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Gerard Butler & Jessica Simpson: Date Night?

Gerard Butler & Jessica Simpson: Date Night?

Gerard Butler and Jessica Simpson stepped out together at the exclusive Soho House on Tuesday night (October 20).

“They were at a table with friends, but Jessica and Gerard, who sat next to each other, seemed to only be interested in each other and chatted for hours,” a spy told Page Six. “They were laughing and flirting and eventually left together, along with [her hairstylist Ken Paves].”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Gerry and Jess as a couple — HOT or NOT?

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  • Kidding right?

    Gerry is G A Y – deal with it. Jasmine was his beard.

    Give me a G
    Give me a A
    Give me a Y

  • hehehe

    @249 – *Snort* what a stupid comment. Um, how many other millions of people hung out in Central Park this week? I think Gerry was with the guy in the picture in Central Park. Yep, I sure do. Actually, I know that he was with him. ;)

  • Willy SUCKS

    How do YOU know Gerald is G*A*Y and that Jasmine is a beard, hmmm??

    Gerard Butler reportedly dates women. So what the heck is this gay stuff on this blog?

  • Facts….

    I think we fans need to face some facts here people.

    Gerard has never been married – or had a “serious” girlfriend that he hasn’t cheated on in his 40 years.
    Or a gf that he names definitively.
    His camp brutally perpetuate this “manwhore” image that he fights to keep alive…but I don’t buy that’s “him” at all.
    I just think that “Manwhore” might be a better title than G*A*Y in Hollyweird.
    Ask Clooney.
    There are so many g*a*y rumors circulating around gerry that it’s deafening. TWITTER was alight with the dude that showed up at SNL.

    I know I dont want to think he’s gay only because it will kill my fantasy…:-( but if he is I will still love him.

    Its just getting to be a bit strange and like my dad says, “Rickey Martin.”

  • @256

    LOL………also George Michael

    At least Clooney was married at one time. Either Gerry is gay or bi. So what? What is so alarming are the ones that refuse to believe the possibility.

  • mia

    This gay stuff is so absurd. According to some here, then, most every guy on planet earth is gay if you follow their line of thinking.

    I don’t know any man who doesn’t hang with other male friends; some even seem to prefer it to the wife and kids if they have them. They meet up with other guys at clubs and bars, they go to sporting events with other guys, they go golfing with other guys, they go fishing with other guys, they go hunting with other guys, they meet up with other guys at the gym, they play poker with other guys, etc. etc.

  • lakers fan in boston

    gerard if this is true
    i have lost all my respect for u as a man whore
    i no ur goal is 2 get the most pus-c
    but dont get desperate for any gerard, next thing u’ll no u’ll be boning fat chicks
    im disgusted, gerry X [

  • lady with a sword

    OK, gang. Let’s decide: Is handsome a womanizer or is he gay? Love the way ya’ll make up stuff to prove your dumb points. The only points are the ones on the tops of your heads.

  • oy

    @Oh Gee Wiz!: Honey, how many socks you got on this site? It’s hard to keep them all organized. I heard what the poster (you) said. You crazy and you need to get laid properly at least one time in your life before your die. Doesn’t sound like you’ve ever had that pleasure.

  • He’s BENT


    Save it Mia.
    Other men do do that stuff (who said anything about hanging out with men and having male friends, you f*uckwit?) but MOST MEN WHO ARE STRAIGHT theyve had relationships with women before. Not just “relations.”

    Try again.

    No Gerry would never bone a fat chick, Lakersfan – the fannies would be so excited if he did though, they are all fat.

  • oy

    @@249: Actually, Bianca keeps in touch with his management team. Wonder why that is.

  • oy

    @He’s BENT: It is weird that he’s always only with men in public or with females who work for him. If he’s so worried about protecting his personal business, why isn’t he nervous about the men being seen and them being harassed? Ariel and Nick have both been thrown into the fray by their association with him. Why is it he only hides the alleged women in his life if he wants to protect the people around him from the glare of the spotlight? A man his age who hangs around only with male friends, even on vacation, and hasn’t had a real long-term relationship in which he was even remotely faithful seems like he’s hiding something. Whatever it is. It will come out. He said he stays home and is quiet most of the time, but he’s been photographed and reported at nightclubs very often. He was reportedly into very young girls, and we’ve seen photos of him at co-ed’s rooms, and videos of him asking for phone numbers of college-aged girls. The threesome and kinky sex rumors flew for a while and he’s now admitted it. It was rumored he had a girlfriend and then he appeared with Bianca at the GGs. It was rumored he has a hair trigger temper, and he punched a photographer. Seems like the rumors become fact as times goes on. It is weird that he hangs around in public parks alone as often as he does, and he’s not with his dog.

  • space


    STFU! Who cares about your barking? You obsessive hateful b!itch.

