. Go back to the mall and keep looking

    And yes FANNIES, GB will never date nor attend some lame fan event when he can’t even stand to hear his own name called by you lame-os.

    How’s about Gerry goes over seas and we never see him back in hw again?
    Sounds good to me!

  312. 312
    HE IS A Says:


    …nyc blonde

  313. 313
    @312 Says:

    lying about what?

  314. 314
    curious cat Says:

    Jumpin’ jack rabbits! Is there anything left to say? #291, Coriolanus is indeed Shakespeare and I believe was the first play GB was in as a professional actor in London. No idea what this production is going to be. First I knew of it.
    #manlesston, thanks for saying I am missed. I don’t think anyone pays attention to my posts, frankly. I think I knew you were 33, Your comment rings the bell of recognition. ER nurse sticks with me more, perhaps because I have a relative who is an ER nurse and EMT who served in the World Trade Center disaster. You are in a hell of an important profession. That registers more than age.
    #259 And how do you know this?
    #260 If it;s on TMZ it’s gotta be true! Yeah, right. You got it, friend. My laugh for the day.’
    I know JurisDoc laughs her head off and probably gets frustrated too. A journo colleague of mine became a lawyer and then a judge. I said to her one day it must be a real change. She said, it’s not that different. You do basically the same thing as a journalist and a judge; you listen to what people say and try to decide who is telling the truth. Trust me, serious journalists don;t print the kind of crap I see about the Butler every day. I worked for 10 years for a national magazine that had fact checkers on staff who would call people, read back quotes and say, “Did you say this?: The answer better be yes if you wanted to keep your job. We were never allowed to pull stunts like ask an intervieweee to answer a question with “The Butler did it.”
    Folks, this is not journalism. It’s modern media run amok.

  315. 315
    What? Says:

    Yes but gerry handled that interview like he handles everything else – like the true second-rate douche that he is.

  316. 316
    highcottonquinn Says:

    NYC blonde is probably one of the many ****** spreading whoors GB banged and never called again. Perhaps she only gave him a hand or blowjob and then he never called. LOL. He may have just flirted with her, made her think she was going to hit that and then he went home alone. Silly modern women, market themselves as meat and then act all surprised when they are treated as such.

  317. 317
    Marmont Girl... Says:

    ” He may have just flirted with her, made her think she was going to hit that and then he went home alone. ”

    That seems to be GB’s modus operandi. Well documented that he does this here in LA.
    Will get many a girl’s number after a night of heavy heavy flirting and talking…
    Only to never ever call her….

    What is his deal??? Is he gay???

  318. 318
    highcottonquinn Says:

    Yes but gerry handled that interview like he handles everything else – like the true second-rate douche that he is.

    Read more:

    Gerard is working his ass off trying to get his movie promoted and his fledgling production company off the ground. He is clearly having a fabulous time, in the process, and getting all the free and easy ass he can get from silly, mindless bimbos the world over. Don’t hate.

  319. 319
    box office Duh Says:

    @amen: Wrong Amen!
    It was #1 at the Box office ONLY on Tuesday – It was #3 on Monday! It had a bounce on Tuesday only – please READ THE STATS. I do each day, Its my job and I hate to see you made a fool of! Duuuh

  320. 320
    Today's Paper...: Says:

    New York Post PAGE SIX: October 22, 2009 JESSICA Simpson and Gerard Butler had a date at Soho House Tuesday night, with friends including her hair stylist pal, Ken Paves, as chaperones. “They were at a table with friends, but Jessica and Gerard, who sat next to each other, seemed to only be interested in each other and chatted for hours,” a spy told Page Six. “They were laughing and flirting and eventually left together

  321. 321
    good point Says:

    @Today’s Paper…:: a girl needs chaperones when going out with gbut

  322. 322
    highcottonquinn Says:

    @Marmont Girl…:
    That seems to be GB’s modus operandi. Well documented that he does this here in LA.
    Will get many a girl’s number after a night of heavy heavy flirting and talking…
    Only to never ever call her….

