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Gerard Butler & Jessica Simpson: Date Night?

Gerard Butler & Jessica Simpson: Date Night?

Gerard Butler and Jessica Simpson stepped out together at the exclusive Soho House on Tuesday night (October 20).

“They were at a table with friends, but Jessica and Gerard, who sat next to each other, seemed to only be interested in each other and chatted for hours,” a spy told Page Six. “They were laughing and flirting and eventually left together, along with [her hairstylist Ken Paves].”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Gerry and Jess as a couple — HOT or NOT?

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374 Responses to “Gerard Butler & Jessica Simpson: Date Night?”

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  1. 351
    HAZMAT Says:


  2. 352
    highcottonquinn Says:

    So now according to people here, Gerry’s walking around alone in a park means he is gay.

    And to think if this man wasn’t famous, no one would care what he does.

  3. 353
    highcottonquinn Says:

    “You see what happens when you f**k a stranger in the ass?!”

    -Walter Sobchak, The Big Lewbowksi

  4. 354
    highcottonquinn Says:

    I’m glad to see Law Abiding Citizen managed to stay in the top 5 this week and it has pretty much made it’s budget back so good news for the investors.

  5. 355
    sugar Says:

    wow threee whole days without a new Gerry thread. I hope he is resting :)

  6. 356
    @@!! Says:

    According to Reuters news, The Ugly Truth

    “The romantic comedy starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler surpassed an overseas gross of $100 million during this weekend; its total stands at $102.4 million for overseas.”

    WOW. This newest figure puts TUT’s world wide box office receipt at over $190 millions. Some of the foreign markets have just opened and TUT’s total number can easily surpass $200 m. Wahoooo!

    Eat your own sh!t, Butler naysayers.

  7. 357
    Oh Gee Wiz! Says:

    Boy, oy still doesn’t know who’s who here and continues to lump everyone together who doesn’t agree with her. I’m not Manlesston and she is not me. We are two different entities. I don’t post here very often, but when I do it’s because I can’t understand all the hate spewed here in an on going manner. All this because in her opinion, she’s telling the truth as she sees it. I think most people here know Gb is not an angel and we either forgive him his faults or we enhance them to a degree where no one truly knows the truth. We could spend all day speculating til the cows come home, but we may never know the complete truth. The media hounds and gossip sites like this one make money off all of us. If oy gets off ridiculing and bullying everyone’s differing opinions and that gives her joy and peace, then the best thing to do is ignore her or at least try to. She’s just one squeaky wheel getting the oil right now of several others possibly less hateful. Darn that free speech business anyway!

  8. 358
    Naysayers Says:

    You can crow fan girl, TUT was still IMO a waste of space as a movie, and I wish I could have got that time back in my life.

  9. 359
    ManLESSton, I likely... Says:

    @Oh Gee Wiz!: ITAWY. I laugh because she is posting under several monikers on several threads according to Jared’s people.
    I thought it was funny that she had to come up with new sh!t about me because I difused her first bunch of attacks. What a loser. I also like how she tries to lump anyone that doesn’t buy her take on Gerry as the same poster, imagine…more than one person might not agree with her. Stop the presses. Whatever.
    Back to Gerry, you make a very good point about how we view Gerry. I for one find him extremely sexy but very flawed. My take is that he is his own worst enemy sometimes. The dude shouldn’t be allowed to do interviews alone. He has foot in mouth disease unlike any celebrity I follow right now.
    As for the gay rumors. take a look at the last several threads. The same time period every week it comes up. Isn’t is suspicious to anyone that tabloid deadlines are upon the interns. Digging for crap is what they are paid for and they know how to introduce and induce “confirmation” of bullsh!t stories. I just tend to ignore all the stuff because I am suspicious because of timing.
    Again Oh Gee Whiz, sorry you were mistaken for me. I decided last night that I had had enough of this troll taking over our thread. So I came back from our other thread where the regular posters are and diecided to put up a fight. As you can see from oy’s responses, she doesn’t want that. Thing is, the more she is posting the more we are getting to see what her agenda is.
    Well back to work, lunch bread is coming to an end.

  10. 360
    oy Says:

    Honey, Just Jared’s “people” don’t tell you who posts. That’s funny. You just revealed your lie because this is the only name I post under and they won’t tell you who posts. You’re dying to know who I am, aren’t you? LOL Sorry, honey, I don’t want you on my doorstep like you insane types have already stalked Gerry’s addresses all over the world and posted them online, not to mention harassed his mother in her home. Hope he goes all Clyde on you for invading his personal life.

