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Angelina Jolie Starts Drama With Gucci

Angelina Jolie Starts Drama With Gucci

Angelina Jolie is in talks to star in the new drama Gucci, to be directed by Ridley Scott.

According to Variety, the film, set to start shooting next year, is about a famous fashion family stricken by scandal and murder as Angie‘s character’s plots to kill her ex-husband, Maurizio Gucci.

No word on who may play Maurizio – Ridley Scott has approached Leonardo DiCaprio about the part, but Leo‘s not attached to the film at this time.

As soon as a deal is stuck, Angie will star in The Tourist – production will likely take place in early 2010 before Gucci filming begins.

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  • observer

    charity @ 10/21/2009 at 11:16 pm anne marie @ 10/21/2009 at 6:23 pm

    Changeling only grossed 112 Million dollars worldwide….


    ONLY $112 mil? Kimmel Entertainment would KILL for some of that $112 million, since they are still shaking their heads in astonishment over the COMPLETE loss of their investment in Management. You are a fan of a woman who couldn’t even sell a measly ONE, that’s ONERead more:


    $112 million for a very serious movie about child-kidnapping is great. If Angie had not been in it, I doubt it would have done as well as it did.

  • the real lou

    # 201 yep @ 10/22/2009 at 12:33 pm …I thought family would be the most important to her. What a liar.

    Yet this is what YOU posted 2 days ago……….

    # 147 yep @ 10/20/2009 at 10:06 pm So happy to hear about potential Angie roles and that just means that she’s not giving up Acting :) Can’t hold her down. Brad Pitt can’t hold Angie back. rotflmao! I hope she signed for the GUCCI movie and The Tourist movie.

    Thank you for confirming the fact that you are a sh*t stirring troll.You are NO ONES fan,just a troll looking to start trouble on the thread.

  • jp fan

    credit jjb

    Brad Pitt’s Hot New ToyBrad Pitt’s Hot New Toy
    Posted on Oct 22, 2009 @ 08:11AM

    They say you can tell the difference between men and boys — by the size of their toys.

    Well there’s no doubting that Brad Pitt is all man, judging by the delivery of his new motorcycle!

    Brad took receipt of a beautiful, sparkling, brand new custom chopper at his home in Los Feliz, CA, on Wednesday.

    We will be seeing Brad hitting the streets on his new toy soon for sure, which is replete with gold features such as the rims and handlebars.

    Brad can add the new bike to his already burgeoning collection of motorcycles that he stores at his home in Los Angeles.

  • AutumnM

    Sounds awesome! I hope this pans out, I know Angie will be great as always.

  • the real lou

    # 202 from HuffingtonPost @ 10/22/2009 at 12:33 pm Christian Bale’s ‘American Psycho’ Inspiration: Tom Cruise

    I have known this for almost 2 years from watching Christian Bale’s bio on A&E.The director is on video telling this story.The question is …..Why is she re-hashing this crap now?Does she need publicity for some reason?This reminds me of how people throw around Angelina’s and Brad’s name for PR purposes.So I guess this lady needed to use Christian and Tom.

  • kiki

    real lou, i think yep is a sh8tstirrer just like wobbler perhaps they’re just one . i thought she is angie fan but i read wobbly post in you tube , she was anti jolie. i also know anne marie is ellie/sally/jade and more.

  • the real lou

    # 209 kiki @ 10/22/2009 at 1:20 pm ….They most likely are the same person.These name changing trolls for the most part are disturbed individuals…with too much time on their hands.

  • cassie

    OT I see the stupid paps hit one of the cars in the Jackson kids entourage a week after hitting Nicole Richie’s car. Thankfully noone injured this time

  • lurking

    Just lurked on the x thread and I must say the three amigos over there Bet, Ellie and Jade are all the x has!!!!! x fans are dwindling down to a handfuls!!!! LOL!!!
    I hope we get some confirmations about the Tourist and Gucci. Both projects are totally different genre and Angie IMO is perfect in both roles. I just can’t wait for Salt trailer to come out. July 2010 is so far away people!!!!!!!!. I miss her on the big screen!!!!!!!!

  • Lady croft

    I think Christian bale & Angie would be a better matchfor this movie

  • dakila

    Hmmm… want to see her on this one. A bit different, don’t you think?

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks Gracie…I hope they stop arguing. We (JP fans) very well know that Angie’s number one. Well said. Hello to JP fans.

