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Gerard Butler Hits Whitney Studio Party

Gerard Butler Hits Whitney Studio Party

Gerard Butler suits up for the 2009 Whitney Studio Party at The Whitney Museum of American Art on Monday (October 19) in New York City.

Earlier in the day, the 39-year-old Scottish actor dropped by It’s On With Alexa Chung. He admitted he got starstruck by Robert DeNiro and Dame Shirley Bassey, who sang the theme song to the James Bond film Goldfinger (1964).

15+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler @ the 2009 Whitney Studio Party

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Photos: Jemal Countess/Getty, Flynetonline
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  • cubedweller

    I would guess he knew ahead of time what was going to be asked, so he could not have been surprised. I think very little is improvised on those shows. That’s what his PR people are for. But why they don’t stick a muzzle on him I don’t know. He wants attention, and today he got it.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @cubedweller: ITAWY!

  • girly girl

    @oy: You are not alone in your opinion. Keep posting. You say it better than anyone else could. Gerry’s got some serious problems. If the people around him are his “yes” peeps then maybe his fans, yeah I’m a fan, can knock some sense into him in our own small way.

  • sugar

    The threesome was maybe with the two women dressed as vampires that he was “seen” leaving with at last year’s party in Jennifer Hudson’s house. I usually like how open he is, but this is a tad too much. He should have kept that info to himself.

  • Mr. Giggles
  • To postwatcher

    @postwatcher: You have no idea what he’s had to deal with. Maybe he is single for a reason. For all you know, he could have experienced more pain and struggle in his life than most would if they lived to be 100. That’s right, you don’t know. None of us know because he’s a stranger to us, you imbecile.

    Please pay the same careful attention to your own sad little life instead of obsessing over a certain actor’s relationship status for 24 hrs of the bloody day. Get a hobby, eat some cake, have some sex, swing from the chandelier, moonwalk. I don’t care, do anything. As long as we don’t have to read your moronic list posts anymore I’ll be happy..

  • threesome

    maybe they were with two other men.

  • Does everyone

    Believe everything he says? Geez.

  • the brooooom

    Bro’s just following doctor’s orders. Sex does a body good. Dig?

  • postwatcher

    @To postwatcher:

    Pain and struggle? Stumbling out of trendy bars? Traipsing around Europe? Going to fashion shows? Speeding away from said bars in a cheesy small *ick car? Wearing stupid hats with farm animals on them? Yeah, life is hard.

    The point of my original post is to counter the argument that all you lame fans have that he is hiding his girlfriends because he doesn’t want to hurt his career.

    You guys have him on this pedestal as some kind of romantic hero when in reality he is a zero!

  • Gerard is Nasty

    First off, he looked better before the Botox.
    Now he truly looks like a QUEEN.

    ARE YOU referring to the BOYFRIEND that works for him? There is no girlfriend, honey.

  • Stinkylouise

    What’s the big deal? He’s a manwh*re. No surprise. The rumours of his sexcapades have been circulating for years. All he did was confirm what alot of us have believed for some time.
    This also gives a certain amount of credibility to the Philly “herding” stories.LOL

  • Simply amazed

    Oh Post, You are lame. Since he doesn’t drink, he isn’t stumbling out of anywhere.

    OMG, no! He doesn’t go to Europe, does he? How absolutely depraved.

    Bet most everyone here would like to own a car like one of his. Jealous cause you can’t afford one?

    Don’t lump all his fans with those who think he’s hiding a GF because of his career. I’m a fan and I don’t think that. If he does date under the radar it’s to keep the paps off his back. It’s none of my business or yours anyway. And I don’t have him up on a pedestal nor do I wallow in the beauty of his soul. He’s much more interesting as a human being who makes mistakes and also has successes just like everyone else. It just happens his successes and mistakes are talked about endlessly on fan boards, gossip sites and by twittering nutcases. Amen.

  • who hasn’t been there?

