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Reese Witherspoon to InStyle: Jake is a Great Cook!

Reese Witherspoon to InStyle: Jake is a Great Cook!

Reese Witherspoon finally opens up about the love of her life, Jake Gyllenhaal, in the November 2009 issue of InStyle. Here are highlights from the 33-year-old actress:

On moving on from her divorce with Ryan Phillippe: “You have to keep it together for your kids and for yourself too. I’m trying to learn from the things that have happened in my life, live more in the moment, and have more fun… Going to more concerts. Jake and I went to Coachella this year.”

On cooking with her man: “Jake is a great cook”he does a lot. We spend the weekends outside L.A, in Ojai, where I have a farmhouse. We have chickens and we grow cucumbers and tomatoes. I love it. It reminds me of where I grew up in Tennessee.”

On struggling to raise her two kids, Ava and Deacon: “Sometimes it’s really difficult for me, being far away from home. I never imagined that my children wouldn’t grow up next door to my brother’s children. Or my mom and dad wouldn’t constantly be around. At least I have a lot of southern friends in L.A.”I gravitate toward them.”

If you missed it, check out Reese looking golden on the cover of InStyle.

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  • SouthAfricanGirl

    I always thought Reese and Ryan were the perfect couple and I was heartbroken when I heard of their split… but now with Jake, I’m SO over it!
    Jake and Reese 4eva!

  • ihavenolife

    sounds like a romantic relationship. no wonder they always look happy.

  • WTF?

    “Jake is a great cook” – THAT’S opening up about her life with Jake?!! That is fcukin hilarious. The beard and that magazine are both pathetic, absolutely pathetic.

  • Shooper

    @WTF – you seem to miss the point – JJ is about celebrities and style – checking the dresses, shoes and hairstyles is only part of celeb gossip – cooking and cleaning are improtant too.


    @Shooper: …. talk about missing the point..LOL

  • bob

    Yes she needs to learn how to not to be a control freak and a stuck up b*tch.

  • Anna

    What’s up with her left arm? Probably bad lightening, but it looks ridiculous.

  • lexy

    She looks great! That color looks good on her. She and Jake seem very happy together though she probably shouldn’t have mentioned her farm b/c the paps will run out there.

  • Luciana

    @Anna: Photoshop disaster…

  • the beard and the gay

    Reese Witherspoon and her fauxmance BS is so boring.

  • Carrie

    She is so unbelievably dull and stuck up.

    “Oh i’m sooo down to earth, i don’t want to be a celebrity blah blah blah!”

    She just seems so utterly boring and I feel sorry for Jake for been dragged down with 2 kids that aren’t even his and this robotic and completely uninteresting woman.

  • Lily

    Everyone knows Jake is the subject of many blind items saying he’s gay.
    She just his beard and get publicity talking about him.

  • Teri

    I like Reese and Jake such a cute couple. Ryan sure messed up when he cheated with that Abby girl, now they both look miserable. To the poster who said she’s stuck up, no it’s called being mature and taking responsibility when the other parent checks out.

  • radev

    @Carrie: agree! jake should get young woman, not a widowed plus 2 babies who following her like piece of shit!

  • golinda

    You can say what you like, but Ryan is a good father, and those are his kids too. I don’t see this Jake romance going anywhere. He’s her toy, her plaything. But maybe one day he will want children and she is too old and has kids who have a good father. I think she is infatuated with Jake and running around because she didn’t run around with Ryan. So now she is having fun, but Jake probably will get tired of all the partying and want his own family.

  • @3

    Hey! They went to a concert, tooo!!!!!

  • doesitmatter

    I have no comment to make on Reese’s relationship – but that body does not belong to her – its disgusting that magazines sculp bodies with the click of a mouse and make these celebrities look anorexic.

  • max

    Ryan and Reese both seem happier and the kids are not being tortured by fame seeking crazy parents so I say good for both of them. I know Reese’s fans like to rip Ryan apart but seriously he seems like the best case scenario for an exhusband.

  • holy photoshop

    Wow they gave her a deformed arm but she did get a waist and some cleavage out of the deal.

  • golinda

    These things never work. Ryan has a young girl friend. She will want babies of her own! How can she even try to take care of kids so big as Reese’s. And Reese is the mother. She is in her 30s and Jake is in his 20s. Ryan is the oldest of all! His girl friend is young, too. All these fake magazine articles cover up the true facts. All this will end with Abby and Jake being heart broken. Jake has nothing of his own.

  • Debbie

    That entire article is the biggest bunch of BS ever. Love of her life? Please, the best she can say is he’s a great cook? She should have said he is her best shopping girlfriend. Struggling to raise her kids? Ryan has them half the time and she has a full time, live in nanny. Her Ojai place reminds her of Tennesse? She grew up in a well to do area without a farm in sight. She keeps trying to sound like Ms. Nice Southern Girl, but she is the total opposite. The only struggling she has to do is juggling bearding photo ops.

  • HW

    Reese’s and Jake’s “relationship” is a media hoax, and thry should be prosecuted for deceiving the public, just like the Heenies “Balloon boy” are.. Trust me, this is no different.

  • Janis

    Well said Debbie.

    She wants to do only 1 movie a year? More like it’s only 1 movie a year she gets and Jake gets 1 movie in 2 years. I guess they grow cucumbers and tomatoes the rest of the time. LOL

    She is the biggest phony ever and will say anything to keep up the “southern belle” image.

