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Megan Fox SCREAMS Gratefulness

Megan Fox SCREAMS Gratefulness

Megan Fox picked up the Best Sci-Fi Actress during Spike TV’s 2009 Scream Awards on Saturday (October 17).

During her acceptance speech, the 23-year-old Transformers hottie took the time to clear up some rumors: “I don’t usually do this, but I want to take this moment to actually say something genuine. There have been a lot of false reports done concerning how I feel about this movie. I just want to be very clear that I’ve always felt that I’m a very ordinary part of an extraordinary film and these movies took me out of obscurity and they gave me a career and I’m completely grateful to everyone involved in and with this franchise.”

Megan continued, “I don’t know why you keep voting for me for these things. I don’t feel like I deserve them. But thank you and I love you so much.”

Watch the video below!

Megan Fox SCREAMS Gratefulness
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Photos: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic
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  • Joanne

    LOL. Oh megan..too bad you gotta do T3

  • LuckyL

    No one cared the first time Jared.

  • LuckyL

    I guess she realized the c*nty image wasn’t working, so now she’s going in the other direction? And what does she mean “keep giving me”? What other rewards???

  • Janeth

    We don’t know why people vote for you either…. crazy! your pretty honey, just enough with the non-sense….. =) p.s you actually dressed nice and the makeup is also cutttttttte.

  • r2101

    Agree with LuckyL….. “There have been a lot of false reports done concerning how I feel about this movie.” — they came straight from her own mouth, how could they have been “false reports.” Headline should read: Megan Fox SCREAMS “i’m fake.”

  • Janeth

    Justin Long’s face is priceless!!!!! lol

  • erica

    Why is this story being re-posted?

    Secondly, those reports weren’t false. She said pretty nasty things about the director of Transformers and that she didn’t consider Transformers a ‘substantive’ job. How can those reports be false when they were words taken out of her mouth.

    Does she know what she’s even saying anymore?

  • Anna

    I don’t think this is relevant. Wasn’t this posted a few days ago?

  • ComedyGold



    Aww, I love you girl!!! : )

  • anna

    Congrats Megan!!!

  • janaina flor

    I do not think she’s beautiful, your eyes just draw attention places with dark eyes. she is just cute, and has no talent for anything.

  • janaina flor

    I do not think she’s beautiful, your eyes just draw attention places with dark eyes. she is just cute, and has no talent for anything.

  • dazy

    Oh god can all of you shut up. Shes actually being really humble and appreciative here and yet all of you still give her crap. Go Megan you rock!

  • xxx

    Why post this, JJ? To get all your readers to fall in love with Megan like you seem to be??

    She’s only saying to save her image anyway………….. She’s not actually grateful. Seriously.

  • aslıhan

    I Love you meggg

  • Amnda Dubs

    An Actress? Hahahahaha

  • Jessica

    You know what, she may be genuine this time but this girl needs to think before she opens her mouth and say something stupid again.

    She’s beautiful, but boy is she stupid.

  • jdub

    damnn…you all complain when she says crazy stuff and now ur still bitchin when she comes on and says something respectable. give the hating a rest. its really getting old.

    congrats megan…oh and wtf was up with that look Justin made??

  • JJ

    LOOOOOVVE HER!!!!!!!!

  • will

    LOL! I love all the haters! it’s so funny to read the comments!
    Megan is and will always be star no matter how much “talent” you think she has and it kills you!!
    she is THERE and YOU are sitting THERE on yer computer/phone whatever, typing smack.
    Guess SHE wins!
    And the best part is , She will NEVER read this and has no idea YOU even exist!!!! haha
    oh, well.

  • Jae

    why are you still reporting on some awards show that took place 4 days ago? you don’t even do this with the oscars, i am tired of hearing about the damn scream awards, move on!

    btw she’s totally full of shit.

  • beth

    Give her a break. She’s still young. I don’t mean compare, but Angelina Jolie used to blab about the stuff that she did like cutting herself, being bi, and using drugs. Heck, she said some mean things about her own child as recently as 2 yrs. ago. Hopefully, Megan Fox will grow up and learn her lessons.

  • power of the darkside

    I thought she was speaking honestly before. That speech just sound sad. She is ok looking,her best features are her dark long hair and eyes. She may need more substance,such as a college education. But at least she seems real.

