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Katie Holmes Sheer Looks Elle-egant

Katie Holmes Sheer Looks Elle-egant

Katie Holmes keeps it playful in in a sheer top, black bra and Azzedine Alaia skirt at the 2009 Elle Women in Hollywood Tribute at the Four Seasons Hotel on Monday (October 19) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 30-year-old actress is on the November 2009 cover of Elle.

Yesterday, Katie was seen shopping at Maxfield in Beverly Hills. That’s the store that will exclusively be selling her fashion line Holmes-Yang.

20+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes sheer looking Elle-egant…

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katie holmes sheer elle magazine 01
katie holmes sheer elle magazine 02
katie holmes sheer elle magazine 03
katie holmes sheer elle magazine 04
katie holmes sheer elle magazine 05
katie holmes sheer elle magazine 06
katie holmes sheer elle magazine 07
katie holmes sheer elle magazine 08
katie holmes sheer elle magazine 09
katie holmes sheer elle magazine 10
katie holmes sheer elle magazine 11
katie holmes sheer elle magazine 12
katie holmes sheer elle magazine 13
katie holmes sheer elle magazine 14
katie holmes sheer elle magazine 15
katie holmes sheer elle magazine 16
katie holmes sheer elle magazine 17
katie holmes sheer elle magazine 18
katie holmes sheer elle magazine 19
katie holmes sheer elle magazine 20
katie holmes sheer elle magazine 21
katie holmes sheer elle magazine 22

Credit: John Shearer/Wireimage, Rachpoot, Jason Merritt/Getty; Photos: INFdaily, Mavrixonline
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    This event is for the 4 woman on the Nov issue of Elle Magazine.. when Kate hasn’t done anything or have anything to promote other
    SHE WOULD PROBABLY BE ON THE B LIST..The outfit is from the
    eighties …for a woman who has style she certainly doesn’t have any..
    Penelope should be one them..instead.. What does Kate have to promote her designer line from Marshalls and oh.Calypso that is
    the name of her STYLIST WANG..

  • fiona

    At least she avoids ridicule. She dressed in a discreet way probably because she knows she doesn’t belong to that group of women. Tom paid for her to be there. She has not much talent. She almost ruined Batman Begins.

  • dj

    too skinny for my taste

  • http://JUSTJARED jane

    wow she is huge, her legs are huge, she should loose 20 pounds

  • kate never won a award..

    FIONA She has the ego the size of the world and people that have the nerve to call her A ALISTER FOR WHAT

    YES SHE DOES HAVE THE EGO to think that she belongs with the award winning actresses when she has never won any award in her life !!!

  • ummahyk

    she has such a pretty face!

  • randi

    Katie is so beautiful, there is such a huge age difference between her husband! –

  • sophie

    she is gorgeous!!

  • Same old Haters on here

    You haters are a joke! Give me a break! She’s beautiful, and classy, a rare combination in HW today! Blue eyes, to due for, she has that sweet thing about her. I love her…as do many, she sells magazines, big time! She’s a classic beauty, and like most women, looks better with makeup. She’s a keeper, that’s for sure. Lucky Tom.

    I guess she’s supposed to be a rail thin white as a sheet woman in all black, with kids following suit (black, gothic, etc)?
    Yes, that’s it. On this crazy Brad/Ange board.

  • Same old Haters on here
  • Same old Haters on here


    And WHO ARE YOU?? A F List? Yep, that’s it.
    Boy, beautiful women sure bring out the ‘evil’ in you all. lol. LOL

  • Same old Haters on here


    She sure does, very pretty face. That’s why, when I read the comments on here “she’ ugly” she’s fat, she’s frumpy, she’s old looking…..WHO is posting this? Fat, ugly women who can’t polish this womens shoes, that’s who. And, lets not forget, for sure, Angelina fans! lol LMAOOOOOOOOO. The Lady, In Black, who wore the same gown all week, shopping no less, a black, shapeless tent, with flip flops, with kids dressed for Halloween..and guess what hon? They ALL Loved it. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! This board is a HOOT>!

  • nasty gross

    Omg how classy is Homely? CLASSLESS! Her cankles are out again and that sheer bra thing is hideous! Another fashion faux pas!!! This bottom feeder needs to roll over and dissapear!

  • ego? HA!

    @kate never won a award..:

    really??? Is that why she flew cupcakes to a whole set, with food, and the cast and crew on ET one night said “What a “Sweet” wonderful, GENEROUS girl”…that was said many times about her. But you don’t watch those nightly shows, your too busy kneeling at the Brangelina alter. Enough Said. And BTW, recalling the last Oscars, the EGOS on those two were SO BIG, they skipped the RED CARPET. And a lot was said about that…and words weren’t “Ego”. It was “get off your high horses” if I recall. so there.

