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Adam Lambert - 'Time for Miracles' Music Video

Adam Lambert - 'Time for Miracles' Music Video

Check out the premiere of Adam Lambert‘s new “Time for Miracles” music video.

The song will be featured in the upcoming film 2012.

Adam‘s debut album For Your Entertainment is set for a November 23rd release. “Yes it’s true,” he wrote on his Twitter yesterday. “I spent yesterday in the studio w the insanely talented and creative Lady Gaga recording a song that she wrote! I love her. Gaga wrote the song a while ago and she thought it would be a good fit for me. It’s a solo track. I feel so honored and lucky to be asked.”

Adam Lambert – ‘Time for Miracles’ Music Video
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  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Garner affleck fan

    Adam has such a great voice he should of won american idol

  • cat

    i love adam,he’s such a cute guy!and has a good heart too!

  • wow

    ya know, idol has a history of never really finding a star but omg… this guy can sing!!! this is the first internationally marketable star from the show. ever. pitchy carrie & cankle kelly have nothing on adam.

  • forever56

    THIS VIDEO IS SO AWESOME! I love it. He looks better then I’ve ever seen him, and that’s saying alot.
    Very beautiful.

    and #3… uh pretty much have what you hear on the radio are idol stars… kelly, daughtry, jordin, david cook…carrie…. and the list goes on…but he prob will be the biggest@ hope he never does anything too scary.. when he is understated he makes you think.

  • nathalie

    OH GOSH!!!


  • balloonboy

    dunno, the song is so average, he could do better.

  • happy girl

    great song. great voice. great singer. very average song.

  • wow

    @nathalie: outside of the states, no one has ever heard of those people… accept for jennifer.

  • Dan

    @wow: outside of the states adam, carrie, kellly, jordin, david&david daughtry and all those stars have ALOT ALOT OF FANS! i know cuz im not from the states and im the biggest fan of A.I and all the stars comig from there specially ADAM!

  • ash

    Good lord, he’s gorgeous and so is his voice. <3

  • Amanda

    Aw, he looks both cute and hot! I love it, and I love the song!!! Can’t wait for his other single from his album!!! Hurry!!

  • J. Ryan


    you are so very very sad. adam will never have anything on kelly clarkson. 8 years after american idol, “my life would suck without you” (her comeback single) broke records by jumping from 97 on the Billboard Hot 100 to #1. “i do not hook up” reached 20. “already gone” reached 19. three singles on the Billboard Top 20 in less than a year. trust me, we won’t be saying that about adam lambert in 2017.

  • n_n

    It is my imagination or this video shows the whole movie, even the end? O_O

  • elin

    He looks like an anime character,I love that : )

  • sara

    Oh no its coming out the same day as rihanna rated r. Sorry but I’m rooting for rihanna

  • Lily

    Thumbs up!

  • Mary


  • Tom

    @J. Ryan: Who is Kelly Clarkson?

  • lindsay

    He looks great.When will adam release his 1st single from his album?

  • cainvx


    adam who?

  • omg!!!!

    omg cant u guys please just get over who won and who didnt ? its not really gonna change the fact that he won so get over it

  • april

    kelly only wish she could sing like adam im glad adam didnt win he would be in a box kelly has been out for years kelly was beat out by britney who went 100 to 1 but i guess it doesnt matter by the way where is the guy who won?

  • Sarah

    This video is awesome!!
    I love Adam! :]

  • Terri

    I love these people that always say….”trust me” and then go on to spew out their facts for the future. Give me a break. Nobody has a rat’s a$$ idea what Adam, or anybody else for that matter, will do in the future.

    This guy is the complete package in my opinion. No telling how far he can go if he keeps his head on straight. As of right now, he seems to have all of his bases covered…talent, looks, performance skills, personality, intelligence…’s all his for the taking.

  • angie

    @J. Ryan:

    and how do you know that?? maybe you could also give us the winning lotto numbers for tomorrow? I think Adam will be a star bigger that anything that came out AI, everything he touches turns into gold. TFM is a nice song, but Adams turns it in to a beautiful ballad, heartfelt and powerful. Adam,you are a star, rock on !

