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Gerard Butler & Jessica Simpson: Date Night?

Gerard Butler & Jessica Simpson: Date Night?

Gerard Butler and Jessica Simpson stepped out together at the exclusive Soho House on Tuesday night (October 20).

“They were at a table with friends, but Jessica and Gerard, who sat next to each other, seemed to only be interested in each other and chatted for hours,” a spy told Page Six. “They were laughing and flirting and eventually left together, along with [her hairstylist Ken Paves].”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Gerry and Jess as a couple — HOT or NOT?

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  • Sociologist

    I am not a shrink but have a degree in sociology. Sugar, I’ll bite.
    A father walking out on a baby would have no effect on the baby’s emotions. It’s how the mother is supported as the baby grows into a child then into an adult that will show in the child’s psyche. Children internalize their mom feelings. The saying “when momma’s happy everyone is happy” has some truth to it.
    GB’s mom had good support from her family and did remarry. So there shouldn’t be any problems from his dad not being present. The next question is how did the step-father treat him? How did his friends treat him growing up? Did he get mocked because his father left Scotland with his wife only to have her return w/o him because of his stupid behavior? GB’s dad was a right mess by most accounts. Maybe GB got a ribbing from people who knew his dad, and he could have internalized it by questioning “am I like my dad?” IF, and I do mean if, GB’s dad was bi-sexual that would explain why he is very comfortable hanging out with so many gay men. Some people have suggested Papa Butler frequented hookers and if GB knew about it or participated that would explain some things about his treatment of women as objects, making no emotional attachment with them and keeping the revolving door spinning. I could write more about this but your question was about a fathers influence on a child.
    We just don’t know enough about GB’s relationships with the men in his life, father, step-father, uncles, priests, to get a clear psychological picture of him.
    He’s definitely got intimacy issues. If we believe the blogger who said GB’s not a good lover and the fact he goes for really young women who can’t tell a poor lover from a great lover and are less domineering then experienced women and now the admission of threesomes that require little effort on his part \\\\\ we could surmise that he can’t or won’t make emotional connections to his partners. His closest emotional connection seems to be with his mom and his friends, primarily men. Does this mean he’s gay. No. He may fear women’s power over him (they’re also competition with mom) He seems to let his sex life run a big part of his life and women are sex, so women already have a huge influence over his mind. He may not want an individual girl having anymore power over him then she already does. So he puts mom at the top of the list, then male friends, then women friends, then lovers who’s names he doesn’t remember half the time.

  • BeverlyHillsDoc


    For the first time I feel useful…I am a child psychologist!
    for once i can answer that:
    Father Leaving: Can cause clingy adult with abandonment issues, co-dependency and/or someone with profound intimacy issues.
    Child will internalize feelings – may lash out, become a “bully.” At adult age person may have “anger management” or abuse (physical or substance) issues.

    Did his dad cheat ever and gerry know or find out? Bc that would make him a perfect DSM IV “fit” ;-) LOL
    Same-Sex Parent known Philanderer:
    Child, in attempting to reconcile wayward parents behavior may internalize parent’s behavior by just accepting it as correct morally sound EVEN IF child becomes an age where he/she can tell right from wrong (social learning ages). Unfortunately, this also means that unless therapy is sought child has potential of being desensitized to such behavior….said adult may find themselves with a profound inability to sustain adult relationships OR when in relationships that are going “well”, client my unconsiously sabotage them – and then blame the person they mistreated for “catching them (cheating)” or making them angry enough to hit them/leave.
    It is always “someone else’s fault” something didnt work out – when in deed, they are.

    Narcissism is the MOST common adult manifest of coping mechanisms for children who feel abandoned by a parent.

    Hope I helped some. Now back to Gerry!!

  • sugar

    302, that’s actually a really good description. I never thought about it this way, especially with his relation to his mother. But I have to disagree a bit with the part about his father’s absence not affecting him as long as his mother was stable. I mean a child would stil feel rejected right? It’s interesting though how people deal with these things. As far as I know both his brother and sister are married with kids. So they don’t seem to have struggled with it as much. Although who knows.

    I also agree with the part about him being like his father. Every time he spoke about his dad in interviews, I felt that there were a lot of similarities so the taking risks, being restless, struggling with family life etc. It’s all him :) I love him either way and hope that one day he will beat his demons.

