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Gerard Butler & Jessica Simpson: Date Night?

Gerard Butler & Jessica Simpson: Date Night?

Gerard Butler and Jessica Simpson stepped out together at the exclusive Soho House on Tuesday night (October 20).

“They were at a table with friends, but Jessica and Gerard, who sat next to each other, seemed to only be interested in each other and chatted for hours,” a spy told Page Six. “They were laughing and flirting and eventually left together, along with [her hairstylist Ken Paves].”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Gerry and Jess as a couple — HOT or NOT?

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  • highcottonquinn


    I’ve tried very hard to remain objective and impartial. It’s been very difficult listening to the filth regarding this man. Some of the accusations may be true but there is no way to know WHICH
    accusations are true. All you have is the word of a bunch of sleazy anonymous females who Ger may or may not have schtupped. He’s worked hard to get where he is and he is a single man who clearly has no problem getting women to consensually drop their panties for him but now look at where it’s going to take him and all because they are a bunch of vindictive losers who wanted to play the game but now are feeling slighted. They crawl out of the woodwork now that Ger is picking up steam.

    I was hoping that juvenile MTv bulls**t wouldn’t catch on but leave it to the vultures in the media to use Ger to make a name for themselves and try to get ratings.

  • Oh Gee Wiz!

    oy #197 And you seem to be a prime example of some of the classless horde that hangs out here. There are a few who seem friendly and try to get along with each other. Most people seem to see who GB is and can still like the guy despite his less than stellar behavior. But attacking everyone because they don’t see the world through the same window as you do doesn’t make them ignorant. Threatening to nuke an area of the country because you don’t agree with them shows you for what you are. I try to believe everyone has some good in them, maybe you have some good in you too, but you seem to get more enjoyment out of displaying your venom instead. I try not to hate anyone and I don’t hate you. If you and others like you, insist on being nasty, the best thing I can do is ignore you. I agreed with highcottonquinn. I didn’t attack you personally. If you took it that way, forgive me for being a terrible sinner.

  • highcottonquinn

    Gerry is a normal dude. He’s not raped anyone, beat on some defenseless chick, or anything like that. I mean if I were in his position I think I’d be more of a pig, LOL…

    Read more:

    For people who claim that they have slept with Ger to come here and describe the size of his penis, how he performs, etc. is a bit much. Would they say such things in front of Gerry’s ma? Then for the east coast trash to assert that I’m just not as sexually sophisticated as them(and the Europeans) because I’m from the Bible Belt. Yeah, because it takes so much sophistication to come here and go into detail about getting it in the ass from Gerry. Real classy. The Europeans also think the USA are a bunch of puritans because we want Roman Polanski extradited for drugging, raping and sodomizing a 13 year old kid. They can keep their east coast and european sophistication.

  • DingleBerry Sundayin NY

    BYE HIGH COTTON QUINN – good riddance to bad rubbish, dear

    Thank you ManLESS, curious, JurisDoc, amen, stinky, gigles, downlowinfo and especially OY for being the only people who tell it like it is on this godd*amn board.

    Gerry is no saint – I say – CALL HIM OUT. Too bad Gerry. have them sign agreements or stop acting like a manslut and no one will TALK. Dumbass.

    I saw the “new” pics. They are of him and Shanna Moakl which never happened.
    See? Thats how rumors start.

    Either his LA hoes are quiet or he keeps it clean in LA (which I highly freaking DOUBT) but damn if all the dirt aint coming from NYC and Philly over here! LOL La?? speak up betches! :)

    I definitely want to nuke the midwest and georgia, nc/sc which is mostly comprised of a bunch of inbred hillbillies. Ugh that ACCENT IS LIKE A FORK IN A METAL SAUCEPAN,

  • savannahsweetie

    HCQ I for one am not reading all of your one-sided non-sensical, completely subjective as hell crap either, and I’m from the south.. you are not 35 there is noway. hellllloooo women have control over their sexuality now too. why should gerry have all the fun. and yes, he can and he WILL get called on his actions. too bad you have to read them – you belong on a fanboard so scat darling.

    you must be one of those dumb chicks on GALS like S**nsong or F***malou. Both losers with no lives who think Gerry is god walking. well he is not so grow up and get a clue.
    Or better yet – head over yo your little convention where your beloved Gerry can laugh his a** off at you some more.

