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Ian Somerhalder: August Man Attractive

Ian Somerhalder: August Man Attractive

Ian Somerhalder rocks a Dolce & Gabbana shirt and Pudel skinny jeans in the November 2009 issue of August Man.

Here’s what the sexy 30-year-old Vampire Diaries star had to share with readers…

On his ideal role: “The one I’m doing right now, actually.”

On his transition from acting to modeling: “Fashion was a ton when I was young but, not being particularly as tall as one would need to be as a model (however I did fairly well) and not particularly seeing myself doing it for any length of time beyond it being a stepping stone into film and TV. The goal was: make money as a model and sink into acting training.”

On keeping his private life private: “It’s all very simple, actually. I’ve been left alone for the most part really. It doesn’t seem that what I do off the set is of importance to anyone!”

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Photos: Mitchell McCormack
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  • Ali

    is it just me or does he look like an older zac efron?

  • Forocoches


  • Angela

    @Forocoches: Nahh, he looks better than Zac Efron.

  • alicia

    He is smoking! I know he is going to age so gracefully. I agree Angela he is totally hotter than Zac Efron. Ian is the whole package and I can’t wait for more Vampire Diaries!

  • pup

    Mmmmm. I prefer his character over the other guy’s on the vampire diaries. The villian is ALWAYS hotter. ;P

  • hpets12

    LOL. i thought the same thing. especially if u look at his picture on twitter! that picture definitely looks like he could be an older zac efron.
    but i agree with everyone else…. he is definitely HOTTER!!! just his vibe and his EYES! <3

  • Saudia

    yummy .. oh man he’s so hot .. love me some Ian!! Vampire Diaries is an awesome show, new addiction :) <3

  • MMM

    love him! he’s sooo hot =D and i thoght he’s kinda look like Zac. Lol

  • dundies

    lol i hate to be one, but some of imdb pictures are pretty far as aging gracefully ha though he is a looker

  • lady


    Long live IAN! He’s gorgeous.

  • angel

    What the hell is up with his freakish eyebrows???

  • jessie

    sooooooooo good lookinggg!!

  • anon

    He looks very much the part of the wicked vampire in the shot of his with the navy jacked and pick shirt…awesome personality & eyes…simply fangtastic ;-)

  • the_boyfriend

    i’m not really feeling this shoot.
    i remember in 06′ i thought he was it.

  • meh

    sigh… love him so much. he gives great interviews and looks gorgeous every time.

  • babyface

    Ian Somerhalder,Zac Efron and Chace Crawford
    they sort of look alike……..maybe its there eyes………they have nice blue eyes…….n there all hott!!!!!!

  • athena

    @babyface: Don’t forget Kevin Zegers too…and Hugh Dancy…they could all be brothers…or related…yeah, hot guys…I’d like to see them all do a film together. As brothers and cousins or friends.

  • Cooh

    don’t forget jared leto

  • me

    do not compare with the others! he can act. That’s a big difference from them. And he’s drop-dead gorgeous :)

  • soms

    I guess he has to look pale, given the character he portrays. Still gorg though. I’d like to see him in a quality adult drama show (sv and vd do not count).

  • ellie’

    He is gorgeous…….

  • ace11

    nicky hilton blew him

  • ganymede30324

    It’s the eyes. He’s ‘otherworldly”. Ian’s been fantastic since “Rules of Attraction”, even in that horrible HBO show “Tell Me You Love Me”! Damon is a role he clearly sinks his teeth into, and he’s wickedly awesome!

  • Cee

    I adore Ian. He’s so great! And these pictures are pretty killer!

  • awesome


  • Atanaska

    So beautiful!

  • Maria

    He is seriously gorgeouse! He gives me goosebumps!

  • Mary284


    Does anyone know if he has a girlfriend at the moment?

    He dated Maggie Grace a while ago, but they broke up, right?

  • julie

    OMG… he is SOOOO GAY!! this guy is not sexy at all…

  • male

    how short is he??

  • Val

    i’m seriously going to buy that magazine :D

  • heissoohot

    grrr. why is he so effin hot?!!! Those eyes r beautiful! Damn him!

  • Jen

    he is a great villain, even funny at times. Not my fav on the show but awesome nonetheless

  • DT

    He totally looks like a young Rob Lowe!

  • sara

    He is a good actor because on evry movie is totally different. Being handsome doesn’t count ;) when he is on the stage HE DOES THE DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Taryn

    I have never had a tv crush before, but when i started to watch vampire diaries holy man Ian has broke that 1st for me. Killer show I can wait to see more!!

  • Mari!

    OMG! I’m crazy about this man! The hotness

  • lullaby

    I looove him.. i think he’s the hottest man in the world!! and his eyes and his eyebrows are sooo special n_n
    and he’s perfect like damon <3

  • victoria

    Ian, Zack and Chase all have similar features…but THIS MAN IAN, maybe because he plays such a bad boy in vamp diaries…He is SFKG HOTTTT…a little more mature and a LOT of YUM!

  • JennyMiami

    @angel: I know, right?! His eyebrows look so creepy especially in the first picture with the white shirt. Other than that, I would totally hit that every which way possible.

  • JennyMiami

    @angel: I know, right?! His eyebrows look so creepy especially in the first picture with the white shirt. Other than that, I would totally hit that every which way possible.

  • cindy1984

    I would do such nasty things to this boy. MMMMMMMMMMM.

  • NYC Girl

    @ganymede30324: I cannot believe Ian Somerhalder was on that trashy HBO show “Tell Me You Love Me”. This show was so trashy and sexually explicit. And I know the sex was simulated but it looked very really. There was full frontal nudity. I thought less of him after that.

  • Stone

    Is that the constipated look?

  • Alexandra

    In The Tie picture he looks like chace crawford, exept more mysterious lol

  • Alexandra16

    i meant scarf with jacket and t-shirt, not the tie

  • Alexandra

    i meant the one with the sweater and jacket and scarf (or what ever it is)

  • sean 69


  • Traceylynn

    I loved him in Marco Polo…remembering when I did a report in Mira Mesa College on Marco Polo…this was my first exposure of him…Besides the story line his looks are pleasing to my eyes.

  • http://youtube purple_frost

    oh my gosh!i hope so that i could find who looks like ian.because i know that it’s very impossible to have a hollywood star boyfriend..i reall love his attitude especially when he’s u ian!!