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Alexander Skarsgard Hits Sienna Miller's 'After Miss Julie'

Alexander Skarsgard Hits Sienna Miller's 'After Miss Julie'

True Blood hottie Alexander Skarsgard attends the opening night party for the new play After Miss Julie on Broadway at Espace on Thursday night (October 22) in New York City.

Yes, that is a hole in his t-shirt!

The 33-year-old Swedish stud tried to watch British actors Sienna Miller and Jonny Lee Miller perform in the play but he arrived too late. It was Si‘s Broadway debut!

Unfortunately, the NY Times reviewed it not so well: “While Mr. Miller and Ms. Miller are undeniably attractive people, their Julie and John don’t seem terribly attractive to each other, a serious problem.”

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Photos: Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic
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  • Lauren

    Total hotness!

  • s

    I guess we should now be waiting for the “gossip” that he and Sienna Miller are now an item. I’ll give it a couple of hours… :)

  • Lita

    Dude – you gotta step it up a tad for Broadway – esp. on opening night. For example: how about a T-shit without holes? Hotness aside, very lame.

  • vanessa

    yummy .. he’s so hot .. i love alexander <3

  • true blood

    Alex looks great despite the hole in his tee.
    Glad to see he’s having fun!

  • amanda

    What the eff is he wearing? What a scrub.

  • amy

    He’s smoking!!! but i agree a shirt without holes would of been better!!

  • ileyla

    i’m so gonna buy a new white shirt and post to him(but so said i dun have his mailing address)..pity my alex have hole on his shirt…:(

  • Robert

    Well maybe he has a lil fling with the pretty Sienna Miller at the after party.
    Oh God, I’d love to meet Sienna. She’s HOT & sexy.

  • Devon

    @Robert: She’s beautiful but he better wear a rubber with that one.

  • lina

    he’s so freakin hot!! with or without the hole in his shirt!

  • jenna

    love him! he’s sooo hot

  • ganymede30324

    We’re the same size. I have some clothing I no longer wear. Still in better condition than what you’re sporting. Email me.

  • katie

    alexander is drop-dead gorgeous :)

  • Liz

    too bad he’s wearing a crappy shirt, he’s still hot though

  • the_boyfriend

    i think this look works, james dean used to show up at theatre all the time looking like he just rolled out of bed.
    he’s hot enough right now that he can get away with it.

  • wendy

    HAHA i love it!!

    Just beyond hot, so cool he showed up like that!

  • burnt bacon

    I don’t think Sienna Miller would be interested in him. He’s not married.

  • Sanna

    OK, I’m just gonna say it. I don’t get the Alexander crazy. Sorry Alex fans. Sweet guy, but does absolutely nothing for me physically. Attends a Broadway play with a hole in your shirt?? Just no. I don’t care how Eutopean you are. Again, just no.

    OK, time to go and look at some Stephen Moyer pics…..right now. Seriously

  • Squirrel

    Alex can pull off this look. Shirts with a prefabricated holes seems to be the thing of the moment.

  • Linda

    Alexander who?

  • Sanna

    Looks WAY too metrosexual for my taste

  • cutebut..

    He is cute and all but something is wrong with him upstairs if he can be so controlled but stupid, crazy in the head women.
    This kinda ruins it for me.

  • Heather

    I worked at the party last night and saw him! He’s so tall!!!!

  • Chanice

    Jonny Lee Miller is still around? Good God! As for Alex, I don’t get the appeal for holey fashion. It looks stupid.

    Still looks hot, though.

  • express

    He’s a cutie but it’s time to buy some new clothes.

  • ohnotheydidn’t

    Whatever he and KB hit, it has pretty prolonged effect…lol….WTH is he doing, is he vying for the KEANU coveted spot of rag muffin…?lol

  • ohnotheydidn’t

    love Keanu and Alex BTW….they both look so much better when cleaned up,and nice clothing…

  • Janeth

    Sexxxxxxxxxxxxy. He does not wrong in my eyes. The hole in the shirt who carrrrrrrres he is total hotness!

  • beth

    There’s something creepy about him that I can’t quite put my finger on. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think his father is hotter.

  • ohnotheydidn’t

    @beth: I think
    Gustaf is hotter and more humble imo…

  • nope


    give us some more scoop!!
    ASKars is hot, but seriously needs to dress better!

  • Sanna


    I agree completley. I don’t like his eyes. He always has that staring look, especially in pics. And Stellan is WAY hotter.

  • cassie

    omfg stop..soooo hot!

  • taylor

    what a hottie

  • sarah

    what a hottie!!!

  • jen

    SO HOT!!!!!

  • annieRich

    @Sanna: Is Stellan his father. They have the same eyes. I think t-shirts with holes in are kind of stylish right now.

  • Luciana

    OMG, this guy used to be sexy, but isn’t anymore because he’s wearing a t-shirt with a hole in it. – This, of course, is what thinks some crazy weird people that comment here on JJ.


    Alex, you have my heart. With or without holes in your t-shirt.

  • svenska!

    is it realy a hole? it doesn’t look like one Oo

  • Sallie

    OMG, he looks like shit!! And I’ve never noticed how ugly his nose is. :(

  • Sanna


    Stellan is his dad, yes.

    Holes in shirts might be in fashion, but you don’t wear that when you are going to a Broadway play. Make you hair nicer and put on something that is apropriate and….grow up…?? *shrugs*

  • Tina

    Love the crazy SM fans. Want me to bring up the fact SM has kids with 2 different women? Let’s not judge here.

  • whatever

    First of all he looks like crap and quite disrespectful that he is at opening night of Broadway. He is trying to look hip but he looks like crap. Secondly, why does he look totally coked out. He has that crazy eye thing going that coked out people get. It does look like he and Kate have been skiing the slopes recently. BTW he did say in an interview that he did do drugs in the past but would not elaborate on what he did. I think that his taste in women leans towards the trashy, skanky, nasty, drugged out girls. He is in to punk music and his taste in women kinda seems to go that route lately. I think his other gf did not last because they had way too much class for him. For some “reason” he needs them dirty and trashy to get off. This is who he is. Everyone is shocked but his past interviews he was just saying what he thought everyone wanted to hear.
    And yes, Gustaf is a way better actor like their father. Alex really has very little talent so he is using his looks to run the pr machine. This will dry up soon enough. Anyway there are rumors out there that casters are starting to look at his brother for roles here that would have/could have gone to Alex but he is getting on the silly roller coaster of the LA scene that he might not be a good addition to a serious indie movie now. He really should watch what he does and who he does it with. But there is a reason the seriously good actresses are not interested. Take note people they are steering clear for a “reason”. These are the only ones he can get. And desperately wants an actress he does…..pathetic.

  • sandy

    @true blood:

    my thought was a reference to the hole in his shirt from the bullet in TB.~ Where sookie sucked the bullet out? Same exact place! LOL

  • Sydney

    @Sanna: Hey sanna, I thought you had to go scrub your eyes with SM pics? Yet you post over and over. First at a TB site and now here. Its ok sweetie, go back to your SM and AP obsession and leave the oogling of Skarsgard to his actual fans.

  • katkat

    OMG! Some Alexander pics!!! Totally hot!!!!!! I don’t even care if there is a hole in his shirt!

  • valentine

    Evan rachel wood is in NY also…???? MMMMMM?????

  • beth

    alex is so sexy

  • adrienne

    I love me some alexander skarsgard!