  • aunt bee

    As to him worrying about his male friends and employees: I think the big boys can take care of themselves. It’s a bit different when the fangirls take out after any woman they suspect he may be personally involved with. You know the jokes. “The’ll have her name, address, nationality and job in a matter of hours.” That happened with Kristi. Even pictures of her with friends years ago were circulated. If some nuts will post the map to his house on line, nothing is beneath them.

  • Hmmm….


    Do not let detractors sway you – we hear you.
    He must leave Lolita in LA? But you are correct, he was in Central Park here in NYC a few times and Madison Park as many this week alone just walking around.
    OK so he likes to walk to clear his head but…ALL THE TIME? Never anyone to join him?
    And this time round here he hasn’t been seen with ANYONE but he is at CMJ which is funny bc Woody Harrelson is also.

    I’m sorry but for whatever it’s worth, Gerry is WEIRD weird with a capital W. And you are right, Ariel and Nick he is fine being “seen” with SOMETIMES not all the time. And now – really NOT.
    Women – forget it. If they dont work for him or evil twin, he wont even be seen with him.

    He is either gay or using professionals or he got some girls keeping their mouths shut – but how so many makes no sense.
    I think the womanizer image is so trumped up and so crazy (yes, like George Michaels was – GM was a true WHO*RE when it came to women and used to talk about it like it was sport) that it just CAN’T BE REAL.

  • What?

    I read your post twice and thought you may be saying something new but your post is about nothing, you’re saying everything that already’s been said about him. You know nothing!!!! Just making up Sh!t!!!!

  • “Alleged Women”

    EXACTLY. “Alleged.”
    There are none. LOLOL There are NONE.
    It’s a hoax we are being set up to buy and buy it we are.

  • What?

    I read your post twice and thought you may be saying something new but your post is about nothing, you’re saying everything that already’s been said about him. You know nothing!!!! Just making up Sh!t!!!!

  • parks

    Hanging out in parks alone is a gay man’s M.O.
    That and a desperate cry for public attention and to be recognized and fawned over.

  • I Call BS

    Why on earth is it weird for a person to walk through Central Park by himself? He has spent the last few weeks endlessly promoting LAC and has had to endure hours of stupid questions from babbling idiots. Not to mention having to sit through dinner with rocket scientist Jessica Simpson. No wonder he wants to have some me time. It’s called self-preservation. Sheesh!

  • mia

    OMG. Now walking in parks by yourself is suspect! Well, where I live many people go to the parks and trails by themselves to get some expercise, to think, to take some time out from the world. Good lord, get a life you creep. To think like that you must be a pervert.

  • Mia = TROLL


    Get a grip will you – I think above poster stated that walking alone in a park isn’t in and of itself strange, stupid fu*ckwit.
    Just that Gerry is ALWAYS ALONE in parks and by himself.

    There are stars with more going on and bigger BRIGHTER stars than Gerry and they aren’t ALWAYS alone. Just speculating on why that could be.

    If you don’t like it Mia, here’s an idea:
    Shove your head back in your a&& where you’ve had it the last some-odd years and try walking backwards. should occupy you for a few days.

    Speculation with some merit should not be an invitation for you to open your babbling brook lips of stupidity.

  • Dumbest Thread Ever

    “Hanging out in parks alone is a gay man’s M.O.
    That and a desperate cry for public attention and to be recognized and fawned over.”


  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @Mia = TROLL: WTF is your problem? You are just on here spewing all the while thinking you have the only right opinion.
    Here is an idea for you multi-name-changing troll, go outside for a walk. You have been here too long and you are just getting uglier the more you post. Your credibility was shot when you started agreeing with yourself two pages ago. Give it a rest…or are you on the rag and have no one else to take it out on?

  • Ha Ha

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    Oh no not YOU again. *dry heave*
    Loser. Look who’s calling the kettle…?

    Oh yeah I forgot – you haven’t been on ALLLLL DAY.
    Right. *snort*

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @Ha Ha: So that is you “oy” — how many other names do you post under. LMAO at you. It took me a whole 20 minutes to catch up on this thread after work today and you were all over it like mold.
    Apparently you have been on here all day. On a thread for someone you despise. So Elvis, are you a paid intern or poster? On unemployement? Why don’t you have a life? Spamming a thread all day on a Saturday. I don’t need to say any more.
    Curious, JurisDoc, Amen, Giggles, downlowinfo — see you on the last thread!
    As for you Miss 100 names and counting, don’t bother to reply. I won’t be back on this thread tonight!

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    cubedweller the invitation is also open to you.

  • curious cat

    @oy. Good thoughful comments, as usual. I do think the truth tends to come out after awhile. Maybe a long while. BTW, In coeds’ rooms? I never saw that one. Also, I wonder what happened with the pap who complained about getting
    punched. Wasn’t a court date set at one time?
    Then again, I don’t spend a lot of time ferreting these tidbits out, am amazed that people find them but enjoy reading the gossip!

