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Angelina Jolie Starts Drama With Gucci

Angelina Jolie Starts Drama With Gucci

Angelina Jolie is in talks to star in the new drama Gucci, to be directed by Ridley Scott.

According to Variety, the film, set to start shooting next year, is about a famous fashion family stricken by scandal and murder as Angie‘s character’s plots to kill her ex-husband, Maurizio Gucci.

No word on who may play Maurizio – Ridley Scott has approached Leonardo DiCaprio about the part, but Leo‘s not attached to the film at this time.

As soon as a deal is stuck, Angie will star in The Tourist – production will likely take place in early 2010 before Gucci filming begins.

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516 Responses to “Angelina Jolie Starts Drama With Gucci”

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  1. 126
    Richard P Says:

    my Queen Angelina i love her forever

  2. 127
    irma Says:

    I hope, she will do both The Tourist & Gucci, very exciting year for Angie. I hope, Brad played Gucci with Angie, though I like De Caprio too but Brad will be better choice. God bless the Jolie-Pitt family.

  3. 128
    lol Says:

    @zula: who are you talking to?

  4. 129
    irma Says:

    @just saying: I agree with you. MMS is my favorite movie of all time because Brad & Angie met on the set of that movie & now 5 years later 6 kids.God bless them.

  5. 130
    irma Says:

    Hello Vicki. Neleh, are you ok? where are the ladies like anoble,MF,senior, the real lou?
    Goodnight to all. God bless.

  6. 131
    dianad1968 Says:



    You really NEED to get LAID. Seriously. LOL

  7. 132
    Angelina's Nipples Says:

    Angie shows her nips at the Academy Awards. Real Class. LOL.

  8. 133
    yolly Says:

    @anne marie: You are so wrong, Manliston movie ” Marley & Me was promoted as the puppy movie, then The Break Up which Vince V. pretty sure carried the box office appeal not chin chin. How many Directors & producers sought out Angelina’s service? Bunches & not only the best directors, they are also an award winning directors.

  9. 134
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Ms.JOLIE4ever! @ 10/21/2009 at 3:38 pm
    Remember how ill-fitting the actress looked with Matt Damon in “The Good Shepherd”? This is a similarly troubling match. Jolie is just such a dominant presence in movies that she’s not easily compatible with many leading men. Then again, that could work favorably depending on what the Gucci’s marriage was like.
    This the perfect vehicle for Angie. The whole story that made the scandal was the Gucci wife. She was a gold digger and a force to behold. Both were charismatic people but she was the bigger personality. I saw an hour special on this done by Dominic Dunne. I hope she does it, she would be great in that role.

  10. 135
    yolly Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely: I really do hope, she will do this movie & hope Brad will play opposite Angie.It’s about time for another Brangelina movie.

  11. 136
    Oh never mind Says:

    @Teri: Oh please! Cliniqua is INSANE and she knows it.

  12. 137
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    yolly @ 10/21/2009 at 10:04 pm
    @anne marie: You are so wrong, Manliston movie ” Marley & Me was promoted as the puppy movie, then The Break Up which Vince V. pretty sure carried the box office appeal not chin chin. How many Directors & producers sought out Angelina’s service? Bunches & not only the best directors, they are also an award winning directors.
    Don’t forget that Marley & Me was based on a bestselling book with a large following (Twilight effect). As we can tell from the numbers on Couples Retreat vs. Sh!t Happens, Vince obviously carried The Break Up also.
    As I was reading about this Gucci movie I had to laugh. You know Nippy is sh!tting her pants and screaming at the ocean because NO ONE is calling her to be in their movie.

  13. 138
    new Says:

    When you have a movie with a dog as the central character, you have a built in audience. People go see the movie because of the dog, certainly NOT to see Jen.

    Note, look at Marley and Me’s DVD cover, it’s the dog’s picture. Jennifer Aniston’s picture is NOWHERE to be seen.

  14. 139
    OMG Says:

    @yolly: unfortunately I think you are serious. Angelina has said this like a million times. THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER BRANGELINA MOVIE. Angelina said NO to that idea. MAMS was not a serious movie. Maybe Angie will do an animated movie with him but NEVER a serious Dramatic role. Brad Pitt is not a dramatic actor. PERIOD! It was bad enough she had to make an Action movie with him and I’m sure she’s regretting ever agreeing to do that movie NOW.

