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Jennifer Aniston's Ex Goes Gay!

Jennifer Aniston's Ex Goes Gay!

British model Paul Sculfor, Jennifer Aniston‘s ex, films a steamy kissing scene with a male actor in Madrid, Spain on Thursday (October 22).

After shooting multiple takes of the steamy scene, Paul put his robe back on and casually walked away.

Paul, 38, who has also dated Cameron Diaz, was filming a scene for the Italian film Di Di Hollywood, scheduled to be released next year.

You can catch Paul in the upcoming movie Psychosis, where he’ll act alongside former Buffy actress Charisma Carpenter, and next year’s Baseline.

10+ pictures inside of Paul Sculfor‘s gay kissing scene…

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paul sculfor gay kiss 01
paul sculfor gay kiss 02
paul sculfor gay kiss 03
paul sculfor gay kiss 04
paul sculfor gay kiss 05
paul sculfor gay kiss 06
paul sculfor gay kiss 07
paul sculfor gay kiss 08
paul sculfor gay kiss 09
paul sculfor gay kiss 10

Photos: Famepictures
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  • Lurker

    Jared, are you suggested everyone goes gay once they have dated Jen. Ummm. LOl I kid, I kid.

  • Teri

    Manniston says it all.

  • hehehe

    They either go gay or find a real woman. What a track record for old Jennie Poo.

  • marissa

    wow nice title jared

  • anne marie


    How old are you people? He’s filming a movie. If what you say about Jennifer then you have to say it about Cameron Diaz also. Grow up please.

  • Zoe

    I think Cameron Diaz would turn anyman gay before Jennifer Aniston would.


    Sorry, but those pics are just gross. And then Paul is wearing a THONG too. Yuckers.

  • Sarah.NL

    Wow, indeed Cameron Diaz dated him too !! And it’s for a movie.. djeez..

  • liverwurst

    Talk about trying to pad your clicks JJ. Everyone knows he still dates Cameron…Jen only went out with him for a few weeks before she cut him loose.

  • wendy

    WOW such an unhealthy obsession people have with Jen, my god when will you get a life!! So because they went on a couple of dates that were never even confirmed (unlike with Diaz who he dated) you just brand him JAs ex? Jared you are getting great at this, maybe you could get a job at some pathetic tabloid, you clearly have the nack!! PUKE!!

    Of course putting Jen’s name wil lget you more traffic since you know that Brageloonies will be all over this, so sad!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    he’s not even a celebrity.


    damn aniston cant even keep a gay one,sooo sad,brad got out just in time,lol

  • hello1

    wow big FEET, would love to taste them.

  • julie

    jen likes publicity when she thinks they are favorable to her only? if she seeks fame all the time the good comes with the bad, jen the chin can’t have it both ways, paying for boy friends to make her noticeable, so shallow, Paul dumped jen and ran to Cameron, every one knows how manley ,shallow, and dumb jen is, that’s no surprise.

  • carrie

    @anne marie: it’s true the top title is misleading but really catchy

  • Dawn9476

    LOL. I wouldn’t call him Jennifer’s ex. They went on like one date..

  • Dawn9476


    It really is scary the hatred they have for her.

  • rhonda

    Everyone in Hollyweird is gay or a drug addict or both!

  • Dawn9476


    Oh please. He didn’t dump Jen for Cameron. There was several months between the one or two dates he had with Jennifer and when he started dating Cameron.

  • fresh


  • Dawn9476

    I love how people blame Paul and Jennifer not working out all on her. Maybe it was the fact that he lives in London and the fact that she is deeply rooted in LA was why they didn’t pursue a relationship.

  • sooo

    what a turn off!

  • no longer a fan

    Sorry to say but Jen lost so much self respect by her own doing.

  • Jorden

    I love you Jared. XD

  • Anonymous

    Let’s try a little fairness here, Jared. Cameron Diaz – remember her – is Paul Sculfor’s latest ex. They dated, shacked up together for over a year in LA, New York and England. He maybe dated Jennifer Aniston for a couple of weeks in 2007. Try it again. This is Cameron Diaz’ ex making a gay flick. Thank you.

