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Gerard Butler Hits Whitney Studio Party

Gerard Butler Hits Whitney Studio Party

Gerard Butler suits up for the 2009 Whitney Studio Party at The Whitney Museum of American Art on Monday (October 19) in New York City.

Earlier in the day, the 39-year-old Scottish actor dropped by It’s On With Alexa Chung. He admitted he got starstruck by Robert DeNiro and Dame Shirley Bassey, who sang the theme song to the James Bond film Goldfinger (1964).

15+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler @ the 2009 Whitney Studio Party

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Photos: Jemal Countess/Getty, Flynetonline
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366 Responses to “Gerard Butler Hits Whitney Studio Party”

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  1. 51
    HCQ Says:

    @Re: Shanna and Blowgate:

    He’d be wise not to have gotten anything more than a blowjob or jerk off from Shanna the soulless; no telling what that slag has cruising her hozone. interestingly enough, someone using Shanna Moakler’s name showed up on this site, in another thread, a couple of days ago, claiming that Ger only likes “blowjobs or jerkoffs”. Considering how many of these chicas are diseased, fame seeking and gold digging this would actually mean Ger is pretty smart.

  2. 52
    Nemo Says:


    i don’t think he’s had any work done but i wouldn’t be surprised. he was photographed ten days ago with his manager in front of a medial building in beverly hills where the majority of the practitioners are plastic surgeons. maybe it was for his manager (who is creepy clooking, by the way).

    as for the gay thing, maybe he’s bi. he hits on anything that’s female so maybe it is just an act. there are more and more rumors about his sexuality.

  3. 53
    sugar Says:

    His face actually looks really fresh here, much better then the bounty pics, so he could have done something (and done it well because he looks good) or it’s just resting and enjoying life@

  4. 54
    ß € § § Says:

    @sugar: Sugar luv stop being boring… you must talk trash about him like the others…Anything will do.. just call him something tame like a ‘silly poopoo-head’ or something

    You’re letting the thread down by being civilized.

  5. 55
    Cotton Says:


    It’s hard to stay mad at him isn’t it? I think he really is just enjoying himself right now. I hate to judge him too harshly because mistakes will be made. The wrong things will be said. The wrong moves will be executed. It has to be hard for him to live his personal life discretely when the paps are constantly on his ass, documenting his every move. I’m just disturbed by some of the stories of how he treats women. Very disconcerting. I don’t care who you are, a man shouldn’t treat women like pieces of meat nor should he act as if he has a sense of entitlement…but at the same time he probably has so many ******* throwing themselves at him.

  6. 56
    LMAO Says:

    I love this thread!

  7. 57
    Nemo Says:


    my friend actually asked him if he was single because so many women threw themselves at him and that made him feel like it was all too easy. he said maybe it had become easier and something else like being followed around all the time by paps that it made it difficult to have a relationship. because, like, being demeaning to women and hitting on anything female is less enticing for the tabloids. he’s giving us more fodder by his BS.

  8. 58
    sugar Says:

    I think he is like his dad, who could never settle down and left his wife and kids behind. He is just bloody restless. Men like that shouldn’t marry/.

  9. 59
    glance in the mirror before.. Says:

    …before you go out.

    does he honestly think he looks good in that coat and hat? OMG whoever told him he looked stylish in that gear needs to get their a*** fired pronto! if he came to my town wearing that, he would get jumped on by the thugs!…

  10. 60
    memei Says:

    yum. Freshly shaven

  11. 61
    PAPS MY ASS Says:

    The paps don’t follow him everywhere. It’s only since the Bounty that he’s become tabloid news worthy. When he was shooting LAC a pap said he couldn’t get anyone to buy his photos of Gerry.
    It looks like the paps following him is just the new excuse for not having a relationship.
    Clooney does it best. He has a girlfriend for a while then they both move on. He knows the attraction for her is his fame and excepts that. He gets the privilege of being with a beautiful woman. It works for everyone.
    Gerry just doesn’t want to loose control and except that the women he’s with will use his fame. Big damn deal; that’s how he gets the girls in the first place. He should just play along. The problem is he can’t be monogamous for even a few months like Clooney can.

  12. 62
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    Read and weep or laugh or cry or vomit…..

    Alexa Chung impregnated by Gerard Butler just from eye contact
    Tue, 20/10/2009 – 09:38 By Mopsa

    Alexa Chung is obviously still following the Victoria Beckham diet of pomegranates and frozen peas at the Whitney Fall Gala and Studio Party at the Whitney Museum of American Art in NYC last night. But it would seem that poor feeble Chung needs all the strength she can get to fend off fellow partygoer and God’s gift to all women (after Johnny Borrell) Gerard Butler…

    Gerard Butler was reportedly flirting outrageously with Chung (who goes out with Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys) during her MTV show recently, ‘It’s On With Alexa Chung’ (something Butler took a little too literally by the sounds of things).

    He interrupted Chung during the interview to tell her that she had “amazing eyes” and that had failed to notice how beautiful they were when they first met at the VMA awards.


    Alexa quipped:

    “No – you were just going on about my legs.”