    Wait..Megan Fox hasn’t f***ked him? You’re are telling me there exists a Hollywood c0ck out there that hasn’t been inside her herpes-infested yeast flap yet? Isn’t that some sort of Guinness world record? Are we sure she’s still alive? Someone should go check she is still f***king breathing. And isn’t she like the Hollywood C0ck-sucking marathon champion for three years running or something?

    Oh wait. I forgot, that’s Sienna Miller. Never mind, false alarm.

  • cubedweller

    @Stinkylouise: Ah the Philly Blogger – good times. LOL

  • liz

    JJ, thanks for the item and the pics! I nefver tire of looking and hearing about Gerard. He was great on SNL, and he did really well for model-boring-anorexic Alexa’s questions. It still amazes me that some posters waste their time coming over and over and over espousing their vitriol…If you hate the man so much, don’t bother coming to this great site. As Shakespeare wrote, “Methinks yo doth protest too much.” People that obsess about an actor out of adoration is one thing, but you’re obsessing about the ame actor but with poisoned darts. Why? He must really interst you on some level…I also think it odd that those who used to rail about his frownlines in his forhead, now damn him for possibly having some work done. And…I hate to tell you, but “40″ is not that old. Not nowadays when the 100 year-olds are a bigger group than ever before. Haven’t you heard? 40 is the new 30, and allthe way up and down the age ladders. Most of the current big male stars are in their mid-forties and up..Gery is one of the younger ones. A man in his forties is just getting into his prime…unless he’s in a professional sports arena. And if a handsome, talented, funny,, intelligent, hunky 40 year old wants to date a 20 something? So what? Michael Landon married a woman 23 years younger, and was happy until his dath; Kevin C. married a 20 -plus younger girl; Clooney is dating somone way younger; Pitt is over 12 years older than Jolie; 40 is a young man..People consider Obama a young man, and he’s seven years older. Therefore, those posters who make this claim must b prepubescent teens..And gay comments? Those posters must be gay -inclined and hoping that GB is, too. I love the guy! I only wish him a hpapy and rewarding life. And one last thing for now: saying yo were part of a threesome..who cares? The “kids” in that audience looked like they came off the set of A Clockwork Orange…I don’t think GB is harming their delicate natures. Give us more, JJ>

  • Stinkylouise

    I feel sorry for that poor blogger. He had no idea what he was getting into. I was reading the comments just as all h*ll broke loose. The fangirls were out for blood.LOL

  • anoosh


    STFU. What’s your sad life brought you? Come here to dump your venom on some actor who doesn’t give you time of the day? You are wasting your time trying to make people hate GB. The harder you try the more ridiculous and pathetic you sound. Did your mom desert you at birth or were you used up by men so you turned into a bitter small-minded and hateful person? You are a very sick and sad existence. Your effort is futile so stop trying. You don’t gain respect by trashing.

    Who gives a rat’s a**s about 3some or 4some or muti-some? Tons of married people are doing it behind their partners’ back. GB is single and not in relationship of any sort. If that’s the lifestyle he likes, who are you to judge?

  • Downlowinfo

    The only people making a big deal of Gerry and the threesome comment are his over the top fans, and the trolls come on here and get them all riled up, LOL!

    I’ve heard some fans say, oh he’s just joking about the threesome. Why? Because it tugs at their moral fiber that ole Gerry may like to get mildly freaky. It also disturbs the fantasies that they’ve built up in their head of him being a swashbuckling hero that will take them away from their reality. Oh yeah, and just because you may’ve met him while he was working (movie premiere’s, talk shows, etc) does not mean you know him. I’m sure timeclock Gerry and after work Gerry are two different animals.

    I’m still a fan, but I tend not to set my moral compass by what someone else is doing. For the over the top, easily offended crazies don’t let anyone else be your moral compass.

    He’s a great actor that is living his dream. I don’t know too many people that wouldn’t take advantage of some of the same trappings of wealth and fame that he has acuired. JMO

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    who hasn’t been there? @ 10/20/2009 at 6:33 pm Wait..Megan Fox hasn’t f***ked him? You’re are telling me there exists a Hollywood **** out there that hasn’t been inside her herpes-infested yeast flap yet? Isn’t that some sort of Guinness world record? Are we sure she’s still alive? Someone should go check she is still f***king breathing. And isn’t she like the Hollywood ****-sucking marathon champion for three years running or something?

