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Sienna Miller Makes Her Broadway Debut

Sienna Miller Makes Her Broadway Debut

Sienna Miller hits Broadway for the opening of After Miss Julie at the Roundabout Theater Company’s American Airlines Theater in New York City on Thursday (October 22).

The 27-year-old movie actress plays a rich young woman taking care of her father’s estate in the Patrich Marber‘s adaptation.

“This is what I have always wanted, to be on Broadway,” Sienna told NY Times. “I’m living my dream, and that’s all you can ask for. At a certain point, you have to ignore all the rest.”

FYI: Sienna is wearing a gold dress with sexy cut-outs from Balmain.

30+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller making her debut on Broadway…

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  • Buske

    she’s a bad actress. Besides, being a homewrecker.

  • Clare b uk

    Gees, she looks like she was attacked in the car park.

  • uk’s daily mail

    Nice legs, shame about the acting! Sienna Miller gets Broadway bashing as she treads the boards in After Miss Julie

    By Chris Johnson
    Last updated at 4:07 PM on 23rd October 2009

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    Her performance off-stage was flawless and saw her win over the crowd with her amazingly long legs.

    But Sienna Miller failed to received the same reception from the tough Broadway critics following her turn in the opening night of her new stage show, After Miss Julie.

    The 27-year-old actress stars as an aristocrat’s daughter in the play by Patrick Marber, a reworking of Strindberg’s 1888 classic Miss Julie.
    Sienna Miller
    Sienna Miller

    Legging it: Sienna Miller leaving Manhattan’s American Airlines Theatre where she made her Broadway debut in After Miss Julie last night

    Sienna Miller

    Sienna poses with her co-stars Jonny Lee Miller and Marin Ireland

    The play centres on Miller’s sexual encounter with her father’s valet, played by Jonny Lee Miller, another English Broadway debutant better known to Americans as the first Mr Angelina Jolie.

    But her performance was met with a creaking reaction by critics, with some of the most influential blasting her ‘second rate’ offering.


    * Sienna Miller wins apology from New York paper which labelled her promiscuous

    New York Times reviewer Ben Brantley, the most influential on Broadway, while confessing that he was initially ‘rooting’ for Ms Miller, wrote: ‘If Julie is written as clashing chords of conflicted impulses, Ms Miller plays them like a novice at a piano, plunking down each note loudly and individually.’

    Only last weekend the New York Times apologised to the actress after it published an interview with her that began with a list of her former lovers which wrongly included the late Heath Ledger and Sean Combs.
    Sienna Miller

    The cast take a bow, but Sienna’s performance has divided critics

    Terry Teachout, theatre critic for the Wall Street Journal also stuck the knife in.

    He said: ‘A model turned second-tier movie star, all she does is stalk around the stage striking vampy poses… she has no more business playing a classic stage role than I have posing for the cover of Vogue.’

    Sienna is treading the boards at Manhattan’s American Airlines Theatre, just a block away from where her ex-boyfriend Jude Law is starring in Hamlet.

    American Vogue editor Anna Wintour and playwright Sir David Hare were among those in the audience to see the 27-year-old American-born but British-bred actress play the title role in Patrick Marber’s After Miss Julie.

    Miller did receive support in some corners, however. The Associated Press described her theatrical offering as ‘compelling’ while the Chicago Tribune critic Chris Jones said she delivered a ‘gutsy’ performance that was ‘eminently watchable’.
    Sienna Miller
    Sienna Miller

    The play centres on Miller’s character’s sexual encounter with her father’s valet, played by Jonny Lee Miller

    It is Sienna Miller’s first theatre role since As You Like It in the West End in 2005. She is more widely known for her film parts in flicks including Layer Cake, Alfie and Factory Girl.

    In an interview published prior to the play’s opening night, Miller said: ‘No matter what happens, I’m never going to regret making this decision. To be here is a complete honour and a privilege.’

    After Miss Julie was first staged at the Donmar in 2003 to critical acclaim.

    Miller and Law are part of a new wave of British actors treading the boards on Broadway.

    Another of her exes – Daniel Craig – is performing alongside Hugh Jackman in A Steady Rain at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre nearby.

  • ugg

    Skank, just like her idol, Kate Moss. Still, at least Kate still kicks a$$ has a model.

  • ugg

    ^I hate censorship! SKA* NK!