    It is also obviously true that GB spews out a lot of comments about a lot of things, tries to be funny (not always successfully) and uses self-deprecation a lot., e.g. saying if fans really knew him they wouldn’t like him, that he doesn’t last in bed for more than 72 seconds or, telling the Scottish press who queried him that yes, he was going to be the next James Bond as long as he could get some elderly member of Parliament as his Bond girl. Then he was annoyed that he was quoted. I wouldn’t print such “news” without confirmation from the Bond people, whoever they are, especially if there were a clearly outrageous joke included in his remarks, but the entertainment press seems to have no boundaries. Some people, fans and unfans, take his flip comments as truth, even though they know he jokes a lot and the stories come out in different versions in different media. GB seems to enjoyi the shock value of the things he says.

    He may well be “hiding something” but who knows? It may not be what people assume. He’s talked in more serious interviews at battling depression, violent nightmares and other dark demons, of course his alcohol and drug abuse, and arrests, and also of a fear of someone else getting “control” over him. That last alone if it’s really profound fear may be the reason he can’t seem to commit to a lasting relationship. Some posters who claim to know him have said similar things about how he’s handled relationships in the past.

    Anyway, the “3some” remark seems to be all over a lot of threads now and dignified as “news” in some internet tabloids, which makes me shake my head and laugh. Those sites are also getting a lot of comments, some nonchalant, some negative. As hip and normal as some people think 3-somes are, there are still a lot of people out there, even younger ones, who will be shocked and disapproving.

    Hell, this is all speculation and I swore I wouldn’t go there any more.! Someone observed to me recently that reading and posting on these sites can be a harmless diversion, fun to exchange
    information and ideas with others, gossip about controversial famous people, laugh at the droll things people say on all kinds of topics–online socializing–as long as one doesn’t get obsessed with it all.

    Speaking of which, I’ve written a longer tome than even this long winded “cat” normally writes, I rarely go to celebrity sites except JJ, although I post some on sites related to my work research and hobbies.
    So I’d better get some work done here! Cheers.

  • sugar

    If you go to You Tube and type “gerry and central park” you will see a video of him being approached by fans from Argentina while sitting in the park. He was sitting alone when they spotted him. He has said repeatedly that he is a loner and loves to spend time by himself. I don’t see anything weird about that. I don’t know if he is gay or not, but to associate him hanging out in the park with being gay is silly.

  • latemail

    Most of the posters on JJ are gossip-seeking and fun-poking people who consider posting on JJ as a harmless distraction in their lives.

    However, there are people like OY who is here with a mission that is to try to destroy GB’s reputations by spreading malicious and hateful rumors about him.

    Why is OY doing this? My guess is that she used to be a big fan/stalker of GB’s and at some point was rejected/humiliated by GB. She didn’t take this rejection well and it has turned her into a big hater of GB’s. She has morphed from an obsessive fantasizing lover of GB to an obsessive hater of this man.

    To OY I would say, sorry about what happened to you but this hatred is not going to take you anywhere other than more misery and bitterness. OY, try to find a replacement for GB and move on with you life.

  • twitter….

    many tweets about gerry say hes with friends or dining with friends.
    some say things like \just saw gerry butler on the street/ but give no other details. he could be alone or with someone or in a group. u can’t get many details from twitter.

  • Giddy up


    No twitter you are WRONG.
    Most people would observe if GB was with someone or someones. That is what has happened in the past and now with Twittpics you can even follow up with a pic. Did you guys see the one of him ALONE at that club last night late? or the one from today some young girls mother posted after following him down 9th avenue?
    in both instances he was indeed ALONE. Odd I guess but if he’s battling demonic forces from within…its better that he is alone. lmao
    keep away from me with that i have issues sh*t :)

    Yep Twitter is the devil and the end of the world as we know it.
    Twittpics confirmed that.

  • sugar

    Is it always a lose lose situation with this guy? He is with females then he is a womanizer, he’s with men, then he must be gay, he is alone then he is fighting demonic forces. Come on guys!

  • JurisDoc

    POSTED THIS IN LAST THREAD – don’t know where to find you all…

    LOL I have to confess that I am kind of addicted to this stuff too. I am just finishing this thread and have to move into the other again.
    New posts keep getting added (some more insane than the others) and for some reason…a lot of it is like a sick, twisted sitcom that is prone to post by post cliffhanger.
    I did laugh at what I read of highcottonquinn and some savannah girl. Their exchange did have me on the floor.

    So – are they going to change the name of the movie from The Bounty?
    Hasnt it already been taken?
    Titles cannot considered intellectual property so….lol mayyyyybe they keep The Bounty and use “The Quicker Picker Upper” as the movie’s byline since our boy Gerry is in it and he sure as hell is.

