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First Look: Official Obama Family Portrait

First Look: Official Obama Family Portrait

Check out the Obama family’s official White House portrait!

The portrait featuring President Obama and his family was released Friday (October 23) and was shot by famous photographer Annie Leibovitz on September 1.

Annie has shot photos of the family since 2004, when Barack was running for the Senate, and continued to document his journey on the 2008 campaign trail.

As for where Bo, the family dog, is, a White House spokeswoman laughed and told Reuters, “Bo didn’t make the cut. He was upstairs at home.”

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Photos: The White House
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  • Nicole

    awwwwww, it’s lovely and those kids are gorgoeous

  • cece

    i love this family…they actually look close and not like previous white house families

  • All Women Stalker

    The Obama girls are beautiful. Love their eyebrows. :D


  • male

    wonder if they can resist the presure of fame
    hope they can

  • releka

    Luv this family.

  • andamentothat

    This is a nice portrait.. well done.. I am still not sure i like Michelle’s dress though

  • Pinkrose

    Just like the Obamas to do a casual offical portrait. Is that an oxymoron? Not really….Bright smiles and loving connections make for a warm, touchable and relaxed portrait.

  • jade

    Beautiful Portrait, I love this family.

  • Anon.

    Beautiful family, but from a photographers stand point, the picture could be much better. Photography 101 – remove distracting objects in the background so they are not “growing” out of the subjects head! I think Annie is overrated, sorry.

  • par

    cute kids but the wife looks mannish and Obama is looking more and more like Hitler. As NBC SNL puts it best the Obama Administration is jack and squat.

  • jkajk


  • Rhonda

    The Magazine President! pictures, and parties and date nights and vacations and rock stars and movie stars………………………

    where’s the dog!

    Bo is probably in the basement with his handler.

  • 100mph

    Lovely!! —- Annie L is the top of her game.

  • koa

    totally agree with u, anon.
    most photographers ii know think Leibovitz is overrated. this is not a good portrait whatsoever.

  • Gordy

    She does a good job!

    oBama doesnt look at all like the America hating, Commie loving Terrorist / tool of the far left ashole, that he really is

  • luckyL

    First ever always bash America. Even when selling Chicago he bashed America. He does not love this country or Chicago.He wants Chicago for his political paybacks to the Chicago Mafias.
    What do you expect from Hussein Obama.

  • O Heck No

    I could’ve taken a better photo with my $150 digital camera – although the problem is most likely the subject matter.

    The Obama’s are no different than the Kardashians or any of the other fame hogs out there. Barack has proven to be far less than “presidential” with nothing to show for his time in office.

    At least SNL has woken up from it’s Kool-Aid educed coma – have you?

  • [marie]

    Gordy… proceed to shut the F*CK up…

  • Sunshine

    The picture could have a better background but they all look beautiful.

  • Malia

    A beautiful photo of a beautiful family.

    And, FYI: President Obama just signed historic legislation to fund Veterans health care, and the first piece of civil rights legislation for the LGBT community… he certainly has “something” to show for his time in office.

    Keep it up, Barack!

  • [marie]

    If you don’t like the Obamas, then kindly shut the F*ck up…

  • missy


    Obama=Banana Republican, you and your kids are the future basket weavers, Enjoy!

  • a realist

    Beautiful. I love the first family.

  • [Oh Marie]


    Spoken like a true, ill informed, intolerant liberal. . .

  • wow

    Wow. You Americans are really something else. You should know that the rest of the world views your country as developing backwards, especially your racist south.

  • mimi

    He thinks he is a movie star.
    Obama ran for all the wrong reasons.
    Instead of actually working and solving problems for the people of New Orleans or giving gays their equality and right to marry, he is doing all these photo shoots.
    He gave money to the bankers and won’t even limit their bonuses, because they are the ones who pay for his expensive fund raising dinners.

  • observer

    so down to earth, unpretentious, the kind of first family most people can relate to. Good-luck Mr. President. We love and support you.

  • rhonda



    thats why conservatives are up in arms! We are going backwards we are turning into Europe or worse a south american Cuba styled nation.

  • Gasol16

    Beautiful family!

