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Desperately Seeking Lourdes Leon

Desperately Seeking Lourdes Leon

Lourdes Leon is becoming quite the fashionista, channeling her mom Madonna from the 80′s film Desperately Seeking Susan, before hopping into the car outside their London home on Tuesday (October 20).

Madonna‘s other daughter Mercy James was also seen walking into the car with her nanny.

“My like house is like a Benetton ad,” Madonna joked to Rolling Stone about her multi-cultural family and staff. “I have French nannies, my security guards are Israeli, I have assistants from Argentina and Puerto Rico as well as a Japanese assistant and chef, and another chef from Italy. It’s wonderful. I love it.”

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lourdes leon desperately seeking susan madonna 01
lourdes leon desperately seeking susan madonna 02
lourdes leon desperately seeking susan madonna 03
lourdes leon desperately seeking susan madonna 04
lourdes leon desperately seeking susan madonna 05
lourdes leon desperately seeking susan madonna 06
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Credit: Almasi; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • rhonda

    She’s a pretty girl, to bad she’s dressed like a homeless person!

  • em

    her outfit is hideous and does not match.

  • gingerbreadmama

    Am I the only one who thinks Lourdes looks like a younger version of Jessica Alba? :)

  • lissa

    I think she’s been getting fashion tips from Gwennie!

  • girl

    i actually think she dresses amazing; i wish i was younger and could rock this style :)))

  • me

    i spy tomes

  • me

    oops i meant toms

  • the_boyfriend

    she’s already got it going on, in a few years i’d bet nobody will be able to touch her style-wise.

  • bee

    i love that film!
    Lourdes looks amazingg. I love her style.
    she looks sooo much like her mum too, aww.

  • blah

    She has no style

  • annab

    She may not have style but it seems to work for her. Very young here and in a few years, it will change.

  • Me!

    ….and my boytoy is Brazilian!!

  • r.

    CUTENESS!!! She always has a Hot Bag! I love her!

  • Mimi

    LOL, she dresses JUST like me! And people call me crazy, Hmm!!

  • yaya

    shes young but i like the way she dresses. i think she has a good style.

  • 1995

    it will be a stylist, she knows she has to do his style now and then become a fashion designer but she will do crazy clothes and many more people today are children will use good luck.

  • LuckyL

    Adorable family

  • All Women Stalker

    Her outfit is cute. It’s not that flashy, compared to other young people these days are wearing. At least, those who claim to be into fashion.


  • commonsense

    So what Madonna is telling us is that she has at least 2 nannies, 3 assistants, 2 chefs and who knows how many bodyguards? Anybody else feel the urge to smack her?

  • Jeanna

    Commonsense- it seems like you lack it. She’s the biggest female megastar in the world and she and her children are harassed by paps, stalkers, and others, it’s only natural that she have protection and help. She has many projects going on, of course she is going to have assistants. She also has 2-3 homes, it doesn’t mean all her staff are in one place.

  • Morgane

    @Mimi: When madonna’s daughter dresses like this she is a trendsetter, when you or one of us dresses like this, we are stupid.

  • *** JAMIE ***

    i find it funny when people dress horribly and people call them fashion icons.

    She is a pretty girl, but her style is questionable.

    what happened to the Jackie Os, Audrey Hepburns and Princess Dianas of the world?

  • Mica

    Cute and fun. That’s how a young girl should be. Life should be free and easy. Little Mercy looks healthy and happy too.

  • Phll

    Nice of her to brag on all the people she needs to fuel her mining of her fan’s excess cash- what with so many people losing their homes, starving in the streets, etc. What nationality is her ass-wiper? Or does she have several?

  • Jeanna

    Phil- She’s not bragging, she was asked about the different cultures in her home. With all those people losing their jobs, isn’t fantastic she is EMPLOYING so many people? All of them are paid well and are usually employed for many years, so why are you so worried about what she does with her money? Is it better that she sits on it? She’s helping the economy by SPENDING and helping others by paying them.

  • Mimi


    You’re so right Morgane, LOL.

  • mytwocents

    Lourdes-Ugly spoiled brat
    Mercy-Beautiful, but sad Madonna got a hold of her.

  • live in the now

    *** JAMIE *** @ 10/20/2009 at 8:00 pm

    i bet queen elizabeth was a fashion icon in her time. jackie o, audrey hepburn style was stunning in their time but it’s been done to death. i for one just hope the colorful metallic leotards and sweatbands never come back! LOL

    for a young and beautiful girl like lourdes i think it’s fun to experiment wih different looks.