    What is his deal??? Is he gay???

    Read more:

    Maybe he just knows what he likes or doesn’t like. He talks to a girl for awhile and then by the end of the conversation he has assessed if she is someone he wants to take a next step with, whether that means getting serious or getting his balls licked by some ***** in a club bathroom. It’s funny. He doesn’t even have to lift his ****, as all the whoors will do the lifting for him. He still gets to get off and the simple ******* don’t even get their snatch licked. He avoids STDs, unwanted pregnancies(unwanted on his part) by gold diggers but still gets his rocks off. Which is it? Is he gay or is he nailing every girl he can get? Sounds to me like the truth can be found somewhere in between. This man has so many people baffled by his sexuality. GB blows your minds because you can’t pin him down. I love this guy.

  323. 323
    No LOnger a Fan Says:

    If he dates Jessica Simpson – forget it I am no longer a fan at all.

  324. 324
    highcottonquinn Says:

    @Today’s Paper…::

    See? Another mindless bimbo bites the GB dust. Confidence so tall all the b-i-t-c-h-e-s wanna fall.

  325. 325
    highcottonquinn Says:

    @No LOnger a Fan:
    If he dates Jessica Simpson – forget it I am no longer a fan at all.

    Read more:

    I srsly doubt he’s dating her, honey. He’s probably just going pound that **** like a silverback in the Congo.

  326. 326
    Annabeth Says:

    @177 One day he’s going to f\/ck with the wrong woman, and she might just cut his b@lls off and shove them up his a-hole.. You can’t cheat on women and expect them to take it or move on. Every man is capable of monogamy because infidelity is a choice, not an uncontrollable compulsion. As far as I am concerned, any man who claims he can’t stay faithful is an evil, despicable ******* and deserves everything bad coming to him. I personally feel more women should engage in random violence against these types of men and it should not be considered a crime. Unfortunately, it is, and we can only hope the lawmakers see sense and change the law soon.

    Sisters, it’s time for the female sex to unite and seek revenge for all the rape, domestic abuse, infidelity, pimping, sexual slavery, honor-killing, wolf-whistling, continually leaving the toilet seat-up, and various other misogynistic atrocities they’ve committed against us throughout history .

    And I acknowledge the fact that there are women out there who cheat, and yes, it is a choice. However, it is perfectly acceptable conduct considering we have been through so much oppression already – it’s only fair we now use men as sex objects. Let’s call it karmic compensation.

  327. 327
    @highcottoquinn Says:


    He needs to learn how to better steer interviews in order to keep the pseudo-journalists from painting him like a quaint but perverted Scottish clown.

    I agree with this part of your comment.
    But the part wanting Gerry to talk about his faith and if he still goes to mass? Are you kidding? I bet Gerry hasn’t been to confession or inside a church since he was living at home. He considers himself St.Gerard- patron saint of the pootang and worships his own genitals.

  328. 328
    his pounding is exclusive Says:

    @highcottonquinn: Two reasons why the report isn’t true:

    1. He isn’t pounding Jessica Simpson cuz she is just dumb used-up, pu$$y. He only pounds dumb, EXOTIC, brown pu$$y.

    2. For the same reason he didn’t pursue Jennifer Aniston….he doesn’t want to stick his peen into holes that have been violated by John Mayer.

  329. 329
    crazy phanny, you Says:

    HCQ says

    Perhaps she only gave him a hand or blowjob and then he never called.
    Silly modern women, market themselves as meat and then act all surprised when they are treated as such.

    He is clearly having a fabulous time, in the process, and getting all the free and easy ass he can get from silly, mindless bimbos the world over. Don’t hate.
    he has assessed if she is someone he wants to take a next step with, whether that means getting serious or getting his balls licked by some ***** in a club bathroom.
    He doesn’t even have to lift his ****, as all the whoors will do the lifting for him. He still gets to get off and the simple ******* don’t even get their snatch licked.

