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Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman: Starbucks Squeeze

Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman: Starbucks Squeeze

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have a frisky moment as they leave a Starbucks in Nashville on Wednesday (October 21).

The family nanny took care of Sunday Rose, 15 months, while mom and dad had a moment to themselves.

Keith recently co-hosted the We’re All for the Hall concert in Nashville. The sold-out concert, which featured country superstars including Faith Hill, Vince Gill and Taylor Swift, netted nearly $500,000 for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

Nicole‘s movie musical Nine, also starring Daniel Day Lewis, Penelope Cruz and Marion Cotillard, will be in theaters December 18.

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  • lisali

    It would be funny to date a guy shorter than you..look at her arm around his shoulders!

  • coco

    He is a tiny midget!

  • Victoria

    Worst. Actress. Ever.

  • AutumnM

    Nicole doesn’t mind being with shorter men obviously, this is the second guy she’s married who she was taller than. I guess when you’re as tall as Nicole though it’s hard to find many men who are taller than you. Either way, Keith Urban is a great looking guy and they seem happy. That’s cute how he’s being frisky with her, i’m a str8 girl and not really a fan of hers, but I can admit Nic has a cute butt! Ever seen her body in “Eyes Wide Open” ? lol no wonder Keith is all onto her like that.

  • Becky

    The baby is looking a bit peaked.

  • par

    Why be so mean? If they’re happy, good for them. I love this couple.

  • Two

    Stop with the awful and offensive height comment everyone

  • cute

    he’s 5’9″ and that’s completely average…average American male height. Nicole is just very tall.

    These pics are cute. But NK’s rabid fans should arrive any minute, and ruin it. Weird how they think she’s a god for doing what exactly? Truly there are lots of unfamous, not necessarily beautiful people who are doing way more for the world or their neighborhoods on a daily basis. (that congressional speech was lame, no research just a recounting of UN planned and prepared trips. She’s a pretty face spokesmodel nothing more.)

    And it’s weird how she always looks at other people (the photographers or bystanders) and Keith is off in his own little world feeling no need to make other people like him. She’s always on.

    anyway, the pictures of them hugging are touching and it’s nice to see people looking genuinely happy and natural together.

  • sam

    Sunday’s Strawberry hair so cute and she gets more beautiful everyday ,ilove what she is wearing so much appropriate for such a Weather,she is all Keith with nic’s fair skin

    anyone Notes Sunday’s little butterfly tattoo on her hand awwww,so sweet.


    This reminds me of the photos of Ben Affleck and Jen Garner on the
    set of The Town.. She was grabbing his butt!!

  • annab

    Height doesn’t matter at all to me…if two people love and care about each other…go for it.

  • not anonymous

    anybody reading this
    pick a number 1-28
    and comment me back pls

  • Pat

    Cute couple, luv them

  • dani

    Thanks for the great pictures.

  • http://none MM


    Cute, I got news for you, if Kidman is 5’10 1/2 according to” keith clearly isn’t 5’9″

  • Sallie

    It looks so bad when the woman is taller than the man in a relatiionship. The man should always be taller.

  • lica

    I love Nicole too!
    she deserves this wonderful family! Sunny is very beautiful! But I really want a picture of her smiling! Sunny is adorable, but so serious!
    I love the tattoo on her hand! She could only be the daughter of Keith!

    i love them too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Beautiful family!
    Happiness for them!

  • Sonia0404

    @Sallie: Not really, if you don’t slouch to look short to compensate the gay midget’s height.

    Well, I guess that’s difference between legitimate husband and wife and bearding.

  • chef de chefs

    Isn’t that special!

  • cute

    nk is 5’11 (I go on answers to questions in interviews, I heard her say it on some late night show) and Keith is 5’9″ not only have I heard him answer this question in an interview about 6 years ago but I’ve stood right next to him!

    Determining someone’s height based on photos is just stupid… especially ones where people are in motion.

    who cares anyway. she’s only a couple inches taller not a foot!

  • LOL!