    Oh wait. I forgot, that’s Sienna Miller. Never mind, false alarm.
    Stinky, I was reading the blogger at the time and I couldn’t believe how insane that got. Those women were out for blood.
    Downlowinfo, IAWY. Some people really do project what they want him to be and then get really worked up about him being himself. Live and let live.
    Shout out to the gals, Stinky, Amen, Giggles, Cubedweller, Jill, Curious Cat and the rest. Mr. Giggles, thanks for the links. I couldn’t find any last night. You never fail. Glad you are feeling better.

  • @168

    There is some serious ID Theft on this board which has gone way out of hand in a very malicious way. Whoever is posing as ‘STFU’ is a troll and an email of complaint has been lodged. Yesterday.

  • Larel

    Is Butler dating Shakira now? lol

  • from tmz

    great post from the tmz comments section
    Gerry, you’re a little boy! And if you need 2 women to find pleasure in sex, then it means you’re sleeping with immature girls who know nothing about sex.

    A real woman would exhaust you and you’d never go back to immature 20-something anorexic models!

    Many men who have done it with a real curvy woman with experience will tell you they’d never go back to younger anorexic women because those could never satisfy them.

    One bit of advice: grow up! It’s ridiculous at 40 to try and act like an 18-year teenage boy! Eventually something won’t get up and stay hard and your little sex toys will mock you and leave you!

    Posted at 6:25PM on Oct 20th 2009 by LittleBoy

  • Simply amazed

    Prime example of people who are too stupid to realize he wasn’t being serious.

  • Vanessa Bell

    I have to laugh at some of the posts suggesting that because he doesn’t have a steady girlfriend “that we know of” that he is gay.

    How preposterous is that? I believe that those comments are probably reflecting wishful thinking on some homosexual men’s parts. There is nothing wrong witth fantasizing about someone but don’t try to make an obviously straight man who loves women, into a gay man when he is not. The man is definitely not gay.

    Gerard is sexy, intelligent, charming, successful and rich. He is what many would refer to as a Casanova, a womanizer, a player, or playboy.

    Why on earth would he with all of the opportunity he has to be with as many beautiful women as a man could possibly dream of, settle down with one woman??
    He doesn’t have to, the world is his for the taking. He has opportunities other men could only dream of and he is taking full advantage of this, his status as a successful good-looking celebrity.

    Lastly, I find it very amusing to read some of the posts here supposedly claiming that they or some close friends of theirs know Gerard intimately.
    I don’t believe that any woman who has had the opportunity to be with this or any other celebrity would talk about her experiences via this forum. To those who engage in telling tall tales of celebrity rendezvous you are just fooling yourselves.

  • mia

    Exactly. If he joked on some lame interview that he was really from outer space there would be crazies really debating which planet he does hail from. No lack of dumbness on the net.

  • ummmm

    if he has a girlfriend…he’s cheating on her.

  • amen

    Thanks for the link Giggles – was wondering what all the fuss was about.
    Still wondering. That threesome thing was such a lay-up; what was he going to say? I have criticized Gerry for his womanizing, but expect it from him. He’s a self-admitted bad boy and has been since his teens.
    The Q & A thing was innocuous. He knew he was being set up and he went along, he knows the drill. He was working. He did everything he could to promote that film and MTV was part of it.

  • Oh Gee Wiz!

