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Britney Spears' Sons Check out 'Astroboy'

Britney Spears' Sons Check out 'Astroboy'

Britney Spears goes out to take her sons, Jayden James and Sean Preston, to see Astroboy at a movie theater on Wednesday (October 21) in Calabasas, Calif.

The 27-year-old entertainer’s mom has spoken out about her thoughts on Brit‘s relationship with agent Jason Trawick. Lynne Spears said, ‘He’s the kind of man you would dream of your daughter marrying. The kids love him, and he’s stable,’” a friend tells Us Weekly.

“She has been honest with Jason about what she’s been through in a way that I don’t think she’s been with other people, and he always preferred to not sugarcoat the harsh reality of what happened to her,” says a pal. “He tells her when she should take responsibility for her own actions.”

FYI: Britney is wearing a lacy top from Express and gray Nordic Angel boots from Australia Luxe Collective.

15+ pictures inside of Britney Spears‘ sons watching Astroboy

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britney spears sons see a movie 01
britney spears sons see a movie 02
britney spears sons see a movie 03
britney spears sons see a movie 04
britney spears sons see a movie 05
britney spears sons see a movie 06
britney spears sons see a movie 07
britney spears sons see a movie 08
britney spears sons see a movie 09
britney spears sons see a movie 10
britney spears sons see a movie 11
britney spears sons see a movie 12
britney spears sons see a movie 13
britney spears sons see a movie 14
britney spears sons see a movie 15

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  • g!na

    cute boys! Sean P. is precious! he was the cutest chubbiest baby.

  • *** JAMIE ***

    Sorry, but when you become a mother, you are supposed to be an example to your children. You should act well, dress well and they should look up to you because of you class and morals.

    Walking around dressed like a 15 year old trailer trash girl isn’t right. And i hope shes not feeding those kids junk.

  • CaroleS

    She could probably afford to buy more boots than Lilo, and better ones, but she keeps turning up in real ugly boots.

  • ^-^

    Look at those thigh muscles! This is the Britney we need to see. And it looks like someone’s inherited his fathers gut!


  • m.

    i never see her holding sean preston?

  • zxc

    How old her kids are? They look retarded.

  • jaiden

    Britney looks great! her legs & arms are very muscular! aaw, her boys are darling. They are her whole world!

  • em

    woo. glad to see that she is taking real care of her kids.

    i can’t wait to see her live in concert in australia!!!!! :D

  • emmaa

    Oh Brit. Not the damn boots and shorts combination again.

  • Mats

    Love Britney! She has worked so hard to come back and be a good mother. Way to go Brit.

  • gintare

    i love those boots:) where can i get them online ?

  • miley


    cute kids!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love Preston!!!!!!!!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..those boys look like the suffer from down syndrome. look at those eyes.. they gonna be fugly white trash looking just like mom and dad.

  • Billie

    I just don’t get the boot thing! I live in Minnesota and “we” don’t even wear those!! You would think with her money……’s no use. She is classless.

  • Rike

    Her kids look very very very very … [^^] similar to Kevin!

  • Carrie

    That kid she is holding is FAT

    Not even cute chubby baby style, just plain fat. Mind you, I bet with a mother like Britney Spears he lives on a diet of junk food and Starbucks

    They want to be careful or they’ll end up as fat as K-Fed.

    p.s. her boots are hideous. She is pure trash. Is this what people in America actually dress like on a day to day basis? That God here in the UK we have some class and know when to cover up!

  • celia

    They’re both so big and ADORABLE! :D

  • My mom the slut!

    This is my mom. All she has to offer is the shreds of her teenage sexuality. We will not be seeing any dignified maturing in our future.

  • lisa

    You know at first I thought Brad/Angies son Knox looked a lot like the Spears boy.. but they have really changed a lot. I guess Knox looked like the younger son.. but not now.. But her boys are really cute.

  • Biff

    whats with those hot ugly winter boots? She’s got summer short shorts and a thin sleeveless tee shirt on! It is NOT a fashion statement….more like a low class bimbo! sheeshhhh

    Looks like the older son is starting to look like his fat a$$ dad!

  • Shawna

    You people are disgustingly pathetic.

  • Anderson

    Her thighs look pretty good!

  • Jorden


    Said it all.

  • Jose

    Tree trunk legs! EWWWWW!

  • aska

    hello pacifier! time to get rid of that thing!

  • Lyla

    I love the Pop Princess!!!!!!!!

  • lida

    Love Britneys boys they are so cute ! Jared where can I buy Britneys boots?

  • Cyndi

    Oh my gosh! look how adorable they are!! & Brit looks hot!

  • dj

    she looks great & the babies are adorable & y’all are a bunch of idiot

  • AutumnM

    The older one is getting chunky! But he’s still cute. Both of the kids are. Britney looks good from the waist up, but I don’t like those uggs she’s wearing. Not flattering at all.

  • lymn

    I know that ugly losers are jealous of beautiful,talented Britney
    but why does she wear cold weather winter boots
    in warm California weather.

  • 0000

    I hate her boots and the way she dresses.
    Her children are adorable :-)

  • LolleyGagger

    Pacifier? It’s a sucker you moron.

    She has dancer legs good and toned just the way I like them, wrap them things around me and call me spent.

    As far as the rest of it she’s coping the best she can like anyone does, your life perfect, I knew it wasn’t.

  • the darkside

    Ms spears looks fit. I wish her true happiness.

  • CANS







  • tina

    Hate the boots. Why? I just don’t get it……shorts, thin shirt and those stupid, ugly, hot looking boots. And that is a pacifier not a lolly pop.

  • dj

    @CANS: grow the fck up, loser! Brit you look great

  • annie

    I love Brit Brit so much!!!!!!!
    she is the queen!

  • T

    she has big ugly mannish legs.

  • Nicole

    Britnej ignores Sean.. Poor Sean Preston .

  • lakers fan in boston

    thunderthighs again
    she’s so boring now
    she does absolutely nothing

  • Jillian

    Nice to see that she shaved off that horrible dyed hair of theirs ! Patchwork mess ! They look so much better. Now to get that 4 year old out of diapers and that 3 year old out of diapers AND the pacifier ! Only thing is, is that Jayden screams and cries when Britney takes it away. Over on the britneys Babies site, there are a lot more pictures. You can see the diapers on both boys and most pictures Jayden is crying as usual. I still think that one has issues. Britney is packing on the weight again. What a weird dysfunctional family.

  • Kelsey

    Brit is HUGE ! Look at her arms and legs ! She looks like a football player !
    And why doesn’t she stop treating her three and four year old like babies. Can you imagine changing their diapers at that age ! Ewwwwwwwwwwww……

  • karly

    yeah the little boy is like what 3..and he still has a dummy! way to get bucked teeth and the ugg boots, dont even get me started

  • Stone

    What the hell, they’ve spent a lot of time with Astromom!

  • ena

    she really needs to lose some weight to be dressed like this. and why does everyone in la wear shorts and ugg boots or some fur boots? isnt it too hot for boots like that now?

  • Krity


    dude calling kids retarded is going wayy too far.

  • Krity


    stfu bitch. she doesnt take her kids out to movies and shit to be judged by some fugly retard on the internet calling a little kid fat. u should be ashamed of your self.