  • *** JAMIE ***

    i think shes okay, jake is gorgeous! she is lucky

  • Elle

    Reese finally opens up about the love of her life! Jake’s a great cook and they grow cucumbers and tomatoes!! oh please, tell me I didn’t just read that. This stupid woman is beyond pathetic!

  • Elle

    Jake is an effeminate squeaky voiced monkey in a bearding contract with Witherbeard.

  • golinda

    Why are you blaming her, when the magazine prints what it wants. They can edit anything to fit the whole point of their story. This is just a puff piece to sell Avon perfume. Period. It’s not heavy or revealing. The headlines are a fake out! LOL! I’m curious that people want her to tell intimate details of her private life. Some of you act like you are entitled to know her private business. Get mad at the magazine for a misleading headline. Reese does lay it on pretty thick about the Southern Belle routine, I agree. By as far as opening up about Jake, you are dumb if you think she is going to talk about her boyfriend in a magazine! She would be telling his business as much as hers, and I think these two like to keep things private. Do you really need her to say, “I’m in love with him! ” They are always together. This isn’t a fake relationship, bcz they spend way too much time together. You want to talk about fake? Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett J. They aren’t even in the same part of the country together! No photos, nothing.

  • Reese is full of PR sh!t

    Jake’s beard is full of PR sh!t.

  • fauxmance

    “By as far as opening up about Jake, you are dumb if you think she is going to talk about her boyfriend in a magazine! ”
    Reese Witherspoon is smart enough not to talk too much about her fauxmance business partner.

  • annab

    I can’t even look at these two phony. They aren’t even a good match and they haven’t a clue what it is like in the “real world”.

  • madmax

    I had a feeling that this so called “opening up” about Jake was going to be a farce. These two have clammed up from the beginning. In two other mag interviews she said he was supportive (so is my bra but I’m not dating it) then in Vogue she said he was fantastic but made it clear that since he wasn’t in the movie she was promoting she couldn’t talk about him.

    I think she did this interview to promote her perfume she did with Avon.

    What did we learn that we didn’t already know? The paps already found out where her farm is in Ojai. They’ve taken plenty of pics of them shopping at the farmer’s market and spending time with Jake’s BFF RDJ and his wife.

    It’s a farm so it’s not stretch to think veggies would be grown. She’s said they have pigs and supposedly she spent some big bucks recently to fix one of the chickens when it’s leg was broken. (cause her kids were upset. Not sure how true that is)

    I don’t know how much time is spent at Ojai since they were spending time working in PA then in NY. I don’t know when she sees her so called girlfriends. All I see her is with him, going to the gym with him. I have to wonder which one of them is the controller in this relationship. (Jake was friends with Ryan and I’m assuming he met her through him and they were friends for years. SO JAke was there when the relationship ended to hold her hand. I don’t know whether to believe there is any real romance there OR if it’s just two friends leaning on each other. He lost his close friend (Heath) and she was there to ‘support’ him.

    As to Ryan, I think he’s a good father. And why the marriage broke up I don’t think we’ll ever know the entire story. He and Abbie seem happy together.

    In Style got everyone’s attention with the “FINALLY opening up about Jake. it’s BS” I think if these two were ‘in love’ one of them would have said something, even if subtily. like “we’re very happy.” or even “he’s my best friend and we enjoy spending time together.”

    Even Drew Barrymore said nothing about Justin Long on Ellen D but you could just read something in her body language that says there is more going on.

    It will be interesting when Jake finally comes out from under the press silence and says something. I wonder what adjectives or adverbs he’ll be using to describe her. “she’s sweet,” “or she’s knows how to smile.” But since she’s not in the movie I’m hawking I have to change the subject and be illusive.

  • Coachella Set Up

    They were at Coachella – yeah, with the same PR rep they both have. What does that tell you, when the PR rep (not a flunkie but the actual lead PR person) who represents them accompanies 2 stars to an event and btw the entire time the celebs are being photographed and videoed? It’s a PR stunt.

  • anon

    oh pls Ryan never cheated on her, ever since dis BIATCH won dat undeserved Oscar, she became so overbearing and arrogant, looking for an excuse to dump her struggling actor husband, (well who’s struggling now b***ch), d first thing she did after winning was sacking all of her hubby’s female employee, so it was no suprise when she filed for divorce a month later claiming he cheated, simply cos she couldn’t fire Abbie Cornish ( the studio hired her not Ryan) and he also refused to drop out of the movie.

  • TT

    ‘Reese Witherspoon to InStyle: Jake is a Great F.A.G.”


  • Jorden

    Reese is one of my favorite actresses. I love how down to earth she seems, and cool. You know, not a snooty bitch. Course, I dont know any of these people so I could be wrong. XD

  • wt

    her answers to every single question are always so perfectly crafted to appeal to the Avon-crowd that constitutes her fan base. Because of that, she comes across as totally dull and profoundly fake. No wonder people rather believe TC Tooty tales and that she is a beard of a closeted actor… she is just NOT at all credible. This one about opening up about her relationship then telling all about growing cucumbers and cooking is just over-the-top and I think fuels speculations that the nature of her relationship with Jake is definitely not of a sexual nature, even more! Come on gal, there are 1,000,000 things you could say without giving out much detail, which show a bit more passion!

  • Reese is annoying cow

    Jake should dump manager Evelyn O’Neill and find another beard.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks pretty good in that pic
    and her interview as doing boring unlike a lot of celebs
    wonder if the other pics are good