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Nicole Richie's New Fashion Line: Winter Kate!

Nicole Richie's New Fashion Line: Winter Kate!

Nicole Richie will be debuting a new contemporary woman and baby clothing label called Winter Kate in the spring.

Earlier in the year, the 28-year-old designer launched her own jewelry line, House of Harlow 1960, in addition to a maternity collection, Nicole for a Pea in the Pod.

The new line, which gets its name from her daughter Harlow‘s middle names, will feature 37 new pieces including chiffon tops, long slip dresses, jackets, and vests that will be available at most major department stores.

“It feels as though I’ve always been working on this collection, but officially I started putting it together in early 2009,” Nicole told WWD. “Fashion should be accessible. That was my philosophy when designing House of Harlow 1960 and it remains my philosophy for Winter Kate.”

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  • sekkle

    Nicole has really settled down well. It’s so obvious that she’s happy with her life right now, which must be so much more fulfulling than loafting with Paris Hilton. Speaking of Hilton, she’s been quiet lately. Not that I’m complaining by any means.

  • Channy

    Awww where’s little Sparrow’s fashion line??

  • me

    I hope it will be available in Europe too!
    I like her style and am sure her line will include some creative and nice clothes…or I hope so!

  • me

    I like her style! I´m sure her line will include some creative and nice clothes…or I hope so!

    I hope it will be available in Europe too!

  • Jorden

    Its nice to see a fresh new Nicole. She’s grown up a lot, which is not only good for herself, but for her children as well. I bet Lionel is proud…!

  • hopeso

    That is so nice and naming it Winter Kate Cool….Good luck to Nicole

  • lakers fan in boston

    i wonder if any of her fashion lines are doing well
    cuz i think ive seen some of her work and it wasnt all that great

  • Stone


  • interneta pieslēgums

    Oh, Nicole. I think you’re so amazing.

  • jimmy


    What do you think of this ? Is it too close for comfort or JUST RIGHt? I think this is a great pick!

  • james

    This is a good pick Jimmy! Let Mendel know we are here now. But we still have the intruder problem to deal with. See my last email to you about it.

  • james

    Jimmy, Sound of Music is on ABC and they are about to get to the Capt. and Maria kissing scene!!

  • james

    Jimmy, I’m calling it a night on the Beyonce thread, but not here! I still have something to discuss with you. Are you here?

  • jimmy

    Just got here actually! And I said GOODNIGHT on the Beyonce Bond thread!

    sorry but i was bouncing around between threads!! LOL!

  • jimmy

    I do not want you to miss your Sound of Music KISSING scene!!
    whoo hooo!
    I just LOVE that Christopher Plummer guy! He Looks just like Daniel! and I loved him in the Sound of Music role!! So hot and sharp!

  • jimmy


    It is a very exclusive club and only the SMARTEST most ESP-sharp people can join!!

    JAMES..seriously, do you send the invite to Mendel or should I? I don’t think I am allowed to bec you are the groups owner…

  • james

    The kissing scene has been over for a while now. I actually had it on but missed it because I was trying to set up the google group thing. I sent you your invite to the email for us to test, but not sure this is going to work for us Jimmy. Looks like it will display the names on our email accounts and not our nicknames, and then since I set it up, it has me as the owner. Not sure I want that. I just said let’s test it a little before we put it into action. May not be anonymous enough.

  • jimmy

    as the Owner of the group…. you can go into your Google GROUP account page and change your ‘name’ that is visible.

    I am pretty sure you have an account page, and you can change how posters see your name when emails are sent.

  • jimmy


    let me know if that works for you.

    I know there is a way to change your account information…

  • james

    Jimmy, I think we need to use this thread for now until we can find a suitable alternative. That google groups is not very good from what I can tell. Too much clicking here or there, too much navigation required. We need something simple!

  • jimmy


    are you here? the google group thing is a bit confusing for me. Should I try to find the YAhoo groups thing?

  • james

    I’m here Jimmy. Check into yahoo if you want. But don’t worry about tonight. We can use this thread until we find something. I’m ready to call it a night for real I think. This intruder problem is causing my Vulcan brain to hurt!

  • jimmy


    On Google groups..

    MAYBE WE SHOULD just do a google or yahoo chat every nite? AND ALSO keep our WINTER KATE thread- NO ONE will find us here at Winter kate- NO WAY!
    I don’t think any Daniel fans are also Nicole Richie fans too!!

  • james

    To be honest Jimmy, I really don’t like chat. I feel too tied to the computer when using chat. I like posting on a thread, then you can get up and do things, search other pages and sites when needed. Let’s just use this page for now. If any Nichole fans come here we’ll freak them out!! LOL We may have to find something more obscure and more buried here on JJ. We’ll discuss via email later.

