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John Mayer - 'Heartbreak Warfare' Music Video

John Mayer - 'Heartbreak Warfare' Music Video

Check out the new John Mayer music video for “Heartbreak Warfare,” the second single off his new album, Battle Studies.

The vid is the first to feature “augmented reality”, which according to Wiki, is a term for a “live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are merged with (or augmented by) virtual computer-generated imagery – creating a mixed reality.”

Lately, the 32-year-old singer has been busy rehearsing for his Battle Studies world tour.

John Mayer – ‘Heartbreak Warfare’ Music Video
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45 Responses to “John Mayer - 'Heartbreak Warfare' Music Video”

  1. 1
    Carey Says:

    Oh John, it breaks my heart to admit this, but I don’t like you the way I did prior to 2006. You changed so much, and for all the wrong reasons, and in all the wrong ways.

  2. 2
    Dana Says:

    Love this song! I like it much better than “Who Says” can’t wait for the new Album and can’t wait for the new tour and all the music! Good job!

  3. 3
    bet Says:

    this song is for jen. i think this guys good guy. i think jen need to open her heart for him. he is realy want her.

  4. 4
    Mariana Says:

    He’s so talented!
    He’s changed but he’s still awesome!
    change is good people!!!!!

  5. 5
    bet Says:

    it is wonderfull love song. john style.

  6. 6
    Mariana Says:

    It’s not for Aniston dude! It can’t be! they don’t match! lol

  7. 7
    Kira Says:

    So are we about to hear that Jennifer Aniston is at the rehearsal studio everyday with him everyday inspiring him to greatness!

  8. 8
    Meghan Says:

    eh . i think it will grow on me tho . i think i like “who says” better, but probably because at first listen, it is catchier . i like almost everything by JM, except for “body is a wonderland” and “say” . those songs are crap . i just needed to get that off my chest !

  9. 9
    Mariana Says:

    @Kira: it just don’t feel right! lol

  10. 10
    Liverwurst Says:

    The man is a genius, plain and simple.

  11. 11
    jcm Says:

    @Carey: This wasn’t for you then babe. Move on….

  12. 12
    anita Says:

    any overused words will only cheapen whatever it is i feel for this amazing piece.

  13. 13
    actionspeaklouderthanpress Says:

    @Kira: You mean like how we have to hear about every **** that comes out of brangelina’s *ss?

  14. 14
    the real lou Says:

    Jennifer is one lucky girl.

  15. 15
    mollywoo Says:

    delightful in every way. You can’t say he isn’t an absolutely superb musician.

  16. 16
    haha! Says:

    John Mayer has above and beyond any talent that Brad Pitt has to offer this world. Jen sweetie, things are looking up!

  17. 17
    haha! Says:

    And a bigger P*nis too!

  18. 18
    uhhhm Says:

    songs OK (in that average radio-rock kinda way) and the video is definitely an improvement from his previous narcissistic pool romp, but looks like something out of a first-year animation class.

  19. 19
    FionaG Says:

    he’s definitely very talented with his music.. but still a douche bag towards girls!! sigh..

  20. 20
    - Says:

    By all other legit accounts and Gossip Cop’s digging, Aniston and Mayer are not going for Round Three. Aniston’s rep adds, they are simply “friends and have many other friends in common

  21. 21
    not so sure Says:

    Like him or not for his off-work actions.
    He is simply a great artist. I wouldn’t even consider myself a fan, but I did attend one of his shows in recent years and he is really talented, as a singer songwriter and guitar player. I was shocked at how mixed his crowd was and how many male musican type fans he has, people who really truly enjoy him as an artist and could give a rats blank about the tabloid stuff.

    We are living in the era of lip-sink & re-mixed rap. John is a real talent who really just at the beginning of what can and might improve over the next couple of decades. For such a young age he has already defied the odds.

    He isn’t the first musician to act like a jerk in the real world and with his love life

  22. 22
    Katie Says:

    I can’t get over how terrific this is!

  23. 23
    cheenia Says:

    I prefered his rough acoustic live version. This version watered down for the masses, it’s clean, soft popcornish pleasant to listen to.

  24. 24
    hehe Says:

    @haha!: yes.the song is basically I am tried of you call your drop your years ago exes name. lol It is good song though. She end up being a good inspiration for his songs. I hope it sales well and give her a much need education of life . Thanks John for it.

  25. 25
    Not Impressed by JA Says:

    haha! @ 10/21/2009 at 2:39 pm And a bigger P*nis too!

    i heard he like it through the backdoor. No wonder she is called ANUStain.

  26. 26
    April Says:

    Well for one thing he looks better with longer hair, his music is so so but I will never buy it.

