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Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel: Where The Wild Couple Is

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel: Where The Wild Couple Is

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have been plagued with break-up rumors these last past few months but apparently they’re still going strong.

Justin and Jessica just walked into the 9:15PM screening of Where The Wild Things Are at Dunbar Theater in Vancouver, Canada,” a source exclusively tells “They’re still very much a couple.”

The Spike Jonze-directed movie started mere minutes ago. Somebody catch them on their way out!

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Photos: JDH/WENN
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  • avarix98


    You’re super quick.

    That was only 15 mins ago..

  • lisa

    Someone posted this on twitter before you even made this post

  • Gina

    This is not true, Justin and Diablo Cody are a couple.

  • lisa

    Justin and Diablo Cody are a couple

    Where did you hear that from?

  • lisa

    This is not true, Justin and Diablo Cody are a couple.

    Where did you read that at?

  • marissa

    where are the pics?
    she is so pathetic

  • the_boyfriend

    oh nooo!

  • jj

    You guys would love them to break up? huh trolls? You trolls are pathetic.

  • Face

    @Gina #3
    Diablo Cody is a lesbian.

  • ds

    She looks old & anorexic (not there) but in recent pics, pretty gross..He doesn’t suit her imo

  • marissa



    biel is fooling all of you

    she is not even into men, only for pr purposes

  • lisa

    biel is fooling all of you

    she is not even into men, only for pr purposes

    I agree with you on that !

  • rosie

    Jessica Biel is so pretty and I love that colour on her. I don’t get how a gay guy like Justin Timberlake could get her. Maybe she is a lesbian. Oh well. Good for them.

  • Paul

    I agree with you people about Jessica Biel being lesbian but also Justin Timberlake is bi and they are only with each other for mutual publicity.

  • terenz

    stop all the non-sense rumors you guys. I think they are still a tight couple though. Plus about Diablo Cody and JT. that’s a real false. :D

    hope they stay strong. Can’t wait for Jessica Biel’s new movie “Valentine’s Day”. :D

  • Face

    Weren’t there rumors that Justin Timberlake and Lance Bass got in on for a while, when both were in N’Sync.
    As for Jessica Biel, I just fed her Hay through a fence.

  • ayj6m6l

    I’m totally in love with this movie!!!!!!!



  • girlygirl

    I don’t know if this is true or not.. But I am like Lisa I think you got this off twitter. I seen it on there but if no picture’s in the next few day’s I guess then well… You should know then if it is true or not then.

  • Face
  • the_boyfriend

    lol @ Face

    she’s so boring to watch, so bleh, i rarely click their pics but if he was with someone exciting i would.
    she ruins the fun imo

  • girlygirl

    Oh yea that picture is old in a way they not been picture tog. in a while. Not saying anything is TRUE , But comeone people you gotta do better then this lol. Or having a old picture on here good luck anyway’s !

  • JollyGood

    Gosh darn it! When will Justin come to his senses????

  • SouthAfricanGirl

    Justin, I don’t care who you are dating. All I want to know is where is the music?
    I’m missing your good music, man.

  • ihavenolife

    they’re a great match in my opinion. jessica is super hot and a real cool chick, i doubt he can do better.

  • lexy

    I’m glad they are together and happy. She’s pretty and she seems to make him happy.

  • Lily

    I doubt this very much
    Paid publicity by timberlake and biel
    So that people will believe he’s faithful

  • saphira

    Will someone please take those awful glasses away from JT, he looks ridiculous!!

  • k89

    this can’t be true, hes outside of boston, he was seen in boston yesterday.

  • marissa


    it was. all pr

  • blah

    Justin must be gay becasue Jessica looks like a ugly man.

  • anonymous

    there were photos of RENEE taking by the paparazzi visiting BRADLEY all lovy dovy looking
    so where are these supposed sighting photos of them

    was there a supposed sighting of him in Boston yesturday and there wasn’t any photos to back up that twitter sighting also
    did post this story first or are they just repeating what other blogs are saying from the twitter sighting ?
    they had a photo in Napa Valley and still no one really bought the happy couple so why shoud this be true

  • SubSub

    Justin is one ugly mo-fo.

  • g

    Jessica Biel is ugly. Justin can do much better. She looks old enough to be his mother.


    They never seem happy together. Jessica is bland and boring, what exactly does she do again? It would be horrible for her when this relationship finally grinds to a halt because without him she would retreat into obscurity. She’s very average and a banging body can only get you so far. It’s so over.

  • Jo

    well thats weird considering it is only 6pm in Vancouver right now. So unless they are going to sit in the theatre for 3 hours before the show lol
    this is total bs!

  • Bi Girl

    HMMM? NAHH! it is just false rumor…. NiCE TRY, JJ!

  • emmaa

    Damn it.

  • manucha

    jessica biel old and anorexic??? jajjajaa the one who wrote that must be a jealous angry fat ugly bitch to say that , the entire world knows she is one of the sexiest prettiest women that can exist so please be real on the comments …thanks and bye…

  • jillian

    Im sorry I try to not bag on celebs but she looks like a man…hes cute though and is chraming. She thinks she’s hott and seriously…Did anyone hear of Jessica before she dated Justin? She was famous for 7th heaven…and she ruined Blade 2…

  • jane

    Fake couple alert! Its fun spotting them. Once you get that sowbiz is all spin.

  • hello

    I live 2 blocks away! too bad i did nt see them…

  • lakers fan in boston

    im so bored of thyen
    they’re on and off like every 2 months
    either they want each other or they dont
    yes they’ve been together for a long time but y waste time when one or both of them arent happy

  • zenadooOoohoo

    justin. timberlake. is. a. dyke. ….just accept :))))

  • zenadooOoohoo

    …u won’t let me say dyke??!!…. leta me put it another way j.t is a great. big. ****LEZ. BE. AN****….