  • purple poet

    Another chick like Angelina famous for being famous. Another chick who banged her way to the top. Would we even know this b*Tch if she hadn’t banged Jude Law and got cheated on by him? Then here’s the kicker, she actually forgave him for awhile because she was afraid the media attention would go away which she loves. So she stayed with him then when she saw Jude was dropping out of the spotlight she dumped him and just decided to use her stupid fashion to get headlines. B*tch please you are not Kate Moss. You ripped her off! And she does that style better than you!

  • Robert

    Why the hate?? women are JEALOUS of her.
    Sienna is very pretty, sexy, attractive and very easy going person. She has that inner beauty.
    God, I’d love to see her performance on Broadway. She’s great actress.

  • suzziey

    trash and no star.

  • yes

    trash.. real actresses younger than her are clever enough to make it in this business like scarlett, natalie, keira but sienna has nothing adorable on her-tramp!

  • Sophie

    She is good at acting. No doubts.

  • Robert

    excuse me, “actress younger than her?? ”
    Keira is pretty, Scarlett is hot but Sienna is more interesting.
    Natalie Portman is few months oder than Sienna and She’s boring.

  • Linda

    @tiffany: Lovely dress? Really? This dress looks more like trash to me. And, no, that’s not a compliment.

  • sheryl

    My gosh, why is she showing up at her premiere dressed like “Wilma Flintstone, the Sluttie Years”? Um, real classy. Fashion icon, someone said?

    And no, purple poet, she didn’t dump him, he ultimately dumped her.

  • jami

    I seriously don’t find this girl attractive anymore at all. I used to some years ago, but I think she looks frumpy and she has a very short neck. not attractive.

    the acting, well that is obviously not going so well for her in this play. And, everyone knows she is a famewhore and a homewrecker.

  • two tarts

    Apparently she is a better seducer (tart) than actress by her track record.
    Anyone who goes with a man (Daniel Craig) knowing full well he was seeing another woman in L.A is incomprehensible.
    Of course, doesn’t say much about him either.

  • sharon

    Sienna is wearing a gold dress with sexy cut-outs from Balmain.
    LOL there isn’t no telling how much she paid for this dress….To me looks like a bunch of cat’s attack her dress!!!

  • male


  • Jess

    This website seems to love Sienna Miller. The amount of stories about her and her play are more than I’ve ever seen on any actress starring in a play.

    Anyways, I heard Sienna’s acting got bad to mediocre reviews and I’ll definitely not be watching it.

  • jazz

    Variety calls her depiction of Miss Julie as just a loony tart! LOL!

    Better go back to modeliing Sienna.

  • kelly

    zero class, no style, and lacking any real talent.

    enough already. your rock is missing its reptile. just go away.

  • What’s with that

    In what universe is she supposed to be 27 years old?
    The same universe in which Charlize Theron is 34, Rachel Mcadams is 31, and Angelina is 34.
    Anywhere between 3 (Rachel) to 6 years ago, but whatever.

  • Montana

    Looks like she’s been in a catfight with someone’s wife.

  • Dink

    I’m so glad that now all the “she’s such a wonderful actress” posters will have to shut up.

  • Jazz

    After all the wonderful reviews of After Miss Julie she can go backnow to filming the sequel to the cinematic wonder GI Joe.

  • lakers fan in boston

    there is something about her that is off lately
    something about her face but i cant point it out
    i heard from some reviews that she did a bad job, 2 bad sienna =[
    i dont like her in that dress but her legs do look amazing

  • Stone

    Well I could see how high the dogs that attacked her were able to jump.

  • james

    hey hey not all reviews were terrible! she was praised by many of the high-profile critics for her obsessive and persuasive take on miss julie. So what if she did not get glowing reviews from every harsh critic out there? She is not a seasoned stage actress. It was her broadway DEBUTand she took on one of the hardest roles out there for an actress. She gave it her all– and she fulfilled as she said one of her dreams. She is a beautiful, and young performer with many years ahead. She will get better as time continues, haters on this board are so tough on her! Either way all the bashing doesnt affect sienna. her actions show, she does what she wants and what maker her happy and i applaud her for it.

