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Gerard Butler & Jessica Simpson: Date Night?

Gerard Butler & Jessica Simpson: Date Night?

Gerard Butler and Jessica Simpson stepped out together at the exclusive Soho House on Tuesday night (October 20).

“They were at a table with friends, but Jessica and Gerard, who sat next to each other, seemed to only be interested in each other and chatted for hours,” a spy told Page Six. “They were laughing and flirting and eventually left together, along with [her hairstylist Ken Paves].”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Gerry and Jess as a couple — HOT or NOT?

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  • Yuck


  • ems412

    no thanks

  • ems412

    they do not seem like each others types

  • Nooooooooooooooooo


  • dany


  • Al

    No! I like Gerard and he seems to like intelligent women so Jessica is a NOOOO!

  • hot mess

    Both are hot messes.
    Hope Jessica likes threesomes…….(-:

  • GB: Douche SCUMBA*G

    Whatever. She is a younger desperate FAT Maniston.

    Gerry: What goes around comes around….

  • mimicha

    I don’t think so!

  • Jessica Farts All Day

    Um, no…now people…you must see that this is a pr engineered cover-up bc Gerry likes MEN.
    He was probably playing footsy under the table with Ken Paves.

  • Fatty Mom-Jeans Jess

    He is dumb as rocks. I know this trust me. A law degree does not a genius make.
    She is dumb as rocks and fat as sh*t too.

    They are both sloppy, overrated NOBODIES.
    I hate Gerard Butler, may his career be over after this year.
    Jess’s already IS. Fat a**.

  • sofia

    So NOT HOT! This is even worse than the Aniston pairing. Gerard has better taste, I’m sure.

    Ha! That’s a funny name, #10! Juvenile, but funny. :)

  • sofia

    @Fatty – I actually think Gerard’s career is just heating up. That’s why starlets like Aniston are desperate to be linked with him. Plus, he actually produced his movie. Pretty cool.

  • F*ag H*ag

    Hi Jess. Do you smell what I’m cooking?
    Or is that your a*ss I smell?

    Gerry is the gay laughingstock of hollywood. TRUTH.
    As is Jess fatso.

  • Spa

    Why does she always travel with her gay stylist? Does she not have any female friends that she can hang out with.

  • Kinky

    Hope she has a kinky GF to bring along. He needs 2 chicks to get it up.

  • Gala

    @Fatty Mom-Jeans Jess:
    “A law degree does not a genius make.”
    Apparently this quote from you makes you an even bigger IDIOT. Learn good grammar BIT*H.

  • Why Not?

    Maybe they’ll have a MFM 3some! Gerry Jess and Stylist. WOW

  • ugh!

    actually they kind of suit each other. She always falls for the cheating heartbreaking douchebags.

  • ugh!

    who has a law degree?

  • OMG!!!!!

    he’s way too old for her

  • Emily


  • jessica

    Wasn’t there a rumor that Jessica like/let John Mayer pee on her? Maybe Gerry wants to expand from threesomes to another type of sexcapade…

  • jess

    Maybe Gerry is doing research on a Texas accent so he can do “Goree Girls” with Aniston.
    Lord help us.

  • sloppy seconds

    Aniston and Jess – both of Mayer’s sloppy seconds.
    Way to go Gerry.

  • Ruth

    # 20 – Gerald has a law degree.

    Who on earth believes the New York Post Page 6 “rumours” which are nearly always lies!

  • CRAZii GiRL*

    LOL>>>>>>>>>>>>>4 REAL???????

  • Peggy Hudson


    Gala – you must not have english as your first language.Either that or you are just downright stupid as sh*t. That quote from Fatty mom jeans makes sense to me from a grammatical standpoint.
    Gerry is old and ugly and is so GAY imo

  • Jess Passes Gas Like a Man

    GERRY is single single single

    Jess, keep dreaming (of pizza, cake and ho-hos you fatso).