  • bla85

    What was this thread about – I’ve lost track – dating, anal sex, bible belt, only good looking people get…journalism – I’m lost

    I think Gerry will never live down the 3some comment – actually it is starting to get funny – I can see it now on Saturday Night Live

  • highcottonquinn


    So you don’t read what I post but you still feel free to comment not even knowing what I wrote; yeah cuz’ that’s sensible.

  • Mr. Giggles

    bla85 @ 10/23/2009 at 8:34 pm What was this thread about – I’ve lost track – dating, anal sex, bible belt, only good looking people get…journalism
    HAHAHAHA……TRUE — the breadth of our conversations are staggering !!!
    New pic of G in C park

  • savannahsweetie


    Ladies keep dishing please :) i hope you half-baked numbskulls didnt scare off he’s cheap and Bollywood…?

    I agree w some posters. At least he is practicing safe sex (condoms when vaginal)…
    imagine if he werent. woooosh.

    I’d do him for a night!!! Gerry come to Georgia!!!

  • highcottonquinn

    @DingleBerry Sundayin NY:

    No one said it was wrong to call Gerry out on his escapades. My problem with all of this was that there was no way to sort out fact from fiction. Do I think Gerry is perfect? Hell No. I imagine he’s an absolute contradiction like all human beings. What we have here, however, is various anonymous people claiming all kinds of things and there is no way to prove most, if any of it. The only accusations I’ve heard here that have any credibility are the accusations put forth by Nemo who asserts that his journalist friend from Europe was treated most unkindly by Gerry after she rejected Gerry’s advances. There may have been one other person on here(Nemo and one other poster who bantered back and forth forgot the name)that actually seemed to have worked with Gerry personally and knew things only an insider would know. Nemo was the one who assured me Gerry was definitely NOT gay(another unfounded unproveable rumor bandied about quite frequently)because he witnessed how easy it was for Ger to get girls.

  • highcottonquinn


    Why would he do you? You are an idiot.

  • @mr giggles

    @Mr. Giggles:

    Now a bit of gossip…

    It’s likely that pix of G’s behavior will make it to the web before a s*ex tape.
    Someone tweeted that she was surprised to hear G was supposedly dating Jess because she recently saw pix of him kissing someone named Shana. The Twit is from LA.
    If this is true —- why the hell would he let someone take a pic of him messing around ? It could easily wind up …..HERE !!!!
    Are you for real? Are you just drooling on yourself thinking you have some juicy gossip or a “scoop”? You are an idiot. That was the Shanna M. pics that that twit was tweeting about. If you would stop searching Twitter and IMDB for every detail about G and used your brain you would have realised that. Way to make sh/t up. I come here for something different, not your rehash of everything that is already out there.

  • East Coast Reppin European

    Whatever. You old ladies’ husbands have probably spent more than one night (or hour) with a local hooker during your marriage and NO you don’t know about it.

  • curious cat

    Yes, #207 he will never live down threesomes. if I were his PR person I’d take a bullwhi0p to his backside. How can this man be almost 40? And we expected so much of him? He seemed to have enornous promise. dinglebery #205, nor anbody, don’t attack hcq. When somebody expresses honest feelings you gotta respect that.

  • highcottonquinn

    @East Coast Reppin European:

    LOL. Why so cynical? You could very well be right. I’m glad I’ve never married.

  • highcottonquinn

    @curious cat:

    Thank you. I’ve really tried to be impartial. I even went after a few of the fan girls for their lack of objectivity but now I’ve been labeled a fan girl. This is a gossip site for pete’s sake. Many other people on here have also agreed that the rumors were getting downright crazy on here.

  • savannahsweetie

    “I’m glad I’ve never married.”

