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Rachel Bilson & Kristen Bell: Guess What?

Rachel Bilson & Kristen Bell: Guess What?

Rachel Bilson grabs her morning coffee and pastry from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Friday (October 23) in Los Angeles.

Last night, the 28-year-old actress and Heroes hottie Kristen Bell attended a t-shirt launch party. GUESS and Vanity Fair unveiled special edition organic men’s T-shirts and women’s tank tops to benefit education and economic rebuilding in the war-ravaged African nation of Uganda. The shirts are now available for purchase at 100% of the proceeds from shirt sales will benefit Invisible Children, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting youth education and economic development in war-torn regions of Central East Africa.

FYI: Rachel is wearing a Monrow white tissue jersey v-neck t-shirt and James Twiggy jeans in Black Cat on her coffee run.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson and Kristen Bell taking a guess…

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rachel bilson kristen bell guest t shirt 01
rachel bilson kristen bell guest t shirt 02
rachel bilson kristen bell guest t shirt 03
rachel bilson kristen bell guest t shirt 04
rachel bilson kristen bell guest t shirt 05
rachel bilson kristen bell guest t shirt 06
rachel bilson kristen bell guest t shirt 07
rachel bilson kristen bell guest t shirt 08
rachel bilson kristen bell guest t shirt 09
rachel bilson kristen bell guest t shirt 10
rachel bilson kristen bell guest t shirt 11
rachel bilson kristen bell guest t shirt 12
rachel bilson kristen bell guest t shirt 13
rachel bilson kristen bell guest t shirt 14
rachel bilson kristen bell guest t shirt 15

Credit: Louise Barnsley, Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage; Photos: Peter Wintersteller/Berliner Studio/BEImages, Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Mary

    Kristen Bell is SO PRETTY.

  • ?

    Guess what? So what!

  • cicy

    Looove Rachel’s outfit @the party.
    Looove the fact that they seem good friends.

  • suzziey

    There you go again, Jared!

  • chef de chefs

    I’d like to launch their T-shirts!

  • @Mary

    Rachel Bilson is prettier than Kirsten Bell. I don’t like blondes.

  • Mary

    Wha? I love both of these actresses so very much. Summer and Veronica. Awesome.

  • ocsethummer

    Not wearing the engagement ring at the event!
    Diamonds are just so darn hard to match with outfits :(

  • S

    As a team, they are unbeatable in cuteness and hosting an event for a good cause does not hurt either.

  • yuk

    You guys don’t realize that they two of them did NOT attend the GUESS function together! They attending some other event earlier this week and this is just Ratsh*t again hanging on the tail of a far more popular and working actress in order to get attention. The girl does absolutely NOTHING except get photographed shopping, getting coffee, having lunch or more shopping. She never works. She does not charity functions. That was Kristen doing the charity thing NOT with Bilgeson.

    And you know Bilgeson would get no attention at all if she weren’t engaged to Trashden Selloutsen and wasn’t trying to keep interest going by playing peek-a-boo constantly with her engagement ring and herself spreading rumors of a breakup by having her PR person come out and deny them. There were no rumors. It was a publicity stunt like the alleged twitter a few days ago. Obviously this ‘romance’ is a total sham for both parties and gossip sites + papparazza are being paid a to run pics of her to keep her in the public eye LONG after she should have disappeared.

  • @ 9

    Rachel can walk around in heavy make up promoting clothing but she will never amount to anything as a designer or an actress, she is too dumb. Her fiancee and his bro got swindled by some producer. Not too smart either.

  • creep

    Bilson was at the event but she was not invited by the hosts. She crashed it with Kirsten Bell. Bilson is DESPERATE for a job and she has every one of her friends and acquaintences and family working every connection she has to get one. That wouldn’t be so bad but it’s not working because the girl can’t act and has no particular fashion sense.

  • Sophie

    Love Rachel´s outfit, and she looks beautiful.

  • jessica

    Just Jared is the worst celebrity website, people who working here knowing that Rachel have very haters and this site love post pictures of it every day, they love see people with angry. I don’t know what that site want, Rachel don’t have haters, but since this site began with stupid post of her every day, the only comment they are about it are bad, I don’t know if Jared want Rachel with more haters, I saw many people who always spoke well of Rachel, and now all of them are speaking ill of it. Congratulations Jared, the worst site ever!

  • jessica

    and of course, rachel bilson – the worst celebrity ever!

  • joke

    y is she getting attention when HC IS working?

    hope hc is gettin plenty of booty!!!!!!!

  • emmaa

    These two are like BFF

  • @s

    Duh, they are attending, not hosting! and you know as well as I do that these two prolly only turned up for the freebies. It needs more than just showing up at a promo event to make an action charitable. Prolly only showed so they could get papped and appear on JJ.

  • @jessica

    JJ has def not helped her popularity. True that. Or her image.

