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Gerard Butler & Jessica Simpson: Date Night?

Gerard Butler & Jessica Simpson: Date Night?

Gerard Butler and Jessica Simpson stepped out together at the exclusive Soho House on Tuesday night (October 20).

“They were at a table with friends, but Jessica and Gerard, who sat next to each other, seemed to only be interested in each other and chatted for hours,” a spy told Page Six. “They were laughing and flirting and eventually left together, along with [her hairstylist Ken Paves].”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Gerry and Jess as a couple — HOT or NOT?

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374 Responses to “Gerard Butler & Jessica Simpson: Date Night?”

  1. 1
    Yuck Says:


  2. 2
    ems412 Says:

    no thanks

  3. 3
    ems412 Says:

    they do not seem like each others types

  4. 4
    Nooooooooooooooooo Says:


  5. 5
    dany Says:


  6. 6
    Al Says:

    No! I like Gerard and he seems to like intelligent women so Jessica is a NOOOO!

  7. 7
    hot mess Says:

    Both are hot messes.
    Hope Jessica likes threesomes…….(-:

  8. 8
    GB: Douche SCUMBA*G Says:

    Whatever. She is a younger desperate FAT Maniston.

    Gerry: What goes around comes around….

  9. 9
    mimicha Says:

    I don’t think so!

  10. 10
    Jessica Farts All Day Says:

    Um, no…now people…you must see that this is a pr engineered cover-up bc Gerry likes MEN.
    He was probably playing footsy under the table with Ken Paves.

  11. 11
    Fatty Mom-Jeans Jess Says:

    He is dumb as rocks. I know this trust me. A law degree does not a genius make.
    She is dumb as rocks and fat as sh*t too.

    They are both sloppy, overrated NOBODIES.
    I hate Gerard Butler, may his career be over after this year.
    Jess’s already IS. Fat a**.

  12. 12
    sofia Says:

    So NOT HOT! This is even worse than the Aniston pairing. Gerard has better taste, I’m sure.

    Ha! That’s a funny name, #10! Juvenile, but funny. :)

  13. 13
    sofia Says:

    @Fatty – I actually think Gerard’s career is just heating up. That’s why starlets like Aniston are desperate to be linked with him. Plus, he actually produced his movie. Pretty cool.

  14. 14
    F*ag H*ag Says:

    Hi Jess. Do you smell what I’m cooking?
    Or is that your a*ss I smell?

    Gerry is the gay laughingstock of hollywood. TRUTH.
    As is Jess fatso.

  15. 15
    Spa Says:

    Why does she always travel with her gay stylist? Does she not have any female friends that she can hang out with.

  16. 16
    Kinky Says:

    Hope she has a kinky GF to bring along. He needs 2 chicks to get it up.

  17. 17
    Gala Says:

    @Fatty Mom-Jeans Jess:
    “A law degree does not a genius make.”
    Apparently this quote from you makes you an even bigger IDIOT. Learn good grammar BIT*H.

  18. 18
    Why Not? Says:

    Maybe they’ll have a MFM 3some! Gerry Jess and Stylist. WOW

  19. 19
    ugh! Says:

    actually they kind of suit each other. She always falls for the cheating heartbreaking douchebags.

  20. 20
    ugh! Says:

    who has a law degree?

  21. 21
    OMG!!!!! Says:

    he’s way too old for her

  22. 22
    Emily Says:


  23. 23
    jessica Says:

    Wasn’t there a rumor that Jessica like/let John Mayer pee on her? Maybe Gerry wants to expand from threesomes to another type of sexcapade…

  24. 24
    jess Says:

    Maybe Gerry is doing research on a Texas accent so he can do “Goree Girls” with Aniston.
    Lord help us.

  25. 25
    sloppy seconds Says:

    Aniston and Jess – both of Mayer’s sloppy seconds.
    Way to go Gerry.

  26. 26
    Ruth Says:

    # 20 – Gerald has a law degree.

    Who on earth believes the New York Post Page 6 “rumours” which are nearly always lies!

  27. 27
    CRAZii GiRL* Says:

    LOL>>>>>>>>>>>>>4 REAL???????

  28. 28
    Peggy Hudson Says:


    Gala – you must not have english as your first language.Either that or you are just downright stupid as sh*t. That quote from Fatty mom jeans makes sense to me from a grammatical standpoint.
    Gerry is old and ugly and is so GAY imo

  29. 29
    Jess Passes Gas Like a Man Says:

    GERRY is single single single

    Jess, keep dreaming (of pizza, cake and ho-hos you fatso).

  30. 30
    Simpleton Says:

    @Jess Passes Gas Like a Man:

    Lemme guess: Gerry will be dating Jon Gosselin next???

    DREAM ON, Jess (Jesus woman, if you have gas, take something with Dimethicone in it geez!).
    WAIT – he probably chatted her up alll night long, told her she had “nice eyes, legs” , took her number, and left never to call her. But her people had to plant this item – too bad you’ll never see his bed sweetie.

    And Gerry…do you not care what is happening to your image? It’s quickly becoming trash.

  31. 31
    highcottonquinn Says:

    And the tongues continue to wag… wake me when there are pics proving these two are a “real” couple until then he’s either just going to shag this broad for a second or it’s just a simple date. The article also says that all 3 of them left together.

    P.S. people, would you please leave Jessica’s weight out of this. She doesn’t look that bad and she’s always been a pretty girl; mediocre in talent, short on intelligence and personality, but still a very pretty and by all accounts,sweet girl.

  32. 32
    highcottonquinn Says:

    And Gerry…do you not care what is happening to your image? It’s quickly becoming trash.

    Read more:

    (scratches head)Trash to who? Those of us with barely a life that we are visiting gossip sites to hate on a man that is out actually having a life?

  33. 33
    sugar Says:

    I like Jessica and I feel bad for her because she has had a really tough time, but they just seem like an odd couple :)

  34. 34
    @highoncotton Says:


    Get off your high horse, hcq u plague.
    FYI: I’m sure being seen with Jess “mac & cheese a&&” Simpson is doing wonders for his image as a serious H’wood actor who ISN’T a flash in the Colin Farrell pan.


  35. 35
    Felicity Says:

    would be amazing :) I think they’re both beautiful and could use a good relationship. ;)

  36. 36
    weirdness Says:

    is gerrys pr team trying to distract from him weirdness with this story. it’s not working.

  37. 37
    Joy Fehily = FIRE HER!! Says:


    Give it up you are SO TRANSPARENT.
    You work for Gerry so you come on here to convince us that this union is anything other than another lame ass attempt to get two tools’ names on people’s lips.
    Too bad it’s obvious and pathetic.

    Joy should be FIRED – she stinks as a PR person.

  38. 38
    highcottonquinn Says:



  39. 39
    badiggio Says:

    This is the usual “leaked” b.s. from the Simpson camp to keep her name out there before she leaves again for her show.
    she was seen by many people at the airport tuesday late afternoon.

  40. 40
    e Says:

    wow…jen & jess…two of the same that is…lowest self esteem.

  41. 41
    Gala Says:

    @Peggy Hudson:
    I Iz kno egnish.

  42. 42
    give me a break!!! Says:

    guys stop being nasty!!!!!…. i think jess deserves someone mature, who may maybe make a decent woman out of her…. so i wish them all the best!

  43. 43
    sunshine Says:

    give me a break!!! @ 10/22/2009 at 6:37 am guys stop being nasty!!!!!…. i think jess deserves someone mature, who may maybe make a decent woman out of her…. so i wish them all the best!
    Someone mature, that ain’t G-But

  44. 44
    nyob Says:

    LOL. Now there is a WTF couple.

    Seems like Jared is the only one running this story, he usually refrains from running stories on GB’s love life, and is plainly the go to blog for GB’s people . . . I say this is a plant by GB’s camp. Why, I do not know. Talk about a bad association. I think being gay would be better than being known for dating this chick.

  45. 45
    liverwurst Says:


  46. 46
    liverwurst Says:

    @OMG!!!!!: “he’s way too old for her” They’re only 10 years apart. Brad Pitt is 12 years older than his girlfriend Angie Jolie.

  47. 47
    trendy Says:

    I am SOOOOO bothered by this!!
    Quick Jess, RUN the OTHER WAY!!!

  48. 48
    lisa Says:

    She really seems like a sweet person. I don’t understand why she has become a punching bag for some people. Gerry is not the be all and end all of male sexiness. He would be lucky to have her. He does not pick the best women.. Seems to like them very trashy. Jessica is sweet, and Toni Romo was a douche and his ego was too big. Especially since he is not that good looking to begin with.

    Sick of people acting like she is a loser. She deserves to find happiness. i hope it is not true.. She is too good for Gerry.

  49. 49
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    God help us —- not another combo thread.

  50. 50
    beequeen Says:

    = TWO FAT


  51. 51
    Me Says:


  52. 52
    andamentothat Says:

    interesting words from the spy.. is Gerry repped by Huvane???

  53. 53
    highcottonquinn Says:

    @Fatty Mom-Jeans Jess: He is dumb as rocks. I know this trust me.

    Read more:

    And why should we “trust you”? Who are you? You are an anonymous stranger on an internet gossip board telling us to “trust you”. Reagan said, “trust but verify”. I trust Reagan more than you. Why? Because he was not an anonymous stranger on an internet gossip board. So when will you be telling us who you are so that we can verify your identity and maybe then “trust you?

  54. 54
    Stinkylouise Says:

    This is even less believable than the Aniston nonsense.

  55. 55
    Anna H. Says:

    Lol you guys are hilarious, seriously. Whenever two single people are seen together they’re automatically dating? Come on! Don’t ever let gossip insult your intelligence as a reader and consumer.
    I know it’s fun for some to come on here and spill a little trash every now and then but geez!
    peace xx

  56. 56
    IslaM. Says:

    I don’t buy the whole dating thing either. It doesn’t surprise they had a lot to talk about, she’s off to India to film her show and Gerard has just recently spent a month there travelling up and down the country.
    This whole thing about saying people are always dating if they’re seen together is so freaking annoying!!!!

  57. 57
    carech Says:

    @Fatty Mom-Jeans Jess: Yes and I am sure you are gourgeous and thin and not petty or shallow at all. ASS

  58. 58
    jaded Says:

    This isn’t really plausible. Keep in mind this guy was photographed in a club with Shanna Moakler ..Travis Barker’s ex-wife? He doesn’t seem really concerned about the company he keeps or is photographed with unlike Leo Di Caprio You can rest assure that it will get a small blurb in US magazine and be forgotten.

  59. 59
    PUSLED Says:

    You got yourself a smart one Gerry, eh?!

  60. 60
    yawn Says:

    Shame on JJ for posting this piece of sh!t “news”.

  61. 61
    jaded Says:

    Nothing against Jessica Simpson but let’s face it: her looks and career and waning at this point and she’s basically a simple, probably sweethearted girl from texas. Cute but not really cut out for a sustainable career in acting or singing for the matter. Complicated guys like Gerard Butler and John Mayer (weird how both are linked to Aniston too) are no match for this woman.

  62. 62
    Stephanie PAtton Says:

    Jessica has way more brains than you think. Do you have as much money as her. She’s doing something right. Half of you idiots that right these mean things don’t have **** and are on GOV income.

  63. 63
    YAAAAY!!! Says:

    GO JESSICA!! Or should I say “GESSICA” – hahahah!! I think they’d make a GREAT couple!! Plus, I would really love seeing another mag cover likethe one Maniston got dealt when renee Z. snatched Bradley Cooper — ‘WHY GERRY CHOSE JESSICA OVER JEN!!’ – BAHAHAHAHAHA!! All of a sudden the Mayer fake hook up planted rumors in the rags make perfect sense. lmao Maniston is soooo obvious.

  64. 64
    countess von zinzendorf Says:

    Please don’t do it Gerard.

  65. 65
    Hmm Says:

    WHAT! how can you go from jennifer A to Jessica stupid!

    Ahh well they might work, you never know!


  66. 66
    tallntan Says:

    Yesterday I had lunch with 2 men – clients. I had dinner with another man and his sister and went to a charity event with another man. I’m not sleeping with any of them…though there have been offers. Sometimes adults go out together or just happen to run into each other when they’re out and just have some cocktails and TALK. OMG.
    I would think that after what Jessica went through with Mayer and Romo she would be very careful who she gets involved with next.

  67. 67
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Mr. Giggles @ 10/22/2009 at 7:27 am God help us —- not another combo thread.

  68. 68
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    YAAAAY!!! @ 10/22/2009 at 10:04 am GO JESSICA!! Or should I say “GESSICA” – hahahah!! I think they’d make a GREAT couple!! Plus, I would really love seeing another mag cover likethe one Maniston got dealt when renee Z. snatched Bradley Cooper — ‘WHY GERRY CHOSE JESSICA OVER JEN!!’ – BAHAHAHAHAHA!! All of a sudden the Mayer fake hook up planted rumors in the rags make perfect sense. lmao Maniston is soooo obvious.
    Although I would love the public smackdown of Nippy, I don’t wish this on Gerry.
    Also, who believes Page Six these days anyway? *cough bullsh!t cough*

  69. 69
    Lisa2 Says:

    That’s a strange pair? I would never have thought they would hook up. I wonder what they have in common to even talk about?

  70. 70
    khristi Says:

    If this is true, I say good for her. Gerard is amazingly good looking, and I think that all of the crap that she’s getting lately is not fair.

  71. 71
    curious cat Says:

    Ohhh, here we go again! What is there to say? More gossip. News out of nothing. It’s a source of never-ending wonder to me what makes so-called news in the entertainment biz. He sat next to a woman–another celebrity– and talked to her. Wow. They left together with her stylist? So what? So now they are doing a threesome? Maybe they just went to their cars at the same time. Who else left at the same time? Maybe the get together was over. Maybe they are planning to do a movie together a la Aniston and Bounty. Who knows? Who cares? They can both sing. Sorta. Let’s start that rumor. A Butler/Simpson musical.
    BTW, #11 “A law degree does not a genius make,” is perfectly sound grammar if a bit (purposely) archaic. Anyone who wants to criticize #11 on that can look up the word archaic in the dictionary. Man, I’m getting waspish. Any typos here are due to the sleepy time hour.
    For someone with naught to say I babbled again. But I was ponderin’ earlier, that I saw GB’s last two movies, TUT and Gamer, and both were instantly forgettable. Hardly remember a thing about ‘em an hour after I left the movie house. Will never rent much less buy the DVD. I did respond to PSILY but mostly I think because I was a raw new widow in shell shock and responded to Holly’s pain even though I didnt like her superficial character. (You can look up superficial in Webster’s if you don’t get it.) Haven’t seen LAC yet. Maybe today while I have my car fixed. Like fit it in.

    What I am noticing is that this gossip all starts over and flits by and means nothing. Great writers have said it much better. You know.

    Me, last night I went line dancin’ , learned to dance Brad Paisley’s “Mr. Policeman,” a funny funny song and faster than bat out of hell dance and felt much better about life.
    Nighty night, y’all.

  72. 72
    Deidre Says:

    Aww i am starting to feel bad for jessica! She is less self-loathing than Jennifer Aniston any day!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck Jess if you’re dating Gerard–he is sexy.

  73. 73
    emma Says:

    interesting !

  74. 74
    emma Says:

    interesting ~!

  75. 75
    Oh Gee Wiz! Says:

    You negative spewing hateful people must have such a miserable life that you need to come to a gossip site to feel good about yourself. Really, lighten up folks! God help any of us if we were put in the spot light 24/7. As the saying goes, “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks”. What’s the big deal anyway? Two people chat at a dinner and suddenly they are a couple. I don’t think either of them is even thinking of anything beyond a friendly chat. Give us a break JJ!

  76. 76
    Dawn9476 Says:

    Oh please. Not going to happen. Gerry’s career is skyrocketing now. No way he is going to bring it down by dating Jessica.

  77. 77
    Dawn9476 Says:

    @Deidre: She is less self loathing that JA? LMAO!! That is why she drinks like a fish and has been see out in public totally smashed. Let’s not forget the meltdowns on stage while performing. Jessica Simpson is a total mess.

  78. 78
    postwatcher Says:

    Jessica? He was probably hooking up with Ken Paves…

  79. 79
    athena Says:

    oooo….PR teams hard at work.
    Gerry….for reals?!???

  80. 80
    athena Says:


    Now Perez Hilton is….but he calls BS…just like the rest of us.

  81. 81
    oh nooooo Says:

    Jessica wishes. Sorry. JJ, why would you even print and perpetuate this nonsense? It would be interesting, however, to know what the H they were doing together. Absolutely nothing in common. How would he even know her? Odd. Odd. Odd.