  • jimmy

    I AM SO SORRY! But I just really did not think we would be busted.
    Well for one thing… I don’t think this intruder is going to be posting anything about us upstairs- they would have done so already-
    OK Sure they have been using my vocabulary, and re-posting parts of our links – like they did tonite from Mendel’s link about the rich celeb Holiday parties coming up in St barts and Barbados…

    But If they were going to hurt us I think they would have done it a long time ago- and I am no t so sure it is Wannabe either although it could be.

    THey will be busting themselves if they hurt us. I will let everyone know – whoever is still up there- how UNSAFE it is on the upstairs board and how there is someone spying and lurking and re-posting people’s posts and that should scare this ‘intruder’ away!

    anyway there is no way they will find us on this WInter kate thread!

  • jimmy

    goodnight and SWEETEST CHOCOLATE DREAMS of Daniel to you!!

    we will find an excellent solution! it will come and for now I will tell mendel that this is the place to come but to post also on Beyonce bond too- just for normalcy!!

  • james

    Jimmy, the intruder may not have busted us upstairs yet because they knew if they did, we would run again! But if they realize we have run, they may very well bust us! That’s why we need to keep up appearance on Beyonce for now as much as we can. Just keep posting a few things there every so often until we cut it off completely.

    Anyway Jimmy, it is time for bed. Good night for now. I may not get here tomorrow night. But will meet you HERE Tuesday night for sure!

  • jimmy

    OK JAMES! GOODNIGHT and get a good rest!

    by the way – this was a typical Lunar eclipse ;’move’ to reveal this intruder to us that we realized we were being ‘spied’ on again!
    Lunar eclipses- times when things hidden to us come up to the surface and we realize it, and although things look bad at first when it happens, later we are thankful that whatever occurred was brought fortho ut into the open and revealed..

    Maybe there is some very important stuff we are going to discuss – in the future- that we would totally NOT want anyone else to know about – and going to a more private thread will safeguard us from any of that happening!!

    ANYWAY JAMES- ALL WILL BE OK and we will solve this and get PEACE and Peace of mind again!!

    Goodnight Musketeer!! Catch you when you get back on Tuesday nite and I will alert mendel!!

  • mendel

    Hi Musketeers!

    just read the Beyonce thread and Jimmy’s email. Better be safe than sorry! I suspect that wannabe might have found us, because she’s the only one with so much time on her hands and nothing else to do…
    I think something private for us would be far better, so I’ll have a lookie at Google or Yahoo, too, and then come back to you via email (best to keep anything like this very private…). But for now, posting here and over at the old thread is a great idea!

    Talk to you later, ‘gators.

  • jimmy

    Well, it is a new year, mine as well be SAFE than sorry….and get MORE PRIVACY in a MORE PRIVATE thread-

    i really do not think anyone will find us here unless they are Nicole Richie/Harlow Winter Kate fans!!

    AND as soon as we can swing it where we can get a PRIVATE Google or Yahoo group where it is easy to navigate…then we will Go For IT!!

    I know the right application is there for us to use, just a matter of finding it and learning how to maneuver it…

    ANYWAY MENDEL I know you will get here later…I will be back on a bit later- I have to run into the city, and I should be back by about 8pm my time which will be cutting it VERY close to your soft Pillow/retiring time… MENDEL…IF I DO NOT GET BACK in time to say Goodnight, I will post to you at both here and Beyonce Bond when i get home and you will get the posts tomorrow.

    Meanwhile take care and have a great rest of the day and BE SAFE!!
    WE REMAIN All for one and one for all 3 MUSKETEERS!!

  • mendel

    Hi Musketeers,

    just posted at Beyonce Bond that I am away tomorrow and won’t be back online until Wednesday.

    And now I better go to sleep, since I have to get up early!

    Jimmy, enjoy your trip into town! Maybe you run into Dan, who according to some tweets posted upstairs is still in NYC.

    Night night, and talk to you on Wednesday night!

  • jimmy



    Mendel, thank you for the update on what is going on upstairs…
    I am going upstairs to read the posts saying that Daniel is still here in NYC…….

    IF they are twitter tweets, ALTHOUGH they may be very wrong and UNRELIABLE…I am MUCH more likely to believe them- the tiwtter tweets- than I am with just postings from upstairs on JJ- Bec of the Wannabe beyatch BS, lies and games, we all know too well.

    but I am going up to check it out….