  • poo

    Why is it when she says something sarcastic, there are 100s posting but when she says something nice, there are hardly any comments. So sad.

  • Realme2008

    She said she wanted to say something genuine, but her speech did not come across as genuine. It came across as scripted, and like she was just saying it because she realized how badly she messed up saying the things she said. I agree Justin Long’s face was priceless. lol

  • khristi

    Again, I feel sorry for her because people look at her and automatically want to hate her. There are lots of people that say some really crazy things, for example, Jack Black, and people don’t give him so much crap for it. It really makes you think doesn’t it.

  • angel hair

    so who wrote the “speech”?

  • titi

    I think she sounds fake and superficial…sorry

    on the other hand, Justin Long is a cutie =)

  • Emily

    aww that was nice! i really like her!!!!

  • j

    i like megan.

  • popop

    l can’t imagine what she must hav been thinking on stage…l want to desperately hug her. Megan, Megan, Megan! l love you so very much!

  • popop

    @Realme2008: nay….l say that she said it from the bottom of her heart…did you see her tearing up? Jesus l wanted to cry when l saw her like that….Justin Long? Who cares

  • popop

    @erica: Dude as far as acting goes…she said she didn’t consider Transformers that kind of movie…and it isn’t. She’s honest and there’s no shame in admitting the truth. See her reaction? Jesus



  • Realme2008

    I really don’t buy it. Sorry, but that’s my opinion.
    It just didn’t seem genuine. It seem rehearsed.

  • Ana-Lexie

    she keeps winning these things because people vote with a biased standpoint. i understand why she wouldnt feel like she deserves to win. she’s the new IT GIRL now, (and she knows it, but doesnt proclaim it because she wants a modest look)

    and in addition, she’s also very attractive, and knows thats another reason why she’s getting voted for these awards, and winning them, not because of her performance on screen, etc.

    so really, why does she win?
    1. she’s the new it girl
    2. she’s hot, and everyone beileves so, too

  • bigger

    another scream post, i’m gonna screeaaaaammmmmm

  • kate

    Someone needs to shut her up. She’s useless and thinks she’s better than everyone else because people think she’s hot.

  • SubSub

    @LuckyL: Both of your comments are spot on! Lol. I wondered, too, what she meant about other awards. Maybe … Razzies?

  • adriana

    its hilarious how all you people are so jealous of her. leave her alone.. and she has never been vain or annoying..she’s always been herself..
    so i have no clue what you idiots are talking about.
    i love megan fox.

  • Daphne

    She is such a classy lady!

  • vipin

    i love u girlllll
    plz spend 1 night with me

  • vipin

    she is super gorgeous

  • gjc

    Wow, that hair is Ugly. What a difference hair and makeup does for her…. not a good look.

  • SouthAfricanGirl

    She just got into so much sh*t because of her outlandish comments. And now everybody involved in the movie and her publicist have humbled her.
    Just because you are pretty… it doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want, Meg. Hollywood is not high school. Sorry.

  • et

    Geez…why are there so many haters out there? Just let her be. Gotta give Megan props for clearing things up. I don’t understand why people hate her so much and call her fake. This is Hollywood anyway…seriously how many REAL people are there?!

    Congrats to her anyway!

  • et


    Just to add…she’s young anyway. We all made mistakes at that age. It’s hard to be young and in the spotlight. Every word you say gets judged. Sometimes people don’t think before they talk and Megan is no different. We’ve all done that at some point in our lives. It’s done and over with so why can’t people get past her outlandish comments? Give her chance to grow up and learn from her mistakes. Look at other celebrities in her age group…Rihanna, Chris Brown, Heidi, Spender, Kardashians, etc….they’ve done stupid things too (some more than others)…they’re all still growing up. Some people should not take celebrity news so seriously…

    Also, why don’t we give jared a break too? He can post and discuss whatever he wants. If you’re not interested in it, then skip the article and don’t read it! Thanks jared…I appreciate your effort :)

  • clark

    my favorite girl

  • xoxo

    I think she’s actually a nice person but she needs to think carefully before she says something. A lot of people hate her but personally I don’t get why? The haters always say she’s being fake and blah blah blah but how do they know when they don’t even know her personally. They can’t judge her just like that. I’m not really a big fan of her but i just can’t stand people criticizing her without them knowing her personally.