  82. 82
    pafan Says:

    An example of the gossip press at its worst. Who will they try to hook him up with next? Lindsay? What a bunch of cr#pp.

  83. 83
    gemma Says:

    I don’t know – GB said in an interview that he likes his women a bit dumb and prefers that they kinda worship him and take care of him… I think that fairly describes JS – a bit dumb, clings to her man (men end up call it smothering them) and is doe eyed enought to “worship” him while it lasts…

    (if this story is even true – which it’s not likely to be true)

  84. 84
    A FAN Says:

    Just two people having a conversation is all.

    I’m developing a bad habit here – reading JJ while at work, gotta stop abusing my internet privileges!!!!!

  85. 85
    jb Says:

    Oh, please, NO! I will never look at Gerard Butler the same way again. Surely, he can’t be that dumb. Oh, that’s right – that’s Jessica’s role.

  86. 86
    alphaba Says:

    Jessica likely can’t even find Scotland on a map.

    This ‘date’ is not real.

  87. 87
    HA! Says:

    Do these people really go out to dinner and spend HOURS at a restaurant? Most people go for an hour, maybe two tops. All these stories about how celebrities go out and spend 6 hours talking and being in their own world are bullsh*t. If they were with other people, there is no way. Why even post this crap?

  88. 88
    Joy Fehily = FIRE HER!! Says:

    I think Jess is FAT and stupid.
    Her career is OVER.

    His is (hopefully) NOT but he can’t wish J Simpson on himself. She is a drunk nutcase and can’t keep a man.

    GB, you can do sooo much better than this fat slob JS who is always one ho-ho away from being a slob. Date a model over Jess, PLEASE.

  89. 89
    Heavenly Says:

    Yesterday Jen, today Jess, who’s going to be tomorrows blue plate special?

    I doubt there’s anything to it, just like there was nothing to the whole Jen thing. They left in the company of another person, AND it wasn’t an intimate dinner with just the two of them. Do you really think he’d take someone he’s seriously interested in, to a public place? Hell no. It would be somewhere they wouldn’t be seen or bothered.

    Knock off the gossip and give the man a break, will ya?

  90. 90
    Rip Van Winkle Says:

    Yaawwwwnn. Wake me up when this guy goes on a REAL date with someone interesting.

  91. 91
    Fatso + Manwho*re Says:

    Not even going to happen…
    Jess may be stupid as a bag of rocks but she is surrounded by people who are smarter than she is so…

    And Gerry is very smart. NOTE THIS FANS:
    Any woman Gerry is “seeing/TALKING TO” is NOT GOING TO BE SEEN BY THE PUBLIC EYE. Isn’t that just obvious?

  92. 92
    schizophrenia Says:

    The news that Gerard is going to star in a Shakespeare play and that he is dating a hillbilly on the same day? That’s schizophrenic at best.

  93. 93
    sweetness Says:

    I actually think those two make a good pair.

  94. 94
    WTF Says:

    Didn’t they start a rumor like that one back in early 2006 before the Bianca Christians appearance at the EJ After-viewing party?

    I remember reading from somebody that her cousin had seen in a Starbucks a dressed down Jessica Simpsons with a man who supposedly was Gerry and Jessica was even reported to have her hands in his back pockets.

    Just because people sit next to each other and are concentrating on what one is telling the other doesn’t mean they’re into each other or dating. Gerry is a very good listener and he uses that to his advantage making every woman he meets feel special, even some of his older ladies fans.

    When there’ll be pictures of them actually kissing like on TMZ they showed Katy Perry meeting her new beau Russell Brand, then it’s safe to say that Gerry just met Jessica at that party, they talked and there was nothing more.

  95. 95
    SILMARA Says:

    Not, of course.
    Gerry is inteligent. He don´t ned JessicaS.
    Oh God!!

  96. 96
    curious cat Says:

    @HA! #88 I meant to say that too. who spends HOURS at a restaurant.? How could they be talking for HOURS? The one who said India might have been the topic has an idea. Love #90 blue plate special, great quote, and #93 bingo! This thread should be done now.

  97. 97
    Isabela Says:

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo way :O
    oh, he can do soooo much better.

  98. 98
    j Says:

    Ewwwww thats gross..whats with him and dating hoochies….come on Gerry you can do better then that…

  99. 99
    oh come on Says:

    Folks Page Six is about as reliable as the local crackhead – he’ll say anything to pay for the next hit. Listen, I’ve lived in NYC for the past 15 yrs. I find it difficult, if not impossible to believe that they sat in a restaurant like Soho House and “chatted for hours” w/o one single cell phone photo showing up anywhere. Not one. And nobody got a photo of them “leaving together” either? And nobody has posted here or any other site saying they saw them together? Un uh. I don’t buy it. Sure they probably had dinner with a table full of other people, and maybe they spent some time talking. But the rest of this is crap. Yeah somebody wrote it in a newspaper, but that doesn’t make it true.

  100. 100
    noa Says:

    He was at the Whitney thing sitting with Shakira and none of this junk got printed in the gossip press. They would seem a more likely coupling because they are both very bright. They could communicate in more ways than one. Simpson on the other hand is, well, let’s just say slow.

  101. 101
    QueenOfTrashin Says:

    Isn’t Gerard that one that recently stated that he likes ‘em dumb?

  102. 102
    Anna Z. Says:

    I can´t take all these rumours seriously, they are just made up and I agree with those who state that if he wants to date women he will keep it a secret and of course, won´t let anybody know who she is. Maybe they meet in the Scottish mountains where there are no paps and fangirls :).
    By the way I sometimes enjoy your comments on gb and I have to laugh a lot because some of you are quite funny and witty and I learn a lot new words….

  103. 103
    sasha Says:

    She seems to be a sweet girl. He could do worse…and has. They make a cute couple.

  104. 104
    oh come on Says:

    They aren’t a cute couple. They have a friend in common. (They were probably invited out together to see if they’d like each other, even though there is a big age & IQ difference.) Both sides have officially denied this horse-hockey. It’s up at Perez’ site. As I said, you’d be better off paying the local crackhead for info rather than reading Page Six. They write whatever they want just to amuse themselves and to see how many media outlets they can sucker & drag along with their jokes.

  105. 105
    the JP club strikes again Says:

    @GB: Douche SCUMBA*G:

    And what are YOU?? Pls. post your mug on here, boy, i’d kill to see the people who call these celebs ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’ Jennifer Aniston? You’d KILL to look like her, and get real, this on here is a false reality, but people reading it, think your not playing with a full deck, if you think Jen is ugly. Jess isn’t ugly either, she’s ‘ok’.. OH but Angie????
    LOL “the best thing since white bread”… what morons, lol.

  106. 106
    get a cut Says:

    she needs someone like Nick, period. bet she’s sorry she left him now. and she has a bff who is a hair stylist, and I’ve never once seen her hair look fitting for her face. she cannot, Cannot wear a middle part, period!
    she needs a bob. Ken paves isn’t that great, because her hair is never what it should be for her face/frame.

  107. 107
    Anna Says:

    They both are great!!

  108. 108
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    the JP club strikes again @ 10/22/2009 at 5:39 pm @GB: Douche SCUMBA*G:

    And what are YOU?? Pls. post your mug on here, boy, i’d kill to see the people who call these celebs ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’ Jennifer Aniston? You’d KILL to look like her, and get real, this on here is a false reality, but people reading it, think your not playing with a full deck, if you think Jen is ugly. Jess isn’t ugly either, she’s ‘ok’.. OH but Angie????
    LOL “the best thing since white bread”… what morons, lol.
    Who let the Jenhen in? Just kidding…okay sort of…
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I really question yours. If you think that Nippy is the pinnacle of beauty, my OPINION is you need to review your standards of beauty. She is just plain at best. And I know I am a lot more appealing. I have a husband to show for it.
    Jessica is cute and has a lot more in the looks department than Nippy. A bangin’ bod with a plain face can’t compare to a cute face with a good bod. Plus Jessica has youth on her side.

  109. 109
    James Franco Says:

    Maybe this coupling is to defer any speculation of why James Franco was at SNL. That was strange.

  110. 110
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @James Franco: I know that James Franco is relocating back to NYC from LA. He is supposed to be doing a guest stint on some soap IIRC. He has also put his LA home on the market. It may be something as simple as nothing better to do that night.

  111. 111
    janie Says:

    Oops. Maniston lost out AGAIN!

  112. 112
    popsugar Says:
    Are You Buying It That Gerard Butler Is A Huge Ladies’ Man?
    Gerard Butler is no stranger to a rumored romance, and his latest conquest is said to be none other than Jessica Simpson. The duo allegedly only had eyes for each other during a recent dinner with friends in NYC, but a source denies the romance.

    If his many supposed flings all actually happened, Gerard has been a busy man wining and dining the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Shanna Moakler, Cameron Diaz and others. It could make one wonder if Gerard truly is such a dedicated bachelor, or if someone is working behind the scenes to enhance his leading man status. So, tell us what you think — are you buying it that Gerard is a huge ladies’ man?

  113. 113
    Oh Gee Wiz! Says:

    I thought was a thought provoking comment on IMDB. It does have some common sense to it anyway.

    Lets bottom line this, shall we!?!?!

    If Gerard Butler were a married man and having all of these “alleged” affairs, I would be the first to go “”"ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww gross”"”. I would expect a lenghty line of his fandom behind me on that observation! The man is single…. SINGLE!!!! He is a right to date! What is the deal with all the rags trying to make him into a manwhore!!!!

    If Gerard Butler dated/hooked up nearly as much as the gossip rags would have him, how the heck would he make the time to film, produce, film and film more and do all of those press junkets and premieres that take him bi-coastal and over the Atlantic!?!?! …all this while approaching 40 years of age (no spring chicken any more)! So this is all so DOUBTFUL! The man must be Supersperm to pull that activity off! Let’s look at the list of ladies in the past calendar year; Cameron Diaz, Cheryl Burke, Kelly Bensome, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Annison, Jessica Simpson, Priyanka Chopra …I know I am missing some on that list! Kristi? She was the only one that is believable because we actually have proof (thank you TMZ).

    I say that GB’s sex life is about half of what we all think it is. He is most def a playa, but not nearly at the extent the rags have him out to be. Don’t we all know by now how this is done???? G hires his ‘regular’ girls in LA, London, NYC who are nicely paid, keep their mouths shut and also practice strict birth control. Hello….this is Hollywood and if you are not in a ‘relationsip’ and your single, this is how it goes down (or um….how they go down!).

  114. 114
    mmsic Says:

    Good for you Gerald.I think Jessica way better for you than the bounty old hag.She is way younger,prettier and can sing.

  115. 115
    MrsNumbers Says:

    WTF – when does having a husband mean that a person is good looking! Any fugly person can get married. Just go to Walmart and look around.

    BTW I did Jess and Ger numbers and they are a good match. Let’s see what happens…..possibly could work together on something leading to a relationship. But Jess is pretty high strung and even more high maintenance then Jennifer (Jenn is very sensitive) might be too much work for Ger to put up with and not bring any lasting happiness. He’ll have to settle down eventually – honestly – his numbers show he should be a parent.

  116. 116
    amber Says:

    that so couldnt have happned
    hes not desperate

  117. 117
    curious cat Says:

    I’m just a small town chick (with a pretty good Ivy League brain) but this gets more insane. Manlesston (can’t bother with caps no more) glad to see you back on the trail. @popsugar #113. No, I don’t buy it. I don;’t buy nuttin’ no more unless I can see the merchandise and the color of their eyes in front of me. Last time I bought mail order, I got ripped off for $250. . I’ll get it back, I know how to fight, but color me cyan for cynical. Where is this stupid world going? I’;ve worked for serious publications that would never print any of this crap.

    Who the hell is this Franco person? I get more and more lost on these unreelin’ threads every day. Faster than any sewin’ machine I ever owned. G’day mate, y’all.

  118. 118
    he's cheap Says:

    Gerry’s too cheap to pay his girls to keep quiet and he beds chicks quickly. There’s no time to contract these girls first.
    He was pulling ass in Philly like crazy = ‘one and done’ was what one girl called his one nighters.
    There was a girl from Philly who Gerry took to Capri last year who said “hi” to him thru a mutual friend but when he asked if she was still available she said no. That’s probably the norm for him. Girls use him for what he’s worth then move on. It’s kind of sad for him because, if he doesn’t change, he’s going to be the lonely one. Known as just that creepy old trout.

  119. 119
    sugar Says:

    ManLESSton, the comment about having a husband to prove that you are beautiful was disgusting. You don’t need to be good looking to have a partner and believe it or not even people who are NOT good looking still deserve to have partners and be happy you superficial idiot!

  120. 120
    Dear Cheap Says:

    What a load you are trying to sell. When did Gerry take any girl from Philly to Capri? That’s a good one. He’s not the type to take any random chick on a trip. Not his style. Stupid, Stupid story. His trips have been well covered by the press and no visit to Capri has been documented. (Only a mention last summer that he may have been going there with Aniston.)

    You people have got to stop writing this fiction. Get a life. Write a book if you think you have a flare for creativity.

  121. 121
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @sugar: You don’t get the joke dear.
    I said I was more APPEALING because I have a man that wants me enough to be married to me. I wasn’t even going in the beautiful or looks department direction.
    Get it now. It just isn’t funny when you have to explain it to the humor-impaired.

  122. 122
    You Know Him WELL... Says:

    @he’s cheap:

    He’s CHeap….that is SO GERRY….very true re: one and done.
    He has no women on payroll, he just has 2 or 3 “regulars” who shutthefu*ckup.

    It’d be niceif the regulars would tell on his a**, but they won’t.
    Ladies/…Gerry isnt wifing ANYONE.

    And yes WHY WASSSSS JAMMES FRANNCCOOO ON SNL “visiting..hmmmmmm???? ;-)

    Ask Gerry….

  123. 123
    2 Fat Slobs Says:

    Can we get something straight here?

    nooooooooo onnnnnnne.
    So stop trying to SIC them on people. GEE WHIZ!!

    They are both so desperate and can’t keep a man.
    Single women like Cam D and Drew are more independent and call the shots in their relationships. All JessFat and Maniston call is Dominoes and cry to the delivery line teller.

    Gerry is dumb (street-wise) and a hoe (bc even he knows he is not that hot and his body looks good for exactly 5.6seconds while he films a movie scene, after that, its back to fat belly and cellulite flat ass) but he can still pull major tail bc he is RICH AND FAMOUS.

    Why would he settle for Hollywood’s CAST-OFFS, Jen and/or Jess??

    Get a clue people. And he’s cheap, that IS gerry’s way, but no one went o Capri. Maybe she paid her own way and met him but….

    LOL to the dumbass who posted the media covers all of Gerry’s trips anywhere. HAHAHAHAHAHAH


  124. 124
    NICK B. Says:

    G wouldn’t be seen with Jen or Jess of his own volition.
    Would you


  125. 125
    sugar Says:

    122, better to be humour impaired then be heartless and superficial like you. And you’ve just repeated the same superficial drizzle. So if woman is dating a guy and is unmarried that means she doesn’t appeal to him? What kind of crap logic is that? There are lots of unmarried beauties out there. Angelina jolie is a good example. Stop being so mean all the time.

  126. 126
    holly Says:

    It’s laughable to link GB and J Simpson. She is NOT his type. Period. She is way too used up for him. In case you guys still don’t get it, he likes his women a certain type. He doesn’t have to and he is not going to lower his standards. He may be near 40 but is on top of the world and he knows how women swoon at a turn of his head. No way he settles for that dumb bimbo. Much talk about nothing here.

  127. 127
    Stinkylouise Says:

    So I see that all discussion about G’s new film project has been blown to h*ll by this ongoing garbage about Miss “Chicken-Of-The-Sea”.

  128. 128
    Daisy Says:

    I’d rather be taken and eaten alive by a wild coyote than to be seen with Jess…


  129. 129
    lainey ???!!!!! Says:
    Post divorce, Jessica Simpson has the worst taste in men. And the same taste as Jennifer Aniston. John Mayer, now Gerard Butler?

    So says Page Six, reporting today that Porny had dinner with Spittle on Tuesday, accompanied by friends but totally cocooned in their own imaginary bubble, eventually leaving the restaurant together…for more?

    Great. First it’s a douchebag who pissed on her, then a spineless quarterback, and now Hollywood’s most verbally moist sleaze, a chauvinist pig who demeans women over and over again – click here for another example. And still these MiniVan idiots, they keep believing he’s the Phantom.

    Porny has no chance against this prick. None. Best case scenario, a one night stand and he doesn’t call her back. Worst case scenario, he actually convinces her to fall. And she does. And it’s a disaster. And she goes straight for the high waist pants.

