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Sarah Palin's Oprah Interview To Air Next Month

Sarah Palin's Oprah Interview To Air Next Month

Oprah Winfrey will meet and interview Sarah Palin for the first time next month, Harpo Productions announced Tuesday.

The 45-year-old former governor of Alaska and Republican vice presidential candidate will appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Monday (November 16).

Palin will give her first interview about her multimillion dollar book deal for “Going Rogue: An American Life,” out November 17. (It’s currently #4 on’s best-seller list.)

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  • zk

    Palin is a desperate lunatic…..can’t imagine why anyone would care about her story! The sooner she disappears from public view the better.

  • Jacob

    Palin has a book (that she didn’t write) to promote.

    Not surprised she can’t write. She can barely speak.

  • Lainey


    Sarah Palin’s whole life is a lie.

    Her sister and people in Alaska can say that she is not the “outdoorsy mother figure” she tries to promote. She’s a self-serving lunatic and a bad mom who wished she had an abortion. She’s almost did, travelling all the way to Texas to get rid of her “retarded” baby (her words).


  • Chace

    Her book should have been called the Audacity of Hype.

    Note to Sarah: You lost.

    Get this doppy eyed freak off the TV. I’ve never seen losers hang around for publicity and fame more than her. She’s not even Governor anymore so why is she everywhere?

  • Harvey


  • Lucy

    I wonder what her Ghost Writer wrote about? Her life really isn’t that interesting unless you count her star crashing and burning after only TWO MONTHS campaigning and only after giving three interviews.

    Katie Couric is a patriot for exposing this monster.

  • Halli

    Who cares? She’s polling behind Romney and even Huckabee at this point. Not even Republicans want to see her anytime soon. But her book is already being bought in bulk (as most Politically conservative books are) and are given away for free at right-wing websites, Gun Shows, Church’s, Rallies, etc. Its how they get up there so that they can reach the New York Times Best Seller list. It aint average people making those books move, its corporate funded and politically motivated groups.

  • rhonda

    Palin will be ratings “gold” for Oprah! Let’s face it, Oprah needs the ratings. She’ll have Gayle there to hold her hand, so it will be ok!

  • rhonda

    @Lainey: ,

    Sarah has a birth certificate, you betcha

    Bill Ayers wrote Obama’s books, you got punked

  • rhonda

    @Halli: Palin will be ratings “gold” for Oprah! Let’s face it, Oprah needs the ratings. She’ll have Gayle there to hold her hand, so it will be ok!

    I’m a conservative and I go to conservative web sites and have never been given a book. Found Rosie and Oprah books at the dollar store!

  • to #1

    Palin is a desperate lunatic

    you may be right; but at least she’s fun. maybe it’s just that i’m so bored with what i hear from the idiots on capital hill. i need a diversion.

  • lisa

    Everyone knows Oprah is the master of gotcha journalism, with her hard-hitting questions like “Who are you dating right now?” and “Tell us about your book”. Palin is very brave to go on her show.

  • michelle

    Finally someone intelligent on Oprah. Will be a refreshing change from the idiots running (ruining) our country.

  • offsuit

    Good for Oprah! The more this insane, ignorant, theo-fascist dirtbag is put in front of the American people, especially the kind of mindless sheep that watch Oprah, the less likely it is that she will ever hold a position of power again, and that’s a good thing for America and the world. Note for the terminally partisan, this is not an endorsement of The Blessed and Most Holy Messiah Obama(tm). Obama is an idiot. Bush was an idiot. Palin, however, is vastly more dangerous than both of them put together.

  • anonymous


    Oprah voted and promoted strictly on race. She’s not too bright in my book so she’d better have someone hold her hand. Gayle will make it a one-sided interview if she’s present. She won’t bite the hand that feeds her. Oprah bought this presidency with money, not brains. She can’t wait to have photo-ops with the President. Copenhagen is a good example.

  • Halli


    hahaha! According to you Bill Ayers is also the master of the Universe!

    I love all the bogeymen you wackos create. Can’t handle the truth so you make up lies. Not even good lies. LMAO! Bill Ayers punked you

  • Halli


    Oprah needs ratings? You’re talking about OPRAH not Gossip Girl. The women earns half a billion dollars a year. She’s got her own zombie movement. She doesn’t need anything… this is a huge favor for Sarah. Sarah should consider herself lucky to be given a shot at this show to promote her book that someone else wrote for her.