  • Hollyb

    @james: The vast majority of reviews were dreadful and that is what those that matter are going to be looking at. I think the producer of AMJ was thinking with his groin and not his head when he cast her because this was always going to be a demanding role and one look at her previous reviews should have told him she would never be able to pull it off. I think I have only seen two reviews that were not dreadful and even they were so-so. There were far more positive – nay, glowing – reviews for her co-star, Johnny Lee Miller, even from those who didn’t say negative things about her. At this point I would say Johnny is saving this production and he is the only person worth seeing in it.

    As for her being young, will her fans be trotting out that line when she is 50, I wonder? She is almost 28. That is not so young and is pretty old for someone doing the starlet route. Everyone knows that actress years are like dog years and only the most accomplished actresses will be working past age 40. Sienna is not an accomplished actress and she doesn’t have that many years left to prove herself either. Once she hits 30, that will be pretty much it if she continues to get the reviews she is currently receiving. I cannot see any director taking another gamble on her playing any kind of heavyweight role. She does not have the acting chops to do it and her tendency to put her foot in it when being interviewed does not help either.

  • Dink

    I’m sure that the people who shelled out $100 per ticket to watch her horrid performance will be comforted by the fact that she did the best she could. She starring is a Broadway show, she’s supposed ot be qualified.. You don’t send a Cessna pilot to fly a DC-10.

    I don’t think obssesive and persuasive are all that glowing.

    It’s fine that she does what makes her happy, but it usually makes other people unhappy and that is not okay. It doesn’t make her free, it makes her selfish.

  • james

    I both agree and disagree with you guys. AMJ reviews were certainly not glowing, but you are forgetting that most of them also critique the script, and the direction. So it’s not entirely her fault that the production is not stellar. The way she is being directed is important and many reviews state this flaw. Also, many people were moved by her performance on stage and even though harsh critics did not love her, that does not mean it is not a show that other people may go want to see. It is still a good production with other positive aspects about it.

    I think SM has potential, but does not pick the best projects to showcase what she can do. I certainly think she has proved herself with her performances in Factory Girl, Interview and Edge of Love. Certainly not mainstream films, they are arthouse films. Not many have seen them, but the reviews are always exceptional for her. I am a fan of hers. She transmits on screen, she has a glint in her eye. She has undeniable star-quality. She has..potential. It is very evident in her films that she has the chops. Again, broadway is a different story. I have seen many oscar-winning actors get torn apart for their acting on broadway. She is at an early stage in her career considering her first major film FG came out in 2007. Again, I am a fan and I see this in her. Not everyone will agree, and that’s fine. That’s just my opinion and I think that with the right project, she could be great. It’ll be interesting to see where she goes after her play. Perhaps you guys are correct and she really will not succeed, but I hope she does.

  • jazz

    I doubt that she is wowing the audience since her play is consistently one of the top 5 underperformers in Broadway week after week!

  • jazz

    If word of mouth is good for her play, there should have been an increase in gross – NADA. A play like hers needs smashing reviews before people go see it. It also does not help that she is not a household name in the US. She did OK in London when she did As You Like it becaue people were sympathizing with her during the “nannygate thing.” If not for that, London critics would have flayed her.

  • James

    The very respected David Cote from Time Out New York gave it a rave and actually loved sienna as miss julie. Same with AP, Chicago Tribune, NY1, USA today, Backstage. The New Yorker was harder on the direction and the script than on the actors themselves. This article on AMJ really sums up my thoughts on the whole thing
    “In certain scenes, Miller suggests she may one day evolve into an accomplished actress, even if she can’t sustain much concentration throughout the play. In a blood-smeared interlude toward the end, she’s terrifying, but subsides again into something woolier. In the midst of her torment, Miller’s Julie moans: “I know, I’m bad … I’m a bad girl.” But her performance isn’t so bad after all – and maybe there’ll be better to come”
    I just think if we are to focus on reviews, then you should just awknowledge that there were great ones, as well as some okay ones.

  • James

    again, im not saying AMJ is a total triumph. I am saying that we should not overlook every positive review as well as only blame SM for the play not being good. And as the article stated, aknowledge that sienna does have talent, and potential. Of course not everyone will agree and that is totally fine.

  • James

    and if what you say is true jazz about as you like it, then theres more reason not to listen to the critics.

  • jazz

    I don’t listen to the critics. I judge the play when I see it. Sometimes critics wants the play to be what they are expecting. Just look at Law’s Hamlet. Some critics did not like his interpretation so they their reviews reflected it.