    She’d never recover from another case of the high waist pants.

  130. 130
    Jess=Bunny Boiler Says:

    Just ask John Mayer.
    He said she was a psychob*tch. Who kept blowin up his phone.
    Better pick up another bag of Fritos, Jess bc Gerry is NOT INTERESTED.

    1. Gerry likes girls who are of a certain “type” (I am not one of them but I dont care bc I dont like Gerry that way as a fan so,)
    - exotic, blacklatineasianor black/white somethin
    -brunette with green eyes

    BUT — he will flirt with anything!!! THAT IS A FACT.

    2. He does not want a woman everyone has “had” these women got shut down faster than fast: Shanna, Cheryl, Jen Man, Jess, Kim LardASShian, ParisITE Hilton. He will talk/flirt with these chicks but he AINT TAKIN ‘EM HOME.

    3. The Soho House is a MEMBERSHIP CLUB type restaurant. And it’s expensive as hell.; NO, a regular person can’y just have dinner there and they have a strict CLOSE-MOUTH policy bc of the amount of rich/known peopleand celebs who “belong” there…
    Celebs go there knowing (thinking) they will not get ratted on.
    So….how does this get to Page Six?
    The Simpson Camp who know Jess is a no-talent hack who is clearly on her way out. Wait, she IS out. LOL!!!

    ALSO FUNNNY: Ashlee got FIRED from Melrose plcae!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!

  131. 131
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @sugar: I was comparing myself to Nippy and no one else. Gimme a fvcking break! You really need to take a chill pill.

  132. 132
    stfu Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:
    ManLESS ignore sugar. she is just upset that we are not talking about that dumb chick she had this huge hard on for anymore lol

  133. 133
    sugar Says:

    ManLesston, the only person who needs a chill pill is you. You are constantly trashing someone you’ve never met. You are mean and awful and need to seriously work on your sense of “humour.”

    stfu, lol Kristi? Yeah when ManLesston made superficial remarks about how only beautiful women get husbands, I immediately thought “kristi,” An amazing logic you’ve got there missy!!!

  134. 134
    The WAT D FUARK Says:


  135. 135
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @sugar: Pull the stick outta your ass and SHUT THE FVCK UP!
    And for someone trying to give me a lesson and trying to defend Nippleston, all I can say is no plastic nips in my bra! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!
    I believe you are right STFU, sugar=kristi.

  136. 136
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    I totally missed it!
    sugar = sally

  137. 137
    Aunt Bee Says:

    Lainey is a complete nut case. She loves to draw attention to her pathetic blog by making up names for people. I think she’s channeling Ted. Did GB dump on Lainey at some point.? This is too personal on her part. Lainey is the dregs.

  138. 138
    sugar Says:

    136, I’ll Shut the F/CK up when you stop being horrible. You must have really low self esteem if you need to trash people to feel better. Unbelievable what some people would do to pick themselves up from the dumpster.

  139. 139
    sugar Says:

    By the way ManLesston, I am completely getting on your nerves right? You are superficial and i pointed it out and you couldn’t argue yourself out of it, so now you are resorting to low insults. Whatever.

  140. 140
    @manless Says:

    You are tiring. Please, give us all a break. Go back to making your Jen voodoo dolls and your pretend husband.

  141. 141
    Hmmmm.... Says:

    Could this be Gerry’s ex-club buddy Derek Heough (who famously Twittered that he thought the SNL with GB on it sucked last week – some say it was after he saw that James Franco was there “hanging” with GB)????
    What say you?

    Which dancing hunk would rather be doing the mambo with a guy? Though publicly straight, he’s been carrying on an affair with a man for years, and he intends to keep it secret. (STAR)

  142. 142
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @sugar: Yawn….

  143. 143
    Alex Bee Says:

    OMG!! him dating her means..i still have a chance..she is soo not cute..ashlee is way better looking..and don’t tell me its a intellectual connection..i wont even go there. they are not compatible.IM DISAPOINTED IN YOU GERRY.

  144. 144
    @Alex Bee.... Says:

    No dummy Alex B- he only dates models.
    He is not dating Jess you loser, read the thread.

    I don’t care bc I dont want thim. Does he at least use condoms with these girls????

  145. 145
    Carol Says:

    Ugh! No way. He’s too good for her, but then, he never had a very good taste in women. IF this is true, she’s just one more to go to his bed.

  146. 146
    LOSERS Says:


  147. 147
    Rose Says:

    I find this guy to be so fascinating. I’ve listened to so many radio shows today with him as a guest. The hosts are universally dumb. All they want to talk about are his dates, sex etc. When they could be intelligently interviewing one of the most fascinating guys on the planet. All his acting roles. Stretching his talent. His production company. What a waste these interviews are. He’s so much more than this. I’m just in awe of him. He thew away a law degree, seven years of study, an unhappy life, to follow a dream in acting, and they want to discuss who he dates. Ignorant.

  148. 148
    lmao Says:

    lol@ “Daisy”

  149. 149
    I'll take what i can get! Says:

    i love how you fannies come on here acting like it would be a BAD THING to be “used” (lol!!!! Who is using WHO?) by GB for a one tawdry sex romp and never to be called again or whatever.

    EXCUSE ME BUT….I would take one friggen shag with GB ANYDAY and NO he doesnt even have to call me back! Who cares?!
    Dude is so sexy I’d be happy with a snog or two. …please I’m not greedy.

    When you guys say some chick is upset because GB shagged her…GET REAL. If GB looked at you with lust (omg!!) as if you wouldn’t take him up on it just for the dirty secret of it all!
    the mad/angry/upset/jilted chicks are the ones that didnt get a piece of that haha

    And jess will be one of them – he isn’t hitting that!!! lololol

  150. 150
    he's cheap Says:

    #145 Does he at least use condoms with these girls????
    Yeah most of the time.
    He also pulls out. Likes the backdoor. All reduce the chance of preggs but not disease.

  151. 151

    Gerard Butler is not really attractive now. Sorry but he is NOT.

    We just attribute hard assery hotness because of what we saw pre “300″ and maybe PS I Love You. Now…he’s just ok. Too many late nights, botox and “fake alcohol”…
    He was FAT in TUT and in Gamer and in LAC he just lookd like an old man. Not in any way “hot,” “doable” maybe.

    But he is not Atila nor is he Leonidus or Gerry Kennedy…
    He needs sleep and less partying and less bad sh**…


  152. 152
    Bollywood Babe Says:

    @he’s cheap:
    @he’s cheap – love it…
    yep condoms, yep backdoor.
    His NYC apt or a hotel? How long did he last for you?

  153. 153
    oy Says:


    Gerard Butler inadvertently kills comedian. Last week, a film critic compared actor Gerard Butler’s appearance to comedian Soupy Sales. Today, Soupy Sales died at the age of 83. Cause of death was determined to be disgust.

  154. 154
    Soupy Sales RIP Says:

  155. 155
    S*E*X Tape???... Says:

    Now we can all sit back and wonder when
    “Gerry Plus Date: OOPS! The Butler Did It AGAIN” sex tape comes out.

    There has to be one. Dude seems mad kinky.

  156. 156
    highcottonquinn Says:

    @Bollywood Babe:
    @he’s cheap – love it…
    yep condoms, yep backdoor.
    His NYC apt or a hotel? How long did he last for you?

    Read more:

    Wow! So you admit then, that you let a guy you barely knew stick his **** in your ass. What a f**king loser. I’m 35 and I have never had anal sex with a committed partner let alone someone I barely knew…I guess we can all guess why Ger isn’t with you anymo’, ho. If you were willing to have anal with Ger and hardly even knowing him, then you probably have done it with many others you dind’t really know; Ger knew this fact and kicked you ever so quickly to the curb. Stupid b**ch.

  157. 157
    GreenEyedin NYC Says:


    Someone is realllllly JEALOUS ;)
    Cant say I blame ya, huns…

  158. 158
    Downlowinfo Says:

    This sh*t is f*cking hilarious! Damn, I need to go to sleep.

  159. 159
    Cue'ing UpTwilight Zone Chords Says:

    HIGH COTTON QUINN you just showed your as*s as we say it..

    Didnt those posters (New Yorkers??) say he wore a condom? He’s single he can have sex with whomever he wants. AND he’s using protection.
    It’s probably was as good for the girls as it was for him.
    So what, HCQ, is your problem???

    Men who sleep around risk getting talked about, just like women who sleep around do. There should be no double standard, hag.

    You are just like a lame woman with no life to be acting “typical”
    So quick to blame the women when what about GERARD? If he had sex with women on the first date that got a little kinky, why no onus on him?? he DESERVES to be talked about by these New Yorkers or Philly chiks or whatever. Why should he not be held to the same standard as anyone else who acts a certain way????
    He is not a god, HCQ.

    PHANGURL= high cotton quinn.
    I say that like it’s a curse word.

  160. 160
    I Have A Boner Says:

    Hmmm true.

  161. 161
    highcottonquinn Says:

    @GreenEyedin NYC:

    Jealous of what? Why would you have anal with someone you barely know let alone are not even married to? Do women just not leave anything for their husbands anymore? It’s gross. It’s like it doesn’t mean anything to these girls. They will do anything with any guy.

    The more I see of the world the less I am satisfied with it.

    -Elizabeth Bennett

  162. 162
    NYC/PhillyGirliesRool Says:


    Oooooh…so you are from the bible belt. I see. Makes sense now.

    Life is different in the metros babe. very different.
    Europeans view sex very differently too.
    Lastly….I highly doubt that you are 35. My guess is more like 50.

  163. 163
    highcottonquinn Says:

    @Cue’ing UpTwilight Zone Chords:

    FU! I could care less what your opinion of me is. I don’t think Ger is a “god”. I’m just horrified by the fact that women think it is acceptable to act in such a manner and then on top of it they brag about it. Clearly you don’t see anything wrong with it, but I find it deeply disturbing. Romance is truly dead. I guess this is “progress”. This is what the post modern world has to offer us. How utterly empty.

  164. 164
    highcottonquinn Says:


    I am 35. Just turned 35 last week matter of fact. Yeah I’m from the belt. South and midwest, baby. (sarcasm on)Yeah, those morals are a terrible thing aren’t they. They keep people from behaving like animals with no regard for consequences. Yeah we really just need to get rid of morals and values.(sarcasm off). I really just want to cry right now. Why bring children, especially a daughter, into a world like this?

  165. 165
    DingleBerry Sunday Says:

    Gerry has “access” and “options” HCQ.
    And since he is a HUMAN MAN (meaning naturally “flawed”) with needs…he is going to indulge them.
    Frankly I applaud women who bring men to task…why let the men get away with being pigolas.
    Why? When It’s way more fun to talk crap about them!
    They sure do about us, hun….even when WE don’t deserve it.

    My question is: why are all of Ger’s dirty deeds limited to the East Coast? What – he keeps himself on good behavior on the West????

  166. 166
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    This is what happens to a guy who becomes a s*ex object. He’s treated like a frat boy by interviewers —- Just plead the 5th, G…….
    (click under G’s pic to listen)

  167. 167
    highcottonquinn Says:

    @DingleBerry Sunday:

    It’s just so disheartening. I mean I understand that as the world wags on we go deeper into moral decline; as we were told these days would come. I guess when your a little girl you just have all these expectations of love, romance, marriage, fidelity, family, God, country…and then reality sets in and post modernism inserts itself violently into the picture. I can’t wait until Christ returns and lays this world to waste.

    DingleBerry: “My question is: why are all of Ger’s dirty deeds limited to the East Coast? What – he keeps himself on good behavior on the West????”

    HCQ: I’m guessing the paps and tabloids are more numerous the closer one gets to Hollyweird. It would probably be much more difficult for his exploits to go unnoticed there. New Yorkers are also much more discrete than the ostentatious left coasters. The USA would be a much better country if both the left and east coast were eliminated. I expect such behavior from men as they are bordering on animals anyway but to see women accepting such degradation with open open arms…

    Read more:

  168. 168
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    G looks cute and a little smug —– don’t know what’s up with the woman in this one…… BOO !!!!!

  169. 169
    what an idiot AGAIN Says:

    @Mr. Giggles: why doesn’t he just shut up! Entertaining, but just plead the 5th! What an idiot. This almost qualifies as a sextape! IDIOT

  170. 170
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    This interviewer is happy that G turns his wife on…..

  171. 171
    @mr giggles Says:

    It’s clear you just go to the fansites and take their info and post it here. If I wanted it, I woud go there. Give it a rest.

  172. 172
    Way to go Giggles Says:

    @@mr giggles: You carry on Mr Giggles – the best source of gossip on the web! A big Ballet Bravo!

  173. 173
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    @what an idiot AGAIN: Agreed !!! He needs to create his own boundaries. He follows too easily.

    One more pic —- prepare to turn your laptop sideways and squint your eyes ( it’s very blurry) ……
    What’s G got in his hand — a pastry in plastic wrap…..looks delish (not) !!!

  174. 174
    Stinkylouise Says:

    Mr. Giggles deserves a medal of valour for daring to enter the fangirl shrines. I appreciate the effort.
    As long as G behaves like an immature fratboy, he’s going to be treated like one by interviewers.His publicist isn’t doing him any favours either.

  175. 175
    cubedweller Says:

    @ Giggles – thanks for the links.
    Re that first interview: Plead the 5th we plead with you. That has got to be the crudest, most vulgar, potty-mouthed exchange I have ever heard on public media. Every one of them deserve to be slapped. Butler does not know the meaning of the word boundaries. Until he learns to shut himself off, these media whor@s will continue to open the door and he will walk thru it – into the muck. Very disappointing.

  176. 176
    commt Says:

    These interviewers are pushing boundaries to see how far they can go to get salacious details. GB did protest but in vain. Why would GB appear on this kind of radio stations in the first place? I bet this was not the first time they treated celebs like a piece of raw meat. In every interview GB was always doing his best to please the interviewers and the audience by playing along and being accommodating and polite but it has come to a time when he needs to plead 5th and the audience would understand.

    I sure hope GB would turn into a male version of Marylin Monroe.

  177. 177
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    @ way to go & Stinky & Cube —–
    Thanx for the shout out. I feel the LOVE
    Ballet Bravo !!! haha… remembered !!!!
    Would you gals like some petty gossip ???…. nothing earth shattering but fun none the less
    Also have a link to pix of G’s bum from LAC….. interested ????

  178. 178
    commt Says:

    oops “would not turn into”

  179. 179
    curious cat Says:

    Why oh why?Mr. G @167. That was a pretty sick radio interview but the interviewers were the aggressors. GB either likes this stuff or isn’t tough enough to stand up to it. He didn’t sound comfortable. He sounds as if he is trying to beg off but afraid to offend these jackasses. But Ihe’s also been very abrupt with people when he gets fed up.
    That woman was unbelievably brassy and crude. As regulars know by now I am a journalist and say it again that I have never worked for any news organization that would tolerate this kind of crap. I couldn’t believe those people. The pursuit of GB’s sex life has gotten out of control, but it IS partly his fault. I’ve had to ask people some rude questions in my so=called career and sometimes I hold my breath expecting people to say “FU!” Should I interview him, I’d ask some tough ones but not that kind of drivel.
    @highcottonquinn, I understand your distress. I am not a Bible belt person by birth, and believe that the old morality of the USA was uptight and hard on women. I hate it. We needed loosening up. Women should not be assigned the role of moral police while men are excused from responsibiiity because they are “animals.” Uh huh.. Personally, I would not want a man with no moral compass or standards of his own. And that”s what the double standard fostered. I’m old enough to know that men learned how it felt when women’s liberation came down the pike. Men had assumed they were in control of the sexual arena and found out they wree not and could get hurt too. I know plenty of men with high standards in every way. They aren’t pigs by a long shot and you want to be careful and respectful of their feelings. I forget what else I had to say but it’s all the same. The gossip goes on. There is only one person who can change the silly gossip about GB and his initials are GB. IF he wants to.

    Mr. G@169 He is obviously not even WITH the woman in the picture

  180. 180
    Stinkylouise Says:

    @Mr. Giggles : Let’s have it.LOL!

  181. 181
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    @curious cat: You are brilliant !!!! Love your posts. Keep them comin’….

  182. 182
    Mr. Giggles Says:


    Now a bit of gossip…

    It’s likely that pix of G’s behavior will make it to the web before a s*ex tape.
    Someone tweeted that she was surprised to hear G was supposedly dating Jess because she recently saw pix of him kissing someone named Shana. The Twit is from LA.
    If this is true —- why the hell would he let someone take a pic of him messing around ? It could easily wind up …..HERE !!!!