  • jimmy

    Who gives a shat?
    I do wish i had a cook though……….lol

  • g!na

    Lourdes is as ugly as her mother! She has worn those hideous rose leggings about 3 times in a row! she seems like a spoiled fugly brat! madonna is never with Mercy! MADONNA WHY WOULD YOU ADOPT A CHILD WHO IS BEING RAISED BY THAT BLONDE NANNY?

  • lisa

    this kid is such a dirty pig! Everytime i see a pic of her she’s wearing the same thing at different events! She has no style unless you call it a homeless bag lady! she’s as fugly as can be! Madonna has all the looks but Lourdes looks like her greasy dad! ugh!

  • Kelly

    @g!na: Seems like you have some serious issues with Madonna and are projecting that onto her daughter, who is only 13. Post after post it’s the same thing. Seriously, grow up.

    By the way, the nanny is biracial (part black), both of them are.

    @Lisa- I think the pig is the person calling a kid names…

  • lisa

    @Kelly: Madonna’s not even raising these kids! Lourdes learned to be nasty just like her mom! Just a fact! dumb a*ss!

  • Mike

    Wow, there are some nutters on here.

    Lourdes is wearing the same outfit she wore at the airport, the pictures were actually taken the same day. How is that three days in a row?

    Some people are talking about these children like they know them personally and it’s creepy. How the hell do you know she is a brat or not? Leave the girl alone already, it just makes you look jealous of a 13 year old girl.

    How do you know Madonna is never with Mercy? It’s not like they are photographed or video tapped 24/7. Mind your own business and be happy for that child, she is not starving or facing an uncertain future in some institution with hundreds of other children. Now if only others took action instead of just criticizing then we’d all be better off.

  • Mike

    @lisa: Not only are you not very intelligent, but you have no class. Nobody knows what goes on in the privacy of their home so your assumptions are not facts. If you have to resort to calling a 13 year old girl names on the internet to make yourself feel better (and other posters who call you out on what you are doing), you really need to reevaluate your life and priorities. It’s pretty sad.

  • towa

    beautiful family.

  • lisa

    @Mike: you’re a f*ag hag! what are you a Madonna transvestite? you must do a lot of drag queening! douche bag!

  • Trisha

    @lisa: I think you just proved Mike’s point LOL

  • gracie

    @Trisha: Are you dating the drag queen who loves to dress up like madonna? you’re as stupid as him!

  • jade

    lourdes dresses like everyday is halloween! she looks like she’s always in a horrible halloween costume! She reminds me of one of the kids from the movie Trick ‘r Treat! lol.

  • kylie p.

    lourdes has one ugly mug!

  • VNY

    Lisa – why do you have to add an exclamation mark at the end of every sentence?(!!!)

  • lisa

    @VNY: because it’s fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jack

    why do they post pics of a fugly madonna kid?
    She’s no celebrity and has one nasty stache and unibrow.
    Come on people. Get a lfe!

  • YouAreCrazy

    How sad–g!na, lisa, gracie, jade, kylie p.– you seem like the same person with nothing better to do, get a life instead of talking crap about a kid online

  • jack


  • g!na

    @YouAreCrazy: I’m sorry to say i’m just me an original. Just me. SO WHAT if the other people have their own opinion. Are we all suppose to think the same? It’s our constitutional right to say what we want. I have to say Lisa is quite funny :P & Jack has the right to think what he wants. I do think Lourdes is ugly too. i have that right to say. Not everyone likes me and that ok. We all have opinions. Why would you call someone stupid if they feel different from you? think about it.

  • georgette

    lourdes leon is actually my role model, she’s hot and cool

  • Lucy

    @georgette: I would pick a new role model. I’m predicting Lourdes will have sex,do drugs, and be pregnant by 16 with the way she acts & dresses! Look @ her mother, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! why don’t you idolize Emma Watson @ least she’s going to college! She dresses age appropiate too!

  • Phil

    HA HA- madonna is so “nice” to employ all of her handservants (like you “fans”) -as if she wouldn’t, if the economy was better?? How stupid. Yeah, she’s so “nice”, firing people right and left, not to mention all the ones that QUIT. And REAL stars don’t NEED the number of staff she has working to try and keep her in the spotlight (internet bloggers, Brazilian models, magazine editors, etc.) Wonder how many servants she’ll be able to afford when she can’t sell any more tickets to show off her wrinkled carcass?