    As for TUT’s success at the box office, the more you advertise, the more people show up to view garbage. Couples Retreat is a great example. It doesn’t mean they’re going back to see these films again or want the DVD. The critics tore TUT and LAC apart and deservedly so. Maybe with Coriolanus, he’ll do a quality film for once. He hasn’t had one of those since what, 2004? Don’t bother sayin 300, 300 was borderline gay p@rn and nothing else. Gerry’s career is one big butt shot of one sort or another. He knows you’re desperate enough to pay to see it and so he’s happy to provide the peep show.

  11. 361
    Stinkylouise Says:

    WTF? My comment is awaiting moderation? For What? It’s a link to the latest pics of G!!!

  12. 362
    Stinkylouise Says:

    Let’s try again:

  13. 363
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @oy: I could care less who you are and no Jared does not give out names. They do track problem posters and when I contacted them about you they reported that they had already been contacted about your particular IP address.
    As for wanting to track you down, pulllleeeeeeaaaaazzzzzz. A bully like you is not something I care to deal with. The only reason I am even trying is that the regular posters have fled to other threads to avoid you. So I am speaking up. You don’t own this thread and your bullying has to stop. You are not always right.
    I do appreciate an opposing opinion. And some of what you say is true in regards to Gerry and some of his fans. But your abuse to those that dare to disagree with you is disgusting. Remember the old adage, opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has one. Your opinion is just one of many.

  14. 364
    oy Says:

    GFW/Manlesston, I haven’t broken any rules and JJ has not tracked my IP (not that they’d find ME by doing that – heh, heh). I’ve never gotten notice of moderation. Not once. If I do, then I will post under another name and I will let you know it’s me coming back to haunt you.

    The fact that you claim to have reported me because you don’t like what I post just shows how you insane fangurlz try to censor what is said about Gerry vs. allowing opposing views. You’ve confessed to others (as well as screwed up and admitted it here) how you use several names on this site. No one is foolwed.

    You are the most abusive person on these threads. You threaten and insult everyone who disagrees with you, just as you do on all the other sites. If anyone should be censored, it’s you. How many restraining orders does Gerry have out.

    BTW, you’re slow today. The new Gerry thread talks about him rubbing himself up against – gasp – a black woman in public. I know how you hate him dating black women, so it’s just a matter of time before you attack that poster and call them a liar too. I can’t wait to watch you rack up even more people who can call you crazy.

  15. 365
    Admin Says:

    JJ cannot give out personal information…nor does JJ have the time nor energy to track down random posters just because one doesn’t like what another is saying.

    Post that cross the legal threshold are the only thing of JJ’s only concern right now. Not petty BS.

  16. 366
    oy Says:

    @Admin: Amen!

  17. 367
    @manless Says:

    I also like how she tries to lump anyone that doesn’t buy her take on Gerry as the same poster, imagine…more than one person might not agree with her. Stop the presses. Whatever.
    Again you are a hypocite. You do the EXACT SAME THING when anyone makes a comment about you or your drivel. You claim that they are the same poster and a troll. Well guess what? They aren’t.

    As for your comments about JJ – you are obviously lying. And an IP address can not be tracked down to an individual – not by a site like this and more than likely not without a court order. How do I know this? There is more than one atty on these threads…..

  18. 368
    Liz Says:

    Everyone should know that Gerry doesn’t date white women. If you’re white and you think he’s hot, forget about it. He thinks you’re fugly.

  19. 369
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    @@manless: oy quit agreeing wtih yourself it is sooooo boring.
    Gerry can date whom he wants. I’m not looking to date him or even have any type of relationship with him. His life is his life and I have my own life. Apparently you don’t have much of a life if all you have to live for is hunting me down. How pathetic you are.

  20. 370
    nonnie Says:

    Gerry doesn’t like white women? I thought he was dating Jennifer Aniston.

  21. 371
    @manless Says:

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    You just proved my point. I’m not oy – not everyone who has a comment about you is oy. But whatever let’s you sleep at night and continue to live in your hypocitical head…

  22. 372

    Liz, Nonnie – he likes what he likes. WHO CARES IT ISNT YOU.

    Go hang yourselves ! Theres an idea!

  23. 373
    oy Says:

    @STFU ARSEHOLES: Now there’s some venom I can enjoy.

    Why isn’t anyone demanding #373 get tossed off the board like the threats I always get. I didn’t tell anyone to kill themselves. Where’s the love?

  24. 374
    Susan Says:

    I love Gerad’s acting and he seems like a cool guy, but please…run Jessica, the other way. I believe he has some old stuff “issues” that you don’t need to deal with… Just feelin’ it…run!

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