    Oh wait … this is the same guy who had a pic on his phone of himself in a c*ck sock

    Boundaries Darling, Boundaries

  183. 183
    Stinkylouise Says:

    Well if the pix are out there, they should be on the net soon.
    If Shana was in LA, the kissing was a couple of weeks ago, which means she’s probably history by now. LOL! But I don’t believe for a second that he’s dating or even f***ing Simpson.

  184. 184
    Downlowinfo Says:

    @CuriousCat: I like and agree wiht most of your posts. I know you can sleep well now, LOL. Anyway, but I honestly don’t believe that Gerry is going to make anybody happy. EVER. The phangurls want him to be their swashbuckling hero and any signs of him behaving like he’s a normal man in a very blessed position is going to upset their moral fiber.

    @hcq: I’m from the bible belt. One thing I’ve learned about the bible belt is some of the biggest down low freaks and pervs come from this area. Oddly enough many of them seem to be married to lovely ladies like yourself who are at home holding down the forte, taking care of the kids, and just being very moral. You can’t always believe the morality hype that people are selling you.

    midwest/south=christian taliban, jmo.

    Gerry is a normal dude. He’s not raped anyone, beat on some defenseless chick, or anything like that. I mean if I were in his position I think I’d be more of a pig, LOL…

  185. 185
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    This link is graphic. If you don’t like looking at peens don’t click — I AM SERIOUS !!!!
    There are some nice pix of G’s bum from LAC and a lot more men you may not want to see…… !!!!!


  186. 186
    Stinkylouise Says:

    Oops, forgot to add, there’s been another G sighting, This time at the Waverly:

  187. 187
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Morning Giggles, Stinky, Cube, Amen, Curious and the rest. I am at work so I can’t listen to the interviews, that will have to wait until later. Curious bring on the pics!
    Listened to Gerry on the radio here locally this morning. Pretty boring interview. Talked mostly about his love of junk food and his dieting. BTW it was funneled through MTV adding fuel to my theory that the MTV show was part of the media package brokered for LAC promotion.
    So the local movie critic came on just after the Gerry interview and was reviewing Ameila Earhardt. He had the most interesting comment…
    Hilary Swank is the only actress I know of in Hollywood that can be paired with some of the sexiest actors and have absolutely no chemistry. Here she is with Richard Gere and nothing. She was earlier paired with Gerard Butler and again nothing. Both actors oozed s*x but she actually managed to dampen the chemistry with both these highly arousing actors.
    I actually was LOL.
    Curious IAWY. Because I have been out of the dating market for a decade (boy that sounds like a long time) I have a hard time relating to all this open and easy s*x in the dating world. I wasn’t much of an experimenter in college and married the 3rd guy I slept with (probably TMI) so I know I have a whole different take on this subject. Things are definitely on more of a faster pace in the dating world and so some of the finer points of romance may be missing, I really don’t know—just glad I don’t have to worry about it.

  188. 188
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    Thanx Stinky

    (direct link)

    Gerard Butler, who recently confessed on British TV that he likes threesomes, at the Waverly Inn with two well-dressed gents and a sexy blonde with an unidentified accent . . .
    blonde with an unidentified accent …….Norwegian !?! (I just had to)
    G’s never going to live down that threesome remark, is he….

  189. 189
    Stinkylouise Says:

    The threesome is with him forever.LOL. I didn’t want to link directly to the Post. Why give them any more hits.
    Isn’t he going to Norway and Germany soon? So the woman actually could be Norweigan or German.
    Thanks for the warning to the link. I’m at home,but there are a couple of workmen around the place and……well…….it’s none of their business what I see on the net.LOL

  190. 190
    Rose Says:

    Oh please. Someone is waaay behind the times. The Shana kissing picture must be that old picture of him and Shana (sp) Moakler talking at the opening of Shin. He said she was just leaning in to talk because there was so much noise it was hard to hear. That’s been thrashed over a million times.

  191. 191
    cubedweller Says:

    Thanks, Giggles – for the photo album. We appreciate your vigilance.

    Now here is my question. Which is the Butler bum and which is that of my crush, Hunky Stuntman Tim. Drat – I’ll have to watch the movie again and have a better look ;-)

  192. 192
    Oh Gee Wiz! Says:

    #168 Highcottonquinn, ITAWY Coming from the midwest also, I am shocked at the way these people express themselves and how totally mean and nasty they are about Gb and each other. I admire Gb as an actor and think he’s great eye candy, but that’s the extent of my interest in him. I started reading these posts and keep telling myself I need to stop, because it’s like sinking into the depth of hell reading this crap. I’m no angel by any means, but it scares me to see what this world is becoming.

  193. 193
    Sue Says:

    what is itawy and iawy?

  194. 194
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Sue: ITAWY= I totally agree with you
    IAWY = I agree with you
    BTW=by the way
    BTW, hope this helps. he he

  195. 195
    oy Says:

    GFW/High Cotton – Are you completely stupid or what? They asked you several times why you find it repulsive that a woman would have anal sex with someone they barely know, yet you are not judging Gerry for doing exactly the same thing? So it’s okay if he sticks it in their butts and uses them because they deserve to be used. It’s okay for him to use people and have meaningless sex because he’s single, a celebrity and you want him to bone you? You don’t hold him to any of the same expectations as you do women. Why do you hate the women – cause he’s banging them and not you? That looks like the only reason from your comments.

  196. 196
    oy Says:

    OhGeeWhiz, people like you and High Cotton are enough to make us want to nuke the Midwest.

  197. 197
    oy Says:

    #177 I love how you make him sound so innocently attacked in interviews. This is a man who, when asked what he looks for in women responded “A ******!” This is a man who voluntarily and out of nowhere brought up Dirty Sanchezes in an interview. He’s set the bar low for behavior in interviews. If they cater to his frat boy level of maturity when they interview him, it’s not disrespectful, it’s an assumption that’s how he is because that’s what he’s presented to them. I don’t really see other celebs acting the fool in interviews like he does and being so base. He comes across as classless and, if that’s what he wants to be known for by behaving that way, then so be it. If he wants to change that, then he has his work cut out for him because he knocked himself out to establish a no holds barred bad boy image.

  198. 198
    @oy Says:


    You sound like you have a personal vendetta against GB. Did he jilt you at some point so you make it your mission to bring him down? Everyone here is engaging in light and fluffy talk except you who seems to have a personal score to settle with GB. I said it before and I’ll say it again. If you want to change people’s opinions about GB by coming here and spreading all the negativities about GB, you’ll find your effort is futile. Big fail sorry as**.

  199. 199
    curious cat Says:

    Thanks, y’all for supportive comments. Mr. Giggles, I like your posts too, and all the links you provide. It isn’t YOUR fault if the links are smarmy. We like the real dirt here. Not the BS. BTW, when I said the news orgs I have worked for would not “tolerate” the interviews people do with GB, I also meant they would not PUBLISH that crap and they would fire anyone who did what those two slimebabies did. I could not believe how they went on. Maybe good taste is just dead. We serious journos are about free speech but also responsibility. I still think GB didn’t sound comfortable with this, wish he had had the guts to hang up. Then I might believe and respect him. I would have cheered. Watch Denzel Washington. He doesn”t let anyone put anything over on him. Maybe he feels a respnsibility as an African-American to maintain dignity. He never slouches on to a talk show in sloppy clothes. He wears a suit. He controls the inteview. The entertainment press has always been gossip oriented and most stars play the game. Other than awhile back writing a few business articles for The Hollywood Reporter, which is not a gossip sheet and pretty respectable as far as I know, I haven’t written in the entertainment area much. With the free for all that’s out there now, especially on the Internet, a lot of interviewers are NOT trained journalists with any professional standards or integrity. You can tell by the silly questions they ask, even if they aren’t sleazy. They’re just ignorant bozos hoping for a leg up in show biz. You can’t believe them. In real journalism you don’t print/air anything you can’t pretty much prove, and unless you have a picture worth 1,000 words, three reliable sources are the rule of thumb. Law & Order had an episode on this issue not long ago. It was sterling.
    @SL #150 GB’s PR people must be having heart attacks.
    #185 Christian Taliban! Funny! Bingo/ I am not from the South, I;m from the northeast originally, but my parents felt I was safe when I was around the church. Little did they know how churches attract the freaks, the weirdos and the lost souls from hell.
    Last shot here. The shocker of the day for me so far was visiting a site on a completely different interest. You think 300 or 500 comments on a GB site are a lot? This one had more than FIVE THOUSAND. I have no time to read them all but a recent one announced that the poster “will not do anything to support that n***er in the White House.” I nearly had a heart attack myself. We in the USA elected our first half-African president, that felt like a step forward and he is getting hate mail just for being black. From the hillbillies.
    Sometimes we get so stoked about our advances in civilization we forget to look back and notice that the old baggage is still there dragging us down.

  200. 200
    highcottonquinn Says:

    @Oh Gee Wiz!:

    It was getting ridiculous. I mean the New York whoors calling him cheap. Why? Because he didn’t take them to McDonalds before they let him f**k them in their ass and then sent them on their way, never to call again? I’m done with this place. I think everyone is entitled to a defense and GB isn’t here to defend himself against many of these accusations. I see a bunch of trite bitter females who are just no to low class and if these are the kinds of low life scum that Ger is into then he gets everything he deserves.

  201. 201
    highcottonquinn Says:


    I’ve tried very hard to remain objective and impartial. It’s been very difficult listening to the filth regarding this man. Some of the accusations may be true but there is no way to know WHICH
    accusations are true. All you have is the word of a bunch of sleazy anonymous females who Ger may or may not have schtupped. He’s worked hard to get where he is and he is a single man who clearly has no problem getting women to consensually drop their panties for him but now look at where it’s going to take him and all because they are a bunch of vindictive losers who wanted to play the game but now are feeling slighted. They crawl out of the woodwork now that Ger is picking up steam.

    I was hoping that juvenile MTv bulls**t wouldn’t catch on but leave it to the vultures in the media to use Ger to make a name for themselves and try to get ratings.

  202. 202
    Oh Gee Wiz! Says:

    oy #197 And you seem to be a prime example of some of the classless horde that hangs out here. There are a few who seem friendly and try to get along with each other. Most people seem to see who GB is and can still like the guy despite his less than stellar behavior. But attacking everyone because they don’t see the world through the same window as you do doesn’t make them ignorant. Threatening to nuke an area of the country because you don’t agree with them shows you for what you are. I try to believe everyone has some good in them, maybe you have some good in you too, but you seem to get more enjoyment out of displaying your venom instead. I try not to hate anyone and I don’t hate you. If you and others like you, insist on being nasty, the best thing I can do is ignore you. I agreed with highcottonquinn. I didn’t attack you personally. If you took it that way, forgive me for being a terrible sinner.

  203. 203
    highcottonquinn Says:

    Gerry is a normal dude. He’s not raped anyone, beat on some defenseless chick, or anything like that. I mean if I were in his position I think I’d be more of a pig, LOL…

    Read more:

    For people who claim that they have slept with Ger to come here and describe the size of his *****, how he performs, etc. is a bit much. Would they say such things in front of Gerry’s ma? Then for the east coast trash to assert that I’m just not as sexually sophisticated as them(and the Europeans) because I’m from the Bible Belt. Yeah, because it takes so much sophistication to come here and go into detail about getting it in the ass from Gerry. Real classy. The Europeans also think the USA are a bunch of puritans because we want Roman Polanski extradited for drugging, raping and sodomizing a 13 year old kid. They can keep their east coast and european sophistication.

  204. 204
    DingleBerry Sundayin NY Says:

    BYE HIGH COTTON QUINN – good riddance to bad rubbish, dear

    Thank you ManLESS, curious, JurisDoc, amen, stinky, gigles, downlowinfo and especially OY for being the only people who tell it like it is on this godd*amn board.

    Gerry is no saint – I say – CALL HIM OUT. Too bad Gerry. have them sign agreements or stop acting like a manslut and no one will TALK. Dumbass.

    I saw the “new” pics. They are of him and Shanna Moakl which never happened.
    See? Thats how rumors start.

    Either his LA hoes are quiet or he keeps it clean in LA (which I highly freaking DOUBT) but damn if all the dirt aint coming from NYC and Philly over here! LOL La?? speak up betches! :)

    I definitely want to nuke the midwest and georgia, nc/sc which is mostly comprised of a bunch of inbred hillbillies. Ugh that ACCENT IS LIKE A FORK IN A METAL SAUCEPAN,

  205. 205
    savannahsweetie Says:

    HCQ I for one am not reading all of your one-sided non-sensical, completely subjective as hell crap either, and I’m from the south.. you are not 35 there is noway. hellllloooo women have control over their sexuality now too. why should gerry have all the fun. and yes, he can and he WILL get called on his actions. too bad you have to read them – you belong on a fanboard so scat darling.

    you must be one of those dumb chicks on GALS like S**nsong or F***malou. Both losers with no lives who think Gerry is god walking. well he is not so grow up and get a clue.
    Or better yet – head over yo your little convention where your beloved Gerry can laugh his a** off at you some more.

  206. 206
    bla85 Says:

    What was this thread about – I’ve lost track – dating, anal sex, bible belt, only good looking people get…journalism – I’m lost

    I think Gerry will never live down the 3some comment – actually it is starting to get funny – I can see it now on Saturday Night Live

  207. 207
    highcottonquinn Says:


    So you don’t read what I post but you still feel free to comment not even knowing what I wrote; yeah cuz’ that’s sensible.

  208. 208
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    bla85 @ 10/23/2009 at 8:34 pm What was this thread about – I’ve lost track – dating, anal sex, bible belt, only good looking people get…journalism
    HAHAHAHA……TRUE — the breadth of our conversations are staggering !!!
    New pic of G in C park

  209. 209
    savannahsweetie Says:


    Ladies keep dishing please :) i hope you half-baked numbskulls didnt scare off he’s cheap and Bollywood…?

    I agree w some posters. At least he is practicing safe sex (condoms when vaginal)…
    imagine if he werent. woooosh.

    I’d do him for a night!!! Gerry come to Georgia!!!

  210. 210
    highcottonquinn Says:

    @DingleBerry Sundayin NY:

    No one said it was wrong to call Gerry out on his escapades. My problem with all of this was that there was no way to sort out fact from fiction. Do I think Gerry is perfect? Hell No. I imagine he’s an absolute contradiction like all human beings. What we have here, however, is various anonymous people claiming all kinds of things and there is no way to prove most, if any of it. The only accusations I’ve heard here that have any credibility are the accusations put forth by Nemo who asserts that his journalist friend from Europe was treated most unkindly by Gerry after she rejected Gerry’s advances. There may have been one other person on here(Nemo and one other poster who bantered back and forth forgot the name)that actually seemed to have worked with Gerry personally and knew things only an insider would know. Nemo was the one who assured me Gerry was definitely NOT gay(another unfounded unproveable rumor bandied about quite frequently)because he witnessed how easy it was for Ger to get girls.

  211. 211
    highcottonquinn Says:


    Why would he do you? You are an idiot.

  212. 212
    @mr giggles Says:

    @Mr. Giggles:

    Now a bit of gossip…

    It’s likely that pix of G’s behavior will make it to the web before a s*ex tape.
    Someone tweeted that she was surprised to hear G was supposedly dating Jess because she recently saw pix of him kissing someone named Shana. The Twit is from LA.
    If this is true —- why the hell would he let someone take a pic of him messing around ? It could easily wind up …..HERE !!!!
    Are you for real? Are you just drooling on yourself thinking you have some juicy gossip or a “scoop”? You are an idiot. That was the Shanna M. pics that that twit was tweeting about. If you would stop searching Twitter and IMDB for every detail about G and used your brain you would have realised that. Way to make sh/t up. I come here for something different, not your rehash of everything that is already out there.

  213. 213
    East Coast Reppin European Says:

    Whatever. You old ladies’ husbands have probably spent more than one night (or hour) with a local hooker during your marriage and NO you don’t know about it.

  214. 214
    curious cat Says:

    Yes, #207 he will never live down threesomes. if I were his PR person I’d take a bullwhi0p to his backside. How can this man be almost 40? And we expected so much of him? He seemed to have enornous promise. dinglebery #205, nor anbody, don’t attack hcq. When somebody expresses honest feelings you gotta respect that.

  215. 215
    highcottonquinn Says:

    @East Coast Reppin European:

    LOL. Why so cynical? You could very well be right. I’m glad I’ve never married.

  216. 216
    highcottonquinn Says:

    @curious cat:

    Thank you. I’ve really tried to be impartial. I even went after a few of the fan girls for their lack of objectivity but now I’ve been labeled a fan girl. This is a gossip site for pete’s sake. Many other people on here have also agreed that the rumors were getting downright crazy on here.