    Touche! The presenter then told Butler that there was a Facebook group called ‘Gerard Butler can impregnate through looks alone’ (now she’s just asking for trouble) to which Butler replied:

    “I’m knocking you up – I think I’ve just knocked you up, actually.”

    If you can bare to read on, the pair then played a quiz in which Butler had to say ‘The Butler Did It’ as a yes answer.

    Asked if he had had a threesome in the past year, he replied “the Butler did it” before adding the, “The Butler pretty much always does it.” The suave so and so…

    What a twat.

    The pair had to attend the same party, and we’re not sure that panned out but they did have the distraction of Donatella Versace’s face and wrinkled, saggy arms to put them off…

    Also at the party Mischa Barton, Taylor Momsen, Shakira and Jennifer Hudson.

  13. 63
    alex Says:


  14. 64
    Tail Says:

    Can’t stand this fairy boy. He’s been all over the place lately. . Can’t go to the f**King supermarket without seeing his ugly face staring back at me from a movie poster. When are folks going to wise up and start spitting at him in the street?

  15. 65
    Nemo Says:

    @Mr. Giggles:

    so not surprising. he told my friend that she looked devilish. lol!

  16. 66
    Mia Says:

    When and where did Gerry talk about Megan Fox??

  17. 67
    sugar Says:

    He’s a flirt, there is no doubt about that. But the rumours are getting crazy about him. If he is gay, he should just say he is bi. That way he saves face and doesn’t lose his female fans, while at the same time being with a guy if he wants.

  18. 68
    Just asking... Says:

    @Nemo: Does your friend work for a TV show? Why was she interviewing him? Just curious :)

  19. 69
    time out now Says:

    Just saw this on TweetMybog
    I couldn’t have put it better myself:
    this is the blog …

    “It was a big weekend for Gerard Butler. His movie Law Abiding Citizen opened at number two and he hosted Saturday Night Live. Too bad both of them sucked. And now he’s on notice.

    We’ve seen this sort of behavior before, most notably with people like Jude Law and Colin Farrell, guys who were made into leading men before they had time to prove that they had the chops for such a responsibility. Let lessons be learned from the past and let’s put Butler on probation.

    Why does this misbehaving star deserve to be grounded? Well, after some early success in a Tomb Raider movie and the title role in the abysmal film adaptation of Phantom of the Opera, Butler and his abs starred in the surprise hit 300, grossing half a billion worldwide and making a legion of fanboys, ladies, and gay men very happy in the process. Because of this crossover appeal, his handlers thought that he could simultaneously dabble in both action and romantic comedy. That could be true, but he hasn’t bothered to be in a good movie since 300. Crappy movies are crappy in any genre.

    With P.S. I Love You and The Ugly Truth, his rom-coms with Hilary Swank and Katherine Heigl respectively, were both box office flops and critical duds. Gamer, released last month to deafening silence, has barely made a mark and struggled to get past the $20 million mark. It has been a series of missteps for this Scotsman. Citizen, which costars Jamie Foxx, had a good showing at the box office, but critics lit into it, which means that it probably won’t rally much more in coming weeks.

    While not as bad as Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr or professional bad decision makers Nicolas Cage and John Travolta, Butler is headed down that path if we don’t intervene. If he can’t pull out a decent project or two then he will be banned from all movies, tabloids, red carpet affairs, awards ceremonies, and celebrity relationships. If he can stay out of the press for three years, he may be rewarded with the starring role on a CBS procedural. This is your punishment Butler, so you better shape up.

    Next year’s Jennifer Aniston comedy The Bounty could go either way. Aniston was in The Break Up, the best romantic comedy of the decade, but the quality probably had more to do with the writing and direction than her abilities. It better work out, because if not, Butler is well on his way to being an over-valued, over-paid star who can’t open anything bigger than a cereal box. If it does, along with maybe a prestige picture or a great cameo in a smaller film, then we will reinstate him into our good grace. Until them, he’s in a professional time out”

  20. 70
    pippin Says:

    i feel sorry for him. everyone is thrashing him on this thread for NO REASON . leave him alone you FREAKS! go get A LIFE!

  21. 71
    2005 fan Says:

    Does anyone remember that story about Gerry having sex with Tara Palmer Tomkinson at some party or event in England in 2005? There quite a lot of talk about it on the fan boards back then.

  22. 72
    Nemo Says:


    i read it on a website that he wanted her to call him and it was titled “gerard butler wants to bang megan fox”.

  23. 73
    Nemo Says:

    @Just asking…:

    she works for the film supplement of a european daily and she interviewed him for the ugly truth in london

  24. 74
    jules Says:

    i’m sure people would stop trashing him if he would stop acting the way he does, like a JERK! I know a lot of old fans who used to adore him and NONE of them likes him anymore because of the way he is nowadays.

  25. 75
    @2005 fan Says:

    @2005 fan: Ummm….The Tara Palmer Tomkinson who used to be friends with the British royal family and then showed up drunk and showed her tits at Prince William’s birthday party????? WTF? Gerry slept with her too?! This guy is just too much.

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