    # 166 and 169- ITAWY It’s getting to be a sad sad world when people have nothing better to do than come to a site like this and trash someone they don’t like, just to get attention. They are the pot stirrers, rabble rousers. When it all comes down to one thing, TRUTH! Who knows for sure? Speculating and building on what the media puts out is shire folly. Even GB himself has foot and mouth disease. If that’s entertainment for you, enjoy yourself, but be realistic when judging anyone you don’t personally know. I’m a fan of the same vein as #166 and # 169 and even the much attacked ManLesston. I try not to wear my rose colored glasses when looking at this actor. He’s a man, single, and yes, an over confident attitude toward life as he may see it. If you don’t like the flavor of the month, find someone you do like. Unfortunately, these crazy haters like their attention and like GB are getting it. If you ignore them maybe they will find another play ground to bully people around on. Until then, they will continue to bash, throw barbs at people to get a rise out of them and lump everyone into the Phan girl slot, over weight, jobless, losers who build their fantasies around a man who is human, flawed and even occasionally a nice guy once in a while. Me, I’m here for the eye candy.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @amen: ITAWY. For all the build up of this interview, it was pretty bland. I also noticed that Alexa said things first like “are you knocking me up right now?” to which he replied, “I’ve just knocked you up.” So I felt he was led into some of this that everyone is having a fit over.
    Thought THE question was a totally set up question to ask. Like any guy is gonna say no on national TV. Overall I thought it was a stupid interview all the way around. But then again it is MTV, do we really expect anything mature?
    I say it was much ado about nothing.


    To the poster that tried to act like she knew the deal and that Gerry is dating some 30-something staffer of his, here’s something for YOU:

    End of discussion.

    Stop spinning tales on the internet. It’s rather sick.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Okay I have to snark on Gerry. Looking at these pictures, I must really be naive because what the hell is he doing wearing makeup to that Whitney event? I’m sorry but WTF? Other than that, I think he looks nummy.

  • Stupid Stupid Idiots


    “if he has a girlfriend…he’s cheating on her.

    He doesnt have a proper girlfriend so no matter, no mind.
    Especially NOT some fatass “curvy” old boring plain STAFFER.
    Haha the idea is preposterous.
    Can you say Letterman?
    That don’t make you a girlfriend, honey. It makes you a convenient hole.
    They don’t wife you. Sorry for that.

  • kp takes it back

    Although I don’t agree with some stuff he does….I just saw the clip and jumped to conclusions. He was being himself, a j@ckass, and that’s why I love him….lol.
    love ya butler….still didn’t like your outfit though too much goin on.
    He should’ve answered the 3some question like “the Butler doesn’t know how to do it” that would’ve been the best thing I think in front of that audience. MTV shouldn’t promote those kind of questions to a younger crowd when at the same time they advocate “safe sex” or whatever.

  • Me

    There are a lot of witty comments on this forum.
    @#164 in particular….I almost died laughing when I read that post! Some of you should write comedy blogs, or better yet, write for SNL ‘cos the current writers are terrible. The show has been on the decline for a while now.

    As for the threesome show. The You Tube link is not working for me. All I see is an invalid link message in a red banner.

  • UK OK

    WHO CARRRRREESS what Gerry says!
    Just enjoy the flippin show
    Bugger me you guys are annoying !!!
    None of us will ever get a snog, much less a shag from the bloke so who cares???


  • oh yeah

    But then again it is MTV, do we really expect anything mature?
    Exactly why is a 40 year old man on this stupid show. GB should fire his PR team.

  • kp takes it back

    What set me off was in the last thread, someone was quoting Ted C saying Butler wasn’t getting enough sleep cause of all the sex he was having. Then, this came up and people were writing as if this interview with Alexa Chung as if he was undressing him with his eyes. He was flirty, but, it was harmless. Her eyes actually are very pretty. Last time I saw her on tv, she didn’t look that good?
    Now, back to this Ted C thing. If he was bragging that he was having so much sex, that’s lame….if he’s bragging about having 3somes, also lame. Not 40 yr old behavior and def don’t agree with that. There’s plenty of people out there who prob have alot of sex, but don’t go out braggin bout it. That’s where he should chill out….and stay “humble”. It’s noone’s business afterall.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @oh yeah: You have a really good point. Does marketing LAC to the MTV crowd make sense? Probably since they are movie goers. But I definitely question this PR choice also.