  • BeverlyHillsDoc

    - YIKES its late I forgot to add: FORGIVE MY TYPOS

    Kid grows up “identifying” with same-sex parent THEREFORE viewing the opposite sex THE SAME WAY

    For instance…young son sees father leave for another woman time and time again…yet father keeps coming back time and time again to the boy’s mother – and the mother takes father back because she felt her son needed his father, so over-looks her own feelings, hurt, despair etc. for the “good of the family” (tongue in cheek there).
    Not realizing what 20 years of this revolving door (for the dad) especially when the son is able to figure out why his dad leave for 2 months here and there (women) – the mother, trying to do what she “thought” was best, had no clue what she just taught her son.

    This is an anon male client I am working with now. He is 36. He cannot be with one woman, he is not gay. He wants to, but he’ll reach a point and them BLAM. He will sabotage it – even one or two that he says “could have been good ones.”
    He is very attractive, charismatic and tall. He does not want children.
    The women that he is with are taken through the ringer and he knows it.
    He flirts w other women in front of a girlfriend – and then he gets angry when they get upset at his disrespect.
    His temper is out of control. Meaning, he worries about himself.
    Anon’s father was a drunk and a philanderer. He never left his mother for good over the 3o some odd years they were married, but, according to my anon client’s mother (yes they are stil alive) my client’s father left and returned a total of 14 times for other women throughout my clients youth.


  • notaBeverlyHillsDoc

    If GB didn’t find getting laid so easy he probably would have settled down years ago. The guy has it offered to him day and night – do you really want to base assumptions based on the cheap encounters he has under these circumstance? Are you supposing that because he doesn’t “engage” in these dalliances that it’s a reflection of his inner landscape really? If some anonymous poster (probably someone with an axe to grind because she got no respect for her behavior) says he’s not a good lover – is that your basis for assumption…pretty shaky….I think you’re digging too deep and the guy is shallow and right in front of you. I’ve been around him and there’s just not a lot there – but oodles of charm and charisma.

  • cubedweller

    @BeverlyHillsDoc: This is really thoughtful stuff, and incredibly sad. I’ve wondered how much more damaging it was for Butler’s dad to suddenly reappear in his life, rather than if he had just stayed clear of the family. Particularly at an age when most kids are struggling to figure out who they are, here comes a guy with many issues, trying to reconnect with a child he’s never known. Disorienting to say the least. My heart breaks for all those kids. Thanks for posting.

  • mysayinginthis

    People from different family background and growing up in different environment all have different issues. Some have bigger issues than others. Does this mean the world is full of walking cases of psychiatry? The answer is NO. Human beings have a free will to make decisions for their own lives. We are not passive slaves and mere by-products of our environment. And also, human spirit is a powerful thing which elevates us from our physical circumstances that try to bog us down. Throughout history there have been countless people who have refused to let outside forces determine their lives. Gerard can do it too.

  • Hello Stupids 307/308

    @307 and 308
    I don’t think Doctor or Sociologists commentors were making assumptions about Gerard idiots.
    I think they were just answering Sugar’s questions.

    CAPTAIN OBVIOUS says we ALL HAVE FREE WILL – NO F&CKING SH&T, #308 and #307, way to post the f&cking obvious.
    But it is nice and this is the forum to do it – to speculate how a person acts the way he or she does and why.

    We are all the products of our environs so stop trying to be so smart when you are not #307/308.


  • Hello Stupids 306/308

    Your comment is OK its the idiot who try and force the actual good posters out that piss me off!!

  • @Dumb 306

    Oh and I am sure because “you’ve been around” gb that you know him.
    You know how many people have BEEN AROUND GB???
    Half the free world! Events, tv shows, movie premieres…he is on “stage” putting on a show at a night club.

    You are not an effective barometer as to what GB is about AT ALL, please take your things and leave immediately.



    Not sure who said this (306?) but NEWSFLASH: all “stars” find getting laid easy.
    You obviously haven’t been around that many celebs.
    I have two friends who were banging Mickey Rourke. PLEASE. He looks like sh*t.
    Gene Simmonns, Nic Cage – all ugmo but I m sure pull plennntty of tail , sweetie.

    Any athlete, musiciam, actor, doctor has access….options.


  • Stoopidity

    Hello Stupids, #309 and #310,

    The biggest dumbas*s is you. On the surface you are propagating free speech on this open forum but at the same time you are shouting down and calling other posters ugly names who are simply expressing their opinions on this issue. This illogical response shows what a moron and dumbas*s you are.

