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Ricky Martin & Matteo: Beach Bonding Time!

Ricky Martin & Matteo: Beach Bonding Time!

Ricky Martin nuzzles with his adorable 1-year-old son Matteo, who has a twin brother Valentino.

“Chilling,” the 37-year-old singer captioned this photo that he posted on his Twitter page.

Earlier this week, Ricky shared, “Went to the park with the kids. Cool day!”

He also talked a little about future work plans: “November will be a busy month! Show in Mexico, trip to Germany for the foundation!”

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69 Responses to “Ricky Martin & Matteo: Beach Bonding Time!”

  1. 1
    NoName Says:

    is ricky gay or not??? if not, i am going after him—he is soooo hot!!!

  2. 2
    Sophie Smith Says:

    I think it’s quite selfish to have kids this way, think about it. They won’t have a mother :(.

  3. 3
    zoe Says:

    Sorry, he’s gay. Cute kids. Seems like a very good dad.

  4. 4
    chef de chefs Says:

    Ricky Ricky, he’s so fine.

  5. 5
    ben & jenn Says:

    it’s so sad that he chose to use the sperm of a white anglo guy and the eggs of a white anglo mother to create his children. Didn’t he want his children to be Puerto Rican or something. Such self-hate is not kool.

  6. 6
    kim Says:

    yeah, unfortunately he is gay, he admitted it, but I love him and her kids! so cute!

  7. 7
    Inquiring minds Says:

    I wonder who their real parents are I would love to see pictures of them, wouldn’t you????

  8. 8
    Pandora Says:

    @ # 1 — Cute! LOL All we women who think he’s hot are outta luck.

    He’s cute, his kiddies are cute. I bet he’s a great Dad.

  9. 9
    Pinkrose Says:

    A great Dad TRIES TOensure his children have a great mother. There is a reason it takes a woman to bring a child into this life. There is a reason it takes a man and a woman to produce a child. Whichever creation philosophy one subscribes to, in the natural course of events, children need mothers and fathers, unless one dies or is unable to function..

  10. 10
    naomi Says:

    @kim: mmmmm when he did that???
    liar, get a life

  11. 11
    he did? Says:

    “he admitted it”
    When and where ???

  12. 12
    Cristobal Says:

    -sigh- Ricky Martin is a DILF. =) -haha-

  13. 13
    The Vatican Says:

    Gay man adopting male children is very suspicious.

  14. 14
    madi Says:

    Aww.. how cuuute!! =)

  15. 15
    kim Says:

  16. 16
    Shawna Says:

    A) the kids are not adopted
    B) he is the biological father – he used a surrogate
    Get your facts straight before you make up **** on the internet!!!

  17. 17
    blah Says:

    i think ricky is gay, but good for him i guess for having a kid or two

  18. 18
    carrie Says:

    @zoe: agreed

  19. 19
    Samantha Says:

    hope he doesn’t molest those boys

  20. 20
    LuckyL Says:

    I don’t know why this looks disturbing. And people who have read my posts know I am all for gay rights.

  21. 21
    Kate Says:

    I hate to point this out but does no one else notice the action going on in his pants?? Embarrassing!!
    Everyone who’s suggesting that him being gay and having sons is wrong or done for ulterior reasons is disgusting, maybe they should take a look at themselves for a change

  22. 22
    calipso Says:

    I totally agree with you. I love gays but this is really disturbing.

  23. 23
    All Women Stalker Says:

    That is not disturbing at all. It’s very cute.


  24. 24
    Pinkrose Says:

    some straight men will molest their daughters…
    A gay man will molest his son. HI the child of a gay parent more susceptible? Don’t think so. Just depend on how perverted the individual is.

  25. 25
    calipso Says:

    The kid doesn’t look happy, he would be more confortable with his mom, if he had one… And why Ricky always has an erection when he carries the kids he bought? I really think that Ricky has some mental issue…

  26. 26
    LuckyL Says:

    I think Ricky is just a creepy dude.