  • lea

    then John Mayer is JA ‘s ex
    right .
    all i can say is : JA loves her some gays men for a cover!!
    Rumor has it she ‘s gay herself but she’s afrais of the minivan majority opinion .
    She even has a mini penis


  • Pete


    He’s obviously wearing it because it is flesh colored and they want him to appear naked.

    As for the gross comment: Grow up little brace-kid.

  • laura2

    Really Jared??
    Jennifer Aniston was seen with this guy, what, 2 times?
    And yet, she’s the one on the thread’s title when Cameron Diaz dated him for months… and after Aniston!
    You obviously do that to get brangelina’s loons hits…pathetic.

  • Heidi’s used tampon

    Ugh, disgusting. Why does Jared insist on pushing the gay agenda on this site?

  • lol

    So the reason why Paul hooked woith Aniston and Diaz, is because he wants to be an actor. And he is desperate because he agrees to be in those B movies.

  • LuckyL

    I don’t even know who is the focus of this.

  • bubba

    Every person J.A. and C.D. has dated has been gay. Nothing wrong with that, but when are these gals going to come out of the closet and stop being pathetic beards?


    LMAO, hahahahahaha — I thought for SURE, you were talking about John Mayer. Why not put up a thread about John’s exploits at a gay bar recently where he purportedly had the time of his life! Cool dude to admit it — I say he comes out in 5…4…3…
    Oh and let’s not forget Mayer’s snog with Perez!!


  • faith faith

    Maniston turns them Gay.

  • anon

    This guy was hired for Jen by CAA. He was hired for Diaz too.

  • anon

    Jen NEVER dated Sculfor, Mayer or Vaughn in reality. It was all FAKE. They are all bisexual and were hired by CAA to fulfil public curiosity and compete with Pitt/Jolie at certain strategic times such as Cannes, Oscars, wrap party etc… In reality Jen lived her own life. It was a public fa├žade : a performed, scripted SHOWMANCE for PR dollars. This is reality, not what you read in trash tabloids.

  • anon

    In fact Diaz was dating Drew Barrymore, not Sculfor. He was HIRED to cover for her.

  • jane

    It’s funny how all of Jennifer & Cameron’s ex ‘boyfriends’ seem to be gay. Fake couple alerts!

  • ****

    Dating Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz would drive any man into the crotch of another dude.

  • Kate

    I love gays!

  • Not impressed with JA

    First Mayer claim that he wants to sodomize a guy when there are rumors about them going for a ‘baby one more time’, now this ?
    What does she do to them ?

  • Not impressed with JA

    Jen and Cameron like to exchange guys who like to twist and round genders and …holes.
    They both went with Mayer and Sculfor. I think Mayer and Sculfor are better together though…

  • Not impressed with JA

    Wow, the Jenr*tards are now playing their favourite game : belitteling or refusing to acknowledge the realness of the former relationship they were so eager to boost when he was with jen. How predictable

  • liverwurst

    @Not impressed with JA: You loons stalking Jennifer is very predictable too.

  • Not impressed with JA

    Boo hoo, cry me a river Liversh*t,
    you loons stalking AJ have no business criticize others for what you have been doing on a PROFESSIONAL scale, moron.

  • Mary

    Just Jared – good bye, Will not come back to this site. Keep on with the hate, guess that what these sites are for. (by the way Jennifer and Paul only dated for what a month or two – Cameron for over a year) Anyway, if some one is gay why make it a big deal or if some one is bi – like Angelina Jolie. You continue to breed hate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pamz

    Paul has really ‘spread out’ a bit or maybe it’s just a bad photo. Wasn’t it him who appeared in the Next ads, looking slim and trim? The kiss looks so damn awkward too.

  • Billie

    That’s just gross! Disgusting!

  • Jimmy

    It’s funny and complicated at the same time :

    Bi-Jolie knows how to keep straight men but Hetero-Jen turns a straight man gay.

  • Frupina

    When an actress plays a bi/lesbian in a film, it’s considered a film, but when it’s a male actor, suddenly it’s a “gay flick” ?

    What was Gia ? A dyke flick ?