    BTW, I’m wondering why the Breakup Predictions always give a deadline. “they will breakup after awards season, or after he /she prmotes a movie” NEWFLASH! Angie’s career is going to skyrocket when A REAL brangelina breakup is happens. I honestly think he played it safe in the beginning of Brangie because he was afraid of what might happen to his precious career but If dumping Americas sweetheart only made their careers better I don’t see a problem when the end of Brangie happens. I do see an end to Manistons career if she no longer has the Angie to blame for everything. Angie and Brad’s careers thrived in the midst of controversy.

  15. 140
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Angelina’s Nipples: And Nippy shows her bare p*ssy on her movie set to her costar. So your point is?…

  16. 141
    majo Says:


    #1 qué les pasa? las mujeres con hijos también trabajan!
    no sólo por el dinero, sino por la satisfacción personal que representa desarrollar tus habilidades y tu potencial

    #2 Acaso los hijos son SOLO DE LAS MADRES?? si no recuerdo mal Angelina hace casi 2 AÑOS que no trabajaba hasta que filmó Salt(sólo 3 meses)
    BP nunca paró de filmar y es más la de tarantino la hizó cuando ella recién había parido MELLIZOS!! entoncés no leí críticas porque él trabajará mucho

    #3 es obvio que estas pelis que SUPUESTAMENTE VA A FILMAR no serán todas juntas

    y si… opinar es gratis


  17. 142
    yay Says:

    I really want Brad and Angie work together again. They have the best chemistry.

  18. 143
    gracie Says:

    It hasn’t even been confirmed that Angie is doing these two movies but all the Jenretareds with Christine and Anne Marie as the leaders of the pack are ready on her thread displaying their ugliness. You losers can analyse Angie’s movies or bang your heads from now to infinity, it won’t change a thing. Angie is in HOT demand because she is a great actress and very talented, her records speakes for itself, her numerous awards ranging from Oscar, Golden Globe, Saturn Awards, Critics Choice Awards, People’s Choice and many many others (over 50 norminations and 23 won), shows the incredible actress she is and movie makers who continue to pursue her knows this too. She is not No 1 and the highest paid actress because she makes lousy movies. I can assure you that any movie she is in with other actors, 90% of movie lovers will go and watch it because of Angie. People love her including you lonies but you will not admit it. You pounce on her every thread and you stay put until JJ posts a new thread and you all move on to the new thread. You’re all on her thread 24/7, 365 days without a time out or break to the loo. That’s the kind of hold she has on you losers and you’re not even fans.

  19. 144
    TRUTH HURTS. Says:

    Angelina is a movie star. She doesn’t have to beg for movie roles. The movie roles come to her. That is why she is the most powerful celebrity on the planet. Go Angie!!!

  20. 145
    charity Says:

    anne marie @ 10/21/2009 at 6:23 pm

    Changeling only grossed 112 Million dollars worldwide….


    ONLY $112 mil? Kimmel Entertainment would KILL for some of that $112 million, since they are still shaking their heads in astonishment over the COMPLETE loss of their investment in Management. You are a fan of a woman who couldn’t even sell a measly ONE, that’s ONE million $ in US tickets, so I really don’t think the word ONLY should ever escape your lips in a discussion of anyone else’s box office grosses. THERE IS NO BIGGER BOX OFFICE FAILURE THAN MANISTON!

    B!tch could strip naked in the street and she still wouldn’t be able to even GIVE tickets away.

  21. 146
    Natalie Says:

    Well I go and see any film Brad and Angelina do as they are great actors. Can’t wait for the movies to be out. Thank you JJ.

  22. 147
    don't think so Says:

    Rumors rumors…/.

  23. 148
    dianad1968 Says:



    OH SHUT UP, and Stop trash talking Angie’s man. They are together,and Angie loves her man, the father of her children. DEAL WITH IT!!

  24. 149
    yolly Says:

    @new: So true, no one wanted the chin chin in their movie, she can’t even act. That’s why she produced her own movies.

  25. 150
    huh Says:

    Assley go take your meds.

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