    Why does this not surprise me? Hahaha. I thought you and your horse-drawn carriage were going to mosey on out of here, hmmm?

  • highcottonquinn


    I was waiting for you to open your mouth again, bitchslap.

  • francesca

    Mr giggle dont’ stop posting please i don’t go to any other sites Its nice you bring links
    Daniel craigs threads also have repeat posters that bring photos and links it makes it easy to get information

  • alphaba

    All this slutting around some nuts on here claim GB has done with random people is nothing but a figment of their imaginations. Crazies making up junk to see their ‘work’ in print. Must make them feel important when they have no importance at all in RL. Nothing has ever been documented by anyone with a REAL NAME. Even the dates with celebs reported in the gossip rags really boil down to just having dinner with a group of people or fooling around on set. Don’t even answer ‘the Philly blogger.’ Unless that fame##### went home with GB, how would he know? Philly’s15 minutes of fame are over and he’s back covering boring restaurant openings and charity events. Let’s face it, no one but those in GB’s inner circle really know what he does in his private life.

    I’m sure not saying I think The Butler is a saint. He’s always had a ‘randy boy’ image (maybe he’s the real inspiration for Lucy Sullivan’s Gus…just playing himself?), but there’s nothing specific that can be ‘reported’ on with any truth. All this stuff on JJ etc. is just some people’s exercises in writing fiction.

  • oy

    Dear GFW/highcotton/Manlesston:

    “He’s worked hard to get where he is and he is a single man who clearly has no problem getting women to consensually drop their panties for him but now look at where it’s going to take him and all because they are a bunch of vindictive losers who wanted to play the game but now are feeling slighted”

    How is that their fault alone? You are still avoiding the issue. You’re mental. Now you say you’re angry because women spoke up. Before you were angry because women were whores (your words, not mine) who took it in the tush without knowing GB – doing the one night shag. But you still refuse to accept HIS RESPONSIBILITY in those situations. If he is worried about how his sex life will affect his career, which seems doubtful given that everyone knows he can’t keep it in his pants (Billy Bush just said on tv tonight that Gerry isn’t the settle down type) it’s HIS FAULT for engaging in those situations that might put him in jeopdary of getting STD’s and potentially affect his career. Instead, you’re blaming any women who discuss dalliances with him or ask him about his sex life (questions he doesn’t have to answer and, as a former D. Litt genius like you fans claim, he would know that much). If you don’t want bad stuff to come out, there’s an easy solution. DON’T DO BAD SH / T. It’s that simple. If he can’t help but f$%k everything with a vagina and/or anus, then he’s a 40 year old man and can face any consequences for it. If he can’t, then he needs to see a shrink. I think he needs a good one anyhow.

    BTW, I’m here to piss you off, GFW. You crazy and winding you up is hilarious. The more you comment on the naughty Gerry stories, the more JJ will include them on his site. . Look how many comments you’ve made on this one post from JJ. Thanks for helping the dirt about Gerry get out to the masses. Much as he bangs his way through the world, even he can’t spread it around as well as these tabloid sites that cater to people like you who think you need to defend him. The rest of us are happy to tell it like it is. HE IS A WHORE AND IS PROBABLY SERIOUSLY DISEASED. The man is not spending his nights alone and it’s not because he’s home with his dog.

    If he needed your help to defend himself, wouldn’t he have contacted you through your p-o-r-n fiction site – the one you created for him? You think he writes to you, so why hasn’t he taken you into his inner circle if he needs you so badly? Or do you stil think he’s going to magically appear in your life when the time is right? Tell everyone here the real delusions you have.

    Tha’ts right. I forgot. You’re “a thirty-something married E.R. nurse.” I’m Elvis, btw. I’ve been hiding out online all these years. I mean, if we’re going to be ridiculous and fictional, why not go all the way? LMAO

    BTW, I am a classless whore, not part of the classless horde. If you’re going to insult me, be accurate. When I insult Gerry I’m not sympathetic, but I am accurate.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @oy: Why are you dragging me into this? I only stated I didn’t understand dating now since I have been out of the game for 10 years. Since I grew up in Arizona my understanding of “bible belt” is very limited.
    I hold Gerry accountable as well as those like him, both male and female. BUT I believe that is their business not mine. All I said is I can’t relate.
    Sorry to disappoint you, but I haven’t been online since earlier today. I just got home from work. And yes I am a nurse in the ER here, Elvis!