  • A Normal Poster!


    At last, a NORMAL person! Yes, she sure does…she’s a beauty!

    Look at the comments “fat, ugly, frumpy”…Yeah, Kate’s Pic’s to any NORMAL man, and let’s see. What Morons! I can’t believe the crap that they type here! ugly? Hardly!!! Unreal, just Unreal!

  • Black

    She looks a lot better in black, then angelina Jolie, that’s for sure! A lot better, I guess it’s called, having a real body, and beautiful, shy eyes!

  • fat?


    and Angelina should GAIN 20 pounds, because she looks like Oilve Oil, these days.
    Kate isn’t huge, your brain is. On the cover of this months ELLE, Yeah, she;s ‘fat’ alright. What Idiots, unreal, totally. Jealous, plain Jealous.

  • fiona

    @Same old Haters on here: You’re obsessed about Angelina?! Nobody even wrote a word about her before you! But now that you brought the subject : I think Katie is pretty, but Angelina is a rare beauty and a true talent. Can’t compare Katie to her! Nobody is jealous of the poor Katie. Maybe jealous of Angelina though…

  • just plain gross!

    The beard is gross!!! The cankled Queen has ZERO innate fashion sense. That outfit is horrid! However, I do see Suri borrowing the fugly oufit next!

  • @Same old Haters on here

    If I were you, I’d check my facts. She does not sell magazines. Check the ratings for the issues she is on the cover for–not one has outperformed or even been in the years top three let alone the top six.

    How classy you are dragging Brangelina in to this thread.

  • @ego ha

    She did the cupcake thing for publicity only. That sweet, generous stuff was garbage her publicist fed to People.

    And if I recall, both Tom and Katie have skipped plenty of red carpets–especially for each other.

    You sound extremely jealous of the attention Brangelina gets. Get over it. Right now they are the number one power couple in Hollywood. TomKat comes in at two or three if you are generous.


    I do not kneel down for Angie… I just do not like it when she is the
    only one getting all the publicity for this event when there are 3 other
    women.. Who are not married to Tom Cruise and that is how she
    became famous..So where are they right now in the background..
    Katie as a big star when she is famous for DAWSONS CREEK

  • danielle

    Wow, does she have any idea how unattractive that bra makes her ta-ta’s look?

  • oh hell no!

    To: Same old Haters on here:

    Why do you need to bring up Angie and her kids? Jealous much? And since you did — Angie is soooo much prettier than Katie. Angie is more talented than Katie too. And I happen to like her black maxi dresses. Angie looks comfortable. Moreover, she can wear black as often as she likes. I don’t mind. And lastly, what makes you think all the people who don’t like Katie is a fan of Angie? Why can’t you just deal with the fact that some people just don’t like Katie? Your a pinhead idiot and you are not fooling anyone.

  • fiona

    @@ego ha: Tomkat are are not #2 celebrity couple, I don’t think so. They are not even in the top 25 celebrities. They are in the media due to the Freak factor only, not because they are “admired”. Also they pimp their daughter out to the paps in a way that no other celebrity couple has ever done. I bet Tom and their publicist call the paps themselves.

  • sniffles

    She looks nice. It would be great to see her dressing more her age, more sexy.

  • ewww

    Tom, really, how much did it cost to get her this award?

  • chef de chefs

    She’d be playful in anything, or out of it for that matter.

  • jennifer

    It’s a MAN baby!!!

  • Freak show!

    That argyle sweater makes her chest flat as a pancake — bordering non existent! Furthermore, this chick is annoying plain, talent and fashion challenged. Without Tommygurls freakshow pr or pr pony Suri spawn, the homely dog would be c/d-list.

  • clueless beard

    To: Same old Haters on here:

    Why do you bring up the JP’s? Trying to get more hits for the pigeon toed, yellow crooked toothed, cankled tranny queen, and d-list loser?

  • Lana

    Oh My. SAME OLD HATERS is truly unbalanced!! LOL!

    What’s “classy” about a see thru top? Nothing!! It’s not classy. It’s trashy!

    Also, who the heck said anything about Angelina Jolie?!?!?! No one here!! I’m not a fan of hers and I don’t see anyone ranting about her except you.

    No offense, but from what I can see you’re totally obsessed with Katie which is not healthy. I have never seen anybody rant like that over a starlet!! Sorry, but that’s just weird!! Maybe you should get more involved in the real world instead of being obsessed with some celebrity who doesn’t know you’re alive. Also, if anyone is a hater here, its you!! You’re attacking the other posters and another actress. that makes you pretty hateful in my book!

