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Katie Holmes Loads Up On Lindt

Katie Holmes Loads Up On Lindt

Katie Holmes picks some goodies from the Lindt Chocolate store on Friday (October 23) in Boston, Mass.

The 30-year-old actress recently admitted who her favorite actress is. Katie told Elle, “Cyd Charisse. I’ve seen Singing in the Rain probably 100 times. She’s so elegant and strong, but there’s an effortlessness to her performance that is just jaw-dropping.”

As for her own acting process, Katie shared, “I’m always writing things down about why the person is doing this. I write on my script, on loose paper, on a newspaper in the car, with a crayon on a coloring book. A character’s clothing is important to me. I want to know why she chose that jacket. Has she had it forever? What does that say about her? When I’m wearing it, I feel like I know this person and I understand where she is at that moment.”

FYI: Katie‘s scarf and boots are by Madewell.

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Credit: PPNY/GSNY; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • first

    Katie looks adorable.Love her outfit.

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Sarah

    I love Katie I really like her Outfit

  • Jaye

    Lindt’s Lindor Truffles are divine.

  • ck

    “I’m always writing things down about why the person is doing this….”

    This would sort of be interesting if she wasn’t in so many horrible movies. I mean..was she honestly asking these things in First Daughter, Abandon, etc?

  • anon

    dont discount Pieces of April,Go,Wonder Boys,Thank you for Smoking,Extra Men. Great films.

  • eureka

    She’s a doll.
    Thanks JJ.

  • usana

    I love Cyd Carrisse too and Singing in the Rain.

  • Rose

    Im going to the Lindt cafe tonight. Theyre sundaes are to die for <3

  • mimi

    Did she marry Tom to become a bigger star?
    Why is she doing it?
    Her career went to the toilets long before she met Tom, and all she does now is try to get into the tabloids.

  • Jorden

    Whats the big deal about Katie Holmes? (Besides being Cruises wife and mother to his child?)

  • Jorden

    Oh and to add, Lindt chocolates are HEAVEN. I love those white chocolate ones. Mmmm they all melt right on the tongue.

  • coco

    I would eat a lot of chocolate if I was married to Tiny Tom.

  • 2009

    Lovely & what brand are her boots?

  • spooky

    Bless her and her family <3

  • anonymous

    always beautiful inside and out……..luv her

  • poker

    She looks great. All around great actress and lady.

    I dig her purse and boots. A.Must.Have.

  • AutumnM

    Lol more mindless drivel from Katie. She is so dumb. She never makes any sense when she talks.

  • Me!


    Her favorite word is “amazing!” Uses it to death!

  • lmao!

    “I want to know why she chose that jacket. Has she had it forever? What does that say about her?”
    Katie, we ask about you every day.

  • hmm…

    was she high? sounds very…well…crayon.

  • AutumnM

    @ Me!

    Don’t forget the word “magical”. She uses that one all the time, as do many Scientologists. Poor Katie, her vocab is so limited.

  • What’s with that

    Katie is the most successful gold digger.

  • Two

    She married him because she loved him, #10. Why is she doing what?

    Her career was nowhere near the toilet when before she met Tom Cruise. She was starring in a Batman film for crying out loud!

    All she does now is AVOID getting into the tabloids! She’s living her life and trying to make a GOOD name for herself.

    Nothing, #11. That’s about it.

    The hight comments are offensive and you don’t even know the man, #13.

    How did that not make any sense, #18?

  • Me!


    Forgot that one!! You are right on: Magical!!!

  • Lindsay

    Katie is great!

  • lm6o

    classy young woman which many can learn from especially the lowlives here. Spending your Fridays on people you dislike.
    Pity really.

  • 911

    Katie does not need much to be beautiful unlike the trying hard actresses out there.

  • Sonia0404

    You call that beautiful? You are either joking or standard too low.
    Homely has another fave word, fabulous, and also strong, and something like strictly organic.

    All of them lies. Homely the beard is such a backward actress, she cannot even make sense of her script. Even though I know she doesn’t have much education to begin with, still….

  • http://katieholmeschocolate daphne

    oh yr so deep, katie

  • jj thanks

    I love Lindt and also love Katie more….

  • zooey

    Its not your place to judge Katie. Trolls need awakening of the bad repercussions of what they do.

  • peter

    She has a droopy face. Like her cheeks and eyes are pulling downward.

  • LuckyL

    The way she talks, you’d think she was some kind of great actress. Has Meryl Streep or Glenn Close babbled so much?

  • Biff

    LOL……blabbering as usual. She is so limited…not only in her vocabulary…but, acting, singing, picking out her clothes most of the time….trying to raise a brat….etc….and she married Tiny Tim!…that says it all.

    So……TWO- u are so too too nutso as well as this zooey idiot!

    she is only in the “news” because of her husband….the idiot…Tom Cruise. ugh!

  • maggieb

    No TWO, she did not star in Batman. She had a supporting role which she deservedly was nominated for a Razzie–for her lifeless, inelegant performance.