    BTW, did your mom pull you out of school because you had become too big a distraction at school? Or did you get kicked out? Now it’s high time that you got a proper education. Moron.

  • frank


    Thats fine and dandy and a nice idea but gerald is not being told nor made to do anything about what he is. His state is not life-threatening, nor does it keep him from living, being, functioninng.

    If his emotional state did impede his living/existence then maybe he’d be driven to do somehting about it but it isnt so he doesnt.

  • Dara Reed


    My guess is you are #306? LOL I wouldnt get so bunched up.

    I dont know Gerard butler but I dont find him attractive at all. my opinion.

  • Stone

    You mean fright night.

  • bla85

    OMG I have to stop reading this thread and go for a walk! I know I must be WEIRD :)

  • BevHillsDoc BS

    The so called Beverly Hills Doc is not a Dr. at all but a troll who went back over the old threads and rehashed what was already said.
    Looks like one of the regular crazy posters wanting attention.

  • lonely boy
  • curious cat

    I agree the Bev Hill doc and the sociologist were only weighing in on possibilies of what happens to kids with absent fathers.

    @latemail, I can’t see all the anger in oy that you see. Anyway, I found oy’s comments observant and similar to what others have said. One of my great peeves on these threads is that any ANYONE who says ANYTHING critical of GGG (and I think I may have coined that term, which others are now using) sooner or later gets accused by someone else of being a reject GB dumped or slighted.

    Yes, this is a free speech forum but the personal attacks on each other’s supposed problems are gratutous. We don’t even know each other.

    Let’s face it, none of us WOULD be here if we didn’t have SOME interest in GB and/or his career. I think there are a lot of legitimate fans or near-fans or early fans who thought he looked like a special talent and are just dismayed by the rumors, some of his behavior and the focus on appearances clubbing, parties, etc. Perhaps he has been pushed to schmooze more than he wants to, to the point of overkill, to foster his career –good point someone made above.

    Incidentally, all the psychology above reminded me of one TV interview during or after a red carpet event in which GB told a reporter it made him nervous to hear so many people screaming his name, that he automatically felt as if he had done something wrong!

  • psych

    For those analysing Gerry’s behavior b/c his parents divorced, keep in mind he has an older brother AND sister who are both married with children. They seem to be just fine at relationships. Also, Gerry was a baby when his mother left his father. He probably didn’t even remember him, and he was 15-16 when his father showed up again. At that point his mother was already in a relationship with the man who would become his step-father.
    If Gerry has relationship issues (and yet Brian, his brother does not) I don’t think you can conclude it was because of an absentee father. They shared the exact same experiences.

  • tallntan

    Every child reacts differently to ongoing drama between parents and also remember Gerry has said that they struggled financially which probably means that his real father didn’t support the family…..that could create some real anger.

  • @curious cat

    Curious cat, you said that you don’t see the anger in OY. Come on. In one post OY wanted to nuke the whole Midwest because he/she didn’t like the moral values commonly shared by the Midwesterners. If that’s not anger I don’t know what is.

  • oy

    Why thank you, Curious, but I have to say that the real interest isn’t so much in GB as it is in the insane fanbase that is obsessed with him to the point where they fan out on the internet and at public events to represent him and protect the image they have created for the man. Gerry said, “Educate them” and they took it to heart. It’s like Jim Jones and his following.

    If Gerry had gotten tossed in jail for hitting that photographer, they’d have held candlelight vigils outside the prison and sending Anthrax to the presiding judge on the case. But, as he always does, Gerry managed to slip out of that – probably by paying off the photographer to settle out of court.

    I wanted to add to this discussion about psychology of abandonment that actors such as Pierce Brosnan, Lloyd Bridges, and many others did not have father figures in their lives, yet they went on to be devoted family men in long term relationships. People who make excuses for Gerry’s behavior based on his father’s behavior are saying the equivalent of thieves will have children who are thieves, murderers will have children who are murderers, and philanderers will have children who are philanderers. They give them a free pass instead of expecting them to do better.