  217. 217
    savannahsweetie Says:

    “I’m glad I’ve never married.”

    Why does this not surprise me? Hahaha. I thought you and your horse-drawn carriage were going to mosey on out of here, hmmm?

  218. 218
    highcottonquinn Says:


    I was waiting for you to open your mouth again, bitchslap.

  219. 219
    francesca Says:

    Mr giggle dont’ stop posting please i don’t go to any other sites Its nice you bring links
    Daniel craigs threads also have repeat posters that bring photos and links it makes it easy to get information

  220. 220
    alphaba Says:

    All this slutting around some nuts on here claim GB has done with random people is nothing but a figment of their imaginations. Crazies making up junk to see their ‘work’ in print. Must make them feel important when they have no importance at all in RL. Nothing has ever been documented by anyone with a REAL NAME. Even the dates with celebs reported in the gossip rags really boil down to just having dinner with a group of people or fooling around on set. Don’t even answer ‘the Philly blogger.’ Unless that fame##### went home with GB, how would he know? Philly’s15 minutes of fame are over and he’s back covering boring restaurant openings and charity events. Let’s face it, no one but those in GB’s inner circle really know what he does in his private life.

    I’m sure not saying I think The Butler is a saint. He’s always had a ‘randy boy’ image (maybe he’s the real inspiration for Lucy Sullivan’s Gus…just playing himself?), but there’s nothing specific that can be ‘reported’ on with any truth. All this stuff on JJ etc. is just some people’s exercises in writing fiction.

  221. 221
    oy Says:

    Dear GFW/highcotton/Manlesston:

    “He’s worked hard to get where he is and he is a single man who clearly has no problem getting women to consensually drop their panties for him but now look at where it’s going to take him and all because they are a bunch of vindictive losers who wanted to play the game but now are feeling slighted”

    How is that their fault alone? You are still avoiding the issue. You’re mental. Now you say you’re angry because women spoke up. Before you were angry because women were whores (your words, not mine) who took it in the tush without knowing GB – doing the one night shag. But you still refuse to accept HIS RESPONSIBILITY in those situations. If he is worried about how his sex life will affect his career, which seems doubtful given that everyone knows he can’t keep it in his pants (Billy Bush just said on tv tonight that Gerry isn’t the settle down type) it’s HIS FAULT for engaging in those situations that might put him in jeopdary of getting STD’s and potentially affect his career. Instead, you’re blaming any women who discuss dalliances with him or ask him about his sex life (questions he doesn’t have to answer and, as a former D. Litt genius like you fans claim, he would know that much). If you don’t want bad stuff to come out, there’s an easy solution. DON’T DO BAD SH / T. It’s that simple. If he can’t help but f$%k everything with a ****** and/or ****, then he’s a 40 year old man and can face any consequences for it. If he can’t, then he needs to see a shrink. I think he needs a good one anyhow.

    BTW, I’m here to piss you off, GFW. You crazy and winding you up is hilarious. The more you comment on the naughty Gerry stories, the more JJ will include them on his site. . Look how many comments you’ve made on this one post from JJ. Thanks for helping the dirt about Gerry get out to the masses. Much as he bangs his way through the world, even he can’t spread it around as well as these tabloid sites that cater to people like you who think you need to defend him. The rest of us are happy to tell it like it is. HE IS A ***** AND IS PROBABLY SERIOUSLY DISEASED. The man is not spending his nights alone and it’s not because he’s home with his dog.

    If he needed your help to defend himself, wouldn’t he have contacted you through your p-o-r-n fiction site – the one you created for him? You think he writes to you, so why hasn’t he taken you into his inner circle if he needs you so badly? Or do you stil think he’s going to magically appear in your life when the time is right? Tell everyone here the real delusions you have.

    Tha’ts right. I forgot. You’re “a thirty-something married E.R. nurse.” I’m Elvis, btw. I’ve been hiding out online all these years. I mean, if we’re going to be ridiculous and fictional, why not go all the way? LMAO

    BTW, I am a classless *****, not part of the classless horde. If you’re going to insult me, be accurate. When I insult Gerry I’m not sympathetic, but I am accurate.

  222. 222
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @oy: Why are you dragging me into this? I only stated I didn’t understand dating now since I have been out of the game for 10 years. Since I grew up in Arizona my understanding of “bible belt” is very limited.
    I hold Gerry accountable as well as those like him, both male and female. BUT I believe that is their business not mine. All I said is I can’t relate.
    Sorry to disappoint you, but I haven’t been online since earlier today. I just got home from work. And yes I am a nurse in the ER here, Elvis!

  223. 223
    India connection Says:

    Jessica is going to India according to Twits? Someone told GB about it, and he was invited to tell the poor girl about his travels there. I’m sure she didn’t understand a thing he said. A waste of his time.

  224. 224
    GayFace Says:

    I love “oy”
    Keep preaching SISTER!!! You got a few of us on board with you.

    Why are you chicks so quick to condemn each other??? Shouldnt you be banding together to take one CREEP out??
    That’s why women are NOTHING to men because you are so quick to throw each other under the bus when the common denominator here is one Gerard Butfukker.
    If he kept his **** in his pants- or AT LEAST used some discretion HIMSELF no one would be talking would they?
    Hire professionals GB, you amateur hack.
    And Gerry talks too much gets back to people.

    It’s precautionary and refreshing that some women come on here – to tell other women that their beloved douche is truly that:

    A HUGE DOUCHE. Keep talking Oy, (and anyone else!!!) PLEASE!!!

  225. 225
    advice to oy Says:

    oy = Gayface

    oy is talking to himself/herself.

    What do you want from us, oy? You want to use this public board to spew your venom and release some of your frustration that GB doesn’t stick his peen in you but kicked you to the curb? IMO a more healthy way to get back to GB is to find yourself a boy friend or a tool with a peen. That way you at least get some real satisfaction out of it instead stewing yourself in your own hatred toward GB. Scientists have proved that people with unresolved hatred toward others are susceptible to getting cancers.

    oy, do yourself a favor. Find an actor/actress you like and post on his/her board to your content and leave GB’s board alone. You won’t be missed here.

  226. 226
    NYC REPPIN Says:

    LA Girls don’t talk because they are worse than the men are over there, or so I hear.

  227. 227
    me Says:

    I just love him. Never before, never again. This is it. This is just perfection. This man has DNA not to be messed with. Every James Blunt song goes back to this guy. GB is perfection. Attila, I love you.

  228. 228
    GayFace Says:

    Um, no sorry there but LOL
    I am assuming Oy is a woman…I am a male, I am quite proudly gay and a GB fan, but male.
    Thanks for asking.

  229. 229
    "Sex w Regular Girls?" Says:

    Can someone PLEASE tell me what Gerry is saying here after 7:30?
    My computer is crappy…manLESS? curiouscat? sugar? JurisDoc? amen? Mr. Giggles (thanks for posting)…? Any of you regulars?

    I heard he likes to have sex with regular girls over celebrities (??). Then the guy asked if he picks women up like he picks up a latte and he says he meets thousands of girls but he is private??

    I know I am hearing this all wrong on my sketchy lame DELL INSPIRON CRAP can someone transcribe after 730 or summarize so my sister and I here can laugh some: I’d appreciate (and I appreciate all of you that know so much about this dude!):

  230. 230
    TWITTER Says:

    Is it just me or did I make sexy eye contact with Gerard Butler at 19th st?
    (male Twitter)

  231. 231
    kp hearts butler Says:

    ew, really?

  232. 232
    Downlowinfo Says:

    This.Is.Ridiculous. It makes me laugh, and I can’t leave.

  233. 233
    Norwood West Village Says:

    Gb makin eyes at the nyc gents? u better work, gerry

    who says la’ers talk more? noooo its the ny’ers that gab. theyre bored.

    la people have their own sh** going on…so they are not trying to blow anyone else’s up – unless you are a famewh*ore like kim fatslob kardashain or Paris Valtrex.

    la people have closets full of their own skeletons, less likely to try and pry open someone else’s.

    ny’ers are all self-righteous and sh**. hence the talking. philly even worse.

    gb’s behavior in la is par for the course. that is why gb’s la who*res (i am sure brotha man has them or her) stfu.
    hell, their crap is most likely worse than his is.

    hahah love west coasters

  234. 234
    "Regular Girls" Huh??? Says:

    Gerry’s idea of “regular” is the extreme genetic freak combination of 5’10 inch height, Jolie lips, a*ss, 34 inch legs, no-tan-ever-needed ‘light coffee’ complexion, perfect no-fat body and slanted”ish” almond eyes.

    Yeah, “regular”……
    -Perfectly pale AND HAPPY redhead in Pitt

  235. 235
    lolla Says:

    No, they are not good couple!
    She looks pretty stupid.
    Not hot at all!

  236. 236
    Oh Gee Wiz! Says:

    Wow! oy, you are so screwed up you don’t even know which poster said what. There’s so much hate and garbage spewing out of you in that last post. I hope you feel better now that you got all that out. Hey, if you think you are winding me up, I hate to disappoint you, girl. The only person here wound up is you.

  237. 237
    Tough?? Says:

    I am to believe that NONE of you know what he says in that interview posted

    about dating regular girls?
    and about picking up girls like he picks up lattes??

    For people who are so keen to disspell rumors you are truly doing nothing.

    Thanks for the help!

  238. 238
    .... Says:

    Rude that no one helped….

  239. 239
    @ Tough Says:

    He doesn’t say much of anything. He says, as he has always said, that he tends to date regular girls, not celebs. He says that he meets people like anyone else meets people. The interviewers are the ones trying to put a slant on it, but he says he’s like anybody else.

  240. 240
    curious cat Says:

    He just said he meets women in the same ways anyone meets people, and dates more “regular” women, not celebrities. Regular as in nonfamous, I think he meant. He didn’t really say much, seemed at a bit of a loss with the questions.

    @ManLESSton, I want to say thanks for the link to SNL. You were right of course, it was the correct one, after the Rock Obama episode. The only things I didn’t see at all were Shakira, and GB singing Music of the Night, which someone said he did. It may just be my computer, which is aging and doesn’t always run video well or pull it up fast.
    I still didn’t care for a lot of SNL, but I was surprised by GB in the What Up with Dat? skit. That I found funny, and he was pretty good in that bit, a different character from anything he’s ever done as far as I know. The call home to Scotland with Seth Meyers “interpreting” was pretty funny too.

    Other than this, I have nothing left to say on this thread. It’s time for a new onem eh?. We’ve hashed over everything from anal sex and condoms to whether people are sneakier in NYC or LA, the decline of morality in the western worlds, and which parts of the USA should be destroyed. Do y’all realize how crazy we sound? Sometimes I read over my own posts and think, OMG, did I really write that? Why? What kind of mood was I in? Actually, the people on these threads are getting more interesting than the guy who’s the ostensible subject of them! Between all this and watching Craig Ferguson, I’ve had a lot of laughs tonight!

  241. 241
    Baby Bye Says:

    OMG forget Gerry. You know who’s hot?
    Roselyn Sanchez hubby!!! wow!

  242. 242
    HOT Says:

    Not a gerry fan but a JJ fan and I always read the Gerry and the AP JP threads and now the Clooney Loonies bc y’all are funny as ****.

    But Butler threads have the funniest writers.

  243. 243
    Chanice Says:

    I hope he marries this b*tch just to pee off the fangirls.

  244. 244
    Downlowinfo Says:

    I think he’d piss himself off more than the phangurls if he married her. She’s very, very needy.

  245. 245
    @curious cat Says:

    Curious Cat, you always give the best summaries of the posts here. LOL. I can see you used to be in the editorial business. Come back more.

  246. 246
    Give Me a FRicken Break Says:

    Chanice u r smoking CRACK – he would never marry someone as SHORT and as FAT as Jessica Simpson.

    Sorry, but NO and NO. I DON’T wish her on ANYONE.

  247. 247
    Bibbbyyyyy Says:

    alex skaarsgard is hotter, younger and aged better than ex-alchey Gerry

  248. 248
    Still W GB??? Says:

    Jasmine Burgess hangs out in Central Park a lot…even this week she was there….
    As was Gerry.


  249. 249
    Short and Fat & Fake Lips: J&J Says:

    Jennifer MANiston and Jessica SIMPLETON
    are both genetically FAT and SHORT

    Jess and Jenn spend waaay too much time on the toilet TAKING SH*TS bc they most likely take loads of laxatives.

    They should share collagen lip stories and get leg lengtheners.

  250. 250
    @249 Says:

    OMG!! Alert the media!
    Bianca Christians hangs there a lot too!

  251. 251
    Kidding right? Says:

    Gerry is G A Y – deal with it. Jasmine was his beard.

    Give me a G
    Give me a A
    Give me a Y

  252. 252
    hehehe Says:

    @249 – *Snort* what a stupid comment. Um, how many other millions of people hung out in Central Park this week? I think Gerry was with the guy in the picture in Central Park. Yep, I sure do. Actually, I know that he was with him. ;)

  253. 253
    Willy SUCKS Says:

    How do YOU know Gerald is G*A*Y and that Jasmine is a beard, hmmm??

    Gerard Butler reportedly dates women. So what the heck is this gay stuff on this blog?

  254. 254
    Facts.... Says:

    I think we fans need to face some facts here people.

    Gerard has never been married – or had a “serious” girlfriend that he hasn’t cheated on in his 40 years.
    Or a gf that he names definitively.
    His camp brutally perpetuate this “manwhore” image that he fights to keep alive…but I don’t buy that’s “him” at all.
    I just think that “Manwhore” might be a better title than G*A*Y in Hollyweird.
    Ask Clooney.
    There are so many g*a*y rumors circulating around gerry that it’s deafening. TWITTER was alight with the dude that showed up at SNL.

    I know I dont want to think he’s gay only because it will kill my fantasy…:-( but if he is I will still love him.

    Its just getting to be a bit strange and like my dad says, “Rickey Martin.”

  255. 255
    @256 Says:

    LOL………also George Michael

    At least Clooney was married at one time. Either Gerry is gay or bi. So what? What is so alarming are the ones that refuse to believe the possibility.

  256. 256
    mia Says:

    This gay stuff is so absurd. According to some here, then, most every guy on planet earth is gay if you follow their line of thinking.

    I don’t know any man who doesn’t hang with other male friends; some even seem to prefer it to the wife and kids if they have them. They meet up with other guys at clubs and bars, they go to sporting events with other guys, they go golfing with other guys, they go fishing with other guys, they go hunting with other guys, they meet up with other guys at the gym, they play poker with other guys, etc. etc.

  257. 257
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    gerard if this is true
    i have lost all my respect for u as a man *****
    i no ur goal is 2 get the most pus-c
    but dont get desperate for any gerard, next thing u’ll no u’ll be boning fat chicks
    im disgusted, gerry X [

  258. 258
    lady with a sword Says:

    OK, gang. Let’s decide: Is handsome a womanizer or is he gay? Love the way ya’ll make up stuff to prove your dumb points. The only points are the ones on the tops of your heads.

  259. 259
    oy Says:

    @Oh Gee Wiz!: Honey, how many socks you got on this site? It’s hard to keep them all organized. I heard what the poster (you) said. You crazy and you need to get laid properly at least one time in your life before your die. Doesn’t sound like you’ve ever had that pleasure.

  260. 260
    He's BENT Says:


    Save it Mia.
    Other men do do that stuff (who said anything about hanging out with men and having male friends, you f*uckwit?) but MOST MEN WHO ARE STRAIGHT theyve had relationships with women before. Not just “relations.”

    Try again.

    No Gerry would never bone a fat chick, Lakersfan – the fannies would be so excited if he did though, they are all fat.

  261. 261
    oy Says:

    @@249: Actually, Bianca keeps in touch with his management team. Wonder why that is.

  262. 262
    oy Says:

    @He’s BENT: It is weird that he’s always only with men in public or with females who work for him. If he’s so worried about protecting his personal business, why isn’t he nervous about the men being seen and them being harassed? Ariel and Nick have both been thrown into the fray by their association with him. Why is it he only hides the alleged women in his life if he wants to protect the people around him from the glare of the spotlight? A man his age who hangs around only with male friends, even on vacation, and hasn’t had a real long-term relationship in which he was even remotely faithful seems like he’s hiding something. Whatever it is. It will come out. He said he stays home and is quiet most of the time, but he’s been photographed and reported at nightclubs very often. He was reportedly into very young girls, and we’ve seen photos of him at co-ed’s rooms, and videos of him asking for phone numbers of college-aged girls. The threesome and kinky sex rumors flew for a while and he’s now admitted it. It was rumored he had a girlfriend and then he appeared with Bianca at the GGs. It was rumored he has a hair trigger temper, and he punched a photographer. Seems like the rumors become fact as times goes on. It is weird that he hangs around in public parks alone as often as he does, and he’s not with his dog.