    Are you living in 1950? Evolve. Check yourself. You sound like a bitter old hen, deranged with envy that you will never feel Gerry;s hard c*ck in you. By your remarks, everyone’s a wh*re except Saint Sl*t Gerry.
    A modern saying you probably haven’t heard is “a man is what a man does”. If she;s trash so is he.
    No respectable woman would want him now. He’s just eye candy and entertaining, not take home to mom and dad worthy.

  330. 330
    highcottonquinn Says:

    I agree with this part of your comment.
    But the part wanting Gerry to talk about his faith and if he still goes to mass? Are you kidding? I bet Gerry hasn’t been to confession or inside a church since he was living at home. He considers himself St.Gerard- patron saint of the pootang and worships his own genitals.

    Read more:

    LOL. True dat. The only mass he’s attending to is the mass of women droppin’ they dignity on the floor when Gerbear applies a little o’ the scottish charm. LOL! Silly b-i-t-c-h-e-s, tricks are for prostitutes.

  331. 331
    highcottonquinn Says:

    @crazy phanny, you:

    Disregarded by the spelling of your phangurl name. I don’t think Gerry’s a “saint” you daft cow. Women, via feminism, wanted the right to have sex like a man but stupid feminuts weren’t prepared for the repercussions. Now women get pumped and dumped with wild abandon. Single mothers and children growing up without fathers. Gerry is just playing the game that radical feminism gave him permission to play.

  332. 332
    highcottonquinn Says:

    @crazy phanny, you:
    No respectable woman would want him now. He’s just eye candy and entertaining, not take home to mom and dad worthy.

    Read more:

    Ger isn’t doing anything most of these women aren’t already doing themselves. They give this man their permission to use them and then cry when he doesn’t call them after he’s finished.

  333. 333
    oy Says:

    323 you are an idiot. The man beats a dog up and you’re still a fan. He punches a photographer and you’re still a fan. He treats women like disposable coffee cups and you’re still a fan. He does threesomes, and you’re still a fan. He makes sh/t films and you’re still a fan. But he allegedly dates Jessica Simpson and you’re over him? Your moral compass seems to be stuck in your vag.

  334. 334
    OMG!!!!! Says:

    @332 if this guy treats girls as badly as you say hes going to get killed. young women are fierce. they will destroy property or worse when a guy scr>ws up. one chick burned down a frat house. scary
    if gbutler really is a dbag hes going to get hurt

  335. 335
    haha Says:

    highcottonquinn=Church Lady

  336. 336
    highcottonquinn Says:

    young women are fierce.

    HCQ says: Fools and hypocrites is more like it.

  337. 337
    highcottonquinn Says:


    Oy vomits: The man beats a dog up and you’re still a fan.

    HCQ says: That was blown all out of proportion or else more would have come of it.

    Oy blathers: He punches a photographer and you’re still a fan.

    HCQ replies: Paps take pictures of Ger putting food in his mouth and scratching his nose. Paps take pics of the children of celebs w/o their parent’s permission/knowledge. Paps climb in trees bordering the private property of celebs just so they can get pics of celebs sunbathing naked. You should ask Princess Di about the paparazzo…oh…wait…you can’t ask her…because she’s DEAD, courtesy of the paparazzi. Gerry didn’t do anything but punch a vulture and I’m sure most celebs applauded as would you if you were the subject of the same treatment at the hands of the paps.

    moron Oy wrote: He treats women like disposable coffee cups…

    HCQ retorts: And where is the culpability of the women who allow this man to treat them like “disposable coffee cups”? They consent don’t they?