  27. 27
    Mats Says:

    @Not Impressed by JA: Have you ever notice how many of you Brangelina fans hate on every one else thread? Any way John is a gifted musician and can’t wait to hear to album.

  28. 28
    Mary Says:

    I love his voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go John!

  29. 29
    s.a.k.i Says:

    All his songs make me cry. Looking at him makes me cry. I love it!!! I love him!!! Can’t wait for the CD.

  30. 30
    s.a.k.i Says:

    Well not ALL his songs obviously. He’s an excellent artist. This is a bit different but I love it.

  31. 31
    YAWN Says:

    hanging around the ol’ cougar for so long has ruined him. He is just lame now. It didn’t help thaat all her middle aged friends dogged him out on TV, in an effort to show solidarity with her. Whose next for him Cloris Leachman? Good thing is, though he lost the youth crowd by dating loser jen, my 50-something aunt has taken a second look. Not that she’d buy his music, she doesn’t even know what itunes it. You messed up John. If you were smart, you’d start dating Rhinanna or Katie Perry, just to wash the old lady smell off you. LOLOL

  32. 32
    terrible song - ugh Says:

    ugh, that was bad. He needs to keep hanging the gay clubs for inspiration like he’s doing now. maybe the next cd will be better.

  33. 33
    j Says:

    say what you will about the tabloid stories he’s been involved in lately, but the fact remains that he is an extremely talented musician.

    i’m so looking forward to battle studies. i love that his music evolves with each album. they don’t sound alike. i can’t wait to hear how the latest one sounds like especially since continuum’s my favorite album of his so far.

  34. 34
    Carlton Says:

    This second single is coming out real fast after the first pot smoking awful single. This video just seem like a Coldplay rip off to me.
    What happened to Mayer he really s#ck now.
    I brought all of John’s earlier albums but lately his music started taking a turn for the worst. I really don’t like this new stuff at all. I don’t care how much this album is hyped up. I will never buy it.
    Room for Squares, Any Giving Thursday and Heavier Things are really good albums. Every song was good on those 3 albums but this new stuff is not. I will sit this one out and wait for John’s next album.

    It’s pathetic that 1 or 2 of Aniston’s fans are trying to ride his fame. No way do I believe Jen will be anywhere near Mayer’s tour. Mayer is only friends with Jen and defiantly nothing more.

  35. 35
    Alice Says:

    #13 So just b/c Kira mentioned Aniston-she’s a Brange Fan??This stupid assupmtion has to stop! It’s been 5 freaking years and some just don’t like loser JA=nothing to do with BP&AJ Some just do not like Mayer(golden shower Boy)&Aniston. It was a big career mistake for him to hook up with loser JA.

    “I love the way he thinks thoughts” JA on talking about Mayer-VOMIT!!

  36. 36
    Alice Says:

    #13 So just b/c Kira mentioned Aniston-she’s a Brange Fan??This stupid assupmtion has to stop! It’s been 5 freaking years and some just don’t like loser JA=nothing to do with BP&AJ Some just do not like Mayer(golden shower Boy)&Aniston. It was a big career mistake for him to hook up with loser JA.

    “I love the way he thinks thoughts” JA on talking about Mayer-VOMIT!!

  37. 37
    ellie' Says:

    Just love John Mayer ,,, love his music ,, Love him with or with out Jen.. But do believe something is going on between them.. They make a great and beautiful couple..

  38. 38
    ellie' Says:

    I’m so impressed by JA…
    You must have some deep se*ual issues… or a very boring s*x life…First of all its no ones business what people do behind closed doors.. and do you really know what Jen does in bed.. Your always bring up Jens S*X life with John .. I think your se*xually dysfunctional..

  39. 39
    s.a.k.i Says:

    At the end when he writes Battle Studies on the window….ha, dude, that handwriting looks EXACTLY like mine. I had to look twice :)

  40. 40
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    the song was ok
    i dont really listen 2 his music but i didnt think it was great or bad
    just ok

  41. 41
    Stone Says:

    Snore tour.

  42. 42
    interneta pieslēgums Says:

    great song!!!

  43. 43
    ainsley Says:

    Oh my god. This song is not for Jennifer Aniston. He broke up with her, and I’m glad. I’m not one of those creepy fangirls that think I’m married to JM, but I hated who he was when he was with her. A douchebag.

    The album is superb. Every song is textured and superior. Bright melody with sad lyrics, and All We Ever Do, Edge of Desire and, yes, Heartbreak Warfare <3.

  44. 44
    lfdslahssd Says:

    love the song but video’s stupid

  45. 45
    kasy Says:

    I like the new hair cut. And i love all your songs! I think that you are a natural person. And shouldnt change for anyone. :) .

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