    MENDEL GOODNIGHT and have a wonderful TUESDAY!! I MAY VERY WELL go down to the SOHO house again tomorrow if the TWITTER TWEETS look reliable!!

    THis is fascinating MUSKETEERS… IF INDEED Daniel is still here!! It hought FOR SURE he most likely would have flown out of here last week right before Xmas eve and most likely would have spend Xmas with his parents, daughter and family………

    I guess it is very VERY possible he is still here if Twitter tweets are seeing him around………….

  • jimmy

    OK Musketeeers……

    Here is the FIRST tweet I found on twitter….
    NO i have not gone upstairs yet….just crusing thru the tweets on twitter

    Holy shit Daniel Craig on the street, in the flesh, newsboy cap, chewing a toothpick, bluest eyes ever, mind blown.
    about 7 hours ago from UberTwitter

    This guy who tweeted this Steven Avalos. is FROM Florida, but apparently lives here in NYC…
    SO THIS MAY BE TRUE…… that Daniel is back here in NYC!!

    HA!! YAY!! OK I am still looking for more tweets!! LOL!

  • jimmy

    MENDEL and JAMES……..

    OK here you go- NOT another daniel sighting yet…
    but MENDEL how about this for you on New Years Eve…….

    check this out!.

    VIOLA……THE BOND BALL!!! In LONDON for New Years Eve!!

    Mendel have you heard of this ?

  • jimmy


    HERE is the next tweet I found from yesterday..SUNDAY!!

    Mercer Kitchen w/ Daniel Craig…I think I’m in love!!! (Despite the fact that he IS not taller than me) ;-)
    1 day ago from UberTwitter

    James and Mendel……after this tweet i really think that DANIEL IS HERE IN NYC!!!

    IF HE REALLY WAS SPotted at the mercer kitchen, that is a hideaway restaurant down in SOHO- not really THAT far from SOHO house- He could walk to there from SoHo house- But Mercer Kitchen is in SOHO……!!]
    And this tweet was from ywesterday, Sunday………
    And Daniel is only about 5′ 10 or 5′ 11- so not that tall………



  • jimmy


    OMG LOOK- !!!
    This is SUCH a GORGEOUS film clip of Daniel!!
    Daniel a bit younger in Kiss and Tell- Have you seen Kiss and Tell??
    10 min clip-
    Found it posted on a twitter tweet!!

  • james/Rachel Yay!

    Hello Muskateers! Anybody on tonight?

  • jimmy


    HEY! I just got here and I came over to Winter kate first.
    I think Mendel went on an overnight vaca but she will be here tomorrow.

    JAMES HOW ARE YOU feeling? WHAT do you think of those NYC tweeters Daniel sightings from yesterday and seeing him over the weekend here in NYC?

    I have NOT been upstairs in like 3 THREE whole days!!

    SO tell me should i go up or is it just the same old BLABBER BLUBBER from Wanna BLUBBER!! LOL!

  • jimmy


    I checked twitter earlier today but I will recheck tonite.

    I have not been upstairs…not sure it is even worth reading all of the usual LIES and BS and MADE UP CRAP!

  • james/Rachel Yay!

    The tweeters seemed believable, and it WAS interesting that he was spotted in that restaurant that was in the vicinity of the Soho House! Upstairs is interesting because someone claims that Daniel has been seeing Rachel McAdams. I posted a comment under Rachel Yay! for a laugh, but it very well could be wanna blubber. How she came up with Rachel McAdams though is a mystery. They claim it was on twitter last week, but I never saw it nor you Jimmy and we are always watching twitter! So most likely blubber indeed! lol

  • jimmy


    JAMES it is so great that you are on!

    Wow so maybe I should go up and catch up on the BLUBBER spewed by Wannabe upstairs….

    Rachel McAdams I am PRETTY SURE IS TOTALLY ENGAGED TO HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN…who was in the latest george Lucas Star Wars movies over the past few years….

    let me go google it and I will be back JAMES dah-link!!

  • jimmy


    SOPRRY i was wrong about Hayden Christensen..IT IS RYAN GOSLING from the Movie she did with him The Notebook…….

    And i am not so sure Rachel is in NYC now… and it may very well be where Daniel is….here! So it would be pretty hard to see eachother if they were in different cities…..

    i think it may just be Wannabeyatch Lies and bs yet again! MAYBE just to get the Cinderellas out and talking on the board…

  • jimmy


    HERE is WHERE WANNABE IDIOT got the idea to pair Daniel with Rachel mcAdams………LOL!!! WHAT AN IDIOT SHE IS!

