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Gisele Bunchen & Tom Brady: Daughter on the Way?

Gisele Bunchen & Tom Brady: Daughter on the Way?

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady are expecting a baby girl, Life & Style reports.

The supermodel, 29, and New England Patriots quarterback, 32, married in February and are expecting a daughter in December.

A Life & Style insider reports that although Gisele wanted to decorate the nursery in pastel pinks, they’ll opt for a nautical theme instead with cream and seafoam green.

“There’s going to be a room off the side of the nursery where the nanny will sleep. And they’re using a crib that’s been in Gisele‘s family for four generations.

“Her grandmother slept in this crib, her mom slept in this crib, Gisele slept in this crib, and now Gisele‘s daughter will sleep in this crib. It’s beautiful solid oak.”

“She’s always wanted a big family,” the insider says, “and she’s excited to get started.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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Photos: L. Gallo/WENN
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  • pretty young girl


  • Anna


  • Michelle

    Who the eff needs a nanny for one kid? FAIL!

  • Lame

    Must be great to have a child and not have to care for it. So the Nanny is going to sleep off of the baby’s room, not Mom and Dad? Nice.

  • Jennifer

    Congrats to them on their impending arrival. They do make a gorgeous couple. It’s just a bit disconcerting to me though that the nanny’s room will be off the nursery. Shouldn’t the nursery be off of Tom & Gisele’s room? I realize they both have really busy schedules, but ultimately it should be up to them to raise their child, not a nanny. I just think in today’s world, too many people (celebrities or not) rely on other people (i.e. nannies, teachers, etc.) to raise their kids and it’s unfortunate.

  • Dene

    Not a good idea. The old cribs do not have proper safety measures. New cribs have strict standards so babies are kept safe. They need to throw that old crib out and get a new one and then they can be assured the baby will be safe. They can look it up and they will see how dangerous old cribs are.

  • riiiiight

    life and style also reported that halle berry was pregnant a few months ago..they are not reliable.

  • Pam

    Yes, lets believe everything we hear.
    First of all, Gisele told a Brazilian magazine last month that they’re going to wait until the birth to find out the sex of the baby.
    Also, Gisele has wanted a baby for a long time and she’s really excited to be a mom and a family-oriented person. I don’t think she’s the type who would have a nanny take care of her child so much that she (the nanny) would need a room in the house.
    Now let the Gisele-bashing begin over rumors that the baby’s nursery will be attached to the nanny’s room.
    I’m not saying its not true…but I can’t believe that in this day and age everyone still believes whatever any celeb mag publishes.

  • ohreally?

    There is to be NO NANNY!! Total lie (of course “Life & Style” has a terrible reputation of lying)

  • Pam

    Haha…and I hadn’t even read the “historical family crib” thing…this is definitely not true.
    Magazines should at least publish lies that are a little more believable.

  • maria

    @Lame: I’m sorry but I had a nanny, my sister had a nanny and everyone I know had a nanny, that’s how we do it in Brazil and she is brazilian! that doesn’t make the parents any less present, it just doesn’t overload the mother and makes sure the baby is taken care of!


    Don’t forget that John Tom Brady’s son with Bridget will be staying there too..!! If it is gender friendly that means that they do not know
    the sex of the baby…Usually the nanny sleeps in the nursery with the

  • [marie]

    Still don’t like him after he left pregnant Bridget Moynahan for Gisele…

  • hahala

    I love Gisele and wish her the best

  • Bonitto


    Marie you are three years late for hating Tom Brady, move on with your life and leave other people business alone.

  • annab

    Celebrities have absolutely no idea what it’s like to truly care for a child. Just let their nanny do it all….unbelievable.

  • sara

    I doubt that. They made current houes hunting in Boston so I think they do bot know where the room from the child is

  • bobbi

    How lovely. Best wishes for a healthy baby.

  • coco

    Tom is a stupid monkey ape man. That’s why his head comes to a point. Gisele worked really hard to teach him to walk upright on two legs. Congrats to her on that – good job – he almost walks human.

  • dundies

    Who the eff needs a nanny for one kid? FAIL!


    LOL//im calling it now, and i bet the girls name will be Sofia

  • matterhorn

    My Brazilian friend once told me that having a nanny is HUGE in Brazilian culture. Us americans aren’t used to it (except the rich) but in Brazilian culture it is a really big part of their lives. Even if you are not rich, an nanny is like a second parent, and always around in brazil.

  • flo

    The nannies needs their privacy and their own rooms just like the parents. Will there be multiple nannies to cover all shitts 24/7 has any one heard of a baby monitor? God forbid the parents sleep be disturbed

  • s.a.k.i

    Congrats to them, how exciting!! It must be nice to have a nanny. My parents had one but I never have. Did double diaper duty for awhile too! They seem like very loving parents to their oldest, and now he will have a friend/sibling to play with. Good luck to them.

  • Nicole Madden

    Yeah right and I was birthed by Harvey Levin and my nanny is Paris Hilton.

  • Catalina

    Figures a nanny will be raising this child.

  • *** JAMIE ***

    i think Gisele and Tom have no morals.

    Any woman who is willing to flirt, sleep or be with a man who has another girl pregnant at the same time is so cheap.