  • GB Fanwars-Deadliest Warrior

    kp, are you bi-polar?your dramatic flip-flopping is getting out of control. make up your mind.are you a hater or a fangirl? there are no grey areas, luv, nor is there any room for fence sitters on the battlefield. pick a side and fight to the death_all night & all day!!
    the very last poster to collapse and die of exhaustion will be declared the winner!

  • SOWHAT?!

    I’m just wondering who of all the people commenting know Gerry personally?? I’m going to guess…hmmmm……NONE of you! So, how then is it even okay to say anything judging his character and calling him gay?? The threesome question should not have been asked, that was a stupid question, he answered it to be funny as he always is. It probably is true, but so what??! Who is he obligated to be true to? No one, he is not linked for a reason. It’s his life and he can do what he wants! A friend of his told me he can’t have a serious relationship cause the paps won’t leave him alone, they as everyone else is in his business. He puts his life as an actor on T.V, not his personal life. Yes, he is all over the interviews right now….he has been promoting movies all year. He is busy, that’s what he chooses.
    It is ridiculous that people are attacking his looks and character, he is a handsome and charasmatic man. Hey haters, GB is on the rise, move over Pitt and Clooney already!

  • @KP

    Oh come on kp – that little Q&A game with Alexa was not “bragging” about anything. Answering her questions in a funny way and having a wee laugh is not un-humble.
    Why would you put that spin on an otherwise silly interview technique – geeezzzzzz. What issues do you have that you have to PROJECT so much on this silly little incident – get some PERSPECTIVE . And stop fretting over the sex life of someone you do not know. What were you thinking?

  • haha

    Gerry Butler needs 2 girls to get his d!ck hard!!

  • AutumnStorms

    @ManLESSton, I likely: I

    I watched the interview . I agree with your opinion, it was bland. There really wasn’t much to it, definitely a case of much ado about nothing IMO. He seemed a bit nervous (like a fish out of water). The bit I read about this interview really took a lot out of context and added much conjecture.

    @oh yeah:

    You’re right, what the heck was he doing there.

    He had a lovely interview on Good Day LA Monday which has been pushed aside.

  • AutumnStorms

    @ManLESSton, I likely: I

    I watched the interview . I agree with your opinion, it was bland. There really wasn’t much to it, definitely a case of much ado about nothing IMO. He seemed a bit nervous (like a fish out of water). The bit I read about this interview really took a lot out of context and added much conjecture.

    @oh yeah:

    You’re right, what the heck was he doing there.

    He had a lovely interview on Good Day LA Monday which has been pushed aside.

  • kp takes it back

    lol#190, I admit I flipped out before I actually “saw” the interview. Just hearing what people were talking about seemed tasteless like a 13 yr old’s behavior and mind you, this was after this whole Ted C interview too which wasn’t impressive either…lol, I’m a chick and I’m afraid it may be pre-week…lmao. Hey, like I said, still not impressed he should keep the sexcapades to himself.
    AND # 192, I was talking about the ted c with the whole “I don’t get enough sleep cause I have so much sex” ….that was the braggin thing.
    Sorry if I confused or upset anyone…I flip flopped….but, I also jumped without seein the link which I asked for earlier. Now that I saw…I recanted. Body language says alot…people were making it sound like he was basically like being this dirty dude towards alexa and I didn see that at all.

  • AutumnStorms

    Somehow I doubt Gerry really talked to Ted at the premier. I bet his people made sure he stayed clear of Ted, especially after some of the pot shots Ted’s made GB’s way of late.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @AutumnStorms: thanks for the interview. That was definitely a better interview for Gerry. He seemed really relaxed and at ease, not nervous like the MTV interview. Again thanks for your time in sharing.

  • butler

    Gerry didn’t hesitate before answering the threesome question. And yet he did (and seemed to not want to answer) the question about if he ever stole something. Seems his moral compass is a little off to me…

  • The Butler Did NOT

    Did anyone notice how FUGLY Gerry looked on SNL? Especially the Daveheart piece. Ick!

    By the way, most teens and 20 somethings think that a 40 year old is really really old. This guy is no sex symbol.