  • Outsourcing Lifestyle

    He has a great voice. We should have singers like this. Great Talent, good personality, singing skills and most of all with a attitude. The industry should keep celebrity like Adam.

  • Pandora

    There is nothing mundane about Adam, his execution of the song, or the lyrics. The lyrics and the visual are poweful on many levels — it’s not merely a sappy love song! And him…well! Sigh. :) Oh. As for those of you who can predict his future — aren’t you funny. I assume you are high powered music execs somewhere who have an inside track. Yeah! That must be it!

  • monica

    This opinion is from me only,and hoping no offense will be taken from anyone.
    If my eyes are close,I thought it was Jon Bon Jovi singing.Cuz,I love Bon Jovi.Well it is only my own opinion.Adam has beautiful voice.We knew that when he was in A.I.
    His destination is right for him.It was the best that he didn’t win the A.I.If he did win then we will never knew who he was.Just look at the winners,yes….Kelly….Carrie are on the top,but we hardly hear from them unless there is a show or awards going on.Chris Doughtry,was very good and has more success than the winner during his A.I.time.He didn’t win but it was a lead part that he landed.Praise to Chris and now to Adam.

  • mmmmm….

    “He has a great voice.”
    Couldn’t agree more !!!

  • pickles

    The video is total crap. The movie trailer looks like total crap. Adam Lambert…is superb! He is awesome. He has an amazing voice. If I could turn off the pictures and ljust listen, he is awesome. I bet that song gets nominated for an Oscar. And Adam gets to sing it!

    I also think Adam, who is used to performing live, needs to watch the videos of himself and some of his facial expressions. He needs to polish that up a bit. He looked fscarey for a couple of seconds there! LOL!

  • lol

    “The video is total crap. The movie trailer looks like total crap. Adam Lambert…is superb! ”
    Tha’s better than vice-versa !

  • Lucy86


  • Jen

    It’s too much.. Again, Adam tried to hard to do something to impress people. I think he has a great voice and all but I don’t buy him. Hopefully he won’t have a lot of space to show this Broadway work for too long.

    @J. Ryan: I love you. Agree with everything you said.

  • Shell

    Beautiful. He has an amazing voice and I am sure his talent will keep growing.

  • pfft

    @Jen: Don’t count on that !
    Adam is here to stay.

  • Simone

    How he didn’t win amazes me.
    He is such a talent, he has it all an amazing voice star quality and he’s bloody gorgeous!

  • Andy

    @Simone: He’s gay and he’s fierce – too much for Middle America.

  • Dan

    @Andy: Yes, ignorant ppl like u, who thinks that being gay change the fact that he’s EXTREMELY TALENTED!

  • Andy

    @Dan: What are you talking about?!?
    Are you saying that Middle America. isn’t homophobic?

  • J. Ryan


    how do you know everything he touches turns to gold? that theory hasn’t been properly tested and yes i don’t know the future but i think its total crap when you start pitting the runner up against actual american idols and claim he is better then them all. that’s just crap.

  • emma

    I gonna see the movie.

  • Kate

    @emma: Me too :)

  • Kate

    Love it–love him!

    Just think of all the people that this video will reach when it plays in theaters. Very smart move on Adam’s part. There are people (unbelievable I know!) who don’t know who Adam Lambert is and this video is suppose to play in theaters sometime soon, I think.

    People will be wondering who he is once they hear that amazing VOICE.

    It’s not my kind of movie but I will go and see it to see this video up on the screen and 12/21 is my son’s birthday–not that I believe the myth about 12/21/12.

  • 2012

    2012 director and producer Roland Emmerich is openly gay too – and has great taste in singers!

  • a.


  • Jess

    @a.: I want to be bored like that every single day! lol

  • yikes

    Cheesy and over the top. I predict this will have no mainstream appeal. I’m usually right.

  • numb

    WOW!!! What A VOICE!!!

    I was thinking to whom I might compare him… I guess no one!

  • http://- Diana

    He has a great voice, but the song feels a bit like rehash. I’ll still be listening to his album when it comes out though!

  • lilian

    The Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!