  27. 27
    Cristobal Says:

    @The Vatican: You sound stupid.

  28. 28
    Mary Gastou Says:

    I think that if you have a doubt you ask the question to the person directly right??? That’s what we did before and he say clearly that he’s not gay; and he understands that always will be every kind of gossip around him because of his career

  29. 29
    Mary Gastou Says:

    What I think or you think is not useful that’s why:

  30. 30
    *** JAMIE *** Says:

    Ricky Martin is so cute!

    But why didn’t he use his sperm????????????????

    He has the best looks ever but he chose to use someone elses sperm to create those babies? :(

  31. 31
    Lenna M. Says:


    admitted it????? jajaja when and where??? I’m am a big fan and I saw all of his interview that’s why I can say that you are wrong

  32. 32
    Lenna M. Says:

    @*** JAMIE ***:

    Hi Jamie, who tell you that?? he used it. If that were true Matteo and Valentino would not seem at all like Ricky, Matteo is identical to him as a baby and Valentino looks like him when Ricky was larger. Cute :)

  33. 33
    God Bless Him Says:

    I’m sure he’s a terrific father. He’s sensitive and he loves children. I wish more gay men were like Ricky Martin. I’m also sure he has made sure to have a woman around to influence his children. They will be fine. Also, they are both boys, so at least they have a good man to be a role model for them. Children ideally need a mother and a father, but if boys have a great father, I’m sure they will turn out fine.

  34. 34
    Bosie Says:

    I was reading some posts aboty gays adopting babies is suspecious…or that not havign a mother would affect kids…>IDIOTS! My mother was a single paent and she did awesome…with out a man in her life.

    Gays are actually pretty awesome parents…I think they are even better than most straights…

    Yes, Ricky is Gay.
    I don’t expect the coments on here to be smart but come on people.

  35. 35
    Bosie Says:

    I was reading some posts aboty gays adopting babies is suspecious…or that not havign a mother would affect kids…>IDIOTS! My mother was a single paent and she did awesome…with out a man in her life.

    Gays are actually pretty awesome parents…I think they are even better than most straights…

    Yes, Ricky is Gay.
    I don’t expect the coments on here to be smart but come on people.

  36. 36
    Pandora Says:

    Some of you have really serious issues, you know? It must be a boring life when the only flavour of person you condone and allow in your life is vanilla. As to him having “action going on in his pants”? Get real. Have you ever thought he’s just extremely well endowed and it’s not an erection? You are individual and collective sickos to think gay men will most likely molest their male child. So misinformed, so unintelligent. Gay does not equal pervert and child molester across the board. There is just as much if not more incidence of child molestation in the hetero population. So take a rest and unwind or whatever it is you freaks do after a session of thumping your bibles.

  37. 37
    lmw Says:

    Where do you see an erection in this photo… have any of you actually ever seen an erection? that bulge is the result of not wearing anything under his suit and just letting it all hang out. i would hope for ricky’s case its bigger than that. you all are dispicible.

  38. 38
    Alex Says:

    @Sophie Smith: I’m sorry Sophie but I find your comment impertinent! But who am I to judge…. stupid people do exist and your one of those people….

  39. 39
    Daphne Says:

    I wonder who his partner or co-parent is? Does he want to legalize gay marriage? Who is the guardians?

  40. 40
    calipso Says:

    @Sophie Smith: You are so right!

  41. 41
    Lisa2 Says:

    I know some of you have said the boys are missing out on having a “Mother” which I find confusing. The reason why is because I don’t think that the boys know anything different because they don’t have a “Mother” to compare it to anything different. It would be nice if the boys did have a “female” in their lives to know “things” that “men” can’t relate to. I do feel the same way if the boys only had a “Mother” as well and not have a “male” in their lives. I know we don’t live in a perfect world but it would be nice to have both male and female role models for each child that is out there if it can be done. Although, having one parent is better than not having any at all……..