  • Lainey


    “Sarah has a birth certificate”

    A Canadian birth certificate? You Betcha! Talks just like a Canuck I tell you what! John McCain has one too. He was born in Panama I believe. He’s probably an illegal. Shhhh!

    But she isn’t Vice President that’s all I care about. Whew!

  • rhonda


    Oprah is not doing Palin a favor, if anything its mutual, yes Oprah has taken a hit since her national bj on Obama, she’s not # 1 anymore, just saying!

  • Keira

    Sarah can’t even write her own memoir? This woman is the definition of lazy. My God.

  • Halli


    Wrong again. Her slight decline in ratings has been ongoing for 5 years, though its not much to worry about. Meanwhile she has regained her ratings ground after her small decline in the height of the election season.

    Why are facts to hard for you to grasp?

    This is a big deal for Sarah. Oprah sells. Its that simple, even Sarah knows it.

  • LuckyL

    A slight decline for Oprah is like going from 1 billion to 800 million, I doubt she cares.

  • LuckyL

    Anyway, Jared is a sell-out and keeps promoting her book way more than any legit news site.

  • All Women Stalker

    So the book deal was true? Wow, cannot believe that she is still milking her 15 minutes.


  • Halli


    Oprah sleeps on a pile of money every night. She really could care less.

  • Jan

    Palin believes in free enterprise and hard work. Oprah is an example of both. I think they have more in common than you may think. George W Bush got Obama elected. No one on that ticket after Bush’s 8 years was going to be elected. Sarah brought a boost to McCain and McCain would have lost by more votes if she had not been on his ticket.

  • Jen

    wow Oprah surely has sunk low by having this woman on her show.

  • rhonda


    OK halli harpo, you get paid by the hour!

  • lissa

    I don’t understand the hatred towards Palin. she is the American-story. Worked her way through school, lots of people do, got married had a family, ran a business. Ran for school board, won a seat. People encouraged her to run for Mayor of Wasilla, family friends and neighbors voted her in. got involved in energy, saw the corruption went after her own party, put people in prison for corruption in her own party, ran for gov lost, ran again and won. Became a rising star in the Republican Party, selected by the Republican candidate to be his running mate. While Obama ran for POTUS for TWO years, Sarah packed up her family in THREE DAYS and knocked the socks off the republican base. Reporters dug up every piece of crap on the family they could find, we all know what was done to this woman and SHE’s still standing. No she didn’t do well in hostile interviews but drew crowds that matched the dem candidate, how this ends we don’t know. Sarah’s political future is in her own hands, if she’s done her homework and can handle the hostile media, she will win and if she can’t ,well she will still be a conservative star, just not the candidate.

    What could any of you find “horrible” about that resume! you can only be POTUS if you went to Harvard? I don’t think you really mean that. That leaves out everyone but the elite and few affirmative action tokens. Someone who worked their way to the top is bad? Tell me, how that is bad?

  • thanks jared


  • doofus

    Oprah is desperate for ratings. She interviews Palin now only because Obummer is already the Pres. They were so threatened before.
    Obummer is sinking like the Titanic.

  • Grassley


    Yeah because if you aren’t white and you are in the Ivy League you are an affirmative action token? Get real! No matter who you are you have to have top marks and graduate at the top of your class.

    Pull your head out of your race obsessed butthole.

  • Grassley


    Also… anyone who is an “elite” worked their butts off to get there. Where do you think they come from, the sky? What do you have against people who work hard to achieve success? What do you have against people who are smart enough and worked hard enough to get into the Ivy Leagues. Because even if you did get in becuase of AA, you still need to have a great resume and top marks.

    So all your “elitism” is just your way of saying people who earned success in their own way don’t deserve it.

    Its people like you who are killing the American Dream, when its considered wrong to be smart and successful.

  • lissa

    I did forget those who did work their butts off and got scholarships and nothing in life is absolute

  • lissa

    What I wrote wasn’t about affirmative action or race it was about what do you people have against people who work their way to the top! some of the most successful people didn’t even go to college. Look at Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, I read he had a fourth grade education. You can’t get much uglier than what people have been to Palin and her family. I really don’t give a damn about that racism, homophobe crap anymore. matter of fact, I love it, the more YOU use it the more its deluded. The whole point of affirmative action is NOT to get the SMARTEST person, its to get the RIGHT quota person. If you really were offended by affirmative action you would want it ended and compete on your own merit.

