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Jessica Simpson & Gerard Butler: Nothing Romantic

Jessica Simpson & Gerard Butler: Nothing Romantic
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  • trini

    Love the Matrix trilogy but Keanu is a dreadful, dreadful actor. The character Trinity made the movie for me. Awesome!

  • Rose

    Did anyone really think there was something between Gerard and Jessica? They have absolutely nothing in common.

  • Jorden

    Jess and Gerard…? nah.

    Abigail really is growing up fast. I just saw her on a Law & Order SVU rerun the other day, she couldnt have been more than.. 5? Wow.

  • Jay

    No talent and no brain. She is worth a bj, I guess.

  • G Butler

    JJ, please go ask Gerry out on a date. It’s obvious that you are in love with the guy!!!

  • ravit

    I sent gerry a birthday card

  • kp hearts butler

    ugh im gonna b sick

  • liz

    Gerry just got named yahoo’s “Hollywood Male Star of the Year” over Brad Pitt, cross-eyed Bradley C., and a host of other male stars. HIs SNL ratings went through the roof…and now he’s possibly going to co-stara with R. Fiennes in “Coriolanus.” That’ll really broaden his already significant range. LAC is doing well for an indie, and The Ugly Truth is now over 180 million internationally!!!! Way t o go, Butler!
    His restaurant, Shin’s, is doing fine, and he is looking better and better, if that is possible!!! As a top advertising firm in NYC predicted in Dec. of 3008, “Gerard Butler is one of the things to watch for 2009.” Handsome, creative, ambitious, intelligent, funny, charming, and talented, as Cleveland Plain Dealer critic said of him last Friday, “Gerard Butler–women like him; men like him…he’s a gifted actor” , and something about his charisma being felt. We love you,
    Gerry! And we love you, too, JJ, for giving us so much Butler pics and info.

  • oy

    Liz, we all know why he got named that. You fans are on a crusade to get him voted as the winner of every award there is. You’re like stormtroopers from the Butler Star and send out notices to vote for him everywhere. Some of you vote multiple times in these so-called contests.

    He has very little involvement in his restaurant. He’s an investor and that’s all. Are you going to give him credit for for the quality of the cuisine now and claim he’s a gourmet chef too?

    Besides, you fans keep throwing parties there and frequenting it and, by the size of most of you, it makes sense if they’re selling a lot of meals.

    The things to watch list is a PR ploy. If you don’t know that, you’re an idiot.

    He’s looking older and older, btw. His arms looked flabby on SNL. He looked like a pasty old white man. But you keep dreaming, honey. If that’s a dream man for you, then more power to you.

  • lakers fan in boston

    naw kate is fug so how could she possibly be help him by watching him play
    lmao @ lil wayne, good i h8 u
    ellen looks so young unlike other celebs the same age as her

  • Meg

    LAC was a good film but Clyde’s murder spree pssed me off. As far as I am concerned , the character is a total twat – I was completely on Nick’s side. Nick did what he had to do and the law is the law. After watching the movie I got into an argument with my b/f who claimed I had no moral compass because I didn’t sympathise with that murdering b*****d, Clyde, or his motives.

    Yes my b/f is a p*ssy.

  • Gooberchov


    OY there you are I LOVE YOU!!! PLease don’t let the trolls run you off!!
    I agree! He looked FLABBY on SNL!! His face looked botoxed or something nasty! He doesnt look rugged anymore he looks…fey??

    And he had a bit of a belly and what’s with the makeup lately??
    Jeanna Robinette is fu*cking his sh*it up by caking it on.

    Oy you rock I think he looked good in 300 and before maybe ps i love you but now ewwwwwww

  • @oy

    For a guy approaching 40 I think he looks about right. He’s off the Botox as of late – that’s a huge improvement. A guy in 40ies can be a bit bigger and it’s just fine as long as he accepts roles appropriate to his age. You seem to fault the guy for no longer having physical attributes of someone in his 20ies/30ies. He’ll do better in older roles now and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • Sean

    Jessica and Jennifer Aniston keep swapping gay guys.

  • @Sean

    Gerard gets more a*s than a pay toilet and none of it is gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • queer as fu::k

    @15. He’s gayer than Clay Aiken’s bleeding hemorrhoid. Continue shovelling cupcakes into your mouth and pretending he’s straight in your little fantasy world. Truth is, you will always be an obese, speccy-four-eyed moose for the rest of your life and he will never ever f..k you. Embrace your destiny, phangurl – you are powerless to change it.


    I get the BIGGEST GAYyyyyyyy VIBE from Gerard Butler…glad to see that others agree…
    From the womanizing ways to the fake girlfriends to the women who “claim” that he flirted with them all night at clubs and such – NEVER TO CALL for sex…to certain chicks posting here and on other boards that he is all bj’s and no sex..

    ….looks like a duck and walks like one it aint a frog.

  • Marsha

    His fans would never accept a gay GB, no matter what they say.
    With their fan fiction and bizarre daysdreams about this man..