  263. 263
    space Says:


    STFU! Who cares about your barking? You obsessive hateful b!itch.

  264. 264
    aunt bee Says:

    As to him worrying about his male friends and employees: I think the big boys can take care of themselves. It’s a bit different when the fangirls take out after any woman they suspect he may be personally involved with. You know the jokes. “The’ll have her name, address, nationality and job in a matter of hours.” That happened with Kristi. Even pictures of her with friends years ago were circulated. If some nuts will post the map to his house on line, nothing is beneath them.

  265. 265
    Hmmm.... Says:


    Do not let detractors sway you – we hear you.
    He must leave Lolita in LA? But you are correct, he was in Central Park here in NYC a few times and Madison Park as many this week alone just walking around.
    OK so he likes to walk to clear his head but…ALL THE TIME? Never anyone to join him?
    And this time round here he hasn’t been seen with ANYONE but he is at CMJ which is funny bc Woody Harrelson is also.

    I’m sorry but for whatever it’s worth, Gerry is WEIRD weird with a capital W. And you are right, Ariel and Nick he is fine being “seen” with SOMETIMES not all the time. And now – really NOT.
    Women – forget it. If they dont work for him or evil twin, he wont even be seen with him.

    He is either gay or using professionals or he got some girls keeping their mouths shut – but how so many makes no sense.
    I think the womanizer image is so trumped up and so crazy (yes, like George Michaels was – GM was a true WHO*RE when it came to women and used to talk about it like it was sport) that it just CAN’T BE REAL.

  266. 266
    What? Says:

    I read your post twice and thought you may be saying something new but your post is about nothing, you’re saying everything that already’s been said about him. You know nothing!!!! Just making up Sh!t!!!!

  267. 267
    "Alleged Women" Says:

    EXACTLY. “Alleged.”
    There are none. LOLOL There are NONE.
    It’s a hoax we are being set up to buy and buy it we are.

  268. 268
    What? Says:

    I read your post twice and thought you may be saying something new but your post is about nothing, you’re saying everything that already’s been said about him. You know nothing!!!! Just making up Sh!t!!!!

  269. 269
    parks Says:

    Hanging out in parks alone is a gay man’s M.O.
    That and a desperate cry for public attention and to be recognized and fawned over.

  270. 270
    I Call BS Says:

    Why on earth is it weird for a person to walk through Central Park by himself? He has spent the last few weeks endlessly promoting LAC and has had to endure hours of stupid questions from babbling idiots. Not to mention having to sit through dinner with rocket scientist Jessica Simpson. No wonder he wants to have some me time. It’s called self-preservation. Sheesh!

  271. 271
    mia Says:

    OMG. Now walking in parks by yourself is suspect! Well, where I live many people go to the parks and trails by themselves to get some expercise, to think, to take some time out from the world. Good lord, get a life you creep. To think like that you must be a pervert.

  272. 272
    Mia = TROLL Says:


    Get a grip will you – I think above poster stated that walking alone in a park isn’t in and of itself strange, stupid fu*ckwit.
    Just that Gerry is ALWAYS ALONE in parks and by himself.

    There are stars with more going on and bigger BRIGHTER stars than Gerry and they aren’t ALWAYS alone. Just speculating on why that could be.

    If you don’t like it Mia, here’s an idea:
    Shove your head back in your a&& where you’ve had it the last some-odd years and try walking backwards. should occupy you for a few days.

    Speculation with some merit should not be an invitation for you to open your babbling brook lips of stupidity.

  273. 273
    Dumbest Thread Ever Says:

    “Hanging out in parks alone is a gay man’s M.O.
    That and a desperate cry for public attention and to be recognized and fawned over.”


  274. 274
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Mia = TROLL: WTF is your problem? You are just on here spewing all the while thinking you have the only right opinion.
    Here is an idea for you multi-name-changing troll, go outside for a walk. You have been here too long and you are just getting uglier the more you post. Your credibility was shot when you started agreeing with yourself two pages ago. Give it a rest…or are you on the rag and have no one else to take it out on?

  275. 275
    Ha Ha Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    Oh no not YOU again. *dry heave*
    Loser. Look who’s calling the kettle…?

    Oh yeah I forgot – you haven’t been on ALLLLL DAY.
    Right. *snort*

  276. 276
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Ha Ha: So that is you “oy” — how many other names do you post under. LMAO at you. It took me a whole 20 minutes to catch up on this thread after work today and you were all over it like mold.
    Apparently you have been on here all day. On a thread for someone you despise. So Elvis, are you a paid intern or poster? On unemployement? Why don’t you have a life? Spamming a thread all day on a Saturday. I don’t need to say any more.
    Curious, JurisDoc, Amen, Giggles, downlowinfo — see you on the last thread!
    As for you Miss 100 names and counting, don’t bother to reply. I won’t be back on this thread tonight!

  277. 277
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    cubedweller the invitation is also open to you.

  278. 278
    curious cat Says:

    @oy. Good thoughful comments, as usual. I do think the truth tends to come out after awhile. Maybe a long while. BTW, In coeds’ rooms? I never saw that one. Also, I wonder what happened with the pap who complained about getting
    punched. Wasn’t a court date set at one time?
    Then again, I don’t spend a lot of time ferreting these tidbits out, am amazed that people find them but enjoy reading the gossip!

    It is also obviously true that GB spews out a lot of comments about a lot of things, tries to be funny (not always successfully) and uses self-deprecation a lot., e.g. saying if fans really knew him they wouldn’t like him, that he doesn’t last in bed for more than 72 seconds or, telling the Scottish press who queried him that yes, he was going to be the next James Bond as long as he could get some elderly member of Parliament as his Bond girl. Then he was annoyed that he was quoted. I wouldn’t print such “news” without confirmation from the Bond people, whoever they are, especially if there were a clearly outrageous joke included in his remarks, but the entertainment press seems to have no boundaries. Some people, fans and unfans, take his flip comments as truth, even though they know he jokes a lot and the stories come out in different versions in different media. GB seems to enjoyi the shock value of the things he says.

    He may well be “hiding something” but who knows? It may not be what people assume. He’s talked in more serious interviews at battling depression, violent nightmares and other dark demons, of course his alcohol and drug abuse, and arrests, and also of a fear of someone else getting “control” over him. That last alone if it’s really profound fear may be the reason he can’t seem to commit to a lasting relationship. Some posters who claim to know him have said similar things about how he’s handled relationships in the past.

    Anyway, the “3some” remark seems to be all over a lot of threads now and dignified as “news” in some internet tabloids, which makes me shake my head and laugh. Those sites are also getting a lot of comments, some nonchalant, some negative. As hip and normal as some people think 3-somes are, there are still a lot of people out there, even younger ones, who will be shocked and disapproving.

    Hell, this is all speculation and I swore I wouldn’t go there any more.! Someone observed to me recently that reading and posting on these sites can be a harmless diversion, fun to exchange
    information and ideas with others, gossip about controversial famous people, laugh at the droll things people say on all kinds of topics–online socializing–as long as one doesn’t get obsessed with it all.

    Speaking of which, I’ve written a longer tome than even this long winded “cat” normally writes, I rarely go to celebrity sites except JJ, although I post some on sites related to my work research and hobbies.
    So I’d better get some work done here! Cheers.

  279. 279
    sugar Says:

    If you go to You Tube and type “gerry and central park” you will see a video of him being approached by fans from Argentina while sitting in the park. He was sitting alone when they spotted him. He has said repeatedly that he is a loner and loves to spend time by himself. I don’t see anything weird about that. I don’t know if he is gay or not, but to associate him hanging out in the park with being gay is silly.

  280. 280
    latemail Says:

    Most of the posters on JJ are gossip-seeking and fun-poking people who consider posting on JJ as a harmless distraction in their lives.

    However, there are people like OY who is here with a mission that is to try to destroy GB’s reputations by spreading malicious and hateful rumors about him.

    Why is OY doing this? My guess is that she used to be a big fan/stalker of GB’s and at some point was rejected/humiliated by GB. She didn’t take this rejection well and it has turned her into a big hater of GB’s. She has morphed from an obsessive fantasizing lover of GB to an obsessive hater of this man.

    To OY I would say, sorry about what happened to you but this hatred is not going to take you anywhere other than more misery and bitterness. OY, try to find a replacement for GB and move on with you life.

  281. 281
    twitter.... Says:

    many tweets about gerry say hes with friends or dining with friends.
    some say things like \just saw gerry butler on the street/ but give no other details. he could be alone or with someone or in a group. u can’t get many details from twitter.

  282. 282
    Giddy up Says:


    No twitter you are WRONG.
    Most people would observe if GB was with someone or someones. That is what has happened in the past and now with Twittpics you can even follow up with a pic. Did you guys see the one of him ALONE at that club last night late? or the one from today some young girls mother posted after following him down 9th avenue?
    in both instances he was indeed ALONE. Odd I guess but if he’s battling demonic forces from within…its better that he is alone. lmao
    keep away from me with that i have issues sh*t :)

    Yep Twitter is the devil and the end of the world as we know it.
    Twittpics confirmed that.

  283. 283
    sugar Says:

    Is it always a lose lose situation with this guy? He is with females then he is a womanizer, he’s with men, then he must be gay, he is alone then he is fighting demonic forces. Come on guys!

  284. 284
    JurisDoc Says:

    POSTED THIS IN LAST THREAD – don’t know where to find you all…

    LOL I have to confess that I am kind of addicted to this stuff too. I am just finishing this thread and have to move into the other again.
    New posts keep getting added (some more insane than the others) and for some reason…a lot of it is like a sick, twisted sitcom that is prone to post by post cliffhanger.
    I did laugh at what I read of highcottonquinn and some savannah girl. Their exchange did have me on the floor.

    So – are they going to change the name of the movie from The Bounty?
    Hasnt it already been taken?
    Titles cannot considered intellectual property so….lol mayyyyybe they keep The Bounty and use “The Quicker Picker Upper” as the movie’s byline since our boy Gerry is in it and he sure as hell is.

  285. 285
    JurisDoc Says:

    @Giddy up:

    “Odd I guess but if he’s battling demonic forces from within…its better that he is alone.”

    LOL @Giddy up

  286. 286
    cubedweller Says:

    @sugar: Well said, Sugar. You summarized the craziness neatly.

  287. 287
    careful # 225 Says:

    That’s why women are NOTHING to men because you are so quick to throw each other under the bus
    not winning any points with that one. Men treat each other like dog sh|t too. Killing one another for pure egotistical reasons.
    The history of straight men killing gay men is tragic. Treating those of the same sex badly is hardly limited to women.
    Your rudeness shows that not all gay men are deserving of women’s respect and protection.

  288. 288
    JurisDoc Says:

    You know why I won’t complain about ANYTHING this man is doing right now? Wandering aimlessly in city parks sans fido or not?

    Because his “odd” behavior now (if you want to call it that) is that much more refreshing than seeing him yakking it up in the 21+ nightclubs with American Idol Rejects, Dancing With The “F-listers” nobodies or chatting with Hollywood’s trashy rejectables.

    Much preferred :)

  289. 289
    mia Says:

    I’ve just discovered Imdb. All Gb’s movies are there, and there are people discussing them with a degree of intelligence. They are actually talking about plots, acting etc.

    No nuts accusing other posters of being anonymous people trying to be other anonymous posters.

    I really wish JJ would be like that. Register under one name and that’s IT. You are who you say you are. Sort of. But no more being accused of being someone else.

  290. 290
    Alexa Tries to Be Funny??? Says:

    So now that boyish looking chick who interviewed Gerry on that MTV show (threesomes, butler did it sh*t) is semi-”clowning” him.
    On Thur/Fri show she had a spinning wheel thing where she was going to spin to try and and “predict” who Gerard Butler was going to date next.

    Two of the six faces were guys.

  291. 291
    WTF!! Says:

    @Alexa Tries to Be Funny???: Now that proves it. He’s got to be gay!

  292. 292
    imdb Says:

    imdb members have their share of crazies. they can delete other posters comments at will. they go off topic constantly and have smack down fights. a few months ago a long time poster was treated so madly she deleted her entire account. her crime? she had the gall to post many articles about gerry from all over the world. they said she was obsessed===that’s rich coming from them==== so she left and took all the goods with her. its a shame she didn’t come here. we would have appreciated her. mr. giggle and others have done a good job but that imdb lady was the best.

  293. 293
    Wackodoo Watch New Jersey Says:

    Do we know who that woman was??? And she never came back??
    People can be so crazy soemtimes – biting the hand that feeds them.

    Ah well. I personally dont have a problem with Oy. We need opposing veiwpoints or this place is pretty boring.

    You guys know a lot but you know…sometimes we want to hear the “where there’s smoke there’s fire” kinda dirt … ;-)

    What I have heard is that Gerry isn’t at allll like what he is portrayed as AT ALL. He keeps to himself a lot and does go out sometimes but has been pressured to go out way more times than he has actually wanted to….his handlers tell him that it’s important, money, being seen yada yada. And bc he is so agreeable etc about things that have to do wth his career, he wil go along with it not realizing he is hurting the very thing he thinks he is saving.

    He thought a little dinner that was set up with jess and crew would be aok, right? wrong. that little innocuous SHORT dinner blew up into epic proportions and 30 countries. Meanwhile gerry is like “huh?”

    i Think him being alone right now is him re-taking control…not heading back into Hollywood for a while I guess. Anyone know?

    He is SINGLE as he said in that int Thurs (awful – I mean his PE*NIS size??) but I am surrrre he has had plenty of dates.

  294. 294
    CamelToeQueen Says:


    @JurisDoc please rename Bounty. How’s about
    “Sh!tstain: On the Panties of Life” starring Maniston and Butfuk.

    works for me.

  295. 295
    CamelToeQueen Says:

    Oh Bounty is set for release in spring 2010?
    thats why butler is doing Cornholio, to avoid having to do junkets with that green slime JA.
    Repeat after me: “Gigli”

  296. 296
    Alexatheman Says:

    @Alexa tries to be Funny? #291

    Maybe one of the guys on the wheel was herself. She looks like a under-developed and under-nourished man with bucky horse teeth, a very masculine face, sickly thin limbs and a hollow chest of a TB patient. Major Ugh… Don’t let me start on her voice, that of a man who has either emphysema or asthma or both. Gerry was flirty with her but you can tell he was totally not into her.

  297. 297
    ahring Says:

    How come there hasn’t been any follow-up/confirmation from GB team on the news of Gerard starring in Coriolanus? Just curious.

  298. 298
    sugar Says:

    I wonder what effect does a father walking out on a child have on their mental state? Any psychologists in the house?

  299. 299
    Downlowinfo Says:

    Great question suar!

  300. 300
    Gooberchov Says:


    Gerry has admitted recently that he is a “UBIQUITOUS FLIRT with EVERYONE” and that is just how he is and he has no clue why people still take him seriously.
    Didn’t you hear the most recent radio interview? LOL geez.

    When does gb leave for norway. so jealous of the norway LAC’ers!!

  301. 301
    Sociologist Says:

    I am not a shrink but have a degree in sociology. Sugar, I’ll bite.
    A father walking out on a baby would have no effect on the baby’s emotions. It’s how the mother is supported as the baby grows into a child then into an adult that will show in the child’s psyche. Children internalize their mom feelings. The saying “when momma’s happy everyone is happy” has some truth to it.
    GB’s mom had good support from her family and did remarry. So there shouldn’t be any problems from his dad not being present. The next question is how did the step-father treat him? How did his friends treat him growing up? Did he get mocked because his father left Scotland with his wife only to have her return w/o him because of his stupid behavior? GB’s dad was a right mess by most accounts. Maybe GB got a ribbing from people who knew his dad, and he could have internalized it by questioning “am I like my dad?” IF, and I do mean if, GB’s dad was bi-sexual that would explain why he is very comfortable hanging out with so many gay men. Some people have suggested Papa Butler frequented hookers and if GB knew about it or participated that would explain some things about his treatment of women as objects, making no emotional attachment with them and keeping the revolving door spinning. I could write more about this but your question was about a fathers influence on a child.
    We just don’t know enough about GB’s relationships with the men in his life, father, step-father, uncles, priests, to get a clear psychological picture of him.
    He’s definitely got intimacy issues. If we believe the blogger who said GB’s not a good lover and the fact he goes for really young women who can’t tell a poor lover from a great lover and are less domineering then experienced women and now the admission of threesomes that require little effort on his part \\\\\ we could surmise that he can’t or won’t make emotional connections to his partners. His closest emotional connection seems to be with his mom and his friends, primarily men. Does this mean he’s gay. No. He may fear women’s power over him (they’re also competition with mom) He seems to let his sex life run a big part of his life and women are sex, so women already have a huge influence over his mind. He may not want an individual girl having anymore power over him then she already does. So he puts mom at the top of the list, then male friends, then women friends, then lovers who’s names he doesn’t remember half the time.