  • dani

    It is the height of irony that she says the character’s clothing is important to her–why she chose this etc.
    First off the director choses the clothes along with the costumer.
    Secondly, if clothing is so important to her, why doesn’t she make an effort to look better.
    She actually looks okay today for once. Jeans are too tight for her heavy thighs, but other than that–she is put together for once.

    However, I do wonder why she is cluthing the strap to her handbag. Does she think Joe Blow off the street is going to make it by her bodyguards and steal it???

  • Adelle

    haha, i take those buses everyday

  • Two

    She’s not a gold digger, #23.

    Perfect, #27!

    Get off it, #34! Critics always trying to find trouble where there is none. She never once insinuated she was some great actress like the ones mentioned.

    You;re the one that sounds like the nutter now, #35.

    So what if it was a supporting role, #36? So was every other one in that film that wasn’t Batman. It was still a sizeable and important role. She starred in it. She was only nominated for a razzie because of the hype surrounding her romance.

  • TO TWO and the other loonies

    “She’s not a gold digger”

    OK genius… do you know? Do you know her personally? Do you know what her motivations for marrying Cruise were? Do you expect her to admit she married him for his money and fame in an interview? You’re not too stupid, are you.

    “Critics always trying to find trouble where there is none.”

    PROVE there “is none”. Go ahead. I read your dreck all the time and now it’s time for you to put up or shut up asshole. Prove all the BS you shout at everyone else while calling them names. You claim to KNOW all kinds of crap and now it’s time for you to tell us all how you KNOW so much while all the rest of us are wrong. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

    ” So what if it was a supporting role, #36?”

    The star does not have a supporting role, you moron. Holmes had a small part in Batman and then proceeded to hijack the publicity tour along with Cruise and all their shenanigans. Bale and the Director were furious and spoke openly about it! And then fans were shocked when she didn’t come back. All you birdbrains really believe she left on her own? Oh. Come. On.

    Oh yea…..and to the simpleton who said “Extra Man” was a great movie…..I’d love to know how you know that since it hasn’t been released yet!! I’m sure said simpleton is the same freak who posts time and time again, using the exact same pidgeon english by the way, talking about “blessings” for Holmes (she’s a Scientologist honey – she doesn’t believe in God or his blessings) and curses for the awful people who give their opinions about a nothing actress.

    Damn….I firmly believe every Tomkat fan is certifiably insane!! We have one loser who posts over and over. Another who responds to everyone’s posts calling them names and claiming to KNOW the truth. Sheesh. What a bunch of FREAKS!!

  • empty spaces

    Did she also get a Razzie for her acting in Mad Money? I sure hope so. The Beard can only get small fluff roles. Moreover, her best acting is her portrayal for dingbat, air head flaky roles — as it’s not a stretch from her real personality.

  • empty spaces

    To: 40. PERFECT POST!

  • Jessica

    god she sounds boring. I would die if I was in a room with her for more than 2 minutes.


    I think Katie is anemic. That’s why she always looks so pale and tired.

  • Jo-Hanna

    Look at all the clothes she has on, bet anything Suri is following bare foot and in a summer dress with her mop of unbrushed hair covering her face and dragging that stupid blanket.

    Oh yeah! and on the rare occasion Katie does speak she sounds like an idiot, she is the kind of person no one hangs around till they finish speaking.

  • jan

    Tom chose Katie to be his beard because he couldn’t handle another strong woman like Nicole.

    Nicole Kidman has it all. I guess Tiny Tom was really intimidated by Nicole’s looks, career, values, integrity. Hence, his selection of Katie Homely. No brains, no looks, no acting skills……..just a wannabe…yep, that’s why Tom wanted Katie. She’s not talented enough to overshadow his (or what used to be) his career… she’s not pretty or beautiful so Tom wouldn’t have to worry about her being swept away by anyone else…she is highly deficient in the I.Q. “department” and Tom doesn’t have to worry about her been perceived as more intelligent than him.

    Lol…..Tom finally realized he might could catch a few good women but he couldn’t keep them……(mimi, nicole, penelope). These women were too good for Tom.

  • pretty poet

    Cyd Charisse wasn’t much of an actress you dumb idiot. What effortless? She was the most wooden actress of all time maybe. But boy was she a good dancer. Just say she’s your favorite dancer because that’s all she did in Singing in the Rain. This B8tch hasn’t even seen The Bandwagon where Cyd Charisse actually had to say lines.

  • Montana

    I adore Lindt chocolate. That is all.

  • tidbit

    Katie may have absolutely horrible taste in men and clothes and may not be the best parent in terms of being the parent and not a friend to Suri, but she has excellent taste in chocolate!

  • mela

    i’m sorry but why doesn’t katie doll herself up more? she’s married to TOM CRUISE for christs sake. and she can afford to just sit int he beauty chair in the morning and be pampered into beautiful hair, make up, and clothes. if she was REALLY into Tom, I think she’d doll herself up more (like how nicole kidman did). I dunno. This is the best Katie Holmes can make herself look? she looks 40 not 30. I’m a 20-something making a fraction of what this girl makes and I look way better than her when I roll out of the house!!!