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Jude Law: Halloween Shopping Spree

Jude Law: Halloween Shopping Spree

Jude Law gets playful while Halloween shopping with his kids in Manhattan’s East Village on Monday (October 19).

The 36-year-old actor took Rafferty, 13, Iris, almost 9, and Rudy, 7, out to check out costumes. Raff and Iris picked up some swag at the costume store…and Jude picked up Rudy.

Jude‘s Broadway play Hamlet had its best week so far at the box office, taking in $904,914 and taking its place in Broadway’s top ten grossing shows for the week.

Jude has been getting great reviews as the title character and is a likely choice for a Tony nominee.

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  • Robsten

    has he seen his new born daughter yet?

  • Sara ☼

    Love You Jude!

  • Nat

    his children are adorable

  • Kate

    Rafferty, Rudy and Iris are so cute.

  • Scarlett

    Yes, he has seen his daughter already, I was right there!!!!

  • anne

    Jude is a HOT daddy!!!

  • bill

    Jude be my husband

  • bill

    Jude is a good looking man with a lot of talents.

    Jude, be my husband,


  • vinnyblue

    Love Jude… <3
    good to see him have fun with his dad and kids.

  • Sara ☼

    Oh, and thank you so much, Jared, for blurring the children’s faces! More websites should do this, you know, not just for them, but for every celebrity’s baby. I’m glad you do this for Jude’s kids. Great! It’s your duty to do it after all. I really, really appreciate it!

  • BBQ


  • doh

    It’s not Halloween yet and he’s already wearing a mask. Doh!

  • elle

    Thanks :)

  • shamrock7

    It’s a delight to see Jude out and about with his trio shopping for Halloween. We were on the same page this weekend! Also, out of respect for his children’s privacy, they are blurring out the faces. This should be a requirement for all celebs kids when out and about and not promoting a piece of their work. Don’t you think?

    Congrats to Jude on his beautiful work in HAMLET!!! He is lighting it up peeps~

    ciao bella*

  • mery

    Congratulations, Jude. You Hamlet is incredible.
    Enjoy this moment.
    It’s great you are with the kids.

    I hope when he see his new daughter this can to be private.

  • Jazz

    Does ENgland celebrate Halloween?

    I wodner if the kids will be with him till Halloween. Sadie said the kids will be away for a month so it might be the case. So nice that even his parents can share that with him.

  • annieRich

    Lovely pics. I love Jude

  • drift

    Yes they do celebrate Halloween… costumes/masks and trick/treating. However, they tend not to go overboard like they do in the states.

  • sheryl

    Aw, nice pictures! Congrats on Hamlet, and absolutely, a Tony nom is in order! I’m hoping to get back up to NYC before the play closes to see it again!

  • Sophie

    #14 Who are you?

  • Malia

    I too appreciate the fact that Jared blurred out the kids faces. I know Jude would appreciate it!

    Love him!

  • sheryl

    The guy’s shoes and Jude’s t-shirt are cracking me up…how cute! Jude really likes him some loud trainers sometimes.

  • Team Maniston

    Hot and talented daddy!

  • jes

    omg…he’s so chic. even his kids are stylish!

    love him

  • volchok

    blurring the kids faces is a great idea ! as someone said jude would appreciate it.

  • Sara ☼

    Jude is a special daddy ♥

  • Sandy

    One Jude Law – so many pleasures. A subine actor, a wonderful man and a great Dad.together with the man that showed him how,
    his Dad. these are lovely real pictures of a close-knit family and a guy
    who knows how to leave an indelible impression on his family
    that will bear fruit with the younger generation. He works hard (with fabulous results and he plays hard – It’s his life), you go through it
    only once. If you can acheive all that you want to and do it better than anyone else your life will have great meaning for fututre generationsl
    Jude is that kind of performer , in his chosen profession and in his life.

  • shamrock7


    Like your name, that is my daughters name. I’m a US citizen, admiring Jude for his film/theatre projects and his efforts for good causes such as PEACE ONE DAY!!!

    I’m a simple person, just providing some support to another person, which is Jude Law.

    May I ask you why you are interested?

  • drea

    He is such a good father, wonder where the newest kid is?

  • Ada

    I supposed I’m glad that Jude’s Hamlet is fairing better here in the U.S. than it was in the U.K. The reviews for his portrayal in the U.K. weren’t that great, especially compared to David Tennant’s portrayal of the Danish prince at The RSC around the same time. David’s portrayal got better reviews, and it has been filmed and will be aired on BBC America some time in Spring 2010.

