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Rachel Bilson & Kristen Bell: Madewell Mates

Rachel Bilson & Kristen Bell: Madewell Mates

Rachel Bilson attends the Madewell and Lucky Magazine Denim Event held at Chateau Marmont’s Bar Marmont on Tuesday (October 20) in Hollywood.

Rachel, 28, wore a Juicy Couture cardigan, Madewell dotted tank, Myne skirt, Phillip Lim 3.1 “Bow Studded” Bag, and vintage boots.

“I really look up to a lot of my peers and how they dress,” she told People on how she picks up style tips. “Ashley Olsen I think is great, Diane Kruger, Sienna Miller – all those people obviously have good style, so it’s nice to see that around you. Your peers surround you, and they all look good, so that’s great.”

Heroes hottie Kristen Bell was decked out in a sandwashed silk tankdress, black patent skinny belt, and printed tassel scarf — all by Madewall.

Melrose Place actress Katie Cassidy also kept it classy in a Vena Cava dress and Aldo‘s grey “Fawson” pumps.

Also pictured below: Dollhouse babe Eliza Dushku.

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Credit: hazypix; Photos: Stefanie Keenan/WireImage, SplashNewsOnline
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  • coco

    Bilson has lots of time to attend stupid events because she is unemployed. Her outfit reminds me of a bad hangover in clothing form. I doubt she gets a job from this networking event only free drinks. “Hi remember me, I need a check.”

  • lisa

    Why isn’t Rachel wearing her engaement ring!?

  • jane

    I don’t understand why she sometimes takes her engagement ring off, especially with this outfit, it would look fine. She kind of look under the weather here.

  • Helena

    Diane Kruger is one of the best dressed women in Hollywood, true.

  • jane

    Kristen looks really pretty, I like her make up and outfit. She is all smiles, her movie is doing really great, she must be happy.

  • lily

    Like the masses, I don’t understand why Rachel sometimes wears the ring and then other times doesn’t. I would LOVE to know the reasoning behind it. like a lot.

    But, Rachel’s style = my style. Super cute

  • yuk

    Unemployed and unemployable Ratsh*t Bileson pretending to be a big celebrity star in her own right. She only wears the ring when she isn’t ‘working’. Appearing as a movie star is ‘working’ because she isn’t actually acting as a movie star in anything at all.

    I wonder how much her retainer with JJ is costing Hayden. He pays plenty to keep her visible in the tabloids because NO ONE is hiring her to do actual work, so he has to pay to have her pretend to work at parties and supermarkets and ‘events’ and shopping malls. But he is worthless too as we will shortly see. I understand he’s showing up high and/or drunk to the movie set he’s working on which is typical and will be doing another wooden performance through a medicated fog. Maybe if Ratsh*t was there he wouldn’t snort/shoot up as much but she’s too busy working the press in LA to go and visit him.

  • jessica

    I’m willing to steal her engagement ring and break it, Rachel don’t deserve the ring.

  • *** JAMIE ***

    i love this outfit, short girls can rock anything and look cute

  • @7

    As usual, Rachel is the least attractive out of all the actresses in the picture. It was this way in OC, Mischa was better, than Last Kiss, Lucinda Bassett was better, in Jumper Kristen Stewart was better, in every gig she is in she is the worst. Her outfit is tasteless, the different prints do not work together at all, her boots do not fit with the outfit, she is ridiculous all the way.

  • does she ever work?

    Is Rachel being paid to be Hayden’s beard?

  • @11

    He must be gay if he manged to ask to marry him the worst actress and the worst looking girl in HW.

  • clark

    you can really tell how desperate these actors that show up at these events

  • Liv

    Rachel must one of Thumbelina’s descendants if the tiny Kristen Bell towers over her.

  • lexy

    Wow! Of all my complaining about Rachel I never thought she was unattractive until now. I love Kristen Bell and think she’s very pretty but she looks GORGEOUS standing next to Rachel. Not to mention Rachel doesn’t have a job like Kristen or Eliza – can’t she dress up nicer. (Eliza doesn’t look her best but she’s got a job that keeps her busy for now).

    Rachel’s probably hoping that some of Kristen or Eliza’s talent and good looks rub off on her and help her get a job!

  • pepto

    @7, how convenient for trolls like you to be able to make up fake ID’s to spread liable about people. I bet if the powers that be tried hard enough, which they just might, they could find out who you really are and file charges against you for the out and out lies you spread here and at Hayden’s IMDB board about him showing up to work drunk and high. You have no way of knowing such things, you should be ashamed of yourself. You really need to let go of the idea that Hayden has wronged you personally and owes you anything but a restraining order.

  • emmaa

    “Your peers surround you, and they all look good, so that’s great.” Okay…what has gotten into her? She never used to be so shallow.

  • Leia

    Look at another pics of Rachel, when she is walking in the street she don’t wear the ring but when she is hanging up in her car she wears the ring. Anyway Rachel look gorgeous and is an inspiration for all the shorts ones.

    if you don’t like Rachel please keep your comments away and get a life because neather in your dreams you gonna go to a party or event of this kind!