    “Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have a frisky moment”
    Is Keith gay ?
    He sucks at frisky moments !

  • Me!


    I thought the exact same thing; sort of role reversal with the placement of the arms:-)

  • May

    Oh yeah, Keith has gorgeous wife and daughter and he’s gay ¬¬ Come on, grow up!
    It’s really hard to find a man taller than Nicole, so I’m actually really used to see this kind of scene…

  • geez

    @May: You should grow up and learn about real life.
    A lot of closeted men are married and have children

  • should be

    A lot of closeted GAY men are married and have children

  • lisali

    some tall chicks find taller guys..Klhoe found
    I wasn’t trying to be offensive or anything, The height difference is just kindof noticeable in these pics. I think they’re cute,and am glad they are happy.

  • ellie’

    I love Nichole.. Beautiful family and Sunday is adorable.. a great actress also.. all you people do is pick pick…

  • male

    @AutumnM: eyes wide SHUT

    anyway i think it doesnt look bad for a woman to be taller than a guy
    thats like total discrimination
    besides being completely shallow sinse the preson u marry should should not depend on his height!!

  • daisy

    Wow, there must be a lot of people posting today that WIsh Keith was gay. Sorry, y’all, he’s most definitely not.

    The only people that need to care about the height difference are Keith & Nicole. Nicole was also asked about height difference because usually the men iin her movies are shorter then her & she said that she didn’t care, that, “I love to kiss my husband.”

  • Willa

    She looks like a grandma trying to have fun, or something….I dunno, I find her freaky – not in a good way, more like in a scary way.

  • indiegirl

    He’s so darn cute.

  • lisa

    Is that baby OK? It always looks like something is wrong with her.

  • Nessynha

    What matters the height difference, if there is love?
    For God’s sake, what matters to do!
    They are a lovely couple, in love, perfect and ready for their journey together and still have a beautiful daughter (my doll)!
    What could be more perfect?
    Love them

  • Ashley

    Cute couple! and cute daughther

  • hilda

    They are beautiful together!!!

  • pan

    Cute couple!!! love

  • tate

    He looks like he is stoned. What’s up with his hair? Her lips look disgusting.

  • fanny

    # 21 LOL!
    No, Tom Cruise is GAY!!!

  • eliza

    Who cares she’s taller or that they look like they’ve just rolled out of bed? It’s evident they’re happy and enjoy being together. We should all be so lucky in love.

  • Realme20008

    “It looks so bad when the woman is taller than the man in a relatiionship. The man should always be taller”

    Dumbest *hit I’ve ever heard. You are a **cking moron!!!

  • Terry


  • sweetness

    That baby doesn’t look anything like Kidman or Urban…

  • river

    If Nicole isn’t filming a movie and obviously living in Nashville right now, why is the nanny taking Sunday Rose to wherever Sunday Rose is going?

  • titi

    I think they look adorable! and that baby is precious.

  • taco

    I can’t belive how much of, hate, sadness, lonlyness a life like a punch of ursers here can be.
    Are you jelouse Nicole has a life and you haven’t? Please…You’re pathetic.

    Beautiful couple. Humble and genuine, like we can’t see in Hollywood much often.

  • juliu

    so cute!!! love them! a very happy faimily!!

  • emilh

    ahahahah look how much keith’s fanatic girls can’t stand the fact their hero has a life with another woman!! ahahahahahah I love how they go crazy when they see Nicole and Keith together!!

    accept it!! Keith is a marry man and he will never have sex with you!!

  • Galey

    Anyone making negative comments about Keith’s look need to see him in person. He is on handsome man. Very funny and nice. I think think Sunday is very cute, children that age tend to be serious when faced with strangers and strange things, like flashes going off in your face. Love Nicole and family they are happy and that seems to bother some people, how sad.

  • hopeso

    I love these two. So good to see them. Is that Sunday Rose in her nanny;s arms?

  • pretty poet

    Oh look it’s Casper’s grandmother! Whooooo! Hey Nicole, tell us how that botox makes your face feel b*tch!