  • Ahari

    Don’t you find it fascinating that the only time Rachel ever has anything to do with any kind of charity is when she can get her picture taken? And also, what does Rachel walking around like a zombie and getting coffee to sober up have to do with the charity event from before? You’re getting paid JJ, you should try to do a better job of making her look better.

  • amaranth

    Both are known more as TV stars but Bell “fared” so & too much much better than BilTroll on their TV resume as the former got Veronica Mars as its “lead” star, got a semi-regular stint on Heroes and currently got 4 upcoming movies under her belt … a truly working actress – such a shameful contrast to BIlTroll’s only & active career is/are just in the “tabloids”!

  • liz

    what restaurant she will go today? LOL

  • jessica

    I’m not surprised that she don’t have fans, she does NOTHING! I’m a fan of Hayden and I’m happy to know that he is working now, it’s good he’s doing something (with his brother). But what is the reason for someone who is a fan of Rachel be happy? Candids of her in the restaurant or shopping every day? Photos of her at events every week? It can be cool at first, but then I would not like it more, if Hayden did the same thing she does, I would not be more fan of it. All sites about Rachel were created to “actress Rachel Bilson,” I don’t seen any sites specifically created on the clothes she wears, is sad that she does her few fans so unhappy.

  • lexy

    Here we go again with Rachel and her paid advertisements on JJ.
    Doing something chartiable and RB do not go together. I guess JJ & Rachel saw that Kristen has some fans and is well liked and considered a REAL actress so now they are trying to make it seem like she and RB are BFFs or something! What happened to RB being a huge star b/c of NYILY?? Guess that didn’t work out to well.
    Who cares about the engagement ring – isn’t it interesting that JJ – Rachel “fake celeb/actress” Bilson’s unofficial publicist is auctioning off “Hayden’s” clothes?? I mean it’s not a promo from the manufacturer -considering they’d probably have to pay HC to use his name and image in a REAL campaign. We know he’s tied to Lacoste these days but now suddenly this site is giving away jeans he wore while hanging out with his media whore fiancee?

  • @24

    How low can one stoop, Hayden is really in the gutter now where Rachel dragged him into. He was aspiring to go to collage and make good movies, now he is modeling for Lacoste and promotes himself on JJ as a model bc they need money to finish the farm?! OMG, where is this girl dragging him.

  • blairite

    Rashchel’s disease of joblessness & wothlessness are undeniably contagious!
    Her mechanical actor-fiancee surely got infested by it who himself is having a very hard time too to get an acting job and when he got one… voila – he’s a “”co-producer””.
    So Kristen run fast now from this b.i. and find another celebrity bff who’s actually working infront of the director’s camera instead of the camera just owned by the paps!

  • lexy

    Once again it’s funny…people complain Rachel needs to do more charity work and JJ is suddenly pimping out this charity event like it’s some sort of gala with the Obamas or Jolie-Pitts. For goodness sake JJ even mentions RB in the thread about that guy from The OC.

  • lida

    i really like rachel and kirsten they are my favorit actices and they seems friends it’s so good

  • @lexy

    P’haps if we complain long enough ’bout her saddlebags, JJ’ll show pics of her entering or leaving a gym..haha, or maybe jogging…….

  • Nats

    Pastry for brekkies, no wonder the gal has saddlebags!

  • lexy

    She doesn’t pay them to post the bad pics of her – you’d have to go to Yahoo or some other site for to see pics of her dressed poorly (by her standards) or doing something other she doesn’t want us to know she does – like going to the gym.

    Lida – what country are you in?? Kristen has had a few jobs recently but I’m curious as to Rachel being your favorite “actress”? Did the OC just start coming on in your country?? Is it the only show that comes on where you live?? Is that how you are familiar with Rachel’s extensive acting resume/career??

  • nay

    Two fame HAGS!

  • ?

    @lexy: Why wouldn’t she want ppl to know? I think pics of her working out would be better for her image, such as it is, than pics of her shopping or lunching. We see other stars taking their fitness seriously. Also I read that a study has confirmed that women age like their mothers, even wrinkles develop in the same way apparently, so now we know what Rachel’s going to look like in 10 years time. She should try to limit the damage I think.

  • trevise

    @33 – Also I read that a study has confirmed that women age like their mothers…

    Very predictable in the near future… her mom looks like a “SeaHag” – Yikes!

  • lakers fan in boston

    nothing interesting about these pics
    just typical rachel
    picking up something 2 eat while she’s doing nothing

  • Stone

    And what about the visible children?

  • Elizabeth

    @creep: WORD!! The girl can’t even talk, let alone act. I can never understand what the hell she’s saying. It’s like she has marbles in her mouth. She needs to find another day job. Seriously acting is NOT it for her.

  • Elizabeth

    @jessica: Learn how to talk, then we’ll take you seriously.