    Oy regurgitates: “He does threesomes…

    HCQ retorts: While I personally find 3somes reprehensible the fact remains that Gerry engaged in 3somes with other consenting adults and it really isn’t anyone’s business. I find it easier to forgive the 3somes than the divulging of the information to the media which I think was a mistake on Ger’s part and was done in response to the baiting and goading of a pseudo journalist looking for shock value.

    Oy continues: He makes sh/t films…

    HCQ replies: I have said once before that I do not like ALL of Ger’s movies. You are too busy engaging in some personal vendettat and trying to destroy this man to remember or care about that fact.

    OY: But he allegedly dates Jessica Simpson and you’re over him?

    HCQ replies: WTF R U talking about? I scarcely believe the veracity of the story to begin with so there is nothing to “get over”. It sounds like it was a simple date like many of the other dates this man has been on with countless other women.

    Please do not make me beat you with your crack pipe.

    Read more:

  338. 338
    ??? Says:

    Is somebody just posting back and forth to themselves?

  339. 339
    lara Says:

    You people have trashing and bashing this guy 24/7 since Jared stared posting stories of him..honestly it`s pathetic..
    The amount of second hand word-of-mouth gossip/worship/****** rumours that have been on posted here is unbelievable. …Why are you all so personnaly vested in what he does or does not? Whether he sleeps with a monkey or not, I would think that would be his prerogative.
    You can`t judge someone by your own standards, moral fiber, prejudices, misconceptions,upbringing etc.

    Distance yourselves and gain some perspective. The strong reactions (whether it may be worship or hate), immense hatred, and satisfaction in seeing him ( a complete stranger) fail is SERIOUSLY UNHEALTHY.

    Gossip rags are for purely for brainless entertainement purposes and advertising ads. it`s all about the click through rates and traffic, these bull-**** stories drive. And all of you are eating it up..

  340. 340
    oh yeah Says:

    and you are here for what? To beat up on complete strangers? Distance youself

  341. 341
    moral compass Says:


    You can`t judge someone by your own standards, moral fiber, prejudices, misconceptions,upbringing etc.

    Um, yes you can. If you accept everything, you believe in nothing. Most people have their own set of standards and morals that they judge themselves and others by.

  342. 342
    jonathan Says:

    @Annabeth: Will you marry me?
    You are one tough gal!
    Fierce young girls?
    Don’t mess with these chicks!
    Safe You Tube links but if ya don’t like looking at strong girls don’t watch. Enjoy it ladies

  343. 343
    Downlowinfo Says:

    I’ve never laughed so effin hard in my life…..the rabid phangurls have convinced themselves there is no way that Gerry was serious about having a threesome.

    The haters think he’s bloated sack of sh!t that is boasting about his non existant hetero sex life.

    This man can’t win for losing, LOL. As for him not calling….maybe he likes to chase, and is getting hunted down like a fat buck in deer hunting season? Lots of men talk a good game about wanting a woman to make the first move, but when it comes down to it…they like to chase.

    I’m sure he’s getting his, but I seriously doubt he’s got the time or energy to keep it up like that, LOL.

  344. 344
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Hoping to see Curious, Amen, downlowinfo, cube, Giggles and the rest. Tired of the troll that is hating on anyone on the thread. Let me know if you are around.

  345. 345
    JurisDoc Says:

    LOL I have to confess that I am kind of addicted to this stuff too. I am just finishing this thread and have to move into the other again.
    New posts keep getting added (some more insane than the others) and for some reason…a lot of it is like a sick, twisted sitcom that is prone to post by post cliffhanger.
    I did laugh at what I read of highcottonquinn and some savannah girl. Their exchange did have me on the floor.

    So – are they going to change the name of the movie from The Bounty?
    Hasnt it already been taken?
    Titles cannot considered intellectual property so….lol mayyyyybe they keep The Bounty and use “The Quicker Picker Upper” as the movie’s byline since our boy Gerry is in it and he sure as hell is.