    These two won’t last forever, he will upgrade to the next generation of models within a few years

  • anon

    I’m sick of listening to people saying Tom will cheat on Gisele (just cos he used to cheat on Bridget). Between Gisele and Tom, Gisele is the far smarter one and she’s the one that’ll dump his sorry ass in a few years. The man’s a toilet. Got a woman pregnant, never stayed in touch with her and didn’t acknowledge his son for the first year of the son’s birth and for someone who was very private during his dating years with Bridget had no problem sucking face with Gisele during Bridget’s pregnancy. Sure, the argument made was because Gisele is more popular than that C grade actress which is also true. But they sought photo ops which is totally hypocritical. Good luck to her and the pregnancy, I just hope Tom realises what both Gisele and Bridget endured/ing as part of pregnancy considering he wasn’t there for Bridget, and now spends 4-5 days of the week in Foxboro.

  • kel

    That’s nice!

  • lexy

    What did Gisselle do – date a single guy? That’s not a crime. He and Bridget broke up and he was dating Giselle before he found out Bridget was pregnant. There are plenty of women and men out there doing worse things and they are NOT single and free to mingle!
    Get over it and keep an eye on your own man b/c there are plenty of men out there IN relationships with more than one woman!

  • @maria

    I find that very bizarre. I got up every 2 hours with my daughter when she was a baby and nursing. The idea of having a nanny around all the time seems very entitled and disengaged on the part of the parents.

  • nepatsfan

    Where do some of you responders get your information? First of all,Tom had ended his relationship with Bridget well before she announced she was pregnant. They had been together for over three years and she had been very vocal about her desire to have a child. Funny how when a breakup was in the cards, she suddenly found herself with child. Oldest trick in the book. Breakup sex that leads to a
    ” maybe this will get him to come back to me ” pregnancy. Gisele had nothing to do with it . Bridget just failed to account for the fact that Tom was moving onand wouldn’t be forced into a loveless marriage.
    Tom agknowledged the child soon after the pregnancy announcement and has been in Jack’s life since birth.Unless you are a member of Tom’s immediate family, you have no inside knowledge of his personal life and/or relationships and what he does and doesn’t do. Whatever you are spewing here about him is totally made up. Get a life and stop making up things about folks you don’t know.
    As for this article, it most likely is false. The Brady’s have been house hunting in the Boston area and Tom’s Back Bay condo is on the market. It seems doubtful that they would be decorating a nursery in a place they will soon vacate.
    Tom and Gisele are entitled to live their lives with as much privacy as is possible given their public personnas.Tom is a footbal player so yes, he is does what he needs to during the season, as does every other football player.Gisele is an independent woman who I am sure understands his career and had adapted as their life together evolves.
    I wish them both much happiness as they get ready to welcome this new little child into their world.

  • sky

    lets hope their daughter is prettier than shiloh, the kid has two decent looking parents but she and her other bio siblings are not pretty. forehead’s too big and they are all lips….brad’s lips at that.

  • sky

    lets hope their daughter is prettier than shiloh, the kid has two decent looking parents but she and her other bio siblings are not pretty. forehead’s too big and they are all lips….brad’s lips at that.

  • yeah…

    It doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or if it’s a girl – judging by the parents, that baby is going to look like a MAN

  • marina

    that they were not pictured before, does not mean he did not see him, and here in this pics the baby is actually only 7 mos old., not a year.
    you just like to badmouth people around. I think that the baby will have a bigger nice family, instead of two parents in an unhappy relationship.

  • marina

    forgot to paste the link, but the pics are right here in JJ.

  • jo jo

    That is one ugly @ss manly broad! !

  • Mike

    Gisele is beautiful and tha baby will be beautiful.

  • Mike

    love that family

  • Mike

    Love this family.

  • Kate


    me too
    and she’s way prettier than Gisele

  • liverwurst

    @*** JAMIE ***: i think Gisele and Tom have no morals.

    “Any woman who is willing to flirt, sleep or be with a man who has another girl pregnant at the same time is so cheap.

    These two won’t last forever, he will upgrade to the next generation of models within a few years”
    Gisele had been dating Tom for 2 months before Bridget confirmed that she was pregnant…a pregnancy Bridget planned without Tom’s knowledge or agreement I might add. If there are questionable morals here, it would be on Bridget’s behalf.

    Read more:

  • liverwurst

    @anon: Please. If you still google “Tom Brady” you can find countless pictures of Tom and Bridget “out and about” at formal functions. And you will also find even more pictures of Tom with his son “out and about” with Gisele too. I have no idea who your sources are or if this trash you spew is just what you choose to believe out of something that may have happened to you personally, but the true facts are here for the world to see. Tom Brady is already a wonderful father (according to Bridget) and Gisele has proven herself to be a very loving stepmother.

  • elle

    great it’s not a boy

  • parker

    @42 no one is prettier than Gisele

    @45 boy or a girl the baby will be gorgeous

  • lisali

    Yeah right..they’d never tell the media what they are having or tell about the nursery..they are fanatics about privacy. Wether it be boy or girl.. I can’t wait to see the baby..its going to be adorable!

  • sara

    @anon Your are stupid and they never break up, They found the loves of their lives.
    And Tom is more famous.

  • sara

    @anon You are stupid. Tom is the love of her live. ´That said Gisele very often . Tom said that that she is the love of his life.

    Go to Babyface and loser Dicaprio. aND For you. She never want marry that Babyface

  • Peggy Sue

    Yes, Tom was out and about with his child pretty much after the Superbowl fiasco 2008 when he, shall we say, came back to terra firma and realised he’s not God after all. That. and the fact that he fell in love with a boy he helped create, and ignored for almost a year (at least the first 8 months). Shame on him! Karma always bites back. Wait till Gisele dumps his sorry ass and moves on with someone else.

  • Bonitto


    No wonder they call you Peggy Sue, you are a darn idiot.