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Zac Efron Has His Hands Full

Zac Efron Has His Hands Full

Zac Efron puts the squeeze on one female fan’s backside while out partying in Vancouver, Canada on Monday night (October 19).

The 22-year-old actor was celebrating the completion of his new movie, The Death & Life of Charlie St. Cloud, by attending the wrap party at Watermark Restaurant on Kits Beach.

Zac wore a t-shirt with an image of what looks like British supermodel Kate Moss and the word “heartbreaker.”

Lookin’ good, Zac!


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zac efron butt squeeze 01
zac efron butt squeeze 02
zac efron butt squeeze 03
zac efron butt squeeze 04
zac efron butt squeeze 05
zac efron butt squeeze 06

Credit: Chiang pgdiv; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • aurélie

    plw grow your hair back

  • becky

    That is not even her ass. Get real. Not to mention that girl/drag queen has no shame. Hideous!!

    He does look good though.

  • Po

    Funny thing is that he has one hand on the other girl’s shoulder and the other on that girl’s backside.

  • kriss

    lol jared that’s not her ass ??

  • nate

    if her ass is that high god help her.

  • vz

    that is her UPPERass. he is so over vanessa. not that they ever were an item…

  • gays like girls

    Where is that Vanessa beard?

  • kgg

    Good grief! That’s either a drag queen or the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen. He’s grabbing his/her hip, not ass…..just a joke, people.

  • marla


    Yeah the only one he gropes in public because he lost his respect is his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgen

  • kgg


    You’re just jealous because he won’t grope your ass.

  • dsa

    that girl is actually quite pretty. kinda resembles keira knightley a bit dont u think

  • rissa

    lolz. that’s her lower back/hip.

  • JJ

    LMFAO @ the chick with the longer reddish hair!! What kind of pose is THAT?!?!? Hahahaha!!! Paris reject!! HAHAHAHA!!!

  • rissa

    that’s her lower back/hip

  • q

    Why do most girls stand or “pose” like that now? It looks ridiculous!!
    she’s going to look back on that picture and be like WTF? LOL
    What a hussy.

  • Bradley Bobst

    Zac looks amazing. Gold he is done filming Charlie St Cloud.

  • Trina

    It’s just two fans who wanted to pose with him. He does that all the time. Can’t he ever be silly? If Hugh Jackman had posed with two fans like that, no one would blink an eye. Even the girl who is puckered up is being silly.

  • lilly


  • http://justjared shamilah

    zac looks soooooo HOT!

  • AB

    lol lots of jealous fans here.

  • gracemarie

    I didn’t like the pic whwn I frst saw it but it really isn’t her butt it’s her hip

  • ANNE.

    Zac’s soooo hot! <3

  • Mary

    is true


  • Mads

    Hm, funny, considering they are still together!

  • Mads

    Hm, funny, considering they are still together!

  • Mads

    Him and Ness are still together. Ever hear of joking? A lot of my good guy friends who aren’t single will playfully hug and kiss me on the cheek. It’s not a huge deal.

    Ness is FILMING. Which is why she wasn’t there. They do have jobs, people!

  • Bradley Bobst


    So Totally true Well said.

  • April

    Love him !!

  • bradd

    Wow, he looks good! he would look good in anything!

  • Lu

    WTF? and vanessa?
    Zac sooo Hot ♥

  • celia

    WHOA! Doesn’t he have a girlfriend?!
    Anyways…he can squeeze my “backside” ANYDAY!

  • chef de chefs

    Doesn’t look too filling to me. Where’s Monica Lewinsky when you need her?

  • abby

    People really need to get over it. It is very clear he isn’t grabing her ass. If her ass is that high sweetheart has a problem. Get over it.

  • Dumbasses

    That’s the top of her her skirt not her ass.

    You sure are turning into a dumbass Jared.



  • kami

    all you nut cases need to get a grip and stop falling apart every time zac and vanessa are seen without each other. or when they pose with fans. grow up. we don’t see what they do every minute of the day when they are together. btw vanessa was at this party. she arrived about an hour after zac did (probably filming). the guest list person who works at watermark posted that on lj.

  • Anna

    wow jared, way to fuel up rumors. -rolls eyes-
    you’re usually more careful.

  • Tiptoes


    Kami, you are right, Vanessa was also there.

    No need to get anxious but this is really a fun pic.

    Good for Zac’s movie to be almost done…..can’t wait for the MAOW promotion to start.

  • bop

    i was eating hot cheetos and when i read some of your comments, i choked on it. so now, i have spicy stuff burning in my throat. thanks a lot guys. and oh, by the way, loved the title jared, seeing that he isnt even squeezing her butt.

  • sumbudy frum englund


  • carly May Geronimo

    @kami: @kami:

  • carly May Geronimo

    @kami: Where can u see the guest list???

  • gisselle Diaz

    That’s her ass sorry to brake it to you!!

  • *** JAMIE ***

    hes cute

    has he broken up with vanessa hudgens?

  • Tiptoes

    @carly May Geronimo:

    the poster deleted her comments already in ONTD – but yes Vanessa was also there at the party

    @*** JAMIE ***:

    sorry to break it to you – but they are still dating…

  • Meghan

    Okay, calm down..
    This is a Zac post, (no matter how random and stupid it may be), and while Vanessa is part of Zac’s life, she doesn’t have anything to do with the post.

  • funkymonkey

    way to be a good boyfriend Zac

  • Zac Efron’s #1 Fan

    Zac looks good in those pictures. Like his new haircut makes him look older. Can’t wait to see Charlie St Cloud.

  • Ann

    That is her a*s he is grabbing. Way to go Zac. Time to get rid of that albatross that hangs around your neck.

  • Karen

    Why does the fact that Vanessa is not in this picture mean to some of you that she was not there? Zac is taking a picture with some fans so why must Vanessa be in it? You people are deranged. Lucas Grabeel and his sister Autumn were there at the party too but I don’t see a picture of them so it must not be so. Right?? I wish some of you could understandd how ridiculous you sound.

    Also, some of you who are obvious Zac and/or Vanessa bashers why don’t you give it up? You are on every thread of these two saying stupid stuff like Ann or marla. And I have a feeling if I went to someof the other celebrity threads you people would be there too saying similar things about those actors. It is sad how some people are career celebrity bashers.

  • chri5tin3

    nice title, jared!
    i thought you were a zanessa shipper. way to fuel rumours, because you know, there are not enough out there already! (sarcastic)
    btw, they are still dating, not that it is a problem with me, nor will it ever be.