  346. 346
    cubedweller Says:

    Hi everybody. I too am staying clear of the newest thread because it’s whack. Well, more whack than usual. Now people are bashing on Butler for walking around by himself – what?? He’s being stalked down the street by mad tweeters? You are right, JurisDoc – there is something sickly addictive about this – the cast here is far more interesting than anything on tv, and I could not find a good movie to hit tonight. So here I am. Hope Butler finds some peace this weekend after the week he’s had.

  347. 347
    cubedweller Says:

    @JurisDoc: I can’t stop laughing about “battling demonic forces from within…” Scroo Corialanus, this is better than Shakespeare.

  348. 348
    JurisDoc Says:

    LOL @cubedweller Gerry is giving the true haters material for GB punchlines now and I can’t help but crack up.

    Twitterpic: I saw that, eerie. Someone’s “MOM” took the picture on their cell phone, sent it to their young daughter and posted it on Twitter.
    Probably why Gerry is hanging out at places that are “supposed” to be considered celebrity “safe-haven” clubs (Soho House, Norwood – membership only in manhattan) because you aren’t going to be mixing with the “hoi polloi” so to speak…
    BUT NOW you have C and D list celebs and their assistants twittering for them from the places, so the guy can’t even go out to enjoy himself a cold O’Doul’s, some Nicorette and maybe a lil new-wave techno without being twat to death.

  349. 349
    amen Says:

    So weird about the deterioration of discourse around Gerry Butler. I’m thinking this guy is too weak a vessel for people to be hanging their hopes or expectations on. Just ask him – he’ll tell you that. He isn’t noble either and he’ll tell you that too.
    I’m thinking that the career opportunity he got with Ralph Fiennes is just what the Doctor ordered for his poor old career. LAC was pretty good, but it it were Bounty that was out now instead of LAC I bet he doesn’t get the Coriolanus nod….waddya say?

  350. 350
    cubedweller Says:

    @amen: Honestly, I’m praying that Bounty goes right to DVD – then he could avoid the tabloid mess repeating itself in the spring. But on the other hand, he could just take a cue from Aaron Eckhart, walk the carpet, keep quiet, keep his head down and get thru the opening, long enough to disappear. Wait, what am I saying – this is Butler we’re talking about? LOL

  351. 351
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Glad to see you gals here. Sorry I invited everyone last night and abandoned ship. Ended up out to a late dinner with our friends.
    Have to agree with all of you. This is kind of a sick situation that I can’t quit viewing. I have to admit I am really attracted to the sexy Gerry, enjoy the actor Gerry and wouldn’t touch the social Gerry with a ten foot pole.
    I hope Bounty goes straight to DVD. This sh!t this summer with Nippy was so disappointing and neverending it seemed. The woman has quite the PR team.
    Looking forward to the Great Scot going to Europe and getting to work on a real movie. IMDB lists that this is a British project.
    As for Gerry, he used to love NYC because he felt he could fly below the paps radar. Now it seems that NYC is on the same par as LA. No wonder the guy only goes out alone or with his friends. Any “regular” girl probably wouldn’t want any spotlight.
    I had to change threads, I was so tired of OY changing her name and picking on any poster who didn’t agree with her in the most disgusing manner. 99% positive this is a jilted toy from Gerry’s toy box. Maybe if we stay away longer she will get bored with not having any targets.

  352. 352
    Oh Gee Wiz! Says:

    Hey, Curious, Amen, downlowinfo, cube, Giggles, ManLESSton, I likely and other of like posters. I hope I’m not intruding, but I thought I’d join the more sane group and hope the maniacs don’t follow. I just saw LAC with hubby and really thought it was good. I had few stomach flip flops in places but, thought all the actors did a great job. I hope this one makes a mark for him.

  353. 353
    amen Says:

    @Oh Gee Wiz!: Hi OGW – yeah we will try and keep a lid on things here – who knows how long it will last.
    I liked the film too thought it was good. I was saying earlier that I feel that Gerry’s strength in the role got him the nod for the Coriolanus roll with Ralph Fiennes. Glad something good came of it for him. From the looks of the Box Office figures it’s still perking along pretty well and will probably make some money for his Production Company…good deal!

