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Christian Bale: Tom Cruise Inspired American Psycho

Christian Bale: Tom Cruise Inspired American Psycho

Christian Bale wraps his arm around his wife Sibi Blazic after having lunch at Shutters Hotel in Santa Monica on Wednesday (October 21).

In 2000, the 35-year-old actor played a psychopathic banking executive in American Psycho.

Recently, the movie’s director Mary Harron revealed to BlackBook that Christian got his inspiration from watching Tom Cruise.

“One day (Christian) called me and he had been watching Tom Cruise on David Letterman, and he just had this very intense friendliness with nothing behind the eyes, and he was really taken with this energy,” Mary said.

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  • zk

    That sounds about right! Tom Cruise is a lunatic and I can totally see what he means by “intense” with “nothing behind the eyes”

    Remember that crazy LRH salute he gave in the Scientology video?!?!

    Insane alien worshipping freaks!! Katie is one of them now, don’t be fooled just because they dressed her up in fancy clothes.

  • Alexa

    Haha! As if I couldn’t love Christian Bale anymore!

    That’s a great story.

  • yayayaya

    Tom Cruise + Christian Bale + American Psycho = Miles Fisher’s Music Video “this must be the place” with Lydia Hearst.

    Check it out on:

  • ILoveVelvetGoldmine

    I always thought Christian (Bale) was in a higher league that bullshitty Tom Cruise. He never fails to shock and suprise me with his insights. Classic !

  • Keyla89

    I love Christian Bale, despite his temper…good to see he’s getting some meat back on those bones, too :)

  • dundies


  • PepsiJuror

    Tom has inspired a lot of people. It’s good to hear that is when Christian’s career began to take off.

  • British

    Haha, thats brilliant!

  • helena

    Bale has really good insight. That’s a perfect description of Tom Cruise.

  • Gene

    That is SO FUNNY and oh how accurate!!! Can’t love Mr. Bale much more than I do now!

  • AEP

    Very observant Christian. Crazy nut case and his vacant stepford wife could actually inspire a few Twilight Zones as well.

  • pr person

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That is Classic! Love how Christian noticed the crazy waaaayyy before Crazy showed his real self to the entire world. Way to go Bale!!

  • Liset Lee

    I watch lots of Christian Bale movies and have seen nearly all of them. I’d really like to see ‘A Murder of Quality’ and ‘The Secret Agent’ but can’t find a copy or how to watch anywhere. Does anyone know how I can see them ?

  • Dr. Murph

    Tom Cruise was in the book, American Psycho. Cameo appearance. @zk:


    He looks goooooorgeous! the hottest man in the world ever! Love youuu so much Bale!
    By the way, I think she, Sibi his wife, is pregnant!

  • CCR

    @Gloria I doubt Sibi is pregnant. But she is several years older than Christian-she is 39 and he is 35. So if they want another child naturaly, they better hurry up :)

  • HA-HA!!!!

    I can’t stop laughing!!! Even Hollywood knows he is a Psycho!!! Way to go Bale!!!!

  • HA-HA!!!!

    I also want to know how the Sci-Fi freaks are going to defend this one! I’m sure they will come up with some Nut Case theory to defend their king. They are all so distorted, “Like Squirrels in a Electronic device?” I’m still laughing. WAY TO GO BALE!

  • Kata Libria

    @Liset Lee: They’re both on Netflix.

  • azureyes

    @Liset Lee:

    You can get both off Netflicks

    This is great very insightful of Bale and shows what a true student of acting he is. But, its not a new story. He said this himself in an interview around the time Psycho was being released. Different time and no major internet coverage makes big difference.

  • Annick

    @Liset Lee:

    You can buy them on Amazon, as I did recently. A Murder of Quality is available only in US, so if you live in Europe you may have some problems with the regional code. Anyway you can easily remove the code with opensource software DVDDecrypter and copy the original on an empty DVD…. Enjoy! By the way, Christian Bale is the best man ever and his wife is the luckiest woman on earth!

  • intrigue

    I really like Bale. No further comment.

  • Liset Lee

    Great thanks you’re too kind. Didn’t know about that Netflix . I’m looking forward to checking them out soon! Christian and Sibi make a lovely couple. Best Wishes to all the BALEHEADS!

  • Two

    What’s to defend, #18? I think it’s cool that Tom Cruise inspired one of Christian Bale’s best performances. Also, Mary Harron never said anything bad about Cruise.

    Figures, #20.

  • dabu

    How great of Bale to recognize there is really no personal emotion behind Tom’s facade and use it to play a psycho.

  • So Judgemental

    #7 & #4. I think you are being deliberately obtuse.

    It is a bit of an implied slam to Cruise that to help them find the character of a narcissistic psychopath that kills for pleasure and to climb the corporate ladder without any moral ambiguity they used Tom Cruise as an inspiration.

    Its not like saying he has a magnetic personality. That would be a compliment. They are saying the opposite. It is saying he has all this forced fake charm with dead eyes.. the horse is pounding down the backstretch but lost it’s rider on the first turn.. so to speak. Back in the day we used to call it “Manson Lamps”.