  302. 302
    BeverlyHillsDoc Says:


    For the first time I feel useful…I am a child psychologist!
    for once i can answer that:
    Father Leaving: Can cause clingy adult with abandonment issues, co-dependency and/or someone with profound intimacy issues.
    Child will internalize feelings – may lash out, become a “bully.” At adult age person may have “anger management” or abuse (physical or substance) issues.

    Did his dad cheat ever and gerry know or find out? Bc that would make him a perfect DSM IV “fit” ;-) LOL
    Same-Sex Parent known Philanderer:
    Child, in attempting to reconcile wayward parents behavior may internalize parent’s behavior by just accepting it as correct morally sound EVEN IF child becomes an age where he/she can tell right from wrong (social learning ages). Unfortunately, this also means that unless therapy is sought child has potential of being desensitized to such behavior….said adult may find themselves with a profound inability to sustain adult relationships OR when in relationships that are going “well”, client my unconsiously sabotage them – and then blame the person they mistreated for “catching them (cheating)” or making them angry enough to hit them/leave.
    It is always “someone else’s fault” something didnt work out – when in deed, they are.

    Narcissism is the MOST common adult manifest of coping mechanisms for children who feel abandoned by a parent.

    Hope I helped some. Now back to Gerry!!

  303. 303
    sugar Says:

    302, that’s actually a really good description. I never thought about it this way, especially with his relation to his mother. But I have to disagree a bit with the part about his father’s absence not affecting him as long as his mother was stable. I mean a child would stil feel rejected right? It’s interesting though how people deal with these things. As far as I know both his brother and sister are married with kids. So they don’t seem to have struggled with it as much. Although who knows.

    I also agree with the part about him being like his father. Every time he spoke about his dad in interviews, I felt that there were a lot of similarities so the taking risks, being restless, struggling with family life etc. It’s all him :) I love him either way and hope that one day he will beat his demons.

  304. 304
    BeverlyHillsDoc Says:

    - YIKES its late I forgot to add: FORGIVE MY TYPOS

    Kid grows up “identifying” with same-sex parent THEREFORE viewing the opposite sex THE SAME WAY

    For instance…young son sees father leave for another woman time and time again…yet father keeps coming back time and time again to the boy’s mother – and the mother takes father back because she felt her son needed his father, so over-looks her own feelings, hurt, despair etc. for the “good of the family” (tongue in cheek there).
    Not realizing what 20 years of this revolving door (for the dad) especially when the son is able to figure out why his dad leave for 2 months here and there (women) – the mother, trying to do what she “thought” was best, had no clue what she just taught her son.

    This is an anon male client I am working with now. He is 36. He cannot be with one woman, he is not gay. He wants to, but he’ll reach a point and them BLAM. He will sabotage it – even one or two that he says “could have been good ones.”
    He is very attractive, charismatic and tall. He does not want children.
    The women that he is with are taken through the ringer and he knows it.
    He flirts w other women in front of a girlfriend – and then he gets angry when they get upset at his disrespect.
    His temper is out of control. Meaning, he worries about himself.
    Anon’s father was a drunk and a philanderer. He never left his mother for good over the 3o some odd years they were married, but, according to my anon client’s mother (yes they are stil alive) my client’s father left and returned a total of 14 times for other women throughout my clients youth.


  305. 305
    notaBeverlyHillsDoc Says:

    If GB didn’t find getting laid so easy he probably would have settled down years ago. The guy has it offered to him day and night – do you really want to base assumptions based on the cheap encounters he has under these circumstance? Are you supposing that because he doesn’t “engage” in these dalliances that it’s a reflection of his inner landscape really? If some anonymous poster (probably someone with an axe to grind because she got no respect for her behavior) says he’s not a good lover – is that your basis for assumption…pretty shaky….I think you’re digging too deep and the guy is shallow and right in front of you. I’ve been around him and there’s just not a lot there – but oodles of charm and charisma.

  306. 306
    cubedweller Says:

    @BeverlyHillsDoc: This is really thoughtful stuff, and incredibly sad. I’ve wondered how much more damaging it was for Butler’s dad to suddenly reappear in his life, rather than if he had just stayed clear of the family. Particularly at an age when most kids are struggling to figure out who they are, here comes a guy with many issues, trying to reconnect with a child he’s never known. Disorienting to say the least. My heart breaks for all those kids. Thanks for posting.

  307. 307
    mysayinginthis Says:

    People from different family background and growing up in different environment all have different issues. Some have bigger issues than others. Does this mean the world is full of walking cases of psychiatry? The answer is NO. Human beings have a free will to make decisions for their own lives. We are not passive slaves and mere by-products of our environment. And also, human spirit is a powerful thing which elevates us from our physical circumstances that try to bog us down. Throughout history there have been countless people who have refused to let outside forces determine their lives. Gerard can do it too.

  308. 308
    Hello Stupids 307/308 Says:

    @307 and 308
    I don’t think Doctor or Sociologists commentors were making assumptions about Gerard idiots.
    I think they were just answering Sugar’s questions.

    CAPTAIN OBVIOUS says we ALL HAVE FREE WILL – NO F&CKING SH&T, #308 and #307, way to post the f&cking obvious.
    But it is nice and this is the forum to do it – to speculate how a person acts the way he or she does and why.

    We are all the products of our environs so stop trying to be so smart when you are not #307/308.


  309. 309
    Hello Stupids 306/308 Says:

    Your comment is OK its the idiot who try and force the actual good posters out that piss me off!!

  310. 310
    @Dumb 306 Says:

    Oh and I am sure because “you’ve been around” gb that you know him.
    You know how many people have BEEN AROUND GB???
    Half the free world! Events, tv shows, movie premieres…he is on “stage” putting on a show at a night club.

    You are not an effective barometer as to what GB is about AT ALL, please take your things and leave immediately.


  311. 311

    Not sure who said this (306?) but NEWSFLASH: all “stars” find getting laid easy.
    You obviously haven’t been around that many celebs.
    I have two friends who were banging Mickey Rourke. PLEASE. He looks like sh*t.
    Gene Simmonns, Nic Cage – all ugmo but I m sure pull plennntty of tail , sweetie.

    Any athlete, musiciam, actor, doctor has access….options.


  312. 312
    Stoopidity Says:

    Hello Stupids, #309 and #310,

    The biggest dumbas*s is you. On the surface you are propagating free speech on this open forum but at the same time you are shouting down and calling other posters ugly names who are simply expressing their opinions on this issue. This illogical response shows what a moron and dumbas*s you are.

    BTW, did your mom pull you out of school because you had become too big a distraction at school? Or did you get kicked out? Now it’s high time that you got a proper education. Moron.

  313. 313
    frank Says:


    Thats fine and dandy and a nice idea but gerald is not being told nor made to do anything about what he is. His state is not life-threatening, nor does it keep him from living, being, functioninng.

    If his emotional state did impede his living/existence then maybe he’d be driven to do somehting about it but it isnt so he doesnt.

  314. 314
    Dara Reed Says:


    My guess is you are #306? LOL I wouldnt get so bunched up.

    I dont know Gerard butler but I dont find him attractive at all. my opinion.

  315. 315
    Stone Says:

    You mean fright night.

  316. 316
    bla85 Says:

    OMG I have to stop reading this thread and go for a walk! I know I must be WEIRD :)

  317. 317
    BevHillsDoc BS Says:

    The so called Beverly Hills Doc is not a Dr. at all but a troll who went back over the old threads and rehashed what was already said.
    Looks like one of the regular crazy posters wanting attention.

  318. 318
    lonely boy Says:

    in NYC

  319. 319
    curious cat Says:

    I agree the Bev Hill doc and the sociologist were only weighing in on possibilies of what happens to kids with absent fathers.

    @latemail, I can’t see all the anger in oy that you see. Anyway, I found oy’s comments observant and similar to what others have said. One of my great peeves on these threads is that any ANYONE who says ANYTHING critical of GGG (and I think I may have coined that term, which others are now using) sooner or later gets accused by someone else of being a reject GB dumped or slighted.

    Yes, this is a free speech forum but the personal attacks on each other’s supposed problems are gratutous. We don’t even know each other.

    Let’s face it, none of us WOULD be here if we didn’t have SOME interest in GB and/or his career. I think there are a lot of legitimate fans or near-fans or early fans who thought he looked like a special talent and are just dismayed by the rumors, some of his behavior and the focus on appearances clubbing, parties, etc. Perhaps he has been pushed to schmooze more than he wants to, to the point of overkill, to foster his career –good point someone made above.

    Incidentally, all the psychology above reminded me of one TV interview during or after a red carpet event in which GB told a reporter it made him nervous to hear so many people screaming his name, that he automatically felt as if he had done something wrong!

  320. 320
    psych Says:

    For those analysing Gerry’s behavior b/c his parents divorced, keep in mind he has an older brother AND sister who are both married with children. They seem to be just fine at relationships. Also, Gerry was a baby when his mother left his father. He probably didn’t even remember him, and he was 15-16 when his father showed up again. At that point his mother was already in a relationship with the man who would become his step-father.
    If Gerry has relationship issues (and yet Brian, his brother does not) I don’t think you can conclude it was because of an absentee father. They shared the exact same experiences.

  321. 321
    tallntan Says:

    Every child reacts differently to ongoing drama between parents and also remember Gerry has said that they struggled financially which probably means that his real father didn’t support the family…..that could create some real anger.

  322. 322
    @curious cat Says:

    Curious cat, you said that you don’t see the anger in OY. Come on. In one post OY wanted to nuke the whole Midwest because he/she didn’t like the moral values commonly shared by the Midwesterners. If that’s not anger I don’t know what is.

  323. 323
    oy Says:

    Why thank you, Curious, but I have to say that the real interest isn’t so much in GB as it is in the insane fanbase that is obsessed with him to the point where they fan out on the internet and at public events to represent him and protect the image they have created for the man. Gerry said, “Educate them” and they took it to heart. It’s like Jim Jones and his following.

    If Gerry had gotten tossed in jail for hitting that photographer, they’d have held candlelight vigils outside the prison and sending Anthrax to the presiding judge on the case. But, as he always does, Gerry managed to slip out of that – probably by paying off the photographer to settle out of court.

    I wanted to add to this discussion about psychology of abandonment that actors such as Pierce Brosnan, Lloyd Bridges, and many others did not have father figures in their lives, yet they went on to be devoted family men in long term relationships. People who make excuses for Gerry’s behavior based on his father’s behavior are saying the equivalent of thieves will have children who are thieves, murderers will have children who are murderers, and philanderers will have children who are philanderers. They give them a free pass instead of expecting them to do better.

    Whereas, most who hail from difficult backgrounds who are any kind of decent people try to distance themselves from following in their parent’s footsteps. Others just use it as an excuse. In fact, Gerry doesn’t even seem to use it as an excuse, but his fans are the ones who make it an excuse for him. The guy was raised with a solid parent influence and family direction. He had a mother and stepfather who did a great job providing for him, which he ungratefully seems to dismiss as if it was nothing – putting him through college, traveling on family trips, and letting him go to America for an extended visit in which he traveled throughout the country. He blew off the job he had when he came here and admits that he did so because he wanted to party instead. He didn’t have a parent molesting him like McKenzie Phillips did. He didn’t have parents using him like Drew Barrymore. Exactly what hardship was there to overcome? Thousands of children grow up without one or both parents – some of whom are homeless, and they turn into productive, decent members of the community. The fangurlz make it sound like he can’t help that he acts like an oversexed frat boy because his mother left his Dad when he was too young to even remember his father for Christ’s sake.

    What they’re saying there is no way to evolve and overcome one’s background (even though many have). They say this because it is convenient for Gerry and for them to paint him as a little boy in pain because they like to Mommy him and feel that he needs them to do so via their fanmail, blubbering at premieres, the stupid gifts they send him, etc. I wonder how many of them invest as much in their own kids and spouses. It sounds like Gerry is their #1 priority and I wonder how many of them would lke to hear their children complaining one day that their parent was so pre-occupied with their celebrity obsession that they were not there for them and it resulted in them becoming failures are human beings. I’ll bet they wouldn’t accept such an excuse from their own children as they’re willing to take from Gerry.

    They need him far more than he will ever need them. It’s why they can’t let go and live their own lives and why they attack any of us who don’t share their rose-colored glasses or emotional need to save poor Gerry.

    Whenever I can stir them up, I do. I think they’re not only morons, but dangerous to society. The more people like them let others get away with murder, the more the rest of society has to put up with and clean up the mess.

    I give it half an hour before one of them goes ballistic on my comments, like usual.

  324. 324
    oy what a moron Says:

    You think someone is reading your posts? I read the first couple of sentences and just passed on by.
    So are you really a jilted one-time f*ck Gerard didn’t call back? Only way I can explain your passion for dissing so continually and under so many names.
    Who gives a rat’s ass what you believe. curiouscat needs to get a clue.

  325. 325
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    let’s analyze oy.
    she hates on others because they like a movie star they will never meet.
    she posts novellas to try and make her point that the movie star is worthless.
    she posts how stupid his fans are because they can’t clearly see that oy is the only one right point of view.
    she belittles all that don’t share her perspective and bullies when anyone comes back at her.
    my diagnoses: woman scorned. oy must have been girl #2 in the 3some and didn’t get any peen. oy has an agenda. Didn’t like coming in 2nd place or no place at all.

  326. 326
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Don’t bother coming back at me oy. We all know you hate and belittle me because I have things that you don’t have, a husband, career, and a true sense that you are a bully. So give it your best shot lowlife.
    Let’s see, my husband is a blow up doll, was that your latest?
    I’m a nurse, ha ha in my dreams, did I get that right?
    Haven’t been on all day, *snort* did I get that right?
    I’m a total fangurl.
    Did I leave anything out bully?
    It is about time that someone told you to get a life. You have manipulated this thread long enough to drive the regular posters away. I think you have done enough damage.
    So what if Gerry has fans of him or his work. Who made you the taste patrol? I for one am totally sick of you and your bullying.
    If you hate everything Gerard Butler, why the fvck are you here? Can’t yell at him so you are looking for the next best thing? What a loser. What a pathetic hag you must be to spend so much energy in this fashion.

  327. 327
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    oy is a moron…she is not a moron, she is a dumped hag.

  328. 328
    Heather Newton, MA Says:

    I like Oy :-(
    She is the only one here who tells it like it IS. GB is a DAMAGED man. Being a fan of his is a little like watching a train wreck itself. You can’t quite pull away yet…
    I don’t buy she is a woman that has ever been “had” by GB either.
    I don’t know why one heckler TROLL is attacking BevHillsDoc or Sociologist! You gusy are so stupid! If you go on the net, the DSM says a different variation of what they said – they weren’t diagnosing GERRY just men who have abandonment issues and what COULD happen – boy are you guys dumb! I’m, 21 and even I can see that!!
    We are all nature/nuture products. We have the POTENTIAL to be categorized ALL OF US. Can you guys bring your brains the next time you come in this thread in stead of leaving them at the door like it seems??

    I say let be. all you. Stop jumping down other posters throats and get back to what is interesting: what an a%%clown Gerard Butler is making of himself!! LOL

  329. 329
    tallntan Says:

    What I don’t get is why all these people who don’t like Gerry take the time to read all of this stuff and post to this board. It wouldn’t occur to me to go talk about say…..Zac Efron or Brad Pitt….they don’t interest me.
    Gerry may be effed up but aren’t we all to some extent? He’s hot and a great actor. Nuff said.

  330. 330
    Heather Newton, MA Says:

    And Manless I likely (what does that mean??) – I didnt even see Oy mention your name in her posting! Can’t you guys put this energy into more dirt on this man! LOL

    I can’t even believe I was such a big fan…after what an idiiot he was on Alexa and reading more about him here…I think I’ll just be a fan of his work (sometimes, I hated LAC – it was dumb and gory for no reason with a sh*tty ending that made no sense) and not the man.