  42. 42
    Luciana Says:

    Ricky never assumed anything. Some people who comments here may have mental issues, it’s not possible.

    The guy looks unhappy? Ricky would molest him? You guys are sick with all this judgements.

  43. 43
    MAry Says:

    Gay is not same as pedophile. Those who don’t know this already need some education. You got it now?

    Yes, he is gay and needs to come out of the closet already. Why hide? He used to say that the society should get rid of unnecessary taboos. He is so contradicting himself, again.

    It would have been more ethical for him to adopt. One orphan less in this world, instead he chose to make two more semi-orphans.

  44. 44
    LookItUp Says:

    @ben & jenn: He’s the biological dad — he just had a surrogate to carry the twins. He’s said it in several interviews that he’s the biological dad…

  45. 45
    jayfrog Says:

    @Samantha: Samantha, you are an idiot.

  46. 46
    jayfrog Says:

    @calipso: Calipso, you are obviously a misguided homophobe with eye problems. One, there is no erection in this picture…get your eyes checked. Two, why would the child be more comfortable with his mother? She’s not involved in his life. Three, of course he “had a mother.” He’s a person, not a robot. Four, you are an idiot.

  47. 47
    calipso Says:

    @jayfrog: And you are aberrant and creepy exactly like Ricky martin. Sure you are in love with the creepy Ricky… Let me guess: are you a without dignity and without selfesteem woman or a misogynous gay?lol lol lol lol. This is the only kind of people that defend this disgusting man. You are the idiot here! Demented! Bye bye you are nauseating. Have a great day poor you lol lol lol .

  48. 48
    charlotte Says:

    Not gay, he´s had an on/off relationship with Rebeca de Alba (mexican model) for years, and the mother of his kids is a very close friend of his, he´s said that a million times since the kids were born.

  49. 49
    Rio Says:

    CUTEST thing ever xD!!!

  50. 50
    Lenna M. Says:

    @jayfrog: Don’t worry about “Calipso” she/he’s crazy!!! is always going all over internet with bad comments about Ricky, and she/he doesn’t know him!!! crazy person…. no solution!!!

  51. 51
    calipso Says:

    @Lenna M.: Because you, idiot, know him, righut?You are his wife ehhh? looooooooooool . I’m an ex-fan of him and I know his carrer (sure not his person) better than you. A poor idiot that thinks that he is the biological father… yes exactly like Michael Jackson…looooool. People stupid like you should have not the right to breath…. lol lol lol . You are an idiot and a obssessed fan… Idiot person… no solution!!! (idiot, only 3 dots, no more, only children used more of 3…lol lol lol ignorant people=Ricky’s fans lol).

  52. 52
    calipso Says:

    @charlotte: Charlotte(what a wonderful name), let me say that you are wrong. He never said this, he said:” No tienen madre”(they haven’t mother)”. I’m not sure that what he says is the truth but it’s what he says. I hope that these children know who their dad and mom are, they look so sad, they never smile, they don’t look at him… There is something strange in every photo. The relashionship with Rebeca De Alba was a fake, we all knew that, there is not problem if he is gay, it’s ok, I hope he is happy with his boyfriend, the problem is that he don’t respect women and children, only this..

  53. 53
    Lenna M. Says:

    @calipso: Your words define you, I have nothing more to say… your “situation” is sad!

  54. 54
    marioacevedo Says:

    Joselo is Ricky’s husband.

  55. 55
    Marilena Says:


    JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA your joke is very funny!!!! but tha truth is that Joselo is with someone I met since “n” years ago!!!

  56. 56
    calipso Says:

    @Lenna M.: No, my dear, your “situation” is sad! You are in love with a pathetic misogynist! I’m only so proud to be a woman and I find hypocrite a man that pretend to fight against human trafic and then rent and buy human beings… Women and children rights are important for Ricky only when he needs publicity. Use your brain! Anyway, I’m happy that you learn to use only 3 dots, now you should learn the meaning of the word “dignity” and “woman”… And if you are a woman remember that no man can be more important of ethical principles. Sorry for my terrible english.