    Whereas, most who hail from difficult backgrounds who are any kind of decent people try to distance themselves from following in their parent’s footsteps. Others just use it as an excuse. In fact, Gerry doesn’t even seem to use it as an excuse, but his fans are the ones who make it an excuse for him. The guy was raised with a solid parent influence and family direction. He had a mother and stepfather who did a great job providing for him, which he ungratefully seems to dismiss as if it was nothing – putting him through college, traveling on family trips, and letting him go to America for an extended visit in which he traveled throughout the country. He blew off the job he had when he came here and admits that he did so because he wanted to party instead. He didn’t have a parent molesting him like McKenzie Phillips did. He didn’t have parents using him like Drew Barrymore. Exactly what hardship was there to overcome? Thousands of children grow up without one or both parents – some of whom are homeless, and they turn into productive, decent members of the community. The fangurlz make it sound like he can’t help that he acts like an oversexed frat boy because his mother left his Dad when he was too young to even remember his father for Christ’s sake.

    What they’re saying there is no way to evolve and overcome one’s background (even though many have). They say this because it is convenient for Gerry and for them to paint him as a little boy in pain because they like to Mommy him and feel that he needs them to do so via their fanmail, blubbering at premieres, the stupid gifts they send him, etc. I wonder how many of them invest as much in their own kids and spouses. It sounds like Gerry is their #1 priority and I wonder how many of them would lke to hear their children complaining one day that their parent was so pre-occupied with their celebrity obsession that they were not there for them and it resulted in them becoming failures are human beings. I’ll bet they wouldn’t accept such an excuse from their own children as they’re willing to take from Gerry.

    They need him far more than he will ever need them. It’s why they can’t let go and live their own lives and why they attack any of us who don’t share their rose-colored glasses or emotional need to save poor Gerry.

    Whenever I can stir them up, I do. I think they’re not only morons, but dangerous to society. The more people like them let others get away with murder, the more the rest of society has to put up with and clean up the mess.

    I give it half an hour before one of them goes ballistic on my comments, like usual.

  • oy what a moron

    You think someone is reading your posts? I read the first couple of sentences and just passed on by.
    So are you really a jilted one-time f*ck Gerard didn’t call back? Only way I can explain your passion for dissing so continually and under so many names.
    Who gives a rat’s ass what you believe. curiouscat needs to get a clue.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    let’s analyze oy.
    she hates on others because they like a movie star they will never meet.
    she posts novellas to try and make her point that the movie star is worthless.
    she posts how stupid his fans are because they can’t clearly see that oy is the only one right point of view.
    she belittles all that don’t share her perspective and bullies when anyone comes back at her.
    my diagnoses: woman scorned. oy must have been girl #2 in the 3some and didn’t get any peen. oy has an agenda. Didn’t like coming in 2nd place or no place at all.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Don’t bother coming back at me oy. We all know you hate and belittle me because I have things that you don’t have, a husband, career, and a true sense that you are a bully. So give it your best shot lowlife.
    Let’s see, my husband is a blow up doll, was that your latest?
    I’m a nurse, ha ha in my dreams, did I get that right?
    Haven’t been on all day, *snort* did I get that right?
    I’m a total fangurl.
    Did I leave anything out bully?
    It is about time that someone told you to get a life. You have manipulated this thread long enough to drive the regular posters away. I think you have done enough damage.
    So what if Gerry has fans of him or his work. Who made you the taste patrol? I for one am totally sick of you and your bullying.
    If you hate everything Gerard Butler, why the fvck are you here? Can’t yell at him so you are looking for the next best thing? What a loser. What a pathetic hag you must be to spend so much energy in this fashion.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    oy is a moron…she is not a moron, she is a dumped hag.

  • Heather Newton, MA

    I like Oy :-(
    She is the only one here who tells it like it IS. GB is a DAMAGED man. Being a fan of his is a little like watching a train wreck itself. You can’t quite pull away yet…
    I don’t buy she is a woman that has ever been “had” by GB either.
    I don’t know why one heckler TROLL is attacking BevHillsDoc or Sociologist! You gusy are so stupid! If you go on the net, the DSM says a different variation of what they said – they weren’t diagnosing GERRY just men who have abandonment issues and what COULD happen – boy are you guys dumb! I’m, 21 and even I can see that!!
    We are all nature/nuture products. We have the POTENTIAL to be categorized ALL OF US. Can you guys bring your brains the next time you come in this thread in stead of leaving them at the door like it seems??

    I say let be. all you. Stop jumping down other posters throats and get back to what is interesting: what an a%%clown Gerard Butler is making of himself!! LOL

  • tallntan

    What I don’t get is why all these people who don’t like Gerry take the time to read all of this stuff and post to this board. It wouldn’t occur to me to go talk about say…..Zac Efron or Brad Pitt….they don’t interest me.
    Gerry may be effed up but aren’t we all to some extent? He’s hot and a great actor. Nuff said.