  • Simpleton

    @Jess Passes Gas Like a Man:

    Lemme guess: Gerry will be dating Jon Gosselin next???

    DREAM ON, Jess (Jesus woman, if you have gas, take something with Dimethicone in it geez!).
    WAIT – he probably chatted her up alll night long, told her she had “nice eyes, legs” , took her number, and left never to call her. But her people had to plant this item – too bad you’ll never see his bed sweetie.

    And Gerry…do you not care what is happening to your image? It’s quickly becoming trash.

  • highcottonquinn

    And the tongues continue to wag… wake me when there are pics proving these two are a “real” couple until then he’s either just going to shag this broad for a second or it’s just a simple date. The article also says that all 3 of them left together.

    P.S. people, would you please leave Jessica’s weight out of this. She doesn’t look that bad and she’s always been a pretty girl; mediocre in talent, short on intelligence and personality, but still a very pretty and by all accounts,sweet girl.

  • highcottonquinn

    And Gerry…do you not care what is happening to your image? It’s quickly becoming trash.

    Read more:

    (scratches head)Trash to who? Those of us with barely a life that we are visiting gossip sites to hate on a man that is out actually having a life?

  • sugar

    I like Jessica and I feel bad for her because she has had a really tough time, but they just seem like an odd couple :)

  • @highoncotton


    Get off your high horse, hcq u plague.
    FYI: I’m sure being seen with Jess “mac & cheese a&&” Simpson is doing wonders for his image as a serious H’wood actor who ISN’T a flash in the Colin Farrell pan.


  • Felicity

    would be amazing :) I think they’re both beautiful and could use a good relationship. ;)

  • weirdness

    is gerrys pr team trying to distract from him weirdness with this story. it’s not working.

  • Joy Fehily = FIRE HER!!


    Give it up you are SO TRANSPARENT.
    You work for Gerry so you come on here to convince us that this union is anything other than another lame ass attempt to get two tools’ names on people’s lips.
    Too bad it’s obvious and pathetic.

    Joy should be FIRED – she stinks as a PR person.

  • highcottonquinn



  • badiggio

    This is the usual “leaked” b.s. from the Simpson camp to keep her name out there before she leaves again for her show.
    she was seen by many people at the airport tuesday late afternoon.

  • e

    wow…jen & jess…two of the same that is…lowest self esteem.

  • Gala

    @Peggy Hudson:
    I Iz kno egnish.

  • give me a break!!!

    guys stop being nasty!!!!!…. i think jess deserves someone mature, who may maybe make a decent woman out of her…. so i wish them all the best!

  • sunshine

    give me a break!!! @ 10/22/2009 at 6:37 am guys stop being nasty!!!!!…. i think jess deserves someone mature, who may maybe make a decent woman out of her…. so i wish them all the best!
    Someone mature, that ain’t G-But

  • nyob

    LOL. Now there is a WTF couple.

    Seems like Jared is the only one running this story, he usually refrains from running stories on GB’s love life, and is plainly the go to blog for GB’s people . . . I say this is a plant by GB’s camp. Why, I do not know. Talk about a bad association. I think being gay would be better than being known for dating this chick.

  • liverwurst


  • liverwurst

    @OMG!!!!!: “he’s way too old for her” They’re only 10 years apart. Brad Pitt is 12 years older than his girlfriend Angie Jolie.

  • trendy

    I am SOOOOO bothered by this!!
    Quick Jess, RUN the OTHER WAY!!!

  • lisa

    She really seems like a sweet person. I don’t understand why she has become a punching bag for some people. Gerry is not the be all and end all of male sexiness. He would be lucky to have her. He does not pick the best women.. Seems to like them very trashy. Jessica is sweet, and Toni Romo was a douche and his ego was too big. Especially since he is not that good looking to begin with.

    Sick of people acting like she is a loser. She deserves to find happiness. i hope it is not true.. She is too good for Gerry.

  • Mr. Giggles

    God help us —- not another combo thread.

  • beequeen

    = TWO FAT