  • India connection

    Jessica is going to India according to Twits? Someone told GB about it, and he was invited to tell the poor girl about his travels there. I’m sure she didn’t understand a thing he said. A waste of his time.

  • GayFace

    I love “oy”
    Keep preaching SISTER!!! You got a few of us on board with you.

    Why are you chicks so quick to condemn each other??? Shouldnt you be banding together to take one CREEP out??
    That’s why women are NOTHING to men because you are so quick to throw each other under the bus when the common denominator here is one Gerard Butfukker.
    If he kept his shit in his pants- or AT LEAST used some discretion HIMSELF no one would be talking would they?
    Hire professionals GB, you amateur hack.
    And Gerry talks too much gets back to people.

    It’s precautionary and refreshing that some women come on here – to tell other women that their beloved douche is truly that:

    A HUGE DOUCHE. Keep talking Oy, (and anyone else!!!) PLEASE!!!

  • advice to oy

    oy = Gayface

    oy is talking to himself/herself.

    What do you want from us, oy? You want to use this public board to spew your venom and release some of your frustration that GB doesn’t stick his peen in you but kicked you to the curb? IMO a more healthy way to get back to GB is to find yourself a boy friend or a tool with a peen. That way you at least get some real satisfaction out of it instead stewing yourself in your own hatred toward GB. Scientists have proved that people with unresolved hatred toward others are susceptible to getting cancers.

    oy, do yourself a favor. Find an actor/actress you like and post on his/her board to your content and leave GB’s board alone. You won’t be missed here.


    LA Girls don’t talk because they are worse than the men are over there, or so I hear.

  • me

    I just love him. Never before, never again. This is it. This is just perfection. This man has DNA not to be messed with. Every James Blunt song goes back to this guy. GB is perfection. Attila, I love you.

  • GayFace

    Um, no sorry there but LOL
    I am assuming Oy is a woman…I am a male, I am quite proudly gay and a GB fan, but male.
    Thanks for asking.

  • “Sex w Regular Girls?”

    Can someone PLEASE tell me what Gerry is saying here after 7:30?
    My computer is crappy…manLESS? curiouscat? sugar? JurisDoc? amen? Mr. Giggles (thanks for posting)…? Any of you regulars?

    I heard he likes to have sex with regular girls over celebrities (??). Then the guy asked if he picks women up like he picks up a latte and he says he meets thousands of girls but he is private??

    I know I am hearing this all wrong on my sketchy lame DELL INSPIRON CRAP can someone transcribe after 730 or summarize so my sister and I here can laugh some: I’d appreciate (and I appreciate all of you that know so much about this dude!):


    Is it just me or did I make sexy eye contact with Gerard Butler at 19th st?
    (male Twitter)

  • kp hearts butler

    ew, really?

  • Downlowinfo

    This.Is.Ridiculous. It makes me laugh, and I can’t leave.

  • Norwood West Village

    Gb makin eyes at the nyc gents? u better work, gerry

    who says la’ers talk more? noooo its the ny’ers that gab. theyre bored.

    la people have their own sh** going on…so they are not trying to blow anyone else’s up – unless you are a famewh*ore like kim fatslob kardashain or Paris Valtrex.

    la people have closets full of their own skeletons, less likely to try and pry open someone else’s.

    ny’ers are all self-righteous and sh**. hence the talking. philly even worse.

    gb’s behavior in la is par for the course. that is why gb’s la who*res (i am sure brotha man has them or her) stfu.
    hell, their crap is most likely worse than his is.

    hahah love west coasters

  • “Regular Girls” Huh???