  • Anonymous

    @emmaa That comment isn’t down to being shallow, it’s down to having only one firing brain cell. A lot of what comes out of Rachel Bilson’s mouth is lacking in intelligence. She’s a pretty girl but a dumb one.

  • antwacky

    Is BilPUKE still “seriously” relevant right now?!
    The OC has been dead-over for years, where she & her very few tweensy-bop fans claims that gets her INfamous.
    So just face it up she’s no better than Mischa where both whatever careers are exclusively rely on the tabloids.
    BilPUKE should try now to have a “suicide” (even if its just an attempt) just like what Owen Wilson had done so that it could make her a tad relevant even for “once”!

  • tonie

    I agree with Rachel that Diane Kruger and Sienna Miller have great style. But surrounded by your peers? Please she would have to be hanging out at the umemployment office to be surrounded by her peers.

    Ugly outfit. The shirt and skirt don’t match.

  • Anonymous

    @antwacky: You could argue that she has never been ‘seriously’ relevant. She starred in The OC, sure, but that was just some idiotic teen soap drama about rich kids, and only appealed to teens. It was never about quality of acting, and teenagers aren’t a particularly intelligent or discerning audience. None of the OC have really set the world ablaze and few of them can act. It was a load of hype, had it’s five minutes of fame and faded, to the relief of nearly everyone bar a few tweeny fans. Outside of the OC, most of the cast have had little impact.
    If anything, Rachel’s quotes simply serve to prove she is as dumb as a rock. But I like what she’s wearing, and she looks better than she has done on her last few ‘outings’.

  • 2bored2care

    She should get an award for boring. She’s a shoo-in!

  • ness17

    Does she really think she’s something special?
    Can’t act and is currently doing s*** all. Seriously. Why the heck is she still getting her picture taken?

  • antwacky


    Point taken… aside from what she’s wearing – she got fashion syle of a “Raggedy Ann”!

  • @lily

    It’s supposed to be really bad luck to take off an engagement ring. The only time you should take it off is to place the wedding ring on your finger.

  • sterling

    She is -4’10″- in bare feet.

  • @27

    Every time I see Khole Kardashian the first reaction is that it is Rachel Bilson. I think Rachel is her midget twin.

  • fitzroy

    And Khloe K. is a “Fugly Worthless Pig” – such a brilliant analogy!

  • @fitzroy

    I know, Khloe is indeed unattractive and I thought it was the hair but it is really everything just in a smaller version. They both have no brains and it is obvious why so similar except KK is working unlike unemployable RB.

  • joke

    that is an insult to marriage. i mean i was taught to not take off my engagement ring.

    she makes a mockery of it. RACHEL , IT IS NOT A FASHION ACCESSORY!

    sick twisted pos she is. i hope hayden is getting a serious wake up call and realizes the mistake he is getting with.

  • @30

    One time I thought she was pretty! But she has changed. Eyes too small, too close together. Thick waist. Flat breasts. Round face. Large hips. Short legs. No chin. How did this happen?

  • fitzroy

    @ 30
    Duly Noted.

    @ 32
    And dont forget her “fish lips & static brains” as well – lol!

  • Whatever

    Hope her fiance has the sense to make her sign a pre-nup agreement before the ‘marriage’. Very important.

  • @whatever 34

    He does not have any sense of he could fall in love with her and buy the engagement ring and stay in the relationship for years.

  • @whatever 34

    He has as much sense in his personal life as in his career.

  • Skankademic

    I have no idea with the “Skankademic” going on in HW?? First, Hayden falls under little Satan’s spawn’s spell Bilpooo and now Lamar Odom landing a grown up size version of Rachel. Khloe is the normal sized woman and the other a midget. I hope the “Skankademic” leaves HW soon b/f it plegs another nice, harmless guy.

    You can see how evil and ugly Satan’s spawn looks here! She looks like a pistol. I hope Hayden can handle her.

  • jane

    Hard to think Rachel Bilson still gets photographed 5 years after her TV show went off are (cuz people stopped watching it). That would suggest no one cares.

  • Surprized!

    @Skankademic: Meh….she’s kinda nasty looking close up.

  • Surprized!

    I mean not clean looking you know, kinda greasy & zitty.

  • Ange

    I Love Rachel Bilson

  • @41

    You love a midget with bad lower teeth, thunder thighs, saddle bags, bags under her eyes, bad skin, no talent, no job, no brain.

  • lakers fan in boston

    rachel looks really cute, love her outfit,not really feeling the cardigan but overall she looks great
    i would totally love her if she got a job and did something productive but sadly she does nothing for a living
    it’s not even that she can afford 2 not work but i imagine she must be a bore 2 have as a fiance/wife, she just does nothing all day….
    at least work on a movie or something…

  • Stone

    Aren’t they the most beautiful girls you’ve ever seen. PUKE