  • Heather Newton, MA

    And Manless I likely (what does that mean??) – I didnt even see Oy mention your name in her posting! Can’t you guys put this energy into more dirt on this man! LOL

    I can’t even believe I was such a big fan…after what an idiiot he was on Alexa and reading more about him here…I think I’ll just be a fan of his work (sometimes, I hated LAC – it was dumb and gory for no reason with a sh*tty ending that made no sense) and not the man.

    All the girls in my dorm are already moving on from Gerard which is funny he was like a summer love for some. Not literally mind you ! Don’t wanna start any rumors! LOL

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @Heather Newton, MA: That is oy under one of her other names.
    And you’re right, Gerry’s sh!t does stink. As does oy’s. Wasn’t it oy earlier in this thread or the other thread calling Gerry out as gay?
    But whether you are a fangurl and or not, no one deserves the abuse she is rifling left and right. A bully is a bully.
    The regulars have all gone to another thread because of the craziness she has elicited. When I say regulars, I mean the straight-talking, non-rose-colored glasses wearing bunch.
    And oy is not a voice of reason. oy has an agenda. You need to read the last couple of threads so you can get a true sense of who oy is.
    And be careful who you are calling dumb little one. Obviously you are new to this party.
    Gerry is going to do whatever he wants and good for him. He has to answer for his choices, not us. I think he is sexy as hell but he is just about as flawed as they come.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @tallntan: ITAWY.
    Heather: If you can’t figure out the reference to Aniston, then why should I explain?

  • Heather Newton, MA

    OMG what>>>? i am NOT OY!!! At least I actually post under my name and not some moniker!!!! >:-(
    You guys – JJ is on TWITTER – he sends links out every single day to every signle person on Twitter! Personally my best friend loves GB, I am on the fence, SHE told me to read this blog bc of the crazinesss and GB rumors.
    There are more than two or three posters here you know now that Gerard is a big huge star. There are a lot of lurkers and you guys need to get used to it even if you were his fans when he was not so “big.”

    He has a lot of fans of all ages and ranges now – why cant you guys accept tthat????
    If you can’t I suggest you find someone else to worship bc this guys ship has sailed to the mainSTREAM.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @Heather Newton, MA: Sorry if I didn’t make myself clear. I did not say you are oy. I meant that the troll picking apart beverlyhillsdoc and others was oy. she does that. She snarks on posters under other monikers and then comes in and writes a long diatribe of her point of view so she appears different than what she really is. Again sorry to infer you were oy. Like I said, you are new to the party.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    OT…congrats to the Yankee fans. I was pulling for the Angels, but want to wish you luck in the World Series.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    BTW Curious, if you are looking for us we took your advice from a previous crazy thread. Hope to see you there.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Well going to bed and then to work in the morning. That gives you almost 24 hours to belittle and rip into me. Have at it. Just prove my point. Goodnight to everyone else.

  • good grief

    Why do some posters insist that if someone says something negative about Gerry or his behavior that they must have been “jilted”? That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard – well, that and calling them a “bully”. Why not state what it is that you disagree with instead of the name calling? It just shows how inarticulate you are, if you can’t have a discussion/disagreement without taking it personally and resorting to insults and non-sensical conclusions..
    I personally like to hear all points of view – the negative ones and the “fawning” ones – even if I don’t agree with them. And if I don’t agree with something strongely, I’ll articulate why and state my own opinion.

  • oy

    There is one person here who posts under a variety of names. That person just spent half this page going off on me not just because I do not share her Gerry lunacy and I speak the truth, but because I told everyone here about her secret website on which she writes in great detail about the ways she’d like to shag Gerry. She also believes that he reads her site and responds to her. She believes he likes what she writes. I’m not joking.

    Oy is the only name I comment with here. Some here like to think the other people who comment with the truth about GB are all me, but they’re not. It’s nice to know I am not alone, especially since I know how that upsets some here.

    I also didn’t say GB was gay. I responded to those who said he spent a lot of time alone and that he was gay. I commented that it was weird that he spent a lot of time alone in a public park. It doesn’t help dispel the gay rumors to make yourself look like George Michael in a variety of ways, especially when you also have the stubble and the sunglasses.

    To be clear, I do not think he is trying to pick up men in the park. It is my belief that he’s in the park trying to pick up schoolchildren and wayward squirrels.

