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Rihanna - 'Russian Roulette' Lyrics

Rihanna - 'Russian Roulette' Lyrics

The wait is ova! Rihanna announces the completion of her fourth original studio album, Rated R, out Monday, November 23rd.

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Rated R’s first single is called Russian Roulette and the Anthony Mandler-directed video will premiere on ABC primetime. The song was written and produced by fellow Def Jam artist Ne-Yo.

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Click inside to listen to and follow along to Rihanna‘s “Russian Roulette” lyrics…

Rihanna – ‘Russian Roulette’ Lyrics

Rihanna – ‘Russian Roulette’
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  • Plazik

    Rihanna THE BEST!

  • http://rihannadaily simona

    amazing, beautiful song,

  • Jasmin

    crying!! this song is so beautiful & rih´s voice is amazing!!
    I´m in love with this song!!

  • gemini

    Nice photoshop. Why does she always look like a man in her candids?

  • passerby

    Umbrella Lite.

  • happy

    It’s nothing special. Is the song supposed to be about Chris?

  • zeppe

    She is relying on sex (judging by the album cover) as usual. I see they didn’t stretch her too much vocally either. Wise choice by the label.

  • jess

    Rihanna’s tempo never changes. If you like her, you’ll probably enjoy this, it’s predictable but inoffensive…still girl really needs to try something new.

  • Calypso

    Didnt she do a song like this already?!
    It’s very depressing…………..hope the video’s better

  • yoda

    She is practically topless on that cover. Girl always has to show her titties.

  • tb

    maybe she is feeling depressed. She did just go through something really big! I for one didn’t expect her to come back all upbeat and giggly

  • sinandochkaaaaaaa

    daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn i loooooooooove the pic–god knows hopefullt thsoe arent wires..cos mh

    i love just jared .cooooooooooooooooom

  • iris

    weird song to put out as a single, but i kinda like it.. i like her voice on the albums..

    i wonder though if she’s ever gonna write or produce some of her songs herself.. i like it more when artists write their own songs, otherwise they just take all the credit from the songwriters

  • Emerald

    All that hype for this?

  • Tealeaf

    I don’t like her voice,so Iam not interesting in her music. Her single cover looks..stupid. Trying to be edgy with barbed wire,ugly hairstyle and showing skin…I wish she would go away and take Chipmunk Brown with her

  • kdots

    This was what the ‘wait’ was for?

  • deco

    And the 10 points for originality go to Rihanna, Queens of the Stone Age have already released an album by the same name in 2000.

  • dragon

    They airbrushed the hell out of her on that cover. I guess they had to with what she looks like lately.

  • marissa

    I love it. She always come on top regardless of what people say.

    so keep talking, the more you talk, the more money she makes

    The song is very metaphoric. It says a lot between the lines

  • Me

    waiting her in russia))) lol)

  • M.T

    i love it so much…Crying!!!!!!

  • talabodi

    gaddddd!! i like it!! =))
    so great!!
    love you riri! =D

  • Kate

    Not a bad song at’ll just not work the hype!! I hate it when the pic for a song is better then the actual song!! Step it up Rihanna or this album may kill your career

  • chelsi


  • toonces

    Very boring. Sounds like most of her other singles.

  • James

    @marissa: Nope, the label comes out on top. They got themselves a sweetheart deal with this one. They just market her for sex and change the lyrics a bit between songs.

  • Kate

    you guys should check out Tamayu…an artist that needs the fans help in getting label attention…go to myspace and request him…he deserves it and he’s unique…myspacedotcom/tamayu

  • dj

    i HATE her with passion & can’t stand her phony Grace Jones wannabe ass, but i surprisingly LIKE this song, her voice sounds great for once, she’s talented, hands down, welcome back Rih Rih, she’s back yall

  • blackberry

    Rihanna’s definitely capitalizing on the whole incident with Chris. Did she write the song herself or did someone write it for her like they usually do?

  • Mariah

    I love Rihanna a lot but this song is just not a first single song, sorry. I’m really looking forward to her album though I think it will have better hits on it than this. This song is a bit boring. I mean come on, what about this song is suppose to make me hit repeat? Still love her though, Nov 23!

  • Jax

    This is a very irresponsible song. How many kids will try to play this stupid game because of her song making it seem brave and edgy?

    Just pull the trigger? How could she be so stupid?

  • Joe

    For better quality, check this video:

  • dj

    @blackberry: no she didn’t wrote it, Ne-Yo did

  • cute

    Agree, it’s disappointing. They really overhyped this one.

  • Cynthiia

    wow i love her song to much !!. She looks ugly on the cover of the cover!

  • yar

    A bit boring for a first sinlge.

  • Maggie

    October 20th, 2009 at 12:45 pm
    I love it..if u are a die hard rihanna fan, youd know that she doesnt do the whole pop-ish thing..she likes to talk about powerful things..everlasting friendship (umbrella), hardships (rehab)..I can see that in this cd shes going to take it to another level & i shall be first in line to buy it. I appreciate that she didnt come out with a club banger.,.This is rihanna i believe as a person & an artist..if you want someone to compete with gaga..go listen to britney’s 3 or mariah’s obessed..This is rihanna..cant compare her

  • So D sad

    Kim of ATHW sounded great too didn’t she? It’s a shame her fans are going to bum rush the sites and twitter today trying to convince everyone what a great song this is. At least her no1 fan called it like it is and I hate his a$$.

    The song is garbage, her voice is amped through technology. A da*n suicide song…just great for her young fans.

  • Cammie

    37- Her music is as limited as Gaga.

    And She can’t sing

    She is just a gimmick..of trying to be edgy and slutty.

    Music from the 60′s-90′s was the best

    These talenteless artist relay on videos, the internet to get attention, if they didn’t have the internet or videos..they would sink.

  • rhirocks

    simply beautiful!!!!!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    i love seeing people who rihanna suffer. as much as they wanna see her fail it never happens! ahahahahahahaha.. it’s wonderful to see their pain. ahahahahahahaha.. keep hating, she’s not going anyways, obviously!!!!!!!

  • maxishot


  • Stephen

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: Why would she be going away? She’s a recycled cash cow for her record label. They’ll milk her dry until they move on to the next bitch who’ll shake her booty for short-term fame and money.

    The ones who truly suffer are the artists with real talent.

  • enoughalready

    The hype, the cover, the song a big fail but was we really expecting something big from the likes of Rihanna? No!

  • Lisa

    #42 Find a more interesting word to use instead the school yard..haters…

    If you want talent listen to vintage Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Prince, Jennifer Holiday, Jimi Hendrix,Bob Marley

    If you want a really edgy album with interesting lyrics..listen to Hole “Live Through This”

    Those are artist who are HERE TO STAY

    In the next 5 yrs..this so-called edgy, Grace Jones wannabee will be gone

  • Tealeaf

    Wonder how she will sound trying to sing this stuff live…like a dying cat

  • the_boyfriend

    radio will like this but i don’t, a bit of a snooze, nothing new here.
    Lady GaGa’s bad romance beats this up.
    i’m surprised they didn’t go with something more upbeat.

  • Lisa


    I have to agree Joe Brooks is such a talent artist who plays the guitar. I only heard his music listening to the Hills, it’s some great artist out there but they refuse to sell their soul to a record company for PR.

  • Anonymous

    this song sucks. it’s so boring!

  • mickey

    She always looks vapid and cheap.