  • fat?

    @clueless beard:

    Yeah, it’s posters-haters like you who berate this woman you never met, all because you worship the GROUND Angie walks on!

    Guess what, JP Idiots? Chk out Face book. jennifer aniston has 14,500 plus FANS…Angie? 111 FANS.

    I knew it, IKnewIT……the people who live to hate Jennifer Aniston, are ONLY on this JP whacko board, Gooood nite, worshippers. lol

  • fat?


    Umm Lana dear? If I am “Obsessed with Katie” Lord O’mighty, what on earth do you call “Not Impressed With JA”..and many many more posters on this thread who do nothing, nothing but put down every single BREATHING starlet, “Except JA”??????

    Answer that, and I’ll shut my mouth. Check the Archives….and see.

  • jen-kate-ange fest

    Angie has 111 Facebook Fans!!!!!!

    Jennifer Aniston has close to 15,000 Facebook Fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Katie Holmes, close to 1700 Facebook Fans!!!!

    Damn, with all the LOVE on here for Angie and all the HATING on Jenn/Kate, you would think…………………………………………….

    knew it……it’s only on JJ. lol. people do indeed love Jennifer. Ohlala.

    she’s Loveable…Get it?

  • LuckyL

    Oh Kate-bot!

  • danielle

    @fat and Jen-kate-ange fest

    What facebook accountare you looking at. I just inputted Jolie and this is what came up: (I think you just figured no one would check so you lowballed her numbers):

    Name: Angelina Jolie-Pitt
    Type: Other Business
    Fans: 171,268 fans

    ::Angelina Jolie::
    Type: Actor
    Fans: 50,720 fans

    Angelina Jolie!!
    Type: Actor
    Fans: 40,368 fans

    Angelina Jolie
    Type: Entertainment & Arts
    Members: 20,696 members

    Angelina Jolie
    Type: Entertainment & Arts
    Members: 12,959 members

    Angelina Jolie
    Type: Just for Fun
    Members: 7,660 members

    Type: Just for Fun
    Members: 5,533 members

    Angelina Jolie
    Type: Just for Fun
    Members: 3,554 members

    Angelina Jolie
    Type: Just for Fun
    Members: 1,909 members

    Angelina jolie
    Type: Entertainment & Arts
    Members: 1,364 members


  • OMG

    you got to be kidding!!! Jealous of a beautiful face, 100 tattoos, and single with 6 kids? (classy!)..not to mention her “past”..Yep, it’s something to be REAL jealous about.
    she was mentioned in the context of, how majority of posters always, put down every woman celeb no matter how pretty, stylish, etc, except, their Angie. I like Angie too, but I don’t have her picture over my damn bed like these nuts seem to. Note, they never say ANYTHING about her, even though she lives in black, and looks like she weighs 90 pds, and the kids, mohawks, dressing girl like a boy, and can you just imagine, if any other celeb did all that? OMG! It’s called, everyone is ugly, fat (yeah, we should all look like Kate!) except AJ…and why is that? Get real.

  • Jen

    how is she fat and ugly?

    I think she looks great and her legs are not thick, they look normal. Only thing wrong in her outfit is the bra

  • Lol

    To: FAt? What does Homely and Anustain have in common? They are both crappy actresses who don’t hold a candle to Ms. Jolie in terms of looks, intelligence and box office dollars. Also Angie has it all — a supportive partner in crime, 6 beautiful healthy, well rounded kids, an Academy award, and is a beloved tireless humanitarian. The laugh is on you you low brow loser.

  • 40′s
  • Lol


    I’m am a fan of Angie J. I also like Kate Winslet, Marion Cottilard, Reese W. and Charlize Theron. These girls have acting chops. However, I do not care for whiny Jen A. nor Mrs. Cruise.

  • Anonymous
  • bruised and swollen!

    julie andrews is concerned about katie’s bruised and swollen arms:


  • bruised and swollen!


  • jj is such a Tomkat lover

    Jared was Katie the only one who posed for your photogs? Where are tthe pics of the more talented actresses? Where’s Renee, Robin Wright Penn etc?

  • Too

    Not a classy outfit in Audrey Hepburn’s or Jackie O’s style. Those crazy Scientology health treatments have shrunken her breasts or something too.

  • confused

    Her attire channels Victoria Beckham. VB loves sheer tops, I think VB wore something similar with beige skirt and a black top sometime ago. Katie’s choice of clothes is very confusing, is she trying to be sexy? elegant or girlie? Katie, please tell us what exactly do you want to tell us about your fashion sense/ choice.

  • mike

    so hot

  • thanks jared

    so classy,coolest personna
    and elegant indeed; so lovely