    James- I just found this article from Ego t astic . com FROM waaaay back in Feb 2006- Eon was searching for the new Bond girl for Casino Royale and Rachel McAdams name came up a few times and so WANNABE must have been doing her usual Digging and found this article comparing Rachel with Vesper Lynd and so she did the “coupling” of Rachel with Daniel to get a re-action!

    Friday, 3 February, 2006
    Rachel McAdams: Bond Girl Vesper Lynd…?
    11:06 AM, Filed under: Home \ Celebrities \ Rachel McAdams

    Um, this whole bond girl search is going to give me an aneurism. I don’t understand what the freaking problem is. Oh, wait, maybe it’s the fact that all the last James Bond films have sucked so majorly. Or maybe it’s the fact that being a Bond Girl is a sure-fire method for career suicide. Maybe it’s the fact that no one thinks they cast the right guy to play James Bond. Or maybe it’s that the fact that the Bond producers are morons.

    Whatever the reason, it seems that the last announcement that Thandie Newton had been cast as Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale was, well, full of it. Rumours are now placing Rachel McAdams at the top of the list to play the leading Bond girl, according to The Hollywood Reporter. All I know is, production on the film has already started, and they still don’t have a leading lady. That might be something they need, unless they’re planning on going in a very different direction this time (read: gay cowboys…)

    “They’re talking to three to four girls right now,” “Royale” scribe Paul Haggis said. “Every week I read there’s a new Bond girl, and I call them and they say, No, you idiot.”

    Daniel Craig was cast as Bond in October, leaving the remainder of the cast a mystery. In recent days, Rachel McAdams and Thandie Newton have emerged as possible Bond girls. An insider said casting of the villain is much further along than that of the female star.
    So, no Bond Girl, no villain, but an Oscar-nominated screenwriter. Things are not looking very good for Mr. Bond right now. I think Daniel Craig is about to becomethe next George Lazenby. Who? Exactly.

    More Rachel McAdams pictures after the jump.

  • jimmy

    AND…when I put both daniel Craig and Rachel McAdams in the SEARCH on twitter- NOTHING COMES UP!!
    Meaning there was NEVER a tweet about both of them together~!~


  • jimmy


    That wannabe is such an idiot, always looking for a fight, which i will NOT succomb to anymore…BUT……..I remember last year when Wannabe was on as the Psychic poster and was describing this new woman coming into daniel’s life, she posted a photo of Rachel McAdams, as well as a few other actress’ photos!

    So now in posting that upstairs i think she is trying to bring her Psychic prediction to full circle!!! SH*T STIRRER!

  • jimmy

    And i guess that Wannabe FORGOT that you can do a thorough SEARCH on twitter , by just plugging into the search field for the specific names/words you are looking for!!

  • james

    Jimmy, I also put just the first names of Daniel and Rachel in twitter and nothing came up remotely referring to our Daniel and Rachel McAdams. So it is indeed wanna blubber baloney!! LOL I’ve just checked twitter for Daniel news but nothing for now. Also checked Tim Craig’s but nothing revealing there either. I think though that if he is not going back to the UK for new years then he will stay in NY. Although it makes me wonder why he would be here during the holiday? Seems like he would have gone home to be with family. Unless he brought family to NY.

  • jimmy


    I AM RIGHT ON WITH YOU!! I even thought the same…but he may be in his own townhouse if he is staying here thruout new Year eve and then he’ll most likely stay here until he has to go up to Canada for Dream House filming- only a few weeks away!!

    INTERESTING JAMES and MENDEL…….BUT……lets say he did NOT go over to the UK just for Xmas eve and Xmas week…….that means that he has been over here in the US since JULY!!!

    BUT MAYBE he did fly home RIGHT AFTER the Gypsy Awards,,just for a week, then he came back here bec he was seen out and about, eating and stuff on Xmas weekend…just this past weekend.

    So he would have had to fly home right after the Gypsy Awards in that time we thought he went hom…
    BUT no tweets about him being back there at all and Tim Craig NEVER mentioned anything about it! Just that the Younger son was home ..I guess that is Harry.

  • jimmy


    James and Mendel…I HAVE A WICKED IDEA!!

    let us all 3, just post 1 post a day on Beyonce Bond…and we can all post at separate times….and herre is what our posts should say….

    Hey Is anyone here? Musketeers? Hello? Anyone here? James Mendel? I am sorry I missed you both… I will pop by later…….. (and then never come back!!)

    And each of our posts will say that!! LOL!LOL!
    But no info passed back and forth!

  • jimmy

    And at that point, our little SICK Intruder may start to imitate ONE of us , and post on that Beyonce thread as one of us…just to sh*t stir and make us fight with each other!!
    Or to get us at each other’s throats!!