  354. 354
    Downlowinfo Says:

    The movie was incredible. Pretty much every other poster on this site is a planet shy of a solar system. I really love laughing, and these posters do it for me.

    Between phangurls, haters, and trolls I can barely keep myself from p*ssing my pants, LOL.

  355. 355
    cubedweller Says:

    There is never a dull moment here at JJ. But yeah, I try to stay out of the line of fire between the rabid haters and the “We love him absolutely” crowd.

    I’m so happy LAC is making money. I pulled up the review at my local Metromix site and found it to be vicious. But a number of people had really done a hatchet job on the reviewer in comments and urged others to go see the film in spite of the idiotic review. In this case twitter might be Butler’s friend – the positive tweets are flying. Good on him! It takes balls to start a production company and LAC is a terrific little thriller that will give them a good launch.

  356. 356
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Hey ladies. Just checked with and things are looking pretty good for our guy.
    Paranormal Activity $22,000,000
    Saw VI $14,800,000
    Where the Wild Things Are $14,420,000
    Law Abiding Citizen $12,713,000
    That brings LAC to $40,318,000 total, pretty good legs so far. I thought Saw would knock out the box office as it has traditionally done, but am pleasantly surprised PA killed at the box office over Saw. LAC finishing $2M behind Saw shows Gerry’s movie is showing some staying power.
    Only Michael Jackson’s This Is It is opening next week so there is a good chance that LAC may finish higher next week. We will see.
    Watching the baseball game with the hubby. Was wondering if Gerry was at the game in NYC. Wouldn’t surprise me. Plus he is a big hockey fan from what I have read.
    Haven’t been over to the other thread yet today. May just lurk a little. BTW the trolls can’t really have it both ways can they? First they are multiposting he is gay then the icky 3some king. It gets pretty wild. Plus the paid interns should be spamming again for the tab deadlines. Oh well, at least it is a little safe here for the time being. But I am not holding my breath.

  357. 357
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Just got back from reading the other thread. Now they are a bunch of analysts determining how damaged Gerry’s childhood was. Sorry but that is more thought than I am willing to give the subject.
    One person posted a pic of Gerry walking alone down a NYC street. I bet that guy just hates being followed constantly. I know I would.

  358. 358
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Just did a search on twitter and there are so may positive posts for LAC. Good on Gerry. But there are also marriage proposals for him too. hmmmmm

  359. 359
    amen Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: What….just one proposal ;-)

  360. 360
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @amen: Okay I did something sort of stupid. I just got so mad reading the last Gerry thread that I called out oy. I’m just so sick of her bullying anyone who doesn’t agree with her. Maybe I should go to bed before I get really p!ssed.

  361. 361
    alphaba Says:

    A surprising really great review of LAC came from the Cornell University Daily Sun. Who would have thought the Ivy League would have liked this movie?!.

  362. 362
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @alphaba: There is some 21-yr-old college student on the other thread saying how stupid the ending of LAC was. Can you believe it? What other way could that movie have ended?
    Still fighting the good fight on the other thread. I should just give it up. The second I go to bed oy will be bad-mouthing me. Oh well. I haven’t slept in 24 hours. I should just go to bed…

  363. 363
    ...... Says:

    I just googled:

  364. 364

    ….ARE lurking on these threads looking for the ‘new crew’ of Gerard B. lover(s).
    Post w caution, girls…

  365. 365
    ? Says:


  366. 366
    oy Says:

    @TABLOID REPORTERS: In that case, yes we’ve all seen his willy. It cries when it reads fanmail but is otherwise unable to perform the music of the night.

    Call me reporters. I’ll tell you everything about how Gerry made sweet love to me in his dreams when all I really wanted was Fry Guy. ;P

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