  • JurisDoc

    @Giddy up:

    “Odd I guess but if he’s battling demonic forces from within…its better that he is alone.”

    LOL @Giddy up

  • cubedweller

    @sugar: Well said, Sugar. You summarized the craziness neatly.

  • careful # 225

    That’s why women are NOTHING to men because you are so quick to throw each other under the bus
    not winning any points with that one. Men treat each other like dog sh|t too. Killing one another for pure egotistical reasons.
    The history of straight men killing gay men is tragic. Treating those of the same sex badly is hardly limited to women.
    Your rudeness shows that not all gay men are deserving of women’s respect and protection.

  • JurisDoc

    You know why I won’t complain about ANYTHING this man is doing right now? Wandering aimlessly in city parks sans fido or not?

    Because his “odd” behavior now (if you want to call it that) is that much more refreshing than seeing him yakking it up in the 21+ nightclubs with American Idol Rejects, Dancing With The “F-listers” nobodies or chatting with Hollywood’s trashy rejectables.

    Much preferred :)

  • mia

    I’ve just discovered Imdb. All Gb’s movies are there, and there are people discussing them with a degree of intelligence. They are actually talking about plots, acting etc.

    No nuts accusing other posters of being anonymous people trying to be other anonymous posters.

    I really wish JJ would be like that. Register under one name and that’s IT. You are who you say you are. Sort of. But no more being accused of being someone else.

  • Alexa Tries to Be Funny???

    So now that boyish looking chick who interviewed Gerry on that MTV show (threesomes, butler did it sh*t) is semi-”clowning” him.
    On Thur/Fri show she had a spinning wheel thing where she was going to spin to try and and “predict” who Gerard Butler was going to date next.

    Two of the six faces were guys.

  • WTF!!

    @Alexa Tries to Be Funny???: Now that proves it. He’s got to be gay!

  • imdb

    imdb members have their share of crazies. they can delete other posters comments at will. they go off topic constantly and have smack down fights. a few months ago a long time poster was treated so madly she deleted her entire account. her crime? she had the gall to post many articles about gerry from all over the world. they said she was obsessed===that’s rich coming from them==== so she left and took all the goods with her. its a shame she didn’t come here. we would have appreciated her. mr. giggle and others have done a good job but that imdb lady was the best.

  • Wackodoo Watch New Jersey

    Do we know who that woman was??? And she never came back??
    People can be so crazy soemtimes – biting the hand that feeds them.

    Ah well. I personally dont have a problem with Oy. We need opposing veiwpoints or this place is pretty boring.

    You guys know a lot but you know…sometimes we want to hear the “where there’s smoke there’s fire” kinda dirt … ;-)

    What I have heard is that Gerry isn’t at allll like what he is portrayed as AT ALL. He keeps to himself a lot and does go out sometimes but has been pressured to go out way more times than he has actually wanted to….his handlers tell him that it’s important, money, being seen yada yada. And bc he is so agreeable etc about things that have to do wth his career, he wil go along with it not realizing he is hurting the very thing he thinks he is saving.

    He thought a little dinner that was set up with jess and crew would be aok, right? wrong. that little innocuous SHORT dinner blew up into epic proportions and 30 countries. Meanwhile gerry is like “huh?”

    i Think him being alone right now is him re-taking control…not heading back into Hollywood for a while I guess. Anyone know?

    He is SINGLE as he said in that int Thurs (awful – I mean his PE*NIS size??) but I am surrrre he has had plenty of dates.

  • CamelToeQueen


    @JurisDoc please rename Bounty. How’s about
    “Sh!tstain: On the Panties of Life” starring Maniston and Butfuk.

    works for me.

  • CamelToeQueen

    Oh Bounty is set for release in spring 2010?
    thats why butler is doing Cornholio, to avoid having to do junkets with that green slime JA.
    Repeat after me: “Gigli”

  • Alexatheman

    @Alexa tries to be Funny? #291

    Maybe one of the guys on the wheel was herself. She looks like a under-developed and under-nourished man with bucky horse teeth, a very masculine face, sickly thin limbs and a hollow chest of a TB patient. Major Ugh… Don’t let me start on her voice, that of a man who has either emphysema or asthma or both. Gerry was flirty with her but you can tell he was totally not into her.

  • ahring

    How come there hasn’t been any follow-up/confirmation from GB team on the news of Gerard starring in Coriolanus? Just curious.

  • sugar

    I wonder what effect does a father walking out on a child have on their mental state? Any psychologists in the house?

  • Downlowinfo

    Great question suar!

  • Gooberchov


    Gerry has admitted recently that he is a “UBIQUITOUS FLIRT with EVERYONE” and that is just how he is and he has no clue why people still take him seriously.
    Didn’t you hear the most recent radio interview? LOL geez.

    When does gb leave for norway. so jealous of the norway LAC’ers!!