    All the girls in my dorm are already moving on from Gerard which is funny he was like a summer love for some. Not literally mind you ! Don’t wanna start any rumors! LOL

  331. 331
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Heather Newton, MA: That is oy under one of her other names.
    And you’re right, Gerry’s sh!t does stink. As does oy’s. Wasn’t it oy earlier in this thread or the other thread calling Gerry out as gay?
    But whether you are a fangurl and or not, no one deserves the abuse she is rifling left and right. A bully is a bully.
    The regulars have all gone to another thread because of the craziness she has elicited. When I say regulars, I mean the straight-talking, non-rose-colored glasses wearing bunch.
    And oy is not a voice of reason. oy has an agenda. You need to read the last couple of threads so you can get a true sense of who oy is.
    And be careful who you are calling dumb little one. Obviously you are new to this party.
    Gerry is going to do whatever he wants and good for him. He has to answer for his choices, not us. I think he is sexy as hell but he is just about as flawed as they come.

  332. 332
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @tallntan: ITAWY.
    Heather: If you can’t figure out the reference to Aniston, then why should I explain?

  333. 333
    Heather Newton, MA Says:

    OMG what>>>? i am NOT OY!!! At least I actually post under my name and not some moniker!!!! >:-(
    You guys – JJ is on TWITTER – he sends links out every single day to every signle person on Twitter! Personally my best friend loves GB, I am on the fence, SHE told me to read this blog bc of the crazinesss and GB rumors.
    There are more than two or three posters here you know now that Gerard is a big huge star. There are a lot of lurkers and you guys need to get used to it even if you were his fans when he was not so “big.”

    He has a lot of fans of all ages and ranges now – why cant you guys accept tthat????
    If you can’t I suggest you find someone else to worship bc this guys ship has sailed to the mainSTREAM.

  334. 334
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @Heather Newton, MA: Sorry if I didn’t make myself clear. I did not say you are oy. I meant that the troll picking apart beverlyhillsdoc and others was oy. she does that. She snarks on posters under other monikers and then comes in and writes a long diatribe of her point of view so she appears different than what she really is. Again sorry to infer you were oy. Like I said, you are new to the party.

  335. 335
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    OT…congrats to the Yankee fans. I was pulling for the Angels, but want to wish you luck in the World Series.

  336. 336
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    BTW Curious, if you are looking for us we took your advice from a previous crazy thread. Hope to see you there.

  337. 337
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Well going to bed and then to work in the morning. That gives you almost 24 hours to belittle and rip into me. Have at it. Just prove my point. Goodnight to everyone else.

  338. 338
    good grief Says:

    Why do some posters insist that if someone says something negative about Gerry or his behavior that they must have been “jilted”? That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard – well, that and calling them a “bully”. Why not state what it is that you disagree with instead of the name calling? It just shows how inarticulate you are, if you can’t have a discussion/disagreement without taking it personally and resorting to insults and non-sensical conclusions..
    I personally like to hear all points of view – the negative ones and the “fawning” ones – even if I don’t agree with them. And if I don’t agree with something strongely, I’ll articulate why and state my own opinion.

  339. 339
    oy Says:

    There is one person here who posts under a variety of names. That person just spent half this page going off on me not just because I do not share her Gerry lunacy and I speak the truth, but because I told everyone here about her secret website on which she writes in great detail about the ways she’d like to shag Gerry. She also believes that he reads her site and responds to her. She believes he likes what she writes. I’m not joking.

    Oy is the only name I comment with here. Some here like to think the other people who comment with the truth about GB are all me, but they’re not. It’s nice to know I am not alone, especially since I know how that upsets some here.

    I also didn’t say GB was gay. I responded to those who said he spent a lot of time alone and that he was gay. I commented that it was weird that he spent a lot of time alone in a public park. It doesn’t help dispel the gay rumors to make yourself look like George Michael in a variety of ways, especially when you also have the stubble and the sunglasses.

    To be clear, I do not think he is trying to pick up men in the park. It is my belief that he’s in the park trying to pick up schoolchildren and wayward squirrels.

    There, that should set her off for a few more pages. LMAO

  340. 340
    wow - hypocrisy Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    she posts novellas to try and make her point that the movie star is worthless.

    Um, Manless – you do the same about Jennifer Aniston.
    Let’s just say that everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter how much they post and bore others with it.

  341. 341
    Heather Newton, MA Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    That’s OK :) no offense taken!
    I so hate the evil empire though :( Im rooting for the philys.

    Please tell me that you guys are lying, and that Gerry has had a girlfriend in his life ??? – he is kind of old (well, not old old) to never have a girlfriend, don’t you think?
    That, well, doesnt make sense?

    By the way I live in Newton! Stupid town. Close to Boston! Who else northeasters here?

  342. 342
    jiltedandnasty Says:

    Heather Newton, MA,

    You are definitely new to the party. Throughout all of her posts on the other threads about GB, OY has demonstrated repeatedly that she has an agenda and is on a mission, to inflict as much damage as possibe to GB. I think this much hatred toward GB, a total stranger in every sense of the word, can only come from the possibility that she was once jilted and scorned by GB.

    Each time when other posters questioned her motive for being so hateful toward GB, she usually resorts to bullying and hurling filthy name-calling tactics.

    I have read most of the posts on GB’s threads and so far I have sorted out OY as the only poster who will go any length to denounce GB and bully other posters along the way if they don’t agree with her.

    Watch out , I am calling all visiting posters on GB’s threads. OY is no accidental commentator here; she is a venomous and insidious snake who uses this open forum to spew her poison and spread vicious rumors about Gerard Butler. Her ultimate goal? Bring down or at least inflict max damages to GB through internet. These are my thoughts.

  343. 343
    oy Says:

    @good grief: Appreciate the attempt at adding sane commentary here, but you’re wasting your time. Their only defense when anything is said against Gerry is that everyone is jilted. I’ve been accused here as trying to ruin his public image and his career. Like commenting on one entertainment site is going to make the world stop spinning. That just shows you how important every aspect of his career is to some members of his fanbase. They fan out like a battalion to promote and defend him. If you dare to say something they don’t approve of, it’s the firing squad for you. She keeps hoping I’ll spill the beans on some of my personal life, so she can try to figure out who I am. But I won’t take the bait. Gerry doesn’t want them on his doorstep and neither do I.

  344. 344
    oy Says:

    @jiltedandnasty: Didn’t do to sleep, did you Manlesston/GFW? The “filthy name-calling” part gave you away. You’re the only one who calls me filthy. I feel so special.

  345. 345
    @oy Says:


    To be clear, I do not think he is trying to pick up men in the park. It is my belief that he’s in the park trying to pick up schoolchildren and wayward squirrels.
    Hahahaha! I personally think that he is an attention seeker and craves public recognition. He also probably goes to look for tail – male or otherwise!

  346. 346
    oy Says:

    @wow – hypocrisy: Amen!

  347. 347
    Heather Newton, MA Says:

    OK can i say something?
    A few of my friends who used to LOVE LOVE gb, now talk some **** about him and they never met him, they just said they read too much on the ‘net and now think he is a douche blah blah blah and some still like him and want to have his kids (one day, too young now lol!).

    But I think Gerard may have done too much in his (OMG RECENT!!!) past and now that he is like a big star and stuff it comes cropping up and you guys know that my generation LIVESSSS on the internet! It’s all out there for the world to see. LOL in school right now we have a lot of downtime (seniors) and that’s just what we do…find things on our faves and not so faves…Gerard has like half really really bad stuff and half um, ok stuff. We saw a story by an ex-girlfriend of his or ex freind with benefits named Bridget. He seems like a little bit of a oser sometimes and i think coming to boards we are trying to find or at least see that he is showing some sign of changing. When so far he isn’t…:(

    Hahahahah at Oy – squirrels it is then!

  348. 348
    JA DUMPED!!! Says:

    By the way…Jen might be crying in her Cheerios come the morning…
    John Mayer and Rashida JOnes “canoodling” at the Chateau Marmot last night ;-) he even told an onlooker he was on a date and he even SANG!!!


  349. 349
    wtf Says:

    it was reported this morning that bcoop dumped renee zellweger yesterday bc he “wanted space.” hmmmmmm

    explain what the hell is going on.

    sorry gb fans for the disruption

  350. 350
    @ #329 Heather Says:

    You gusy are so stupid! boy are you guys dumb! Stop jumping down other posters throats
    Take your own advice kiddo, stop beating up on other posters. We can answer a lot of your questions but don’t act like an ass.
    Any long time poster should resist answering questions about Gerry if asked in a bullying or condescending manner.
    Be careful with this one everybody, she may be baiting for a reason other than pure personal interest.

  351. 351
    HAZMAT Says:


  352. 352
    highcottonquinn Says:

    So now according to people here, Gerry’s walking around alone in a park means he is gay.

    And to think if this man wasn’t famous, no one would care what he does.

  353. 353
    highcottonquinn Says:

    “You see what happens when you f**k a stranger in the ass?!”

    -Walter Sobchak, The Big Lewbowksi

  354. 354
    highcottonquinn Says:

    I’m glad to see Law Abiding Citizen managed to stay in the top 5 this week and it has pretty much made it’s budget back so good news for the investors.

  355. 355
    sugar Says:

    wow threee whole days without a new Gerry thread. I hope he is resting :)

  356. 356
    @@!! Says:

    According to Reuters news, The Ugly Truth

    “The romantic comedy starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler surpassed an overseas gross of $100 million during this weekend; its total stands at $102.4 million for overseas.”

    WOW. This newest figure puts TUT’s world wide box office receipt at over $190 millions. Some of the foreign markets have just opened and TUT’s total number can easily surpass $200 m. Wahoooo!

    Eat your own sh!t, Butler naysayers.

  357. 357
    Oh Gee Wiz! Says:

    Boy, oy still doesn’t know who’s who here and continues to lump everyone together who doesn’t agree with her. I’m not Manlesston and she is not me. We are two different entities. I don’t post here very often, but when I do it’s because I can’t understand all the hate spewed here in an on going manner. All this because in her opinion, she’s telling the truth as she sees it. I think most people here know Gb is not an angel and we either forgive him his faults or we enhance them to a degree where no one truly knows the truth. We could spend all day speculating til the cows come home, but we may never know the complete truth. The media hounds and gossip sites like this one make money off all of us. If oy gets off ridiculing and bullying everyone’s differing opinions and that gives her joy and peace, then the best thing to do is ignore her or at least try to. She’s just one squeaky wheel getting the oil right now of several others possibly less hateful. Darn that free speech business anyway!

  358. 358
    Naysayers Says:

    You can crow fan girl, TUT was still IMO a waste of space as a movie, and I wish I could have got that time back in my life.

  359. 359
    ManLESSton, I likely... Says:

    @Oh Gee Wiz!: ITAWY. I laugh because she is posting under several monikers on several threads according to Jared’s people.
    I thought it was funny that she had to come up with new sh!t about me because I difused her first bunch of attacks. What a loser. I also like how she tries to lump anyone that doesn’t buy her take on Gerry as the same poster, imagine…more than one person might not agree with her. Stop the presses. Whatever.
    Back to Gerry, you make a very good point about how we view Gerry. I for one find him extremely sexy but very flawed. My take is that he is his own worst enemy sometimes. The dude shouldn’t be allowed to do interviews alone. He has foot in mouth disease unlike any celebrity I follow right now.
    As for the gay rumors. take a look at the last several threads. The same time period every week it comes up. Isn’t is suspicious to anyone that tabloid deadlines are upon the interns. Digging for crap is what they are paid for and they know how to introduce and induce “confirmation” of bullsh!t stories. I just tend to ignore all the stuff because I am suspicious because of timing.
    Again Oh Gee Whiz, sorry you were mistaken for me. I decided last night that I had had enough of this troll taking over our thread. So I came back from our other thread where the regular posters are and diecided to put up a fight. As you can see from oy’s responses, she doesn’t want that. Thing is, the more she is posting the more we are getting to see what her agenda is.
    Well back to work, lunch bread is coming to an end.

  360. 360
    oy Says:

    Honey, Just Jared’s “people” don’t tell you who posts. That’s funny. You just revealed your lie because this is the only name I post under and they won’t tell you who posts. You’re dying to know who I am, aren’t you? LOL Sorry, honey, I don’t want you on my doorstep like you insane types have already stalked Gerry’s addresses all over the world and posted them online, not to mention harassed his mother in her home. Hope he goes all Clyde on you for invading his personal life.

    As for TUT’s success at the box office, the more you advertise, the more people show up to view garbage. Couples Retreat is a great example. It doesn’t mean they’re going back to see these films again or want the DVD. The critics tore TUT and LAC apart and deservedly so. Maybe with Coriolanus, he’ll do a quality film for once. He hasn’t had one of those since what, 2004? Don’t bother sayin 300, 300 was borderline gay p@rn and nothing else. Gerry’s career is one big butt shot of one sort or another. He knows you’re desperate enough to pay to see it and so he’s happy to provide the peep show.

  361. 361
    Stinkylouise Says:

    WTF? My comment is awaiting moderation? For What? It’s a link to the latest pics of G!!!

  362. 362
    Stinkylouise Says:

    Let’s try again:

  363. 363
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @oy: I could care less who you are and no Jared does not give out names. They do track problem posters and when I contacted them about you they reported that they had already been contacted about your particular IP address.
    As for wanting to track you down, pulllleeeeeeaaaaazzzzzz. A bully like you is not something I care to deal with. The only reason I am even trying is that the regular posters have fled to other threads to avoid you. So I am speaking up. You don’t own this thread and your bullying has to stop. You are not always right.
    I do appreciate an opposing opinion. And some of what you say is true in regards to Gerry and some of his fans. But your abuse to those that dare to disagree with you is disgusting. Remember the old adage, opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has one. Your opinion is just one of many.

  364. 364
    oy Says:

    GFW/Manlesston, I haven’t broken any rules and JJ has not tracked my IP (not that they’d find ME by doing that – heh, heh). I’ve never gotten notice of moderation. Not once. If I do, then I will post under another name and I will let you know it’s me coming back to haunt you.

    The fact that you claim to have reported me because you don’t like what I post just shows how you insane fangurlz try to censor what is said about Gerry vs. allowing opposing views. You’ve confessed to others (as well as screwed up and admitted it here) how you use several names on this site. No one is foolwed.

    You are the most abusive person on these threads. You threaten and insult everyone who disagrees with you, just as you do on all the other sites. If anyone should be censored, it’s you. How many restraining orders does Gerry have out.

    BTW, you’re slow today. The new Gerry thread talks about him rubbing himself up against – gasp – a black woman in public. I know how you hate him dating black women, so it’s just a matter of time before you attack that poster and call them a liar too. I can’t wait to watch you rack up even more people who can call you crazy.

  365. 365
    Admin Says:

    JJ cannot give out personal information…nor does JJ have the time nor energy to track down random posters just because one doesn’t like what another is saying.

    Post that cross the legal threshold are the only thing of JJ’s only concern right now. Not petty BS.

  366. 366
    oy Says:

    @Admin: Amen!

  367. 367
    @manless Says:

    I also like how she tries to lump anyone that doesn’t buy her take on Gerry as the same poster, imagine…more than one person might not agree with her. Stop the presses. Whatever.
    Again you are a hypocite. You do the EXACT SAME THING when anyone makes a comment about you or your drivel. You claim that they are the same poster and a troll. Well guess what? They aren’t.

    As for your comments about JJ – you are obviously lying. And an IP address can not be tracked down to an individual – not by a site like this and more than likely not without a court order. How do I know this? There is more than one atty on these threads…..

  368. 368
    Liz Says:

    Everyone should know that Gerry doesn’t date white women. If you’re white and you think he’s hot, forget about it. He thinks you’re fugly.

  369. 369
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @@manless: oy quit agreeing wtih yourself it is sooooo boring.
    Gerry can date whom he wants. I’m not looking to date him or even have any type of relationship with him. His life is his life and I have my own life. Apparently you don’t have much of a life if all you have to live for is hunting me down. How pathetic you are.

  370. 370
    nonnie Says:

    Gerry doesn’t like white women? I thought he was dating Jennifer Aniston.

  371. 371
    @manless Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    You just proved my point. I’m not oy – not everyone who has a comment about you is oy. But whatever let’s you sleep at night and continue to live in your hypocitical head…

  372. 372

    Liz, Nonnie – he likes what he likes. WHO CARES IT ISNT YOU.

    Go hang yourselves ! Theres an idea!

  373. 373
    oy Says:

    @STFU ARSEHOLES: Now there’s some venom I can enjoy.

    Why isn’t anyone demanding #373 get tossed off the board like the threats I always get. I didn’t tell anyone to kill themselves. Where’s the love?

  374. 374
    Susan Says:

    I love Gerad’s acting and he seems like a cool guy, but please…run Jessica, the other way. I believe he has some old stuff “issues” that you don’t need to deal with… Just feelin’ it…run!

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