    CASE IN POINT: never had a real girlfriend in his life, claims the two that he has has were secret.
    HAHAHAHA um how can he keep anything or anyone secret when all of his fans and paps smoke it out of him anyone he has ever even sat down with that has a vagina???

    There are no women – the man takes long drawn out trips with men.
    Its all an ACT because MANWHORE is more acceptable for a leading man than GAY…unfortunately. It is.

  • DeBo

    Truth is, you will always be an obese, speccy-four-eyed moose for the rest of your life and he will never ever f..k you.

    YIKES who are you describing??? ewww….


    Gay. The lame OBVIOUS flirting … Come on….. its all for show….

  • sugar

    Kristi korzec, Josie D’Arby, Jasmine Burgess, Yulia and some others are all past girlfriends.

  • Alex

    @sugar: They are called beards. Their sole purpose is diversion, my dear.
    A real girlfriend is someone you love, can see yourself in a long-term relationship with and are happy for other people to know this.. Latent gays like Butler often heartlessly serial date women because they want to hide their insecurities and boast about how virile and studly they are, when in actual fact they are taking it up the ârsê by their male life-coach when nobody is watching.

    These types of homos desperately want to be straight but have become benders because they:-
    i) experienced significant parental rejection in childhood.
    ii) are hyper-sensitive wussy boys who burst into tears over anything
    iii) own a small pênis

    In the psychology world we profilers call this ‘Edward The Second syndrome.’

  • @Sugar

    You’re really naive. All those gf’s? Alex is right, beards, with a capital B!
    I think Bianca actually opened her mouth about G and that is why he got so pissed at her and trumped the womanizer bit even more.

  • Downlowinfo

    A couple of those women were actually long termers before he got big. Gerry likes the dark skin, and phat asses. I think it pisses some of his fans off because he’s not into chubby white chicks. I think if he were gay, he’d have a permanent Tom Cruisesque beard. You know, always married and professing that he’s in love with love and jumping backward on couches and touting his exrteme knowledge of psychology and it’s evils.

  • @24

    No way……he likes the boys. End of story. None of them were long termers. NONEOFTHEM!

  • @Alex

    I agree…..if he had a real girlfriend, why hide her? And what girl would allow herself to be hidden?

  • Amusing Juniper

    LOL. God, how I wish there was such a thing as Edward the second syndrome… Thanks, Alex. that bit made me chuckle for a good 5 mins.

  • This is hilarious

    “He’s gayer than Clay Aiken’s bleeding hemorrhoid.”

  • Fay

    The moronic magazine interns just won’t leave Gerry alone. This is getting ridiculous.

  • Downlowinfo

    Hey if you guys want him to be gay then there is nothing anyone can say to make you believe otherwise, LOL.

  • Sugar=Kristi K = PSYCHO!


    SUGAR/KRISTI: Shut up. Kristi Korzec WAS NEVER A GIRLFRIEND OF GERARD BUTLER’S. Ask his friends and see what THEY say, hon.

    And get off the internet trying to get your name out there. You know how pathetic and stalker you look???

  • Interesting…

    How Sugar is on every single Gerard Butler board throwing Kristi’s name out there as having been with GB. She HASN’T and you are so transparent.
    The only reported GIRLFRIENDS ARE:
    Bianca Christians
    Jasmine Burgess
    Rosario Dawson (he even said in an interview)

    To be fair – we can put YOU (Kristi/Sugar) in the same category as: Shanna Moakler and Kelly Bensimon.
    Someone GB flirted with, maybe kissed a little BUT NEVER GOT ANY.

    And to be fair to GB – he never even KISSED that ugly skag Kelly.

    You were never ever ever ever a girlfriend of GB’s SUGAR/KRISIT so get a clue, a life, a job and think about how stupid you looked by calling TMZ on yourself because the everyone knows that u did.

  • oy

    @@Alex: Maybe she’d want to be hidden because of how insanely his fans behave when he’s seen so much as walking past a woman. He’s probably worried they’ll hunt her down and kill her. They have never missed finding out who any woman seen with him is. Sometimes within 24 hours. If Gerry was boning Bin Laden, we’d have his location pinpointed by now thanks to the crazy fangurlz.

  • @32

    Sorry, but all beards.

  • he likes

    His calling Rosario Dawson his gf was denied by him.


    kate hudson is mighty fug.
    alex rodriguez could do better.
    she is sloppy and diseased like sienna miller and pam anderson.
    all of them are big used sloppy holes.

  • oy

    @Interesting…: You’re right. kristi was never a girlfriend. He lost his watch down her throat and was trying to retrieve it with his tongue. That’s all. It was innocent.

  • @oy

    He doesn’t like girls so I don’t think any potential “beard” would have to worry. LOL

  • Issy

    @oy: You are certainly entitled to your opinion, and I don’t mind that you don’t feel the same about Gerry that we do, but do you have to be rude?

  • @Issy

    Being rude is an understatement to describe oy. She is of orderline personality disorder.

  • friend

    I love oy’s craziness. Keep posting

  • 8-)

    Крэйзи хауз)