  • [marie]


    Missy please shut the F*ck up and take your bull sh*t to red state or some other right wing blog.

    This is an entertainment blog… Take your crap else where and shut the f*ck up…

  • mimi

    Of course we are going backwards!
    Look at what our President is doing instead of working.
    He is taking the time to pose for Annie Leibovitz.
    I wish we had a president who actually did his job and let gays marry.

  • [marie]

    @[Oh Marie]:

    Way to jack off my name lame as*. I am very tolerant… of most people except trolls….

    You don’t like Obama..? There are plenty of right-wing sites from which you can spew your vitriol…

    It’s a family portrait… you can’t even leave alone and appreciate that fact without injecting your right wing bull sh*t…

  • missy


    The Entertainment President! you said it, whether you meant to or not!

  • go usa

    Funny I went to Europe and even while the dollar was down so many from all nations still speaks of coming to America. Everyone complains of their wars too,socialized medicine,immigration,muslims,no jobs and expensive everything especially food. At least in American we have abundance of food.

    And on tour God bless the American and British Passport.
    The rest of the passports are irrelevent.

  • [marie]


    Missy = Troll

    Matt Drudge is calling idiot…

  • elliott

    Obummer ran for destroy America.

  • khristi

    I thought that this was an entertainment site as well. if we are going to put political views into this why not talk about how your good ol George Dubya fvcked up this country-at least Obama is trying to do something to help this country that the incredibly intolerant former administration succeeded in fvcking up. It’s not about right and left, it’s about what’s best for this country and the Republicans don’t seem to understand what that is.

  • rhonda


    are you 8? we are trillions in debt, fighting wars on two fronts, banks are collapsing and the most inept Congress in history is taking over our healthcare systems and YOUR worried about queers saying I, do? ignorance is bliss, you must be very happy!

  • lylian

    What a lovely portrait.
    The Obama’s are special because they are black with all the implications of Black history. But I hope Americans also understand that the world finds the Obama special too because they represent the hope to all discriminated groups in the world.
    I know that Obama did not himself particularly welcome the Nobel Peace Prize so early in his presidency and I can’t blame him. But he and his family do represent that hope for the world.

  • tha’s the truth

    Once American returns to their God as in their faith not their pockets she will stand tall again. Obama is everything America does not stand for.

  • AutumnM

    Malia is the pretty one! But they all look nice

  • to par

    cute kids but the wife looks mannish and Obama is looking more and more like Hitler. As NBC SNL puts it best the Obama Administration is jack and squat

    how dare you suggest that our president is any way shape or form like hitler! there are many comments i will accept without arguement but this is not one.

  • missy

    I can see why the gays all love Obama, Bo and Mo look like two men!

    I mean RuPaul COULD be mo.

  • happy girl

    Beautiful family portrait. Truly lovely little girls. Looks like they all love each other. What a beautiful American family. Very proud of them. They seem genuine loving parents and sweet kids.

  • to mimi

    Instead of actually working and solving problems for the people of New Orleans or giving gays their equality and right to marry, he is doing all these photo shoots

    sorry to say this but there comes a time when the people of new orleans have to step up and solve their own problems. they are not the only people in our country who need help. as for the problem of of gay rights unfortunately the right for anyone to marry, straight or gay, falls under the jurisdiction of the state in question; not the federal government.

  • lissa

    When the Chinese designers heard that Anita Dunn (Obama Communicans Director)was a disciple of Mao (murdered 50 to 70 million Chinese) they are selling out on the “Chairman Obama” t-shirts, boxers coming soon.

    Haven’t seen that “designer t-shirt” on Just Jared or Perez!

    don’t believe it, google it!

  • LuckyL

    luckyL @ 10/23/2009 at 6:37 pm
    Get the f*ck off my name c*ntbag.

    ^Anyway, who would have ever thought we’d see this in racist America

  • pam

    I love this photo. Can’t rethugs keep their dipshit opinions to themselves? Go blow Limpdick and leave us normal people alone.

  • Linda

    beautiful family.

  • julie

    truly beautiful family. poor Obama is left to clean up dumb pres. bush mess.