  57. 57
    Michael Says:

    “Ben and Jen” you are a ******, what makes you think you can’t be of white extraction and be Puerto Rican?? Puerto Ricans are a diverse people idiot. Ricky Martin is clearly of european extraction, like my father’s family who also happens to be Puerto Rican. Learn something before you comment on certain subjects.

  58. 58
    Lenna M. Says:


    “…Women and children rights are important for Ricky only when he needs publicity…” wtf? what are you talking about??

    INFELIZ!!! that word defines you… sad!!

  59. 59
    schmidts Says:

    Hi everybody, why the f… do you care about his life? He is the one and only who knows details about his sons and nobody else, especially not you people, all of you better shut up so that he can the life he was dreaming about, ok? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just let him live his life and you better take care about important things like policy and environment, creating jobs for the people etc.
    Saludos desde Alemania

  60. 60
    Lenna M. Says:

    “He is the one and only who knows details about his sons and nobody else” AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. 61
    calipso Says:

    LLegaron las otras pobrecitas… lol lol lol Vos sois infelices, vos teneis una vida miserable y un micro cerebro…lol lol lolol. Poor unhappy women with a miserable life, without brain defending a creepy man… This is sad:( loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool. Fanaticas dementes!!!

  62. 62
    Lenna M. Says:



    YOU ARE: A Poor unhappy womAn??? MAYBE MAN!! with a miserable life THAT’S WHY YOU WANNA DESTROY WITH YOUR WORDS!!! I’M SURE YOU ONLY DESTROY PEOPLE AND PEOPLE’S LIFE WITH YOUR WORDS AND ACTIONS! The person who f@ck always do nothing in life!!!!!!

  63. 63
    calipso Says:

    @Lenna M.: You can’t say infeliz to anybody, poor miserable, you was here in the week end defending a repugnant man who has no respect for women and children… Baby I was so enjoying my week end!!! Poor you! YOU ARE SO PATHETIC, SAD, WITHOUT DIGNITY AND INFELIIIIIIZ!!! I really feel pity for you. I won’t give you attention anymore and I won’t waste my time with you no more, keep on talking with yourself, if you need attention go and buy a life on ebay looool, so ADIOS!!!

  64. 64
    Lenna M. Says:


    that word summarizes you! your words, your way of thinking, talking, being. How can you speak on that way of someone who you do not know? How can someone be SO destructive? Only someone made of manure can think and speak that way, I pity you! DESTRUCTIVE!

  65. 65
    hmmm Says:

    Well I guess he is gay…but who cares…we love him. His children are gorgeous….I would like to know who the mother is? I guess is a friend of him. He had to choose a beutiful girl.

  66. 66
    Jaden Says:

    To all the people in the cyber world.

    I am a gay father of a 1 year old myself. Taking care of my son is 110%. I am a Doctor, and yes I do have a live in Nanny. I am 40 years old and wanted a child, I am gay, I would have never hooked up with a women just to have a child.

    Unless you walk in all the gay Male and Females who have gone this down this road, they you should not make negitive about Mr. Martin and his son’s.

    As said as this is for me to say. Most Gay Men and Women, tend to have high paying jobs, and can give their children the best, includling education, travel, and life in general.

    Now, want to walk in our shoes, try it. I doubt most of the people who made the negtive comments about Mr. Martin and his boys, can’t evenj afford to take care of themselves let alone children.

    Gay Parents are absolute wonderful parents, and my son comes first, hands down, even if I am a Doctor.

    I would give up my career if it was needed, but by far would not have any financial issues as I have business investments that would NOT change our lifestyle.

    There you have it…..

  67. 67
    Jaden Says:

    Please forgive my grammer and spelling on my comments. As I said, part of my life is being a Doctor and I just got home.

    Thank You!!!

  68. 68
    Lovejoy Says:

    @Sophie Smith: What a stupid comment! You idiot!

  69. 69
    Habanero Says:



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