    However, the audience apparently loved his interpretation so word of mouth is good and his show is thriving on Broadway. And it is a 3 1/2 hour show so that is a big stretch for the Broadway crowd who perfer 90-minute shows if possible. That is what i am trying to say about Sienna’s show. If the audience like it, they would come and see it regardless of the critics. Like you said, not all of them disliked it but their endorsement is not that high either. However, I track the Broadway grosses weekly and her show is not doing well and is listed as no. 3 in the underperformers every week.
    So, it seems the audience does not like her acting either because if they had, her show would have shown better grosses.

  • James

    I do see your point, what you say is fair. However the reason for that is probably not SM’s performance. There are many shows that do not do well as well as films and tv shows even though they are good shows. Most recently the woman from Pushing Daisies was awarded the Emmy for best actress even though her show had been flat out cancelled months before. Stridenberg’s Miss Julie was never a play that was well received (it was torn apart the first time he put it out) or a massive hit with the people. Most versions of After Miss Julie did not gross amazing amounts, similiar to Brokaw’s version. It is a play to make one think and get people talking. That is the appeal. I do not think Roundabout would be so dull as to expect After Miss Julie to be the next Wicked.

  • Jazz

    There is that. There are somany plays on Broadway that there is stiff competition. But good acting always comes up. Look at God of Carnage. The play started slow but has built momentum because of the good cast and now even went so far asto break into the million dollar club!

    No offense to Sienna but I think the producers would have done better to have cast a veteran actress in such a demanding role.

  • James

    True, perhaps you are right– in fact, producers of Miss Julie usually do cast a veteran actress in this role so it was very rare for someone so young as Sienna to get the role. So I still admire her for going out there and taking on such a difficult and controversial role. I mean you gotta hand it to her with all the negative publicity, she really put herself out there and took a gamble playing Miss Julie. She does not play it safe and that also shows she takes herself seriously as an actress, and I think this shows she wants to improve and this experience will only benefit her in the future, I think. I guess we’ll see how the show ends up in the coming months? Either way, I am glad we could have civilized discussion, it is very rare to find someone like you, who is respectful and comments back in a polite way. so thank you for that!

  • jazz

    Same here!

  • teri

    If you can’t give a stellar performance at any age, you don’t go on Broadway. For $120 a seat, people deserve better than “She’s just young and learning.” Her performance sucked, and that’s it.

  • James

    hmm the child has spoken. ‘Her performance sucked and that’s it?” why don’t you grow up, learn how to make an argument and stop wasting everybody’s time. Because all that comment shows is that you are unbearably jealous of SM and that you feel the need to shut down any praise she gets. Sienna received some BRILLIANT reviews along with some iffy ones from all the high profile critics. On top of that she is walking away with the experience of being on broadway and having people like Anna Wintour, David Hare and Rachel Mcadams go see her show. What have you done? apart from saying she ‘sucked’. Why don’t you try getting up there on the stage and taking on one of the most difficult characters in theatre history, because that’s what Miss Julie is considered to be.
    Also, nobody is forcing anybody to go see her play. People are deliberately deciding to spend money on the show and most likely enjoying it by the amount of praise she is getting on message board. People who go see ‘After Miss Julie’ are probably fans of hers to begin with. So just because you have a personal vendetta against SM, doesn’t mean her performance sucked and that’s it. It means you need to learn some new nice, descriptive verbs and adjectives, and it means you need to be a bit more objective when you are going to comment on a performance. Don’t reply unless you are willing to be a tad more respectful.

  • teri

    If you go in to a restraunt, and the meal sucks, then that’s it. You got ripped off, you don’t care why. People who put out that kind of money derserve an actress who can actually play the part, not a washed out talentless fashion icon who is “just learning”.

    And no, I don’t act, but I get paid for my JOB which I do very well. That’s what an actress should do.

    Don’t you think people bought tickets for this before they knew how much it sucked? It’s been running at about 70% attendance, so it’s not like they can sell them.

    Where are these “brilliant” reviews? Most of the respected press and a whole lot of the theatre going public blogs trashed her.

    Dragging the whole jealous thing out again. There are so many many people out there who are more beautiful, talented, and most importantly, with better behavior and character. Why, out of all of these people, would I choose to be jealous of Sienna Miller? She’s got no prospects. Lots of people hate her, virtually no one respects her. If I were going to use three wishes, I would do way better than her. Natalie Portman, or Kierra Knightly. maybe.