    Gerry’s idea of “regular” is the extreme genetic freak combination of 5’10 inch height, Jolie lips, a*ss, 34 inch legs, no-tan-ever-needed ‘light coffee’ complexion, perfect no-fat body and slanted”ish” almond eyes.

    Yeah, “regular”……
    -Perfectly pale AND HAPPY redhead in Pitt

  • lolla

    No, they are not good couple!
    She looks pretty stupid.
    Not hot at all!

  • Oh Gee Wiz!

    Wow! oy, you are so screwed up you don’t even know which poster said what. There’s so much hate and garbage spewing out of you in that last post. I hope you feel better now that you got all that out. Hey, if you think you are winding me up, I hate to disappoint you, girl. The only person here wound up is you.

  • Tough??

    I am to believe that NONE of you know what he says in that interview posted

    about dating regular girls?
    and about picking up girls like he picks up lattes??

    For people who are so keen to disspell rumors you are truly doing nothing.

    Thanks for the help!

  • ….

    Rude that no one helped….

  • @ Tough

    He doesn’t say much of anything. He says, as he has always said, that he tends to date regular girls, not celebs. He says that he meets people like anyone else meets people. The interviewers are the ones trying to put a slant on it, but he says he’s like anybody else.

  • curious cat

    He just said he meets women in the same ways anyone meets people, and dates more “regular” women, not celebrities. Regular as in nonfamous, I think he meant. He didn’t really say much, seemed at a bit of a loss with the questions.

    @ManLESSton, I want to say thanks for the link to SNL. You were right of course, it was the correct one, after the Rock Obama episode. The only things I didn’t see at all were Shakira, and GB singing Music of the Night, which someone said he did. It may just be my computer, which is aging and doesn’t always run video well or pull it up fast.
    I still didn’t care for a lot of SNL, but I was surprised by GB in the What Up with Dat? skit. That I found funny, and he was pretty good in that bit, a different character from anything he’s ever done as far as I know. The call home to Scotland with Seth Meyers “interpreting” was pretty funny too.

    Other than this, I have nothing left to say on this thread. It’s time for a new onem eh?. We’ve hashed over everything from anal sex and condoms to whether people are sneakier in NYC or LA, the decline of morality in the western worlds, and which parts of the USA should be destroyed. Do y’all realize how crazy we sound? Sometimes I read over my own posts and think, OMG, did I really write that? Why? What kind of mood was I in? Actually, the people on these threads are getting more interesting than the guy who’s the ostensible subject of them! Between all this and watching Craig Ferguson, I’ve had a lot of laughs tonight!

  • Baby Bye

    OMG forget Gerry. You know who’s hot?
    Roselyn Sanchez hubby!!! wow!

  • HOT

    Not a gerry fan but a JJ fan and I always read the Gerry and the AP JP threads and now the Clooney Loonies bc y’all are funny as shit.

    But Butler threads have the funniest writers.

  • Chanice

    I hope he marries this b*tch just to pee off the fangirls.

  • Downlowinfo

    I think he’d piss himself off more than the phangurls if he married her. She’s very, very needy.

  • @curious cat

    Curious Cat, you always give the best summaries of the posts here. LOL. I can see you used to be in the editorial business. Come back more.

  • Give Me a FRicken Break

    Chanice u r smoking CRACK – he would never marry someone as SHORT and as FAT as Jessica Simpson.

    Sorry, but NO and NO. I DON’T wish her on ANYONE.

  • Bibbbyyyyy

    alex skaarsgard is hotter, younger and aged better than ex-alchey Gerry

  • Still W GB???

    Jasmine Burgess hangs out in Central Park a lot…even this week she was there….
    As was Gerry.


  • Short and Fat & Fake Lips: J&J

    Jennifer MANiston and Jessica SIMPLETON
    are both genetically FAT and SHORT

    Jess and Jenn spend waaay too much time on the toilet TAKING SH*TS bc they most likely take loads of laxatives.

    They should share collagen lip stories and get leg lengtheners.

  • @249

    OMG!! Alert the media!
    Bianca Christians hangs there a lot too!