  • Jan

    Ratings GOLD for Oprah and I hope Sarah sells a few books too. I ordered it on Amazon already. It is on the best seller list now.

  • Grassley


    Who exactly is angry at people who work their way to the top?

    Lets not forget Sarah Palin didn’t climb her way to the top in the traditional sense. John McCain plucked her from obscurity and put a person who was no where near ready for the national stage and chose her to be our potential VP.

    After a few disaster interviews, the McCain campaign BLOCKED Sarah from giving any more interviews from people except for FOX News. That was unacceptable. How irresponsible was it for McCain to try to sneak someone no one hardly knew into such a high priority position? He doesn’t even want to consider her for 2012. Snubbing her. So its not about people who work their way to the top.

    Barack Obama was a confused biracial kid who dabbled in drugs with a single-mom in a working class family who worked his way to Harvard and the President of the Harvard Law Review, a Senator and now President. He worked against the odds too. People do not just become elite, and the word “elite” is NOT a bad word. Its totally American. It means working towards your greatest potential and not everyone gets to that point but you should not criticize those who are smart or savvy enough to get to the top. I say good for them!

    Also there would be no need for AA if it weren’t so necessarry. When you have folks like Bush (a solid C student) getting into Yale and Harvard… what do you call that? Its Affirmative Action by a different name based on family connections. And you are the one bringing race into this. You can’t separate someone who is a minority and who happens to be an Ivy League grad or extremely successful and all of a sudden they got there becuase of Affirmative Action. You are only looking at race when you do that so don’t get angry when you get called out. It makes you sound bitter.

  • lissa

    If you think Palin didn’t work her way to the top, you just proved my point. you think she just got plucked out of nowhere. she started her political career on the school board. are you getting it. I’m so sick of the mama was a single mama, crap. Obama would NOT be president if he WEREN’T black, the entire nation wanted to end this racial crap so bad. To bad for us, the black boywonder has the whole nation “hating on” on someone.

    By the way, the “wise latina” was AA, Obama had to pick out her clothes for her, haven’t heard a word about that on JJ or anywhere else for that matter. If the Obama administration picks out her clothes I’m sure they are gonna be helping her with her homework. So much, for the “wise latina”

    Thats why I hate this race crap, my original post was about people working their way up, and ends with this race and AA crap.

  • Marieme

    Some really great (and funny) comments. I’m expecting and hope to hear Oprah challenge her on a few dispicable behaviors that were shown during the campaign. I want to hear some real answers too.

  • http://justjared KK

    wanna know how to scare a liberal? Walk up behind them and say “Sarah Palin” …

    It amazes me the hatred for this woman who was WAY more qualified to run this country than the *cough” community organizer who voted “present” 130 times as a senator. It’s no wonder wveryone has peeled the Obama stickers off their bumpers! SOME have finally wised up.

  • Jan-2


    KK, I don’t think it’s hate as much as fear. They are intimidated by her, and know they’ve put a loser in the White House. I’d love to see Palin debate Pelosi or Boxer. What a riot !

  • http://justjared KK


    Yep, you are 100% correct!

  • lakers fan in boston

    yawn who cares
    a gayelle interviewing a dumbass doesnt sound exciting

  • amanda

    @Lainey: You are so disgusting.

  • S.G.Voorhees

    To Michelle, post #13:

    If you really think Palin’s intelligent, you might want to consider going back and finishing 3rd grade…losers admire quitters.

  • S.G.Voorhees

    To Grassley at post #33:

    Don’t let the “Affirmative Action” remarks get to you. The shmucks who invoke it in the name of the partisan smear effort barely know how to spell it. Consider this: even if “Lissa” could avail herself of the Affirmative Action program, would Harvard accept her? It’s doubtful they’d even let her scrub their toilets. Ignorant people mistrust those of intellect with good reason: they are a constant reminder of their own laziness and inadequacy. Let them delude themselves into thinking they are capable of judging someone who is intellectually superior them – their words are never taken seriously.