    There, that should set her off for a few more pages. LMAO

  • wow – hypocrisy

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    she posts novellas to try and make her point that the movie star is worthless.

    Um, Manless – you do the same about Jennifer Aniston.
    Let’s just say that everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter how much they post and bore others with it.

  • Heather Newton, MA

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    That’s OK :) no offense taken!
    I so hate the evil empire though :( Im rooting for the philys.

    Please tell me that you guys are lying, and that Gerry has had a girlfriend in his life ??? – he is kind of old (well, not old old) to never have a girlfriend, don’t you think?
    That, well, doesnt make sense?

    By the way I live in Newton! Stupid town. Close to Boston! Who else northeasters here?

  • jiltedandnasty

    Heather Newton, MA,

    You are definitely new to the party. Throughout all of her posts on the other threads about GB, OY has demonstrated repeatedly that she has an agenda and is on a mission, to inflict as much damage as possibe to GB. I think this much hatred toward GB, a total stranger in every sense of the word, can only come from the possibility that she was once jilted and scorned by GB.

    Each time when other posters questioned her motive for being so hateful toward GB, she usually resorts to bullying and hurling filthy name-calling tactics.

    I have read most of the posts on GB’s threads and so far I have sorted out OY as the only poster who will go any length to denounce GB and bully other posters along the way if they don’t agree with her.

    Watch out , I am calling all visiting posters on GB’s threads. OY is no accidental commentator here; she is a venomous and insidious snake who uses this open forum to spew her poison and spread vicious rumors about Gerard Butler. Her ultimate goal? Bring down or at least inflict max damages to GB through internet. These are my thoughts.

  • oy

    @good grief: Appreciate the attempt at adding sane commentary here, but you’re wasting your time. Their only defense when anything is said against Gerry is that everyone is jilted. I’ve been accused here as trying to ruin his public image and his career. Like commenting on one entertainment site is going to make the world stop spinning. That just shows you how important every aspect of his career is to some members of his fanbase. They fan out like a battalion to promote and defend him. If you dare to say something they don’t approve of, it’s the firing squad for you. She keeps hoping I’ll spill the beans on some of my personal life, so she can try to figure out who I am. But I won’t take the bait. Gerry doesn’t want them on his doorstep and neither do I.

  • oy

    @jiltedandnasty: Didn’t do to sleep, did you Manlesston/GFW? The “filthy name-calling” part gave you away. You’re the only one who calls me filthy. I feel so special.

  • @oy


    To be clear, I do not think he is trying to pick up men in the park. It is my belief that he’s in the park trying to pick up schoolchildren and wayward squirrels.
    Hahahaha! I personally think that he is an attention seeker and craves public recognition. He also probably goes to look for tail – male or otherwise!

  • oy
  • Heather Newton, MA

    OK can i say something?
    A few of my friends who used to LOVE LOVE gb, now talk some shit about him and they never met him, they just said they read too much on the ‘net and now think he is a douche blah blah blah and some still like him and want to have his kids (one day, too young now lol!).

    But I think Gerard may have done too much in his (OMG RECENT!!!) past and now that he is like a big star and stuff it comes cropping up and you guys know that my generation LIVESSSS on the internet! It’s all out there for the world to see. LOL in school right now we have a lot of downtime (seniors) and that’s just what we do…find things on our faves and not so faves…Gerard has like half really really bad stuff and half um, ok stuff. We saw a story by an ex-girlfriend of his or ex freind with benefits named Bridget. He seems like a little bit of a oser sometimes and i think coming to boards we are trying to find or at least see that he is showing some sign of changing. When so far he isn’t…:(

    Hahahahah at Oy – squirrels it is then!

  • JA DUMPED!!!

    By the way…Jen might be crying in her Cheerios come the morning…
    John Mayer and Rashida JOnes “canoodling” at the Chateau Marmot last night ;-) he even told an onlooker he was on a date and he even SANG!!!


  • wtf

    it was reported this morning that bcoop dumped renee zellweger yesterday bc he “wanted space.” hmmmmmm

    explain what the hell is going on.

    sorry gb fans for the disruption

  • @ #329 Heather

    You gusy are so stupid! boy are you guys dumb! Stop jumping down other posters throats
    Take your own advice kiddo, stop beating up on other posters. We can answer a lot of your questions but don’t act like an ass.
    Any long time poster should resist answering questions about Gerry if asked in a bullying or condescending manner.
    Be careful with this one everybody, she may be baiting for a reason other than pure personal interest.