  • mika

    oh yeeaah. cos its great to be a girl basher!!! but just don’t be a scientologist!!! (by the way is some dumbass reading my comment doesn’t understand, i’m being sarcastic)

  • Maria

    Bale is amazing. He is LOOKS and TALENT…He is dedicated and is a threat to most lame-oh actors now a days!

  • snoopy

    Wow, the psychopath leading the psychopath. They’re both looney.

  • cari

    ROFL……that is why Katie lost her chance to be in TDK. Once she hooked up with Cruise prior to the opening of BB, she was out.
    He pissed off everyone at the Premiere of BB.

    Bale had some comments then too about Cruise being disingenuous.
    He is a good judge of character.

    and the best actor out there.

  • linda

    “intense” with “nothing behind the eyes”

    wow.. what a description.

  • mary

    desperate for attention with Terminator and Public Enemies bombing

  • g

    TC inspires everyone and now even Bale is inspired by him.Im sure he wants to be like TC. They look alike except Bale ages fast and seems to be balding.

  • she-sheep

    He must be kissing the A$$ of Cruisey or probably wants to be in his inner circles of BFF’s. Watch his loyalty and support for Tom Cruise.

  • LuckyL

    He’s nothing compared to my man Brad Pitt and Rob Pattinson!:-

  • azureyes


    Sweetie try reading the segment again. This movie was made in 2000 and it was the direct that came forward recently and said that at the time they were filming this was a character study that Bale came up with. Bale is not trying to get any publicity for anything since he’s not the one they interviewed.

  • azureyes


    I have a feeling that he was at their engagement party because he was invited by Katie Holmes. Whom he had just stared with in Batman Begins but you go right on and believe whatever you want.

  • ILoveVelvetGoldmine

    @26 It’s ironic thats all . That Bale should refer to Tom Cruise as the inspiration for something he has clearly accomplished by his own talent. Just because his movies aren’t blockbusters doesn’t mean he in any way he should need another huge named actor to credit also for the part. Maybe Bale understands the nature of the film industry. You’re not supposed to upstage Tom Cruise or anyone with such a rep. Cruise made a film about being a bartender and figher pilot nothing so unique and complex as playing an axe welding, brain eating psycho. Cruise had tried ever since with attempts at being cool in Mission Impossible and in the awful awful ‘Vanilla Sky’ to thrill. Bale’s a crafty fellow he doesn’t want to ‘upstage’ anyone he shouldn’t and wants to keep it friendly on and off set so he can succeed. Simple as that. Good for him. No one needs an A-lister having a sissy fit…

  • sam

    Those are some thick thighs in his wife.

  • carrie

    Bale+alien+sociopathy+Tom Cruise=Patrick Bateman

  • lainey

    He sounds jealous of Tom Cruise. My friends even said they look the same.

  • ILoveVelvetGoldmine

    I think Bale feels sorry for Cruise for not being as interesting as he and not having as much talent and for refusing to stand down as the lesser actor to he and probably many, by being incessantly covered and focused on by the media which may be a sham?

  • Moi

    To the mentally challenged people who think Bale is jealous: No. Bale is taller, more handsome, more talented actor than Cruise. Everyone knows that. Plus, he’s in a real marriage with a woman he loves and he doesn’t need to pimp out his adorable daughter like the Crazy Cruise who is in an obvious sham marriage.

    I think Bale feels sorry for Cruse too. Even though I can’t stand Cruise, I feel a little sorry for him too. He seems so completely lost and clueless. He has no idea how creepy he appears to others. He has no self-awareness at all.

  • backfire

    The only loser is Christian Bale because there’s no gain in dissing someone. Who is he to criticise when he needs anger management and he assaults his own mom and sister. #42 and $43 you dont even sound convince with your words. Please put away the tabloids.

  • ILoveVelvetGoldmine

    @44 When have you been remotely interested in Tom Cruises family even though it consists of Two Hollywood film stars and a ‘Celebrity’ Baby? If youre so sure he needs anger management please stop revealing that you are indeed obsessed with him yourself and seem to know even what is happening in his Mum and sisters life even though they have nothing to do with the movies. My sentences are long because I have a Honours degree in Sociology and have developed that skill. I think thats what you mean by it not being convincing. A little too much fact and a little less of the tacky headlines here :@

  • releka

    Who cares what this prick has to say?

  • par

    TomKat sham or not be careful in calling the shots because Sibi and Christian might beat them by divorcing. This is Hollyweird remember.

  • Glynn

    Don’t be conned by that advert on this page that asks DO YOU HAVE YELLOW TEETH – 1) it’s not just £2 (actually it’s about £60) 2) read the terms & conditions BEFORE accepting the FREE trial

  • ILoveVelvetGoldmine

    @47 but who cares if Obamas divorce . Enough said !

  • Bloodklat

    Why do they both….especially Christian …. look like such pikies!??!!