    Congrats to Jude though! Hope he gets the Tony nod. :)

  • dolorescraeg

    jared thanks once again.
    what a wonderful time this is for jude… hamlet is playing to packed houses every night on broadway and jude has his parents and his beloved kids with him. i saw hamlet last week…the audience was so thrilled…all they could talk about was his amazing performance and energy. every word spoken…every movement of his body…perfection….then after standing ovations at the theatre he can share this joy with the real joys of his life….raff, iris and rudy.

  • chef de chefs

    What’s a dad to do?

  • snoopy

    @Ada: Jude had good reviews in london, available courtesy the wonder of internet, not big secret and sold out performances. David wasn’t better just different, and very bug eyed.

  • mery

    The reviews in London I think was better than the profesional reviews in New York.

  • Pole

    Thanks Jared! Both for the pictures and for blurring the faces of the kids ;-)

    Jude is never more attractive IMO than when he’s with his kids. He’s obviously very close to them and it’s just so nice to see. It doesn’t hurt that he’s beautiful, sexy and talented too. And seriously involved with some great causes. I’m so happy that he’s gotten great reviews all around. Ada, which reviews from England are you reffering to? AFAIK Jude has gotten nothing but good reviews in both England, Denmark and NY. It’s a shame this production has not be filmed – I would certainly love to be able to see it over and over again.

  • sheryl

    @Pole: Actually, it has been filmed, as quite a bit of footage has been shared on Charlie Rose, et al, and my hope is that they’ll take that, slap it on DVDs, and market the heck out of it. If they decide to do that, it probably wouldn’t be until after the New York run ends, though. It would be cool if they included bonus footage of the Denmark performances…very cool.

  • Pole


    Wow, I hope that too! It would be great to see it again. I thouht the play had so many layers so not only would it be nice to see Jude’s performance again – it would also be very interesting to re-see the play again. It might even help me understand Ophelia better!

  • Angel

    Sexy man

  • Niikole

    Gorgeous man

  • gemma

    I would love to see this play on DVD. You see more each time you see the play. Hamlet in it’s simplest form (but excellent acting) would be the best way to introduce Shakespeare/Hamlet to kids in high school or freshman college. Jude was as riveting in London as he was in NY. He was better in NY. Each performance seems to get better and better, I would love to go back to NY and see him again just to see if he’s gotten better since I saw him in Sept.

    Jude is even more beautiful when you see him with his kids. He tries to keep things normal for them everywhere they go with him. You can see that he watches for the paps like a hawk and gives them that go to hell look for interrupting his private time with the kids.

    Oh Jude, you are such a wonderful man. Whoever you give your heart to will bring you happiness like you’ve never known before.

    ~sent with much love~

  • sheryl

    @gemma: Gemma, I think Jude is most content when he’s with his kids, and the kids seem to enjoy being with him as well. He has such a love for his family – his children, parents, sister, and can even vacation with his ex-wife so the kids can have both of them together. That’s awesome.

  • jami

    Excellent pictures! Thanks for blurring out the kids’ faces. Jude is the best daddy :)

  • Pole


    It really is awesome how well he and Sadie are handling being divorced and I think it’s so lovely to see his love for his family – even if it is because of pap photos..

  • Fiona

    The pic of him lifting up his youngest son maade me laugh!

  • Fiona

    The pic of him lifting his youngest son really made me laugh! I think Iris should dress more girlie and less like her brothers. I have brothers but I always had my barbies and frilly skirts!

  • Daphne

    Jude’s a sweetheart. Love his T-shirt. I hope he scores a Tony!

  • Pole

    He really should get one!

  • dolorescraeg

    sadie frost ,jude’s ex wife is in new york to be with jude and the children. today is iris’ 9th birthday. grandma and grandpa are there too.they are really a great example of how to remain a family even after a divorce.

  • Sara ☼

    That’s great, Dolores. I’m glad they put the children first. One of the reasons why I love Jude! ♥
    Btw, happy birthday to his little angel, Iris.
    Aww, please, don’t forget to kiss your daddy for me! Will you? :D

  • Fiona

    I watched Alfie again at the weekend. Jude in every scene….you can’t ask for much more! Talk about art imitating life though….him and Sienna make such a cute couple! Was thinking about watching Rage but I think it would upset me too much lol! Saw Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus and he was good in it….wasn’t in it for long though :(