  • guli

    Maria’s new fan video…

    PT–please check email when you get a chance..Dulc and I have a few questions :-)

  • purple poet

    This b*tch will never stay home and take care of her 100 kids. Her doing all this talk about slowing down and possibly retiring was all nonsense. She just can’t help herself, she has to be in the spotlight at all times and can’t stand for another actress to shine. Her hooking up with Brad Pitt worked wonders because she was box office poison in a string of flops.

  • kiki

    lady croft , i agree christian bale would be a better choice instead of leonardo . dicaprio is a good actor but he’s more o the passive side and christian is more like a kick ass like angie.i mean both has a strong personality , not that i’m trying to undermine leonardo.

    o.t guys i noticed what happened to jp’s thread ?…….it seems like deader than dead. where are the fans?…..did jared scared or pissed them off bit by bit? and probably abandon his site because of his tabloidish captions and fabricating lies to generate hits.

  • K.G.

    Jesus can you all stay on topic instead of fighting the JA fans?

  • pokeman

    purple poet @ 10/22/2009 at 4:21 pm

    jeolous. why don’t you go jump off a building or slit your throad. do will need to explain to you about her work schedule again? We are probably wasting our time explaining it to you because you are not going to get it anyway. you haven’t been getting the brad/angie thing for the past 5 years. so, maybe is time for you to give it up.

  • the real lou

    # 220 pokeman @ 10/22/2009 at 4:32 pm…Why are you responding to this troll?I take it you forgot how she spent 6 hours spamming The Tourist thread.

  • karen

    @purple poet:

    Bit@h please.. you need to take your comment and shove it where the sun don’t shine. Angie is a talented woman. That does not change because you have children. Brad has not worked on a movie set in almost a year. Angie has been off since her movie Salt wrapped. Her kids have school, and she has the benefit of taking her twins to work with her, as well as her other children. Thousands of women work in the Film/TV industry. I have no doubt that you know women with children who work 9 – 5 jobs. They handle that and take care of their family. Angelina is a FILM STAR. She works 3 months and then wraps her movie. Hardley a 9 – 5 job.

    I think you are a fool. Still talking about events that happened 5+ years ago. Events that have nothing to do with you at all. Angie and Brad are the parents and they get to decide how to handle their family. NOT your stupid as$.

    Go post on a thread of other actrersses that are working and have kids. OR is your problem ONLY with The Jolie..

    Don’t bother to answer we all know the answer. Kiss Angie As$. She won’t say that but I will on her behalf.

  • Lil

    Sounds interesting !

  • Goya

    Brad filmed “Tree of Life” from 2/1-5/1/09 — 8 months ago.

  • new

    @ purple poet

    haha….you get your as$ kicked !!!!!

  • dj

    i LOVE this woman

  • mmsic

    @purple poet: Hey B!tch!!! please go visit the golden bridge here in San Francisco,and while you’re there,maybe you would like to jump off the bridge,you’re so pathetic!!!

  • aj

    Goya @ 10/22/2009 at 4:59 pm
    Tree of Life was filmed in 2008.

  • to purple poet

    whether you like it or not angie and brad decide how the children will be raised; not you. also where did you get the idea that she was box office poison before brad came along? in case you haven’t noticed she is the one with the oscar not brad. angie’s talent speaks for itself; she does not need brad or any other man to make her career a success. now be a good girl/boy and stop making stupid, idiotic comments about subjects you know nothing about. better yet, just go away.

  • perfect in every way

    ewwww get offyour damn soap boxes, you all act like she invented water, for damn sakes!
    now i see why every other movie star is ‘fug’ ‘ugh’ ‘fat’ and simply not worth breathing… and will it bomb like her last movies?

    you all are BEYOND obsessed with this celeb! Yikes! What great movie did she make of note????? Her last bombed at the b.o.!

    get a life!

  • Micky

    In movies is the only place you get to see Ange in clothes other then that drab black she wears 24/7. so should be a treat. this woman is rail thin, black clothing is the last thing she needs, but she loves it.
    and maybe 1 day we’ll see her daughter in GIRLS clothes, ya think?

  • the real lou

    # 230 perfect in every way @ 10/22/2009 at 5:36 pm

    # 231 Micky @ 10/22/2009 at 5:43 pm

    Could it be any more obvious this is the SAME poster?I mean really,Stevie Wonder can see this.

  • Not Impressed by JA

    IB daily figures UPDATED

    Domestic: $119,180,853
    + Foreign: $168,371,059


    = Worldwide: $287,551,912

  • mmsic

    @perfect in every way: Gosh,you’re talking about Aniston,right? Oh,i so agree with you.She is a pathetic old hag,no man wants to be with her except of course the paid by Huvane John Mayer.Without him,the hag enjoys most of her time with Norman,the dog.Wow,what a life!!! She has millions but even her millions couldn’t buy her a decent man,who really wants to stay with her.Wonder why all the men dump on her,maybe she has a very bad body odor,you think?

  • briseis

    Wow, IB is still so impressive. Doing so well two months after it was first shown, while other movies released so much later have disappeared. I can’t wait for the DVD release.

  • Pipz

    Oh man i love Angie and will support her in every role she plays because she is a damnnn fine actress no two ways about it.
    Wishing her and Brad the very best in all they both do which is alot in the way of charity. You do good and good comes back to you..

    Bravo Angie ..will be waiting for your next film and the one after and so on. You are the bestest!!!

  • Neil

    @perfect in every way:

    Since this thread is no longer on Just Jared’s first or second page it means you had to search it out. Now why would someone not a fan do that? Talk about pathetic!

  • yolly

    @yep: You are so stupid. Sulk in a corner & stay there.

  • irma

    Hello everyone. Ok, since Scarpetta book is attached to Angie’s name, I decided to buy the book ” The Scarpetta Factor ” I will read it & see how Angie suits to the character.,
    Goodnight to all. Just tired of reading the bs from the trolls.
    God bless the Jolie-Pitt family.

  • mmsic

    On topic,i hope and pray Gucci will go on as planned with Angie and DiCaprio.I feel like it is a movie that will give Angie another Oscar nomination since her role is going to be controversial.You heard it from me first!!! My take!

  • Ms.JOLIE4ever!

    Everyone is laying low.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Sh!t Happens box office today has me ROTFLMAO!
    $43,305 in 1043 theaters.
    That is an average take at each theater of $39.60.
    That doesn’t even pay the wages for the janitor to clean up for the day. BWAHAHAHAHAHA

  • pokeman

    # 242 ManLESSton, I likely @ 10/22/2009 at 9:03 pm

    holly sh!t batman that’s bad. LMFAO

  • pokeman

    the real lou @ 10/22/2009 at 4:36 pm

    my bad. i did forget.

  • missy

    and maybe 1 day we’ll see her daughter in GIRLS clothes, ya think?

    I’m a girl and I love wearing pants and tshirt. What’s wrong with that?

  • jp fan

    credit jjb


    Another one bites the dust. I laugh at all those trolls saying that Swank should have been casted in Changeling. JMO

    How did Fox Searchlight, which has easily the best box-office best batting average of any specialty film company in the business, get stuck with a turkey like “Amelia”?

    A cloyingly earnest historical drama based on the exploits of Amelia Earhart that arrives in 800 theaters Friday, the film features Hilary Swank as the daring aviatrix who suddenly disappeared in 1937 over the central Pacific while trying to fly around the world.

    The reviews have been awful, with the film so far having earned a paltry 20 from Rotten Tomatoes. Entertainment Weekly’s Lisa Schwarzbaum described the movie as “square, still and earthbound” while Variety’s Justin Chang calls it a “dismayingly superficial” film full of “inspirational platitudes.”

    Meanwhile, the box-office tracking for the film, directed by Mira Nair, has been grim. According to numbers from the OTX tracking service, younger moviegoers have zero desire to see the movie. And even older moviegoers, who would normally make up the largest segment of potential moviegoers, are unenthusiastic. The film’s “definite interest” numbers among over-30 females, the niche most likely to see the film, were a mediocre 19%, even less than the number of over-30 women eager to see “Saw VI.”

    Searchlight, which normally gives its films a platform release, has clearly decided it should get as much as it can out of the movie as quickly as possible before the bad buzz spreads, hence the 800-screen release this weekend. But how did Searchlight get caught holding the bag with such a stinker? No one is talking for the record, but my sources close to the production say the company made a rare misstep — it got involved with a production it didn’t control.

    As it turns out, most of the funding for “Amelia’s” roughly $40-million budget came from Ted Waitt, co-founder of Gateway computers, who had a personal fascination with the Earhart saga. Just before the film went into production last year, Searchlight acquired worldwide distribution rights, putting up a minority stake in the budget and footing the bill for the film’s marketing expenses. At the time, judging from the script co-written by Ron Bass and Anna Hamilton Phelan, the studio felt “Amelia” could be a historical drama with the kind of uplift and emotional intensity of a film like “Out of Africa.” Searchlight also had strong relationships with the film’s talent, having released Nair’s “The Namesake” and Swank’s “Boys Don’t Cry.”

    But movies are all about execution, not just expectations, and by the time Nair delivered a finished film, it was clear that she’d missed the mark, at least when it came to uplift and emotional intensity. Searchlight still believes it can woo over-50 women into seeing the film, even with its lousy reviews.

    However, a comparison to “The Changeling” seems like a big stretch, since it had the cachet of both Angelina Jolie and director Clint Eastwood, not to mention considerably better reviews (earning a 61 at Rotten Tomatoes).

    Searchlight believes that if it could do a similar mid-20s number in the U.S. it could come out OK, especially if it could attract a similar percent of moviegoers around the globe. I think they’re being overly optimistic.

    If every greenlight decision were purely market-driven, movies would die from monoculture. “Changeling,” by the way, was the best movie of its year, reviewers be damned.

  • jp fan

    credit jjb…-caution/5007246.article

    Japan, caution

    The collapse in Japan’s independent distribution sector has made the territory one of the most difficult for foreign films to crack ‹ and nor are Hollywood studio films working. Jason Gray reports

    The cliché of Japan as a ‘land of contradictions’ holds true for the Japanese film industry of late. The first half of 2009 saw a robust 17.6% increase in cumulative box office over the same period last year, dipping to a still impressive 12.6% increase by the end of July.
    Thorsten Schumacher, director of worldwide sales and distribution at HanWay Films, says: “It’s definitely not the second biggest sales territory in the world any more, and companies cannot risk the big minimum guarantees from the old days.” Every seller has seen minimum guarantees (MGs) for Japan fall. “If you don’t get a theatrical sale, you’ll end up with 10% of the MG for a straight-to-video sale,” says Schumacher. Some sellers are even red-lining Japan when calculating sales forecasts, and moving on. Pre-sales are also a thing of the past.

    “There are no pre-sales unless you’ve got a Brad Pitt movie or an auteur director,” says Jere Hausfater, former CEO of Essential Entertainment.

    Several factors have been cited for the independent sector’s woes, particularly audience preference for homegrown blockbusters. Japanese audiences see a low 1.3 movies per capita annually, so generally choose safely.

  • jp fan

    credit jjb…ing-out-last-night.jhtml

    October 22, 2009; Written by Edward Morris Kenny Chesney and Brett James

    Celebrants jammed the reception hall at ASCAP’s Nashville headquarters Wednesday afternoon (Oct. 21) to see Kenny Chesney and Brett James honored for co-writing Chesney’s latest No. 1 single, “Out Last Night.”

    The song was James’ sixth No. 1 and Chesney’s fourth as songwriters. As an artist, it was Chesney’s 19th No. 1.

    Connie Bradley, ASCAP’s senior vice president, told the crowd that James’ presence at the ceremony involved some tight scheduling since he had just returned the day before from a six-week tour of Europe.

    Bradley further noted that Chesney is now the biggest ticket-seller this century in any genre of music.

    Hank Adam Locklin, CMA senior manager of membership and industry relations, presented the two writers plaques from the organization. Noting he had long been impressed by Chesney’s character, he recalled driving the singer to the 2004 CMA Awards Show where he was up for the entertainer of the year award.

    When someone asked him if he was going to appear at a press conference if he didn’t win, Locklin said Chesney replied, “Of course, I’ll do press. These are my friends. This is my industry.” He won the award — and four more just like it since.

    Troy Tomlinson, who’s been Chesney’s music publisher for 18 years (first at Acuff-Rose, now at Sony ATV), said people constantly ask him what the what’s the best and worst parts about working with Chesney.

    He said the best and worst factors are the same: “Getting him to cut his own songs.”

    Tomlinson went on to explain that as a publisher, he wants Chesney to record as many of his own songs as he can since that means more income for the publisher — and the songwriter. But he added that he also admires the fact that Chesney routinely submerges his own commercial interest to hold out for the best songs.

    Even when Chesney does record one of his own, Tomlinson continued, he’s likely to leave the track off the album in deference to other material and is notoriously resistant to peeling off one of his recorded songs for a single.

    “I want to thank Kenny for including me in his ridiculously successful career,” said James after he had expressed gratitude to his wife and kids, who stood nearby as the awards were handed out.

    Chesney responded by calling James “one of the world’s greatest songwriters.”

    Playing off a phrase in the raucous “Out Last Night,” James presented Chesney a black T-shirt emblazoned with the legend “Brad Pitt’s Brother.” Then he showed another he’d designed for himself that proclaimed, “Brad Pitt’s Other Brother.”

  • mmsic

    @ManLESSton, I likely: Well,at least it makes the janitor’s job easier.With only 2 or 3 people inside the theater,there’s not much mess to clean up.My take!

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